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Olympic scandal worsens as mystery benefactor revealed as Sepp from Switzerland 0 ronseal 02.06.11 10:09am
Ludo, I want to pop you on a stick and lick you like a lolly

Super dooper FP. That is all...

1 Mary Evans 02.06.11 9:23am
Today's archive is rather special.

That is all...

1 SingingHinny 01.06.11 9:59am
bollocks 5 bonjonelson 01.06.11 8:58am
be reasonable
Is it still the eighties in Australia?

At least in this country we did the decent thing and got rid of them a long time ago. [url=]Hale and Pace[/url] Hate living in a world where they're still touring and...

2 shitsu_tonka 31.05.11 11:42pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Lovin' Mr Bland's work...

beautifully crafted NiB today. Hat's off...

0 Golgeau Treize 31.05.11 8:12pm
Golgeau Treize
Essential 'special relationship' FP

I always said that man couldn't be trusted. We should definitely unfriend himunless he comes back with some flowers and chocolates...

0 Ludicity 31.05.11 7:11am
Sri Lanka discovers secret to getting Jonathan Trott out

Just let him get a double century and then bowl a decent delivery at the stumps. More soon...

1 JohnA 29.05.11 9:02pm
Best time to contribute?

Despite my obvious comic genius ;) seems that a lot of my contributions either don't get read or garner much interest. Was just wondering if there is a peak time for people visiting the forum so I...

10 acwanaut 29.05.11 8:59pm
OK, it got on the FP, but you should have put some John Prescott jokes in.

Or Abu Hamza. That's where the money is these days. I mean what you're doing is nice, but, there's this mate of mine who's put his kids through private school, yeah, and got his family woman's...

3 Golgeau Treize 29.05.11 6:27pm
They're still part of the EU, right?

10 rikkor 29.05.11 6:21pm
Al OPecia
3D porn movie so realistic it gets woman pregnant.

0 bonjonelson 29.05.11 12:10pm
Are Twitter a bunch of unreliable *****

0 ronseal 29.05.11 11:41am
Thanks for the unforgettable throbbing FP pic Red...

My burnished loins quiver with delight, I'm getting t-shirts printed., Nice edit job too - do I feel the gentle touch of an Evans?...

11 rickwestwell 28.05.11 4:57pm
Mary Evans
Love the tramp story today.

Lots of good stuff there. I imagine Julie Hartley Brewer would love to rip this one off. thing is, I didn't notice it before Has the headline changed?...

8 ronseal 28.05.11 4:54pm
newsbiscuit editorial team
Nice to see Louis Vuitton subbing more

Well done on your recent string of pithy comments - oustanding work for someone who's been dead for over 100 years!...

18 jp1885 28.05.11 5:09am
Golgeau Treize
Rikkor my darling...

just for you:,

2 The All New Jeni B 27.05.11 11:00pm
Nice comb-over edit Ianslat

or whoever it is behind the silhouette...

1 Des Custard 27.05.11 7:30am
My Cheryl Cole ticker

Thanks for the rapid acceptance of said item. However, it's got an odd page URL when you click on it....

0 bonjonelson 26.05.11 7:22pm
The Germans censored Paddington!

great story, this: [url=]no German word for fluffy[/url]...

0 26.05.11 5:34pm
You never see Ratko Mladic and James Corden together, do you ?

2 Sinnick 26.05.11 3:43pm
Superb Marmite FP Golgo

Exciting WoM race too...

7 Des Custard 26.05.11 2:26pm
CERN boffins discover highest possible number... and it's lower than you think

"It's a hundred and two," say confident scientists. In the northwest suburbs of Geneva, a team led by Rolf Prévessin has discovered the highest number of all. After spending the last eight years...

2 pthr 26.05.11 10:31am
No joke>> anti-rape knob joke

[url=]Rape-aXe[/url] is a female protective device which contains hundreds of tiny spines. They are designed so as to avoid...

10 Hunter F. Thompson 25.05.11 10:54pm
Impossible picture caption task but brave, if laughable, effort

It often happens in newspapers where the art desk shoves in a pic that in some vague way has roughly something to do with the text and leaves the poor subeditor to try to write a relevant caption....

2 Crow 25.05.11 10:47pm
BT using Cornwall to trial new thing to be shit at. 6 scooooter 25.05.11 1:24pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Life is funnier than sitcom

Today, I went round to see my mate Pete P the engineer, to get a few mm machined off some aluminium packing blocks., Pete is a great guy & a good engineer, but there is always a “situation”...

21 Rowly 25.05.11 10:29am
Anyone want a pristine condition hardback copy of Alistair Campbell's Diaries?

I promise you, it's in mint condition. I didn't get past first chapter. Skimmed through, and every passage I found made me instantly grind my teeth. Blimey, I thought Jeffrey Archer was bad. It's...

1 ronseal 25.05.11 10:26am
Great FP, Golgo.

Seriously. Yer me best mate...

8 rikkor 25.05.11 9:34am

Shame there aren't any photos

2 Sinnick 25.05.11 8:48am
The All New Jeni B