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Re. Alf Garnett too late to Stop Brexit Author (Wrenfoe?)

I noticed that Wrenfoe submitted a fine article to the Writers Room, but it's credited to 'NewsBiscuit' in its published form. What's that about?...

1 Jodster 05.08.16 3:40pm
Haiduk - DemonicoN

Greetings!, \m/ Death metal project HAIDUK returns with a crushing new release:, “DEMONICON”! Check out and comment!,...

3 haiduk 04.08.16 10:03pm
What's the deal with all these Packers and Movers posts? 8 Jodster 04.08.16 1:50pm
Movie/music mashups - 23678

I had an utterly random thought today. If you were to mash-up names of famous movies with famous(ish) music stars/groups, what would you get? Here's a couple of examples: Dial Boney M for Murder...

222 bonjonelson 04.08.16 11:39am
Al OPecia

Just spotted this headline on The Guardian site:, [quote]"Hollande: Trump "makes you want to wretch"[/quote], He'll need to open a window for that one...

1 andyiong 03.08.16 2:51pm
To the Editor (re. Horses unfriend Lloyds)

Delighted to have my story on the FP - thanks. Concerning para 3, this was originally an answer to a question, but now that it has been published without the question, it doesn't make as much sense....

9 Jodster 03.08.16 9:29am
Brilliant Christmas single/video from Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott

If you want a laugh then watch this. I hope Paul has good lawyers...

2 antharrison 02.08.16 12:04pm
Adrian Bamforth
Sheds arise in abounding forms...

Sounds like DIY porn to me!...

0 dominic_mcg 02.08.16 9:47am
£92.5/MWh 'too expensive' but apparently it's a good idea to pay me £500/MWh

for the solar electricity I intermittently generate in the middle of sunny days in summer, when it is least needed, and don't even need to actually feed into the grid (or anywhere else) at all. No...

21 sockpuppet 01.08.16 6:33pm
Al OPecia
A tribute to the human spirit

Not a joke, satire or a political comment but: was any one else as struck as I was by the pictures of 13-month-old Noah Serra-Morrison, before he was murdered by his mother and her partner?...

11 sockpuppet 31.07.16 4:39pm
TrueBiscuit: Why people tell jokes about Somerset...

0 Oxbridge 31.07.16 10:20am
the silly season is here at last?

well it's been a bloody grim month of news - and there's more shit going on i know - but now with the news that [url=]Australia is going to relocate to...

1 Sir Lupus 29.07.16 7:24pm
new cleese channel

0 Dun Dunkin 29.07.16 5:47pm
Dun Dunkin
A plea to the BBC - and other news media

Regading Daesh. At one stage I heard a description that the 80-year-old priest had been 'executed' No he bloody well wasn't, you stupid, brain-dead journalists / presenters / newsreaders. He was...

7 sockpuppet 29.07.16 3:40pm

First, some earlier ones where I was right / wrong. - Referendum result - in. Not necessarily by a particularly narrow margin either. Wrong., - May would become PM - she would walk it. Correct....

4 sockpuppet 29.07.16 12:11pm
What makes a leader? - 23

Okay, the main bone of contention that everyone has with Corbyn is he is not a 'leader'. Ironically the people who say he lacks this quality, then qualify their statement with other qualities he has...

75 Wrenfoe 29.07.16 12:07am
Is it me, or is Erdogan not especially bright?

Discuss (that's the current form?)...

24 Al OPecia 28.07.16 2:59pm
Let's get this show on the road

Lady and Gentleman, I beg to introduce myself to your gracious company. I am the original sockpuppet, having opened my second Wikipedia account just 17 milliseconds after Wikipedia was launched on...

6 sockpuppet 28.07.16 10:03am
Are we allowed to use multiple aliases?

It's just that I sometimes find that I'm talking to myself and I prefer a proper discussion...

19 I Am Spartacus 27.07.16 9:44pm
Stupid Programme Title

BBC Radio Four this morning: 'The cultural impact of Brexit' WTF? Why would Brexit have any cultural impact at all? All we voted to quit was a political institution, the European Union - a...

13 Titus 27.07.16 9:43pm
Al OPecia
I hope Sr Philip sues Frank Field, wins, and gets just £1 damages & no costs.

I think the public would happily have a whip-round to pay Frank Field's costs. Even I would be happy to chip in!...

2 Titus 27.07.16 6:23pm
Political Re-Alignment - 2

It may be quite boring in coming months, watching the country being (probably) run more-or-less competently by the Conservative Party / The Nasty Party / The Tory Scumbag Party / Those disgusting,...

50 Titus 27.07.16 11:35am
Don't Try To Do Jokes, Theresa, You're Not A Witty Person

Quite possibly competent, but humourless and mostly (very sensibly) silent. [I]Remind me of anyone?[/I] Yes. Much more of a Clement Attlee than a Margaret Thatcher...

15 Titus 25.07.16 5:53pm
A Glowtini maybe?

BBC Radio 4 reporter: "It's a lethal cocktail that casts a harsh light on American society"...

0 Scroat 25.07.16 9:20am
the EU's long-term goal is a free trade agreement with China

but no free movement? lol

3 Dun Dunkin 24.07.16 9:39pm
Oh No - evidence warning

18 Al OPecia 24.07.16 8:04am
Cleveland hailed as 'Idiot politics capital of America'

They voted for Jerry Springer as Mayor...

3 Renrag 23.07.16 5:46pm
Trump & Hitler

15 Sinnick 23.07.16 1:37pm
Harriet Harman is the most sexist person in the world - 2

discuss. How people cannot see the prejudice of castigating old gits who want their golf club to be men-only whilst stridently insisting on women-only this, that or the other beats me. I'm not sure...

39 Ironduke 22.07.16 1:53pm
TrueBiscuit: They're tough around here

Bacon-wielding woman, 86, fights off thief in Iceland:

2 Sinnick 20.07.16 12:25pm