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The NewsBiscuit Exchange - 2345

It occurs to me that NB contributors have loads of junk they’d like to offload and so I suggest this thread, in lieu of expensive psychotherapy. With luck, it could go some way to replace the void...

123 Arthur 07.09.20 8:36am
What ad are you getting at top of NB? - 234

I'm currently getting Rolls-Royce cars, which I have to say makes a nice change from the usual 'meet Thai girls' one. I can't afford either...

115 fletcher 07.09.20 7:48am
Most Coveted Awards

Which of the following (or anything else) would NewsBiscuiteers most like to be awarded: - a Nobel Prize, - a knighthood, - a Victoria cross, - an Olympic gold medal, - a seat in the cabinet, -...

8 Titus 06.09.20 5:31pm
I saw a comment somewhere else that right-wing comedians should just be funny...

rather than rely on BBC diversity quotas to get on telly...

21 Mr Target 06.09.20 8:24am
Al OPecia
The Man You Love to Hate

Been thinking a lot about this phrase lately. Google tells me it was originally applied to Erich Von Stroheim, famous/notorious actor/director, but Wiki confirms by youthful memory it was a titled...

6 granger 03.09.20 7:41pm
Quiz : FA Cup Final scorers

Another cracker from the Beeb, You will know some, guess some, wrongly guess some which will be right., Once again it is the ones who don't appear on the list that will surprise, But give yourself...

4 Gerontius 03.09.20 7:27pm
August Writer of the Month competition

TheNewsWalrus is heading up the pack this month, with a few including Deceangli, Mirthless and the ig O hot on his tail. Links to all the subs...

25 throngsman 03.09.20 12:11pm
. 2 Gerontius 02.09.20 6:31am
Parody Song

Nowhere to put this as a sub, but it's been stuck in my head [i]"Stevie" - To the tune of Jolene[/i] Stevie, Stevie, Stevie, Stevie, I'm begging you please don't rat on me, Stevie, Stevie,...

4 james_doc 01.09.20 5:56pm
How did you discover Newsbiscuit?

I found it when I looked up a list of satirical news sites in Wikipedia. Two worthwhile discoveries resulted from that - NB and the insane Framley Examiner...

29 sydalg 01.09.20 5:19pm
Very good Start the Week this morning

[url=]Farming, soil and nature[/url]...

1 Al OPecia 31.08.20 9:02pm
Filthy Rich
Beastly caption competition

[i]"Dangerous at both ends and uncomfortable in the middle" (& as for the horse)[/i] An oldie, but plenty of scope:...

13 Filthy Rich 31.08.20 2:35pm
It must be ages since we had a Caption Competition

This from Boris today: "I am afraid your grades were almost derailed by a mutant algorithm"

15 Sinnick 31.08.20 2:33pm
. 1 Wrenfoe 31.08.20 1:29pm
Anyone ever seen Biscuit & Guardian Editorial in the same room at the same time?

"A discovery in the Isle of Wight should remind us that we are living in a golden age of palaeontology"...

8 SteveB 29.08.20 6:46pm
Unless I am mistaken ...

Our Government consists of: 1. A Buffoon who is "In Charge";, 2. A "Cabinet" of piss poor PR Men: and,, 3. The Mekon. or is it just me?...

2 Al OPecia 29.08.20 8:42am
'The Poor Can't Afford Healthy Food' Bollosck - 2

Why do commentators in the news media persist in parroting each other and perpetuating this nonsense? Unhealthy junk food is more expensive than healthy food. From my local co-op I can buy 2...

58 Titus 29.08.20 6:23am
Anyone know any good Radio 4 comedy?

I haven't listened to it for years, because I had no BBC reception on my radio. But now I can download stuff thanks to an unlimited data Internet connection. There used to be some really good stuff...

14 sydalg 27.08.20 8:16am
Al OPecia
"I win again" - childhood game.

When you were young maybe you played games like, 'last there stinks.' Anyone remember this other one -I win again? The 'rules' are very simple. You start an argument and as soon as you can provoke...

3 granger 26.08.20 5:02pm
Looks like Putin's latest poisoning attempt has gone awry.

Has he simply lost control of the KGB - watch those door knobs Vlad!...

5 Al OPecia 26.08.20 2:06pm
NB at 15 - 23

One of the editors suggested recently that as Newsbiscuit is fifteen years old it might be a good idea to put a compilation of some of the best work over the years. Myself and a small group of the...

82 throngsman 25.08.20 10:59pm
Mirthless Evil C
Saturday gift

Not for everyone and Joe Wilkinson doesn't always hit the mark, but this time he has his fellow comedians in bits while reciting a poem to John Cooper-Clarke. This is the only clip I've found...

11 SteveB 25.08.20 3:09pm
Rootin Tootin
Fab visualisation

[url=]What's warming the world?[/url]...

6 Al OPecia 25.08.20 8:02am
What would you have said ? - 2

This was an odd situation yesterday: I was packing my stuff at the check-out, making polite conversation about how half the shoppers couldn't be bothered with face masks The check-out guy (60-ish)...

36 Sinnick 24.08.20 1:39pm
Al OPecia
Gorilla baby

Following the birth of the new baby gorilla at Bristol Zoo has anyone got a suitable name for it? I quite like Gavin...

14 Dick Everyman 24.08.20 1:37pm
Satire site I hadn't seen before

3 sydalg 23.08.20 3:53pm
Sir Lupus
Latest embarrassing u-turn from UK's most incompetent administration ever?

With today's embarrassing u-turn over A-levels, the latest in an ever-lengthening list, I wonder how those new Tory voters are feeling after having been sucked in by the one-issue bullshit spewed out...

28 Chipchase 23.08.20 2:57pm
Room 101 4 Al OPecia 21.08.20 4:16pm
Filthy Rich
Coronavirus: Eviction day fears for worried tenants in England and Wales 1 Gerontius 21.08.20 9:12am
Steve Bannon

Is this how the Farages/Bannons of the world fall? Bog standard fraud charges. Also, if Bannon goes, that will be a big blow to Trump's campaign. Bannon is not part of the Trump team but is a...

7 Wrenfoe 21.08.20 5:27am