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Pandemic of quantitative sneezing predicted

International health experts have issues a joint warning at the highest level of an imminent attach of the quantitative sneezing virus. “The dangers are greatest in the developed west” a...

0 trish marsh 27.09.11 8:38am
trish marsh
If you use any Google product I defy you..

to get rid of pernicious and irritating googleupdate (and all its poxy sub-files, poxy tasks, pf's etc etc) Supreme effort to rid myself of all googlecrap after removing GoogleEarth but it's like...

7 vertical 26.09.11 7:53pm
Own up, who was getting twitchy there when you couldn't access here? 2 simonjmr 26.09.11 4:34pm
great artwork Red!

Thanks for adopting my sausage...

0 26.09.11 3:04pm
Transport experts voice concern over safety of Pork & Ride scheme

1 Mr Glover Lover 26.09.11 11:14am
Mr Glover Lover
Fire at wheelie bin depot- council unsure which bin to use in clean-up operation

0 Mr Glover Lover 26.09.11 11:07am
Mr Glover Lover
Hummingbirds to learn lyrics 6 nickb 26.09.11 6:11am

It's quite, but not exactly like Facebook. Is there a compelling reason to switch?...

4 JohnA 25.09.11 9:25pm
Being serious for a moment...

it looks like the SNP Scottish Govt are trying to either close or merge my Uni with another, much bigger and far more impersonal one. I'm hugely opposed to this, as are the vast majority of students...

15 The All New Jeni B 25.09.11 4:54pm
Is this the best interview in rock/pop ever

OK he can’t half rabbit, but what an intelligent, likeable bloke., And what a band.,

0 Gerontius 24.09.11 5:43pm
So now you know

Just spotted this nugget in my local CAMRA newsletter, BAD NEWS OR GOOD NEWS?, There is an old pub in Marble Arch, London,, which used to have a gallows adjacent to it. Prisoners, were taken to...

14 Gerontius 24.09.11 5:41pm
Mr Clegg showing how right-wing he's become

4 Sinnick 24.09.11 3:27pm
So this satellite

NASA reckons the risk to life from this lump of space scrap is 1 in 3200. There are 66 million people in the UK. That means that it's going to kill 20,625 of us. Run away...

11 wallster 24.09.11 8:27am
A reason to celebrate... This replaces International Literacy day, which has been rescheduled for Octember 8th...

0 riesler 23.09.11 11:13am
Worst Ever Sub?

This might be.a bit cruel but I am curious, as a relative noob, to see what old hands consider the worst of the worst, after havng my appetite whetted by the mind-blowing classic Back Up Your Brain...

20 Textbook 23.09.11 11:11am
Midfield Diamond
I can't believe the Torygraph beat us to it...

0 Al OPecia 23.09.11 10:12am
Al OPecia
Looters to lose Nectar Points...

fewer soon...

0 nickb 23.09.11 8:24am
Trophy wife locked in cupboard?

There must be a better onecome on everyone *singalong gesture*...

14 nickb 23.09.11 8:24am
oops 2 Al OPecia 23.09.11 7:41am
Al OPecia
Trophy wife locked in cupboard?

There must be a better onecome on everyone *singalong gesture*...

0 nickb 22.09.11 2:59pm
trophy wife used as paper clips container? 0 nickb 22.09.11 2:57pm
Trophy wife falls off mantlepiece

.sore moon...

0 nickb 22.09.11 1:33pm

Nearby, a traveller in a distinctive white homburg was holding court with reporters. 'Don’t give them your name, Eamonn,' a woman shouted from behind...

7 vertical 22.09.11 1:24pm
Serious Post - Please Save a Life in 30 seconds.

At midnight UK time tonight a man called Troy Davis will be executed in the state of Georgia. The evidence used to convict him of murder was very, very flawed and he has been on Death Row for twenty...

10 shitsu_tonka 22.09.11 1:15pm
Nice Berlusconi FP

A few dodgy spellings now sorted...

1 Des Custard 22.09.11 10:13am
Veni, Vidi, Veni

Excellent! Erudition! Audio, video, disco What goes around comes around languagewise...

2 Scroat 22.09.11 8:47am
Are all comedians kinky?

I know three - two men and a woman - who share the same kink, though not necessarily together. Just curious...

5 Oxbridge 21.09.11 9:15pm
A proper tea-snorter today Gazza

Nice one you dirty little crumpet...

2 Mary Evans 21.09.11 7:57pm
Gary Stanton
How Many Failed Comedians Here?

Just so we can commiserate and cry into our beers together, how many people here tried to have a tilt at actual comedy performance or writing? I just spoke about it over the in the writer's forum but...

3 Textbook 21.09.11 10:05am
I'm re-reading Trollope now.

He really was the Jackie Collins of his day. (Notice how I wrote "re-reading", snobs never, ever, read anything for the first time.)...

18 rikkor 20.09.11 4:03pm