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I trod in some Peter Hitchen's blog

I've got it off my shoe, but can't get rid of the smell...

1 Scroat 12.11.10 6:52pm
Dear Mr Pringles

Thank you very much for changing your advertising slogan. My life was, I admit, hell, thanks to being told that 'once I pop, I can't stop'. I can, now, finally, stop. And indeed I have done so, but...

0 Zadok the second 12.11.10 6:47pm
Zadok the second
Is it me, or is it getting boring here? 6 FormerlyAlOPecia 12.11.10 4:37pm
Quality control anybody?

How about a separate little tick box tacked on to the end of the 5* score boxesthat can be used to make the idiotic subs disappear., If enough people tick the box (say 10) then the sub (although...

22 Gerontius 12.11.10 3:26pm
Talking bra Just lowering the tone further since it's Friday. I don't expect anyone to suggest what the message...

1 Sinnick 12.11.10 2:13pm
Love the FP, Oxbridge

'brains of a radiator' and 'I mean, hello! Fossil fuels?', Excellent...

8 Chip Paper 12.11.10 11:45am
Perverts struggle to make ends meet

Susan Lawless from the Sexual Expression Bureau has complained that current economic problems have had a serious effect on threesomes in the Home Counties. She says, ‘Most people don’t understand...

0 Milo Shame 12.11.10 9:53am
Milo Shame

Freemarket rules in the race to the bottom, None can rule over chaos, and no-one can stop 'em:, Champions of nonsense, of vacuum and vanity, Voting for this lot will challenge your sanity...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 12.11.10 6:44am
Hunter F. Thompson
Terrorists 1 – 0 Common Sense

2 Nobby Holder 11.11.10 9:52pm
scenes from todays March/Protest

scenes from todays March/Protest; & can someone let me know how to edit image size in BBcode? etc...

4 thisisall1word 11.11.10 4:25pm
Shameless Hijacking of Spoof News Website for Excellent Cause

[url=]2 Minute Silence[/url] If you have a spare pound, go to the above website and spend it on the silent single. You'll get a video and 2 minutes of silence. The Royal...

7 wallster 11.11.10 2:22pm
No overcrowded trains in those days - just one to a carriage? Marginal taste?...

4 riesler 11.11.10 6:29am
More soon. 3 FormerlyAlOPecia 10.11.10 8:55pm
Saw this and thought it was about Ian Botham...

2 riesler 10.11.10 8:14pm
Miliband's new baby snubs poppy appeal

So disappointed to see the Milibands' new baby isn't sporting a poppy like his proud parents [url= ]

0 Stan 10.11.10 5:41pm
Boehner (pronounced Bayner) is a Congressman, not a Senator.

More than likely, he will be Speaker of the House in January. Which is much more important than being Senate majority leader. I won't tell you why, because it's too boring. Oh, and the...

25 rikkor 10.11.10 2:40pm
The archives Rosa Parks bit is priceless. 0 rikkor 10.11.10 2:36pm
Slow news day?

0 riesler 10.11.10 11:55am
How to get off busy train

Following a boring BBC magazine article, we can come up with better ideas, can't we ? I'M GOING TO PUKE Allahu Akbar etc...

2 Sinnick 10.11.10 11:43am
College reunions: nice or nasty?

Dear Auntie NewsBiscuit, Have been invited to my first reunion type thing, and I don't know whether it will be shite or not. Are they fun? Is it worth dragging myself a few hundred miles up country...

12 shitsu_tonka 10.11.10 11:27am
There's a drink in for you Des.

Congratulations. *bastard's gone and done it again*...

0 saltire 10.11.10 11:25am
Cricket balls

Somehow I think this story will be of interest to many Biscuiteers I particularly like the sentence "Their testes make up some 14% of their...

0 Sinnick 10.11.10 9:21am
Anyone heard of Talisker whiskey 10 years old

how much does it cost in blighty...

13 arrghgarry 09.11.10 10:22pm
A Collaborative Fairy Tale: How a life in the UK was saved

Once upon a time, many-many years ago, Beloved, in a far away land where banquets were given on almost any day and were to be had by all those who wanted to eat, and where desert palaces offered...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 09.11.10 7:50pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Stir Crazy Redemption Table for four, sir?...

7 IABP 09.11.10 11:39am
Your anorexia makes me so sad I cut myself.

Oh, and I just got low-cost car insurance for my Camry in Phoenix...

9 rikkor 09.11.10 11:29am
Ask Rhod Gilbert

Was inconveniently far away from the remote on Saturday night and had the misfortune to catch five minutes of the above. My first question - why aren't you funny any more? Armstrong and Miller on...

8 Mary Evans 08.11.10 10:27pm
what are the tubers strikin for

no one tells me owt...

7 arrghgarry 08.11.10 5:50pm
Not goodbye, but a normalisation of the existing state of affairs...

Which is that I've not had the time to post very much on here recently, and won't have time for a while due to other writing projects (no, none of them paid - grrr) and because of the cursed job...

6 la maga 08.11.10 5:32pm
NewsBotty doing Isle of Wight stories, is nothing sacred??

2 Oxbridge 08.11.10 2:11pm