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Return of WoM

Hi everyone. You'll all be pleased to know that with the new site comes a revamped Writer of the Month! Having read through the chat room, and Throngsman's excellent People's WoM, we've decided...

20 Nice Admin Lady 02.02.16 12:45pm
Nice Admin Lady

I get the point that the site has to raise revenue to survive, but currently I'm getting the pop up ad that suggests my PC (brand new, btw) might be running slow and asking me to click to let it...

14 throngsman 02.02.16 12:28pm
Dun Dunkin
Not exactly Krakatoa

[url=]I was expecting something bigger ;0([/url]...

0 Dick Everyman 02.02.16 11:22am
Dick Everyman
Everywhere I go I see Beards.

Everywhere I go I see Beards. Is there something sinister going on...

8 godly1966 01.02.16 3:25pm
Computer scams

I'm getting sick of them. Blocked a ransomware attack last week; avoided something similar today (don't run "eventvwr" if someone asks on the phone) Bastards...

4 Sinnick 01.02.16 1:01pm
Not Amused
RIP Sir Tel

Genuinely saddened to hear about Sir Terry Wogan's death. If your only experience of him was his chat show or blankety blank, you missed out. On Radio 2, he was superb. Funny, warm, self deprecating....

8 seymour totti 01.02.16 11:30am
The Tony Hart Memorial Dead Again Pool

Dedicated to those celebs who have just died again. I give you Leslie Nielsen:...

8 Al OPecia 29.01.16 6:41pm
Gary Baldy
Just Askin'

I understand what it is intended to indicate, but who actually adds the label "cooperative" to some (but only some) subs, and on what basis please?...

8 Titus 29.01.16 1:48pm
Jeremy Corbyn running a close second? - 238910

Blimey. Look, it's no fun winning if the other side don't at least try...

291 Ironduke 28.01.16 9:08pm
You may also like...

The front page ads under the heading 'You may also like' look very much like more Newsbiscuit stories, with stupid pictures and dumb headlines. They even read like Newsbiscuit stories. While they...

14 Boutros 27.01.16 11:56am
Why don't we have a forum called 'The Wrong Room' ...

so that incompetent plonkers like me could post directly in there instead of cluttering this place up?...

1 Titus 27.01.16 1:08am
Sorry - Wrong room again!

DAMMIT! I blame the Russians...

0 SimonJJames 26.01.16 5:11pm
soz, wrong room.......but why waste a slot, so ... Time Machine Murders - 2

Friday lunchtime so pub conversation time.. If you could go back in time and nip future events in the bud by smothering three babies at birth, who would you choose?...

30 cinquecento 26.01.16 3:10pm
Yet another symptom of the death of free speech.

1 Al OPecia 26.01.16 12:58pm
COOPERATIVE TOPIC: Explanation about what it means

Could we have one?...

6 Al OPecia 26.01.16 12:43pm
It's rough in the West Country

Yogurt thrown at a haberdashery shop shortly before a crochet workshop. Big news, read all about it...

7 Midfield Diamond 26.01.16 9:45am
Al OPecia
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23282930

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

887 The All New Jeni B 25.01.16 10:19pm

The last recipient was in June 1914. Sorry 2014, it just seemed that long ago. As it is still featured in the re-vamped (more retro-vampires) site, is this accolade still available? Should I ask NAL...

12 Iscariot 25.01.16 6:54pm
The Conservative Party - 238910

I just wanted to see if this thread was as popular as the Labour version...

288 Wrenfoe 24.01.16 3:43pm
Engage Packers and Movers Services for Correct Relocation

Tells you how crap the security of this site is, that spammers can still post here even when the site is supposedly shut down. It is an irony that this is the only website I use where I am not...

6 24.01.16 11:15am
I never learn to check 4 throngsman 23.01.16 9:26pm
Farewell, Newsbiscuit, see you Sunday... 9 Al OPecia 23.01.16 6:45pm
Newsbiscuit will vanish shortly. The maintenance has started ..

Its likely to be a few hours so go and twiddle someone's thumbs...

0 TechGuy 23.01.16 9:54am
Ask the litigator

Okay. Here is a potential 'Left alert', using Al O'Pecia's 'Dear Mavis' story as a start. List potential 'agony aunt' style questions to shyster. 1) Dear Mavis - My Mother-in-Law was admitted to an...

10 Wrenfoe 22.01.16 8:37pm
Starting the 'Write for NewsBiscuit' ticker challenge - 2391011

Day 1 - 19th Feb, running low on palatable rations 'Sat on your skis at Sochi? Write for NewsBiscuit' 'Watching Torvill & Dean win again? Write for NewsBiscuit'...

322 Kevin the Swan 22.01.16 12:15pm
Truebiscuit That was one of their rasher moves. Etc...

7 Oxbridge 22.01.16 8:08am
Advanced warning - You may have to find something else to do on Saturday.

As NewsBiscuit is a similar age to Twitter and they had a major outage, we feel that we should do the same., The NewsBiscuit website will be down between some time on Saturday to some other time on...

11 TechGuy 21.01.16 7:26pm
Sara Montague

Did very well standing up to the Bullingdon Bully on the Today programme yesterday. He was really pathetic I thought. Even got a dig in about how the BBC should call ISIS "the group calling itself...

2 Scroat 21.01.16 10:45am
That's it - Corbyn has really lost it. - 23 63 Al OPecia 21.01.16 10:26am
Energy costs much less - let's have a run on the market!!!!

Do they have any idea what they are up to? Wow, capitalism can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory every time, never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity...

1 Al OPecia 21.01.16 9:36am