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Shame there aren't any photos

2 Sinnick 25.05.11 8:48am
The All New Jeni B
A singularly horrific image

Looked at the Daily Mail again and discovered [url=]a world of wrong.[/url] Caption competition?...

7 shitsu_tonka 24.05.11 10:29pm
Nice iPhone/Horses' hooves NiB Stan!

Oxo must be this week's NiB editor. I preferred it as an FP myself, but it's nice to get the set...

5 Des Custard 24.05.11 9:15pm
Des Custard
Rikkor what is Tim Pawlenty?

Is he a credible candidate for the presidency or a right-wing nutter who should be mocked and then if he wins feared because there's another religious moron in the White House?...

17 shitsu_tonka 24.05.11 8:21pm
Phew, still here

Everyone else ok ?...

10 Sinnick 24.05.11 6:15pm
The All New Jeni B
Ed: please see travel insurance post

We're being spammed again...

0 rikkor 24.05.11 5:05pm
Ryan Giggs Just in case they really have cut off your access to gossip...

1 rikkor 24.05.11 1:21pm
Strauss-Kahn blames drunken sailor as Seaman Staines discovered on hotel carpet

with apologies to Captain Pugwash...

0 pere floza 24.05.11 11:33am
pere floza
Now I'm not the one to start a fight...

But isn't this Daily Mash story from today: [url=]Lawyers to offer cut price...

4 rickwestwell 24.05.11 9:34am
be reasonable
Ed: Take note Garminforerunner is a spammer.

Get rid of him/her/it, please...

2 rikkor 23.05.11 7:47pm
greg various
IMF chief in prison on Riker's island 6 fernandomando 23.05.11 6:19pm
If the world ends tomorrow:

I just want to mention one last time that my ass hurts...

28 rikkor 23.05.11 4:00pm
Puhleeze! No more BS about how great the NHS is. 18 weeks? OMG! No one in the US waits more than 18 minutes to have the slightest boo-boo fixed. And don't start...

16 rikkor 23.05.11 3:54pm
Interview with writer of today's FP

Oh goodie - Lead Balloon is back![url=]Interview with Pete Sinclair here[/url]...

1 Stan 23.05.11 1:48pm
Has Dale Winton got an injunction

If Dale Winton comes to your conference, his people will let it be known that he doesn't like to be seen eating Would that be a Supper Injunction?...

1 ronseal 23.05.11 1:45pm
Al OPecia
Christ's second coming could be on his donkey - or down his leg...

or both, more soon...

0 OldThingy 23.05.11 12:29am
I've been gassed like that in Spain. Cheap red wine and greasy food, then someone's attacking you in bed...

3 rikkor 22.05.11 4:39pm
This Rapture thing is a scam! I'm st 1 rikkor 21.05.11 12:32pm
be reasonable
It's Neal Doran's birthday.

Send along your best wishes through Facebook. He'll need cheering up. He lives in Ireand, and they traditionally celebrate birthdays there by sitting in a corner and rubbing peat all over...

4 rikkor 20.05.11 11:02pm
Fine FP on James Bond

but there are 2 spellings of "villain", neither of them correct. Editor !...

4 Sinnick 20.05.11 5:49pm
Harold Camping: 'There is no Plan B.' Plan B: "Err, here I am. 27 on iTunes'.

Bollocks. Put this in the wrong place. Must be having my brain controlled by the mad bloke who believes Jesus is gonna get us all. Can't wait to see his excuses on Sunday...

0 Mr Payne 20.05.11 1:15pm
Mr Payne
Ken Clarke's views on 'surprise sex'

In the style of Socrates, this is excellent:

5 fernandomando 20.05.11 11:50am

I didn't sub in the wrong room...

2 wallster 20.05.11 9:29am
Great FP OllieP, but the editing is a bit wrong!

I loved the original submission on this. But by changing the headline in the edit, and only some of the text, it now doesn't make sense. Or is it just me?...

16 19.05.11 3:02pm
elephant ticker is superb!

I've been chuckling about it all day. Very clever!...

5 19.05.11 11:28am
Ken Clarke stories

They all seem to be being given 1*. Has he joined the site and gone through 1 starring all the stories about him? You'd think he had more important things to do. Or is somebody on here a big fan of...

9 Vertically Challenged Giant 19.05.11 9:56am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Damage in shagging story, mon! (4, 5, 3, 6, 6)

I'm quite proud of this one. Clue: footballer, superinjunction, allegedly...

8 Oxbridge 19.05.11 8:45am
The All New Jeni B
The pony story reminded me of a cracker by Skylarking

1 antharrison 18.05.11 10:53pm
The All New Jeni B
can someone explain the itv beer keg gag please?!

its driving me mad...

10 charlies_hat 18.05.11 5:14pm
Great FP, Wsmithy. 3 rikkor 18.05.11 5:13pm