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October WOTM competition

Just like last month, Chip and Tony are slugging it out for the honours. Unlike last month, there's no real rearguard action to take the battle away. Full list of FPs, NiBs and Left Alerts on the...

25 throngsman 02.11.19 7:21pm
Trump, Farage, Boris Johnson and media manipulation

Are Joe & Jane Bloggs so gormless these days that they will actually think this kind of risible shite is as a result of anything other than cynical and blatant stage management? (see links...

3 Chipchase 01.11.19 9:14am
OH GOOD, AN ELECTION, SAYS NO-ONE. 'Oh, good!' says me, for one.

More hilarious chaos soon. Bring it on - it will enliven a dull and dreary winter ...

2 Titus 31.10.19 2:54pm
Who's the biggest narcissist - Johnson or Trump?

I must confess that with most of the focus in our home media in recent weeks / months having been on Brexit and Boris, I had almost thought the title was safely his by a country mile. However the...

13 Chipchase 31.10.19 1:21pm
Walter Eagle
Oh So Smart

My electricity supplier admits that their smart meter has been overcharging. You couldn't make it up, could you...

13 Newsdesk 31.10.19 9:06am
The French at least, if no-one else, are at last beginning to realise ...

that the worst possible outcome would [i]not[/i] be a no-deal Brexit. The worst possible thing would be an indefinite continuation of the present ongoing, ceaseless, indecisive farting about. At...

9 Titus 30.10.19 5:34pm
Not Amused
Wrong room 0 Adrian Bamforth 29.10.19 1:22pm
Adrian Bamforth
Are the Lib Dems doing it for a laugh?

What the Hell is Swinson playing at FFS? Not co-ordinating with Labour is going to get us a Tory Government with a big fat majority. Unless Farage's Heroes don't co-operate with Johnson - but I...

17 Al OPecia 29.10.19 10:35am

(1) We have a general election (2) The Labour party, led by Our Jeremy, emerges with a working parliamentary majority (3) We [i]still[/i] don't get a clear Brexit decision [i]Aaaagggh![/i], _ _ _...

2 Titus 29.10.19 10:30am
Pub Joke

A Scotsman walks into a pub. The pub is deserted. All the Englishmen, Welshmen & Irishmen are still in Japan ...

20 Titus 27.10.19 11:46pm
Linguists Debate Distinction Between Wafflebollosck and Bollosckwaffle

"Actually, any attempt to differentiate is to engage in an 'informal fallacy' " according to one renowned expert in the field ...

5 Titus 26.10.19 6:42am
Al OPecia
Cameron's Biggest Cock-Up

Was probably not his decision to hold an EU membership referendum when he did - that was, after all, a one-off event - but his decision to introduce fixed-term parliaments. As we have seen recently,...

17 Titus 25.10.19 4:58pm

after all this time...

1 Gerontius 25.10.19 10:29am
Dominc Raab this morning on "Today"

"And, overall, what Northern Ireland businesses get is remaining part of the UK customs territory, no infrastructure at the border with the Republic and frictionless access to the single market. It...

2 Sinnick 25.10.19 9:46am
Did John Major Decline To Hold A Referendum Before Signing Maastricht Because

(1) he thought he would be bound to get a substantial favourable majority anyway (say, 67% to 33% or better) so there was no point in wasting time and money on a referendum, or (2) he was terrified...

29 Titus 24.10.19 8:50pm
Boris could win by resigning

before October 31st, without writing 'that' letter, leaving just-insufficient time to appoint a caretaker PM before the deadline, when Brexit will automatically happen by default. And who knows - we...

28 Titus 22.10.19 8:38pm
Would you trust Boris to look after your pet rabbit for a few days?

I honestly don't think I'd let him...

9 Dick Everyman 22.10.19 11:43am
s it possible for the 'people' of Uxbridge and South Ruislip to start a petition

demanding that the Rt. DIShourable Member resign from Parliament immediately??...

2 granger 21.10.19 9:46pm
"About NewsBiscuit" page

I had a squirrel around the About Newsbiscuit page hoping to find the legendary Nick Clegg Toy Steering Wheel story. Imagine my disappointment to find the link leads to a "404" error! Some of the...

4 fletcher 21.10.19 1:12pm
Johnson is a serial liar - how does he get away with it time after time? - 2

Is he unaware that there are these things called video cameras that forget nothing and can't be bought off? Watching this fool stumbling, bumbling and fumbling around pretending to be a serious...

37 Chipchase 18.10.19 5:07pm
Boris/Cummings plan - 23

I've been thinking about the tactics of what went on last week and what might be planned. This is a long shot but worth thinking about. This may end up a bit long. Assumptions / Unknowns:, 1) Does...

67 Not Amused 18.10.19 10:52am
Newsjack Amnesty Page

After firing two sketches off and drawing two blanks, they're now below for posterity. Still putting the one-liners out onto Twitter under the Hashtag #NewsjackRejects TV now and ITV have filled...

23 james_doc 17.10.19 10:45am
Adrian Bamforth
"I Know My Rights"

A [s]friend of mine[/s] Sunday night pub drinking companion happens to be a policeman and related a recent Extinction Rebellion protest story. He and his well-pissed-off colleagues were processing...

9 Titus 16.10.19 1:00am
BBC News

BBC hire a non disabled white middle class bloke!...

3 Volvov50 13.10.19 11:01pm
Inevitable General Election: should there be a NewsBiscuit Party? - 2

What would our policies be?, And who would hold what offices of state once we get elected?...

44 Walter Eagle 13.10.19 2:54pm
Met Dangerous Incompetence

Surely Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald should have been sacked immediately he made a statement to the news media that the evidence presented by "Nick" was 'Credible and true'? As it happens,...

21 Titus 11.10.19 3:01pm
Latest People's Poll

17 Al OPecia 11.10.19 2:58pm
Mineral names follow the same pattern those of followers of political movements

Not my idea, but I thought this would amuse certain Biscuiteers: His and hers thatcherite and corbynite rings Blairite - existence unverified - atomic mineral purported to be found in large...

5 Benvoleo 11.10.19 11:28am
Wrong room - but doubt anyone noticed 3 throngsman 10.10.19 6:40pm
Wrong room, but, anyone else think Major caused Brexit by refusing a referendum?

It's that or those 1999/2000 Seed Laws, or you're stupid and should try reading what I wrote, right?...

13 Benvoleo 09.10.19 7:34am