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What is the alternative to a "face-to-face" meeting?

An arse-to-arse meeting?...

7 Al OPecia 16.07.11 10:52pm
Did a bomb go off?

For no apparent reason today has been the quietest day for about 2 years on this Dorset High Street. Not much happening on here either. Have I missed something massive. Did transformers invade? ...

1 beau-jolly 16.07.11 6:58pm
8 15 doggone 16.07.11 1:03pm
be reasonable
This just in from Twitter

[quote]jonronson , Rupert Murdoch just phoned to remind me of the rave the Sun gave my 1993 series The Ronson Mission and asked if he could count on my support[/quote]...

0 JohnA 16.07.11 10:02am
'Aggravated mayhem'...I should say so! - 2

33 Ironduke 15.07.11 5:45pm
Darkbill, great FP.

Whole concept made me laugh...

3 rikkor 15.07.11 10:21am
Zadok the second
Queen's Code Book Challenge I know that I'm well over 16, but I thought I'd do it for fun anyway. I think I got the first...

1 rikkor 14.07.11 11:48pm
Would it be more humane to just make them redundant?

0 antharrison 14.07.11 9:47pm
New voting argument.

I'm only going to give 4's and 5's for the material that warrants these high grades. Making everything a 5 seems a lttle bit too much like the way they grade students in US public schools. No...

2 rikkor 14.07.11 5:27pm
Sun problem page to feature photo love story of Rupert 82, and Rebecca, 30

Anyone fancy doing a Sun problem page style Photo Love story? If would feature Rupert, 82, a powerful businessman who makes grown men weep. Rupert has lost his marbles after meeting Rebecca, 30, a...

3 ronseal 14.07.11 7:29am
Zadok the second
WHat on earth is Golgo on about?

Don't people say the funniest things?...

28 ronseal 14.07.11 12:08am
Murdoch to punish Britain by raising the price of Sky subscriptions. 0 deskpilot3 13.07.11 9:04pm
Forgot to say ta for the great pig pic.

Is this the first acceptable combination of Red and bacon?...

0 13.07.11 7:02pm
Pastafarians get religious recognition!

[url=]noodly goodness[/url] I always thought...

0 13.07.11 6:25pm
Hugh Grant: Telling it like it is

His last line in this interview is total class -

2 JohnA 13.07.11 9:51am
What's your least impressive early sexual experience?

No more I met so-and-so on the street 30 years ago. I want the dirt...

23 rikkor 13.07.11 8:53am
The Ed is on R4 now

JOF on 'A Good Read'. I'm sure it'll be on Iplayer later...

2 Quaz 12.07.11 11:45pm
Great FP today

Excellent, proper bit of satire!...

6 12.07.11 12:40pm
ed, did I imagine this ?

I thought I saw an FP earlier today about the demise of the painting industry in Belfast, with some truly excellent work from red. Did you have second thoughts ?...

1 Sinnick 12.07.11 10:01am
Harper 7 is world's first baby to be given a single name for online and offline

. I think, what I'm trying to say is...

2 ronseal 12.07.11 8:36am
Delete 7 rikkor 11.07.11 11:05am
Who's h**ked off and f**ked off with f**king h**king media coverage?

Dear editors, please bring back Gary Glitter for some light relief...

24 Dick Everyman 10.07.11 7:10pm
Dick Everyman
There'll be a gap on the shelves next Sunday....

Given that Newsbiscuit now has a wealth of spoof newsarticles, surely next Sunday is the time for a one-off tabloid edition of recent FPs and NIBs and old classic favourite FPs, filling political,...

3 Ironduke 10.07.11 12:14am
Why Walmart Helps America Stay #1 Worth reading down to the "Sylvester" part...

3 rikkor 09.07.11 10:57pm
Last one to post a reply wins.

So that'll be me then...

0 SpankyMonkey 09.07.11 4:57pm
Can't wait for...

Rebekah Slagg to be doorstepped by the world's press Perhaps even jostled and upset In her favour though, she does have nice hair...

12 Scroat 09.07.11 2:49pm
Double entendre tendencies.

I started a summer job last week to keep me going during the Uni hols, and I work as a bakery shop assistant. It would seem that there is only so much mindless tedium the brain can take before it...

20 The All New Jeni B 09.07.11 1:05pm
Someone has finally got a plan for ridding us of Keith Chegwin We should club together to bribe one of the other crew members to lob him out of the airlock...

0 brownpaperreporter 08.07.11 5:15pm
3rd Proclaimer unearthed

looking at todays FP is it me or is Nick from The Apprentice a secret Proclaimer.,

3 MADJEZ 08.07.11 7:00am
Al OPecia
I'm on Channel 4 news!

How odd is this? I've just seen myself on Channel 4 news buying a sandwich in Sainsbury's. Not even just walking past either; it's like a full five seconds of me taking up about a quarter of the...

5 Qoxiivi 07.07.11 7:55pm