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higgs boson NiB

Just realised it works better if schrodinger put up 'wanted dead AND alive' posters. Is it too late to edit it?...

4 Runestone Cowboy 09.12.11 7:35pm
Novel Christmas gifts.

Do you suffer from hairy druids? If, so I can recommend the Braun electric Bard Trimmer, only £9.99+VAT from or major high street stores...

5 John Ffitch-Rucker 09.12.11 2:56pm
Runestone Cowboy
Dear Ticker editor

it is boson not bosun, a particle not an unlicensed member of the crew...

0 andhrimnir 09.12.11 2:56pm
Scots/Northern Biscuits

You all alright up there? The storms look horrendous on the news...

9 shitsu_tonka 09.12.11 11:49am
Al OPecia
What is the world coming to???

We have a coalition Government, which is a very European thing to do - only to make a move away from Europe They finish painting the Forth Bridge I miss Rikkor's contributions to the chat room...

1 Scroat 09.12.11 9:29am
Cruel but entertaining.

I installed this on my boss’s laptop as a screensaver knowing that he likes to work on the train home but usually falls asleep within 10 minutes of starting his journey. Noted a rather chilly...

3 John Ffitch-Rucker 08.12.11 8:15am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Xmas drinks for London writers this Sunday

I'm organising a meet up of comedy writers / script writers at The Assembly Rooms in Kentish Town on Sunday 11th Dec at 6pm. A chance to meet other writers, exchange witty asides, or just get drunk...

0 Shandy 08.12.11 1:34am
Today's archive Terry Waite & Radiator

a real gem...

0 dvo4fun 07.12.11 11:14pm
Clarkson deserves an apology from the nation's press - 2

Just seen his full quote on Have I Got News For You. He made a flippant remark supporting the strike because the roads were empty. Then 'in the interest of balance on the BBC' made a flippant remark...

48 07.12.11 9:20pm
Can someone explain how Twitter works please?

Do I have to follow someone, do they follow me or do I just tweet people? How do more than one person see what I tweet. What's the point? Is there a point? Can't help feeling I'm missing...

25 Scroat 07.12.11 8:54am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Great fp today

My guess is that I should say a few hail Marys for the excellent edits...

5 fernandomando 06.12.11 2:56pm
Inhuman Resources 0 A.Parody 06.12.11 2:17pm
You don't suppose that they were on their way early to a book signing do you?

2 Al OPecia 05.12.11 11:21pm
Black Mirror

Someone mentioned this, can't find the post now. Think it's on 9pm tonight. Only just worked out that a 'black mirror' could be the name for an LCD or plasma tv. Clever name, slow me...

7 Runestone Cowboy 05.12.11 9:21pm
Has this been done before?

My mojo briefly snapped back to life yesterday when the idea popped into my head of a dog going on an extended sweary rant about how he knows perfectly fucking well he's a good boy, thank you all the...

5 Oxbridge 05.12.11 6:30pm

On Saturday mrs 4fun & I were at the local Infant school 'Christmas Fair' [not 'Fayre' -phew]. We were buying some expensive burgers for lunch, so that Michael Gove can keep Government costs...

0 dvo4fun 05.12.11 5:41pm
Clegg goes for the popular vote..., Maybe the taxpayers money that makes up MP's pay should also be means tested. ...

1 riesler 05.12.11 11:14am
Fox carcass discovery closes restaurant. But thankfully "Eating foxes is forbidden in Germany under food hygiene regulations that ban the consumption of dog-like animals."...

1 Username 05.12.11 9:21am
Unexploded German goth well blung , but likely to set off mental detectors...

0 Username 04.12.11 11:34pm
I’ve found Doylem...

he’s taken his talents to the Guardian comments section.,

2 John Ffitch-Rucker 04.12.11 9:58pm
The All New Jeni B
Puffin twatted I particularly like the phrase "something must have been wrong with him to cause him to come down in Winchester in the first place". Yes,...

4 Sinnick 04.12.11 11:43am
Something for the weekend

[url=]A little bit off the top[/url]...

10 beau-jolly 04.12.11 9:49am
New comedy writing thing. are doing a new thing called gists. Everyday there's a film, you submit the funniest recap and it goes on the front page and is read and adored by millions. To find gists go...

2 shitsu_tonka 03.12.11 11:58pm
I really should know better 1 bonjonelson 03.12.11 11:35pm
toiletries for tramps Bought this on a '2 for 1' in Sainsburys. When I got home, noticed it offers '72 hour protection'...

14 03.12.11 3:01pm
November Writer of the Month – Vertically Challenged Giant

Congratulations to Vertically Challenged Giant who wins his second successive Writer of the Month award after his stories scooped the top three spots in November’s most-read list. VCG secured the...

15 editor 03.12.11 11:48am
Aspiring Writers in the Manchester area...

There is a free BBC 'workshop'* for writers at the Insight festival this Sunday morning at 11. *hate the non-industrial use of that word...

9 editor 02.12.11 8:30pm
The 1997 Dianathon / Living in Crassland

The Diana thing. Is that when, as a nation, all this maudlin bollocks started about dead people, who were in some way celebrities but never known personally to c. 99.999% of us? I was out today so...

16 dvo4fun 02.12.11 2:34pm
S'not funny, wayland

Well, it is really; I just had to get the pun in. The concept isn't original, just the design. I remember being nauseated watching my (French) belle-soeur using the following device:, http://assets...

4 Sinnick 02.12.11 11:44am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Magic ingredient for FP success - 2

Any hints and tips on how bag myself a FP? I've had some modest success with NIBs up to now but not made the big one. What's the magic FP ingredient?...

37 Clarky 01.12.11 5:29pm
The All New Jeni B