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Pup Pimping Update 2

I'm delighted to tell you that today we welcomed 7 live pups, and sadly 1 dead into the world. We have 1 white boy and 2 black boys, and 2 white and 2 black girls. All happy, healthy and feeding...

25 The All New Jeni B 11.08.11 2:21pm
Great FP today

Felicitations to The Paper Ostrich - and 5 stars to go with them. I shall stay well away from Westminster this afternoo if there are going to be 650 MPs on the rampage...

2 theumpire 11.08.11 1:20pm
Mary Evans
Cameron and Boris to appear on Pointless

David Cameron and Boris Johnson are to appear as a team on the BBC Show POINTLESS to test the limits of their pointless knowledge., A spokesman for No 10 said "Both are reputed to be skilled in the...

0 Warrenpeace 11.08.11 11:26am
Anyone catch Zoe Williams on Newsnight last night? 0 Scroat 11.08.11 10:48am
Love the flash ad at the top of the FP screaming at me to bring back hanging...

Looks like we're back in the 60's. Perhaps tomorrows will be pro-segregation, or workhouses for the poor...

0 The Return of DroleNoel 11.08.11 10:01am
The Return of DroleNoel
Many of today's looters will never have heard of the Trumpton Riots

So I urge you to join this spoof hashtag (but treat it in all seriousness, so as to attract the eye of the looting community) #trumpton try also #trumptonriots I want da yoot to set their sites on...

0 ronseal 11.08.11 8:10am
Bloody Boris Johnson

I was half asleep when he was being interviewed on the radio this morning, but he seemed to say something about a generation of kids with a high sense of entitlement or something similar. Has he...

8 Scroat 10.08.11 7:13pm
the coarse whisperer
Rikkor deciding what we can and can't write moratorium - 2 59 Oxbridge 09.08.11 7:48pm
Dear underclass feral rioting types...

stop talking about 'the feds'. This is not the United States, there are no feds. You are not in an episode of The Wire, you are a nasty little bastard pointlessly buggering things up for everyone...

2 shitsu_tonka 09.08.11 7:12pm
Well this is interesting...


2 09.08.11 6:54pm
Riot confusion

Why do people use a riot as an excuse to loot their local branch of Currys? Surely if you find yourself in the middle of riot then your first instinct is to very quickly get somewhere where it is...

27 shitsu_tonka 09.08.11 6:15pm
the coarse whisperer
Feel badly about your riots.

We have them all the time here, usually after sporting events or floods (looting). It's just that America is so vast, they always seem rather spread out over space and time. Won't help your tourism...

8 rikkor 09.08.11 2:03pm
How do I choose an ISP?

My broadband access has been very flaky over the past month or so, but the last straw was a national outage from Friday until yesterday. So I've decided to bite the bullet and change Internet...

2 Scroat 09.08.11 1:53pm
London glazier firm, under investigation of Blackberry Messaging offences.

More pane later?...

0 Erlang 09.08.11 10:55am
Choices of looters

Forget televisions, iphones, laptops or designer trainers. Large packs of Tesco value basmati rice is the trophy to be proud of

1 fernandomando 09.08.11 12:01am
Children's names

It's strange how people name their kids lately. The 2 families sitting at the next table in a pub recently called theirs Flossie, Queenie, Jango, Dixie and Henry. The last 2 aren't so bad. The...

3 Sinnick 08.08.11 11:15pm
The All New Jeni B
At risk of mentioning the Swindon branch...

Has anyone noticed that News Thump like Wayland's sub so much that it's been on the front page for the last four days? Or has my laptop gone weird...

4 Corrigan 08.08.11 10:08pm
Can we give Jonathan Ross a hat tip for today's FP?

[quote]‘We’re dealing here with a woman who, even if she told you herself that she only had the one leg, you’d still do a quick count to be on the safe side.[/quote] It's a great joke, and...

25 rickwestwell 08.08.11 3:38pm
The Paper Ostrich
Riot in East London disperses as it becomes "too mainstream"

A riot brewing in Dalston, East London, has dispersed when the rioters deemed it had become too "popular and conformist". In an echo of the disruption that's swept London in recent days, a posse...

0 Smaug 08.08.11 3:20pm
There are days when I start to think that Al Qaeda might just have a point.


0 wallster 08.08.11 12:35pm
Too Hot For Newsbiscuit

Does anyone, especially the admin/editors have examples of subs they liked but were never run for reasons of being dodgy? We just had the Winehouse/business cards one which seems to have had this...

5 Textbook 08.08.11 12:23pm
Des Custard
Names of beers

My favourate one, which is on at the moment, is from White Horse Brewery. It's called "Wayland Smithy". A name that always brings a smile to the face...

8 beau-jolly 08.08.11 11:58am
How's this for advertising placement?

0 ronseal 08.08.11 10:03am
Well done Corrigan

Great FP. Nice original idea and a break from the norm. Sterling stuff...

7 wallster 08.08.11 8:22am
The Gospel Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster

I'm sure some of you here are already familiar with this book but if not, I urge you to read it. It's one of the better parody books of recent years in my opinion. Written by student Bobby Henderson...

4 Textbook 07.08.11 10:27am
Anybody qualified to give a spot of legal advice?

And willing to do it for free? In the interests of not getting sued by the BBC I have a question about copyright law/intellectual property rights...

10 Vertically Challenged Giant 07.08.11 10:25am
. 0 Awkward Facts 07.08.11 10:13am
Awkward Facts
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

More than a herd of buffalo...

0 Scroat 06.08.11 9:19pm
Can anyone see a way out for the USA?

I just read a story that said Apple had greater cash reserves than the USA. They are raking in billions a month whereas the country is overspending billions a month. What to do?, I'd privatise...

20 beau-jolly 05.08.11 3:32pm

1 Quaz 05.08.11 9:36am