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Let’s Stop the Nonsense Once and For All

It has been proposed that we form a [i]Blood Sports Subcommittee[/i] with the aim of “hunting down and culling sockpuppets”. To become a Full Member, you will need a hobby horse, but you may...

5 Membership Secretary 13.03.17 6:08pm
British Democratic Party
Erdoğan gets it wrong

Small children have their own standard insults - 'You smell of poo'. So do adults. This used to be 'fascist', applied to anyone with political views different to your own. But Turkey's current...

0 Titus 13.03.17 9:25am
"They don't call it the last Labour government for nothing"

If it's OK for our Chancellor to take the piss out of Labour, perhaps he should choose an appropriate name for that party. If the party Hammond belongs to is the Nasty party, then surely: - the...

1 Titus 12.03.17 10:38am
WTF is Saltire when you want to torment him ... 1 Al OPecia 12.03.17 8:53am
Fags be gone - 2

As mentioned in another thread, I recently quit smoking. I've done it before and fallen off the wagon even after more than 5 years abstinance. Any tips? A friend told me that once you smoke a...

32 beau-jolly 12.03.17 8:50am
I'm bored. When do we get another by election? 8 Titus 11.03.17 4:29pm
New drivers to face different penalties to long-standing drivers

I don't fit this category, but I'm still pretty alarmed by this : Why should new drivers face different penalties? Texting while driving should surely be...

15 deceangli 11.03.17 1:43pm
Sockpuppets identified

0 Cuntbabble® 10.03.17 3:33pm
British Presidency

I know we've done it before, but as the current French situations shows, it can be such [i]fun[/i]. Notwithstanding the fact that the elderly lady in Buckingham Place is very popular and doing a...

8 Titus 10.03.17 1:58pm
Lawyer's pants on fire, who'd have thought.

Trubiscuit. [url=]Lawyers trousers catch fire...

1 MADJEZ 10.03.17 10:24am
Liar, liar ...

Love this story, and I hope it's true rather than a stunt/fake:,

0 Sinnick 09.03.17 10:40pm
I came back from lunch opened the fridge and someone has Triggered my article 50

I was really looking forward to that. Can whoever did it put it back?...

1 ronseal 09.03.17 5:49pm
Truebiscuit C'mon you lot, let's have some titles...

5 Al OPecia 09.03.17 4:41pm

6 Oxbridge 08.03.17 5:21pm
Well I'm going down the pub. - 2

I haven't really done that much, but I've tidied the kitchen, done a bit of gardening, taken some rubbish to the dump and picked up the dry cleaning, so I might as well spend the afternoon in the pub...

39 Golgeau Treize 08.03.17 9:56am
More stand-up from Sean Spicer

Video doesn't work on Internet Explorer (as usual) I'm looking forward to the SNL take on this...

1 Sinnick 08.03.17 9:55am
Career Opportunities in AI

NewsBiscuit is seeking artificial intelligence. To apply, click [url=][u]here[/u][/url]...

0 Naomi 07.03.17 8:35pm
Got some naked pictures from Kate Moss wedding if anyone is interested 14 blacklesbianandproudofit 07.03.17 8:05pm
A moment of panic in Carphone Warehouse

Went in yesterday to get my phone upgraded as it's over two years old. The potential replacement iPhone looked fine and dandy. I asked if all the info from my existing phone would be transferred with...

4 Scroat 07.03.17 5:30pm
I miss The Bogs

quality gags and funny subs,, or, Veni vidi vici...

5 Gerontius 07.03.17 4:22pm
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

I am presently enjoying the advantages of BT's '1572' call management, which enables me to block calls from 'withheld', 'unrecognised' and overseas numbers in addition to numbers on BT's own...

5 Titus 06.03.17 5:50pm
Elderly and Annoyed
Sport Obssession

Why the current obsession with sport, and the pretence that it is beneficial for people's health? What is beneficial is [i]exercise[/i], which may - or may not - include sport. Not everyone is in a...

20 Titus 06.03.17 2:12pm

Unbelievable comments about "these foreigners" in the Lords yesterday. Coming from him, the word 'foreigner' suddenly takes on the weight and power to appall as the N-word or similar. I guess this is...

17 Scroat 06.03.17 11:33am
Paul McCartney delighted as Scouser wins fight against one-footed money-grabber

Sadly not original. I heard it on the radio but thought it was worth repeating on here...

0 Midfield Diamond 06.03.17 10:17am
Midfield Diamond
Colour Supplement

We in the Marketing Department thought it would be nice to brighten up your Sunday mornings with a colour supplement. Unfortunately, our first advertiser, offering genuine Rolex watches instead of...

5 Marketing Department 05.03.17 9:34pm
Staff Announcement
Greetings to everyone in this community - 2

Hi I am new here nice to meet you all :)...

50 Edna 05.03.17 5:39pm
Origins Of Words

A bit of research throws up the fact that the word 'cuntbabble' is a corruption of the old German word 'Kundtbabl' (meaning chatter, frequently about by and about children) which was widely used in...

4 Titus 05.03.17 4:02pm
Could we have a personal limit on entries? - 2

Dear Technical Geniuses, you know our IP addresses, could you stop us (and our sockpuppets) from endlessly posting shite stuff? I'll rephrase that - could you limit us to, say, 3 contributions each...

56 deceangli 04.03.17 10:09am
WR 0 Idiot 03.03.17 3:14pm
Brilliant front page!!!

We've got a tatty Skoda Fabia, a Waitrose and we're fucking overrun by big 4x4s. So this resonates like a tin can being totalled...

2 Scroat 02.03.17 6:34pm