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Nothing like a good Mosque attack to take the focus off Tower Block scandals

Eh, Sadiq?...

3 beckfordburger 20.06.17 1:34pm
Have you noticed how these days the terrorism season gets longer and longer? 3 ronseal 19.06.17 2:39pm
Dick Everyman
The fascinating topic of Brits discussing gun deaths in the USA

Hi, I'm fascinated by Brits who insist on discussing gun deaths in the USA. Who wouldn't be? So I thought I'd start a discussion thread on the subject. All welcome...

13 deceangli 19.06.17 1:47pm
American Gun Death Threads

Is two sufficient, or do we need more?...

2 Titus 19.06.17 9:05am
What I love about Wigan is the Pieversity 1 ronseal 19.06.17 6:16am
. 0 sydalg 18.06.17 11:29pm
Palaces v Tower Blocks

Kensington Palace : Will and Kate refurbishment for a kitchen they don’t even use £6.5m,, Grenfell Road...

14 Gerontius 17.06.17 2:17pm
If you need just one reason why you should vote for anybody but the Tories.... - 2

.try this one,, Other reasons are available, Pure evil, Ok Tory boys, over...

40 Gerontius 16.06.17 10:56am
Just saying

I don't need to say it, do I?...

3 deceangli 16.06.17 6:14am
Editor Alert: Newsbiscuit Cabinet Meeting

After [url=] President Trump's Cabinet Meeting[/url] aren't we overdue for a round table update with our esteemed leader...

14 Dick Everyman 15.06.17 9:44am
can Boris return? - 2 40 cinquecento 15.06.17 7:25am
It's the latest 'must have' accessory for Tory cabinet ministers

They are all getting one,

5 Gerontius 14.06.17 10:31am
Some Slightly-More-Up-to-Date Tickers - 2

[How difficult can it be?] - Jeremy worships the ground Diane walks on – he even falls down the same hole - BA outsources its aerodynamics to Bombay Brickworks - Didgerididn't? - Corbyn points...

48 Titus 13.06.17 10:57pm
Behind the scenes at Number 10.

0 Al OPecia 13.06.17 5:01pm
Al OPecia

Presumably she wants the slippery little shit inside, pissing out...

23 Ironduke 13.06.17 1:46pm
Sitting here in the sunshine in Rouen...

in a gorgeous historic city centre, buzzing with locals and tourists alike, nibbling on superb produce from the Sunday market, and looking back at the UK - when did our country become so totally...

13 cinquecento 13.06.17 1:30pm
Wrong room

First time, honest...

0 deceangli 12.06.17 6:36pm
The Book of Jeremy Corbyn

A fine read:

3 Sinnick 12.06.17 12:20pm
Paul Nutter

Mrs Scroat pointed out this morning that he hadn't registered to vote. So he couldn't even vote for himself. Why am I not surprised by this?...

5 Scroat 12.06.17 12:07pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23394041

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1209 bonjonelson 12.06.17 10:02am
Interesting Worth having a browse...

2 Titus 11.06.17 9:18pm
DUP....running the UK

wonder what they are about, well, there is this for starters,, Feeling re-assured now?, May complained about Corbyn's links with former...

9 Gerontius 11.06.17 7:40pm
Theresa May has just been spotted running through a field of corn

0 Gerontius 11.06.17 6:44am
Theresa Vader? Darth Mayder?

Whenever I see her I hear the Star Wars theme. Just sayin'...

1 Scroat 10.06.17 7:34pm
Thank you for your generosity, kind electricity consumers

My solar panel meter has just clocked up 20269.9 kWh, showing that, since their installation at a cost of £10,000 just 5-1/2 years ago my panels have now paid for themselves. Thank you, fellow...

14 Titus 09.06.17 9:27pm
Sir Lupus

A long day running our polling station. Interesting that what we noticed in our tiny corner of Oxfordshire was mirrored by the rest of the country. No swings – this is rabid Tory territory. But...

5 Scroat 09.06.17 5:27pm
Predictions? - 2

Tory 28seat majority, many people reluctantly voting Tory mainly out of greater contempt/less credibility for the alternative. May a lame duck leader, 1992 election victory re-run, Tories fairly...

34 Ironduke 09.06.17 4:40pm
What chance a new referendum now?

Now the kids have got the voting bug maybe it should be re-run. That would save all that Brexit negotiating business. I think we have 10 days to do it - apart from that awkward Article 50 letter...

2 beau-jolly 09.06.17 2:56pm
Midfield Diamond
Oh dear, rookie mistake.

Nothing to see here...

0 MADJEZ 09.06.17 12:14pm
Running Commentary

10:01pm Exit poll: looks like we should have expected all the opinion polls to have got it wrong yet again! Queue up here for your magic money tree [i]now[/i]!...

11 Titus 09.06.17 10:30am