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In case you missed it - Daily Mail runs with Knox appeal rejected story hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...

4 thisisall1word 05.10.11 11:26am
Tammy Flugh
A return to traditional values...

with a nice, silly FP. Bravo!...

4 riesler 05.10.11 11:00am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Multi tasking extremes

apparently some twat driving on M27 was nicked for using his laptop and writing answers to popmaster while drinking coffee and indicating. I get confused if asked a question while cutting up a...

3 vertical 05.10.11 10:23am
Today's FP

A different story, but reminiscent of

3 fun and games 04.10.11 9:06pm
The All New Jeni B
Moral Maze: Is it ever okay to black up?

Am going to a Batman party and rather than join the ranks of many Batmans, Jokers and Harley Quinns thought I'd be different and go as Lucius Fox as played in the last two films by Morgan Freeman....

13 shitsu_tonka 04.10.11 6:11pm
The All New Jeni B
Eds. Ticker has the i before the e.

But 'conceived' doesn't...

2 exigo 04.10.11 5:23pm
Never a cross word - 2

Anticipating a slow day on Monday I decided to have a crack at the Telegraph criptic but finished it in 2 hours - most unlike me!, It got me thinking: You clever folk can, I'm sure bang one off...

57 beau-jolly 04.10.11 3:48pm
Who dun it? Fuckin’ Poirot, that who.

For the past few weeks I’ve been amusing myself on tedious car journeys by listening to old Poirot tapes. It strikes me that, in more cases than not, the arrogant little Belgian bastard comes up...

3 beau-jolly 04.10.11 3:14pm
Glad I found this place. - 2

Hi. My name is Richard and I have rubbish in my head...

33 RJWinter 04.10.11 12:52pm
Well done Screenie!!! 5 Al OPecia 03.10.11 8:11am
Screenie turns out my partners are a bunch of cnuts. Come and make me smile.

A frothing smorgasboard of vile insults to hurl would be very welcome...

28 Ironduke 03.10.11 6:43am
Lunar surface damaged by space vehicles....

.Sore Moon...

1 nickb 02.10.11 8:20pm
Immortal, invisible god Ernie Wise - missing Songs of Praise comedy tapes found 0 nickb 02.10.11 8:26am

Or more a sign of mental unusualness? I AM GOING NOW, I NEED TO DO A POO...

7 02.10.11 8:05am
oops, wrong room. Move along please 5 beau-jolly 01.10.11 4:08pm
Buy a Moncler jacket

Don't ask me why. Just do it...

7 rikkor 01.10.11 8:54am
FP picture - Solihull looks like a nice place.

Worth a visit?...

4 Stan 30.09.11 7:10pm
Crap 50 year conservation project. They're nuts.

So they have spent 50 years clearing the rhododendron bushes from Brownsea Island in an effort to help the red squirrel species grow and thrive again. 50 years! So this is a pretty big project,...

9 SpankyMonkey 30.09.11 2:00pm
Well this was quite a suprise He's responsible for describing the "Tits Group" and the "Tits-Koecher" construction...

1 Al OPecia 30.09.11 1:12pm
Ig Noble awards

In case you haven't spotted them already BBC summary:, Ig website:,

0 Sinnick 30.09.11 6:43am

I'm a grandad again! Just thought I'd let you know (pauses to light cigar)...

14 riesler 29.09.11 6:41pm
'Man mauled by shark in South Africa 'ignored warnings'

Actual BBC news headline. Surely you can't be 'mauled' by a shark. Chomped up to bits, yeah, but mauled?...

9 Screenie 29.09.11 3:04pm

I swear I saw somewhere, possibly in a guidelines to submission or something although I can no longer find it, a suggestion of horoscopes., I like horoscopes., Can we do horoscopes?, horoscopes....

16 Screenie 29.09.11 11:28am
Anyone watch Milliband?

I just can't force myself to give a toss. Not a very intelligent approach to politics I know but there it is...

2 shitsu_tonka 28.09.11 9:28pm
Al OPecia

Viz might be best known for its potty humour comic strips which are frequently just the opposite of witty, but it also has some satirical news articles in the vein of Newsbiscuit and some of them are...

5 Textbook 28.09.11 8:22pm
Understated, but fucking quality.

Just my opinion on today's FP graphic. Very clean...

4 Qoxiivi 28.09.11 4:09pm
The All New Jeni B
Newshit FM - Last With The News.

Newshit Fm – Last With The News, today confirmed that US tennis ace Jimmy Connors has walked away as winner of the 1982 US Open tournament. Reports suggest he beat the Czech maestro Ivan Lendl by...

0 gremlins 28.09.11 2:17pm
So. I go away for just over a week...

and miss my first ever FP. Amusingly, someone just pointed me to a funny story on

19 bonjonelson 28.09.11 12:54pm
Charlie Gilmor's-- A Judge's solution to the riots

I have intercepted this. Be warned, it may cause offence,

0 henry deal 28.09.11 12:30pm
henry deal
Smurfs boost Economic Outlook

Doom laden claims by the IMF that the economic outlook is the worse since records began have been undermined by the discovery of the [i]Smurf Song[/i]; a record of the 1970s. "I'd quite forgotten",...

2 apepper 28.09.11 10:48am