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Brilliant name!!

Here's a local news story, about some very brave police officers who helped disarm a knife-wielding attacker. Now read the names of the officers, and tell me whether you read the first officer's...

2 The All New Jeni B 24.11.11 4:08pm
Son of Barnabas
Must be a sub in this for fuck's sake

Mr Justice Bean

8 Scroat 24.11.11 3:18am
NEVER look at your old backup CDs

I just found an old backup CD of mine dated 3rd June 2000, and on it is a word file containing notes for a screenplay I was trying to write (dated 15th September 1999) One of these notes simply...

11 bonjonelson 24.11.11 12:14am
Sign of the times

1 Scroat 23.11.11 12:59pm
It has amazed me the amount of stick that "technocrats" are getting.. the moment, due to the suggestion that they might run some economies. Since a technocrat is someone who is expert in an area and bases their decisions on evidence why is it preferable to have...

16 Al OPecia 22.11.11 9:48pm
Hugh Grant at Leveson enquiry

Turned on TV BBC 24, to watch over the ham sandwich lunch, and found HG's evidence absolutely compelling and even had to abandon plans to dig the garden; which you may well imagine was a severe blow....

6 dvo4fun 22.11.11 9:23pm
Spanish fisherman denies he castanet

Spanish fisherman denies he castanet...

0 woody 22.11.11 9:05pm
Wonderful letter in today's Metro

From someone who revealed that they keep the Metro newspaper for one year, and then leave the outdated copies on public transport in order to baffle and confuse...

3 fernandomando 22.11.11 5:16pm
Darkbill. Killer FP. 0 Scroat 19.11.11 11:29pm
How to resign

Dear Auntie News Biscuit, I've quit my job. Though I've done it verbally I now have to write a formal letter of resignation which is something I've never done before. I was wondering if you could...

20 shitsu_tonka 19.11.11 5:13pm
This is fun

In Google, type in Google gravity and click I'm feeling lucky Similarly Google sphere...

1 Scroat 17.11.11 6:09pm
How long were you reading NB before you plucked up the courage to register and

start posting? I was just pointing out on the writers room that having been reading NB for a few years i know comedy names don't go down well. It reminded me that I started coming here having read...

22 button 17.11.11 11:57am
Burlesconni to Replace Blatter in FIFA Top Job

Burlesconni to Replace Blatter in FIFA Top Job...

0 No Beard 17.11.11 8:10am
No Beard
Newsbiscuit In Real Life

[quote]MOSCOW — Four days after reminding distinguished visitors to Moscow — over dinner — that Russia can destroy the U.S. in half an hour or less, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin was named the...

6 Textbook 17.11.11 7:55am
Al OPecia
Like the JD FP Golgo

But let's not forget those upbeat JD tacks like "Interzone", "Novelty" or "No love lost". I'm always first on the dance floor to those, usually alone...

0 Quaz 17.11.11 12:35am
Nigel gets very angry (ballistic) in Strasbourg


5 vertical 16.11.11 9:50pm
i before e except after Iron Maiden ......

tsk, tsk, tsk...

1 FlashArry 16.11.11 4:14pm
Radio 4 played 'God Save the Queen' this morning, for Charles' birthday

Are they trying to wind him up? That's the last thing he wants to hear, as he wakes up one year older...

19 16.11.11 9:45am
Zadok the second
Do you have a catalogue of potential stories?

I ask this because I have a bunch of ideas for stories that I should both polish properly before posting rather than praying for inspiration as my fingers mash keyboard within the site editor, and...

9 Immunis 15.11.11 7:33pm
seymour totti
Great article on near-constant Biscuit debate.

Stewart Lee speaks his brains on comedy, bravery and offensiveness and, in my opinion, speaks them well....

10 shitsu_tonka 15.11.11 2:11pm
The All New Jeni B
Skills crisis news: "Six munse ago i couldn't even spel injuneer, now i is one"

Education experts and politicians alike have been surprised by the conclusions of an Ofsted enquiry. Sir Michael Wilshire, newly appointed Chief Inspector, outlined the key findings of Ofsted's...

4 dvo4fun 15.11.11 12:02am
The All New Jeni B
Sorry wrong number 2 JohnA 14.11.11 6:26pm
She's Back! Iron Lady Trailer

Because everyone on here seems like such big fans of Baroness T. Looks good, can't believe how spot on Meryl Streep is...

0 shitsu_tonka 14.11.11 2:50pm
Loved part one of the George Harrison documentary

Love and peace...

2 Scroat 13.11.11 7:52pm
Today's front page is great

Thanks very much...

0 fernandomando 12.11.11 2:12pm
Tasteless, not funny FP.

That says it all...

6 rikkor 12.11.11 12:13pm

I think that if we were to reinstate this splendid tradition, the global economy would recover in no time.

0 Scroat 12.11.11 11:10am
So long already Arty

Great programme about Simon & Garfunkel the other night. Although Mr G seems to have gone a bit creepy in his old age. Losing his hair must have been a bit of a trauma for him. Great music...

5 Scroat 11.11.11 11:33pm
Comedy shows that outstay their welcome

Spent part of the weekend mainlining the The Thick Of It box set and we all agreed that series three while still good isn't of the same quality as the first two. Which got me thinking: what comedy...

20 shitsu_tonka 11.11.11 4:58pm
Islamic sex... I love the reference to the 'Department of Islamic Affairs’ - a risky...

8 John Ffitch-Rucker 11.11.11 10:46am
Al OPecia