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I sometimes wonder whether we ought to have a section called 'NoobBiscuit' where newcomers could be welcomed in a slightly more tranquil environment, protected at least initially from the full force...

5 Titus 17.02.17 6:24pm
Iroquois Pliskin
(Fake post / wrong room) 2 Titus 17.02.17 4:12pm
Is Tony Blair part of a Tory sleeper cell?

Every time he opens his mouth UKIP & Cons pick up 5% in the polls...

5 Wrenfoe 17.02.17 4:12pm
Midfield Diamond
Cinemas prepare for The Blair WTF Project

whoops, wrong room but what the hell, I'll just leave it here as I'm all tickered up on this theme in any case...

0 cinquecento 17.02.17 12:27pm
Has Trump died/been assassinated already ?

He's not said or done anything mad for nearly a week now, I'm getting worried...

10 MADJEZ 17.02.17 7:58am
Grandson of Barnabas
UKIP: a busted flush?

UKIP may do moderately well in the forthcoming by elections but if so, it will do so powered by its previous momentum more than by anything else. How much further the party progresses in the future...

8 Titus 16.02.17 11:10pm
Any Takers?!-l9k.Xlxa7Jq.roFvW_j3d-d_obh/-jradb!aH-8qL60x0QDTFC9gUvVqQOL5AXFVG...

1 Dick Everyman 16.02.17 10:23pm
Just seen a trailer for 'The West Wing' on Sky

Pushing the box set, which I have (or had? Can I really trust these Sky engineers?) upstairs. Really recall enjoying the multiple series, although never watched the last few series. I think it...

2 throngsman 16.02.17 10:04pm
Samuel Johnson got it spot on...

'Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel' he said. So that covers Cruella May, Paul Nutter and of course Donald Chump...

0 Scroat 16.02.17 6:12pm
Rail Dispute

I wonder what the result would be if there were calculation of the cost difference between having or not guards shutting train doors, and a referendum of Southern Rail passengers as to whether they...

0 Titus 16.02.17 6:07pm
Letter to The Editor

Dear Editor, We the undersigned declare that we are not sockpuppets of Titus, nor are we knowingly related to Titus, and we want nothing to do with his views on anything. Signed: Justice for...

1 Justice for Satire 16.02.17 5:50pm

1 Al OPecia 16.02.17 5:39pm
Is my definition of 'complete propriety' different to UKIPs?

1 throngsman 16.02.17 4:55pm
Oh, how lovely!

So pleased to find this site. I lived in Britain in the eighties (only the early ones) and still drink Typhoo with milk, here in Silicon Valley. We are sending [i]him[/i] over to you whenever the...

5 California 16.02.17 3:45pm
New Opposition Party

If a new opposition party were to come into existence to replace the late Labour party (bows head on respectful memory of the deceased) what would you like its slogan to be, what would you like it to...

19 Titus 16.02.17 3:29pm
Drunken Truebiscuit

[url=]Presumably not CID material[/url]...

0 Midfield Diamond 16.02.17 2:07pm
Midfield Diamond
Government petition - is there a point?

Many will be aware that a recent petition calling for President Trump's upcoming State visit be downgraded. It suggested he should still be allowed to enter the country but not be afforded a State...

10 throngsman 16.02.17 1:33pm
I deleted an entire topic...

because this is a comedy and satire site and someone made a joke about something that no one else thought was funny or deserving of satire and I agreed with them. Let's pretend it never happened and...

23 editor 15.02.17 11:37pm
Comedy standing the test of time

Taking a cue from some of the comments in the 'least funny comedian' thread. what's the oldest comedy material that you still find genuinely belly-laugh funny (as opposed to 'I've read the notes so...

27 cinquecento 15.02.17 10:55pm
Copeland Voters Even More Envious Of Stoke-on-Trent Voters

[quote][/quote] Voters in the Stoke-on-Trent Central by election not only...

0 Titus 15.02.17 8:45am
A Thank-You To NewsBiscuit's Advertisers

[quote] There's quite a few threads on this forum I don't feel inclined to participate in even 'Newsbiscuit advertisers'.[/quote] Well [i]I'm[/i] not so ungrateful. I would like to place on record...

1 Titus 14.02.17 5:08pm
This is great!!

1 Scroat 13.02.17 3:59pm
Creation Of Shadow Labour Party Delayed By Contest For Its Leadership 0 Titus 12.02.17 11:08pm
What's your Brand?

David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Tom Hiddleston, they've all recently damaged their 'brands'. If you could have one what would your special brand be? I'll kick off with Brand Everyman: Single and broke...

7 Dick Everyman 12.02.17 5:39pm

0 Al OPecia 12.02.17 10:27am
Al OPecia
John Bercow Needs To Decide ...

whether he wants to have the freedom, like everyone else, freely and publicly to express his own views on any issue, or to retain his position as the one person in Britain who does [i]not[/i] have...

0 Titus 12.02.17 9:19am
Who is Gilbert?

Been in my local pub all afternoon, watching (with excitement and satisfaction, obviously - the Micks beat the Ities and we beat the Taffs) the Six Nations. So who [i]is[/i] Gilbert?...

3 Titus 11.02.17 10:08pm
Good Brexit / Bad Brexit

"We have to be clear, this isn't Tony Benn Brexit, this is Donald Trump Brexit." Yes, Dianne Abbot actually said that! It brings back the glorious Good Aids/Bad Aids debate of Brass Eye fame....

10 Adrian Bamforth 11.02.17 7:41pm
I'm a male feminist, so I've bought myself a pussy hat

Mind you, I had to mutilate it, so as not to offend the ISIS community...

0 ronseal 11.02.17 3:53pm
All this cognitive dissonance is doing my head in...

We voted Brexit, but it's so wrong. End of. Chump was democratically elected but he's well, the list is so long. Let's just say it would have been good to have a grown-up in the White House. We...

15 Scroat 10.02.17 1:58pm