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Only in Norfolk

0 Sinnick 19.11.18 7:23am
TrueBiscui: Spike got it right after all !

0 Sinnick 18.11.18 6:28pm
If anyone wants to know ...

what [i]really[/i] motivates the 'Brexit' agenda, may I respectfully invite them to read carefully right through this:...

6 Titus 17.11.18 8:28pm
Who first said 'Any government is only as good as the opposition it faces' ? 7 Titus 16.11.18 1:49pm

I am aware that there are several footie fans here on Newsbiscuit. This non-satirical thread is intended as a respectful tribute to Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, and is being started by someone who is a...

25 Titus 15.11.18 6:58pm
FTSE 100 plunges to an all time high - oh, I think we did that one before 1 throngsman 15.11.18 4:21pm
Video formats

After the discussion on my Raab/channel tunnel post, I just wanted to say I used as a teacher the Phillips N1500 system with a black and white Eumig Camera. This was in the mid to late 70's and was...

4 nickb 15.11.18 12:34pm
Britain's Finest Hour….

Is it dragging on too long?, After this 100th anniversary is it time to scale back the nostalgia., Both wars are being used (abused) by the right wing media as a comfort blanket to make Tommy...

20 Gerontius 14.11.18 8:59pm
Sir Lupus
Dickens Joke

Posted simply because when I heard it I thought it was funny and clever and I wanted to share it, and posted here because it's not original and not satirical., _ _ _ As most people know, Dickens'...

1 Titus 14.11.18 11:34am
Swimming Taxi Drivers Too Busy Featuring In NB Tickers To Pick Up Fares

More tickers soon, some of them even not about taxi-drivers ...

2 Titus 10.11.18 8:32am
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23121314

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

417 Dick Everyman 08.11.18 1:52pm
The benefits of Brexit - 2

There's been an overwhelming amount of negative comment about our leaving the EU and, for the sake of journalistic balance, I think we should post our positive observations. I'll start the ball...

37 Newsdesk 06.11.18 11:44am
October Writer of the Month Competition

Mid month and Myke is going for it again. More details on the [url=]blog[/url]...

20 throngsman 03.11.18 4:24pm
Songs for politicians

I saw a headline today that David Cameron is planning a return to frontline politics. If he does, and if I win the lottery, I thought I'd pay some musicians to follow him round the country playing...

11 deceangli 03.11.18 1:01pm

It's the first of a new month and maybe this one will be special as I've signed on for the National Novel Writing Month - NaNoWriMo. There are 2 questions troubling me. If I spend time on their...

5 granger 02.11.18 11:13pm
Dick Everyman
Problems In Accessing NewsBiscuit Clearly Hate Crime - Police Action Demanded

This is clearly a conspiracy of hatred directed at healthy, able-bodied, solvent, right-handed, heterosexual, male, white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. This is outrageous and I demand immediate action ...

2 Titus 02.11.18 1:41pm
Policing Priorities, Hate Speech & Sue Fish

Few sensible people deny that hate in any form is bad, wrong, potentially dangerous and possibly criminal. But if anyone doubts, in terms of policing priorities, how nonsensical the recent...

0 Titus 02.11.18 8:06am
[Duplication deleted. Yet once more. Again.] 0 Titus 02.11.18 8:06am
[Duplication deleted. Yet Once More.] 0 Titus 02.11.18 8:06am
[Dupication deleted. Yet again.] 0 Titus 02.11.18 8:06am
[Repetition deleted. Again.] 0 Titus 02.11.18 8:06am
[Repetiton deleted] 0 Titus 02.11.18 8:06am
Men having Penis Fillers is blown out of all proportion.

Wrong room...

4 ron cawleyoni 01.11.18 3:20pm
Trump Denies Covfefe Is Just Bollosck. Asks 'WTF Is Bollosck?'

Posted here 'cos it's not real (or even fake) news, or even satirical spoof news, fake satirical news, spoof satirical fake news, fake satirical spoof news, spoof fake satirical news or fake spoof...

2 Titus 29.10.18 10:55am
Jonathan Pie anyone? regardless of which side you dressthe man is funny...

5 Gerontius 28.10.18 9:36pm
Suggestions please... - 2

Doing the People’s March on Saturday. Any witty ideas for a slogan to put on my placard? No sniping please. Thank you...

53 Scroat 27.10.18 6:29pm
Have you stopped beating your wife?

I'm a tad confused about why we would want a public vote on the final Brexit deal., If, like me, you voted Remain, how do you vote on a deal to leave? Yes, I want this leave deal or, no I don't...

16 beau-jolly 27.10.18 11:08am
Trump - making it up as he goes along.

I saw this video yesterday and it simply beggars belief. Does he forget that everything he says and does is recorded by virtually every media organisation on the planet? He seems to wing absolutely...

10 Chipchase 26.10.18 4:04pm
Proof that vaping rots your brain .... Or is it proof that we should keep well away from Belgians? I'm not trying to be divisive or anything like that, it's just that we did Waterloo in...

1 Newsdesk 24.10.18 10:19am
Newsjack Series 19

Newsjack is returning., First broadcast is 13th September on BBC Radio 4 Extra., Sketches deadline is noon on 10th and one liners deadline 11th at noon., Good luck...

22 dominic_mcg 23.10.18 10:46pm
Adrian Bamforth