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Nothing has changed...

[quote]In foul spirits, as the merchants’ shelves hath been stripped bare by mean-spirited Rogues. I fear I will be gut-foundered ‘ere the plague is out, so procured some Leerdammer and hastily...

5 Dick Everyman 23.03.20 11:27am
Do you think we should have a bit more distance between these threads?

Just askin' as I'm literally on top of Titus this morning...

7 Dick Everyman 23.03.20 9:41am
Johns Hopkins COVID-19 map - strangely redolent of "Missile Command" - 23

69 Al OPecia 23.03.20 7:33am
Al OPecia

With about 70 Covid-19-related deaths in Britain in the last 2 weeks or so, that works out at roughly 5 per day. At that rate, with a population of about 68 million, that means it will take about...

10 Titus 23.03.20 7:32am
Loss of smell and taste - Coronavirus

Just out - very interesting:

2 Al OPecia 22.03.20 8:36pm
Trump describes himself as 'wartime president'? Fuck right off sir.

Words fail me...

16 fletcher 22.03.20 5:10pm
I think Brexit is dead. 9 Al OPecia 21.03.20 3:56pm
The Mauna Loa carbon dioxide tracker

One to keep an eye on:

2 Al OPecia 21.03.20 2:20pm
Useful links

2 Al OPecia 21.03.20 10:47am
Al OPecia
Would you trust Boris to look after your pet rabbit for a few days?

I honestly don't think I'd let him...

11 Dick Everyman 21.03.20 10:34am
Dick Everyman
11th June

Is twelve weeks from Boris' inspirational speech last night. I thought I'd put a date on it, because it's a bit like the newspaper weather forecasts in the autumn - 'it'll be the hardest winter...

26 throngsman 20.03.20 9:02pm
Well I'm going down the pub. - 234

I haven't really done that much, but I've tidied the kitchen, done a bit of gardening, taken some rubbish to the dump and picked up the dry cleaning, so I might as well spend the afternoon in the pub...

97 Golgo13 20.03.20 7:46pm
Supermarket staff abuse

Went into local Tesco today and spoke to staff who are suffering terrible verbal and threatened physical abuse from customers because of food and loo roll shortages. What the fuck is going on? Maybe...

12 Dick Everyman 20.03.20 7:01pm
Man arrested for 'failing to self-isolate' on Isle of Man.....

.didn't have a leg to stand on...

0 Gerontius 20.03.20 12:51pm
How To Guides - BB Code on the forum - 2

This forum can do lots of fancy things: here's how. [size=4]Post Images[/size] And you do that like this:,...

42 admin 19.03.20 8:09pm
Why close the churches ?

Surely god will look after the faithful while he smites down the non-believers. Sounds like a bit of self-doubt to me...

3 MADJEZ 19.03.20 8:05pm
Do you reckon Coronavirus has more to offer than Brexit?

In satirical potential...

19 fletcher 19.03.20 7:39pm
How best decide the Premier League and other high profile sporting events

Subbuteo - Play the final few games on the Subbuteo board, OR, Decide the outcome with a penalty shoot-out? Have you seen Oxlade-Chamberlain and Perrie Edwards doing their dance routine., Very...

7 Gerontius 19.03.20 7:36pm
Are you a Prepper or Survivalist?.

You need more than just a few extra bog-rolls and a stash of pot noodles, Nando's has closed and Waitrose shelves are empty, Being able to tell your fitija from your chèvre will not get you...

5 Gerontius 19.03.20 7:34pm
Coronavirus Advice (Serious Q&As)

My 70+ mum has a weakened immune system, and she is self-isolating. I'm going to do her weekly supermarket shop (food/drink/toiletries/RadioTimes) for her, and I'm wondering how contagious several...

19 Crayon 19.03.20 7:28pm
Reassuring Message From the Co-Op

Just received an email: '[i]Important Information on Coronavirus from your, Co-op. Update from CEO, Steve Murrells Dear Co-op Members and customers Our Funeral homes Our funeral care teams...

6 Titus 19.03.20 3:13pm
What we need is some sort of supra-national body to co-ordinate the response to

COVID-19. Any ideas Titus?...

7 Al OPecia 18.03.20 7:33pm
Sir Lupus
What are your Christmas plans?

Can't decide between inviting loads of friends around for Christmas Day and Boxing Day or taking a skiing trip to Italy...

4 Dick Everyman 18.03.20 2:32pm
Anyone else find the BBC's current front page headline a little sinister?

The coronavirus death toll for the UK now stands at 71, as the NHS attempts to free up hospital beds...

2 AdrianJ 17.03.20 6:05pm
So - How Are You Folks Going To Celebrate Independence Day On Friday? - 2

I think I will be joining the very happy group of people in my local pub and drink one (or two, or just possibly slightly more) pints good English draught beer...

39 Titus 17.03.20 5:15pm
Now Even The Government Officially Tells Titus To Fuck Off 1 Titus 17.03.20 4:23pm
Government Coronavirus advice Now - Wash hands for 20 seconds Every 20 seconds 1 brainstorm 17.03.20 11:29am
Oil rig workers and trawler men have doubts about working from home 4 Dick Everyman 17.03.20 9:41am
Not Amused
That Government Coronavirus advice in full

0 Al OPecia 17.03.20 7:41am
Al OPecia
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23434445

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1323 The All New Jeni B 16.03.20 3:01pm