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Evolution proved wrong. If that petroglyph on the left isn't a dinosaur, I just don't know what is. Spooky proof that evolution is all made up...

5 rikkor 27.03.11 11:26pm
Fine FP jp

Red too. This place needs more knockers...

4 Des Custard 27.03.11 8:08pm
Ooops 2 Duncan Biscuit 27.03.11 6:02pm
A classless society is on the cards as the BBC axe My Family

Zoe Wanamaker to replace Pam St Clement and take charge of Pat's Cabs in Eastenders. Robert Lindsay will be brought in to beat up Gail Tilsley in an episode of Corrie scheduled for the Autumn....

2 CupidStunt 26.03.11 5:31pm

0 bonjonelson 25.03.11 4:45pm

The BBC spokesman on R4, who when tackled about the number of repeats being broadcast said: "Ah, no. They are only repeats if you heard them the first time round." So I suppose if you missed the...

1 Scroat 25.03.11 1:51pm
Demand apology for Japan Disaster "Humour". - 2

I stated in another place that I belive this sub is disgusting, and insulting to everyone who reads it or is involved in any way with NB. Please add on to this thread if you think those in charge at...

41 rikkor 25.03.11 1:50pm
Tactless BBC

The picture caption on [url=]this[/url] news story about the Fukushima plant says: [quote]The crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi plant is turning into one of...

0 rickwestwell 25.03.11 12:09pm
David Truscott

I am trying to determine the NB contributor with the real name David Truscott.

13 rikkor 24.03.11 7:14pm
Ermmm, about today's FP...

it's a good story, and the headline alone made me chuckle, but Mr Bailey has a lovely, neat, close-cropped beard in that pic., His hair on the other hand...

1 The All New Jeni B 24.03.11 7:13pm

Back owing to huge public demand. So many candidates to choose from. Berlusconi, Gaddafi, Michael Gove, the list is endless...

5 Scroat 24.03.11 4:44pm
Racist punctuation on NB - Moderators PLEASE

Can someone do something about it please? I don't think it's acceptable to allow posts such as to remain on the site, ☺...

10 be reasonable 24.03.11 3:43pm
A Commuter's Prayer

Our car park, in London West 7, Just off Hanger Lane, I’ve paid the sum, I think Ive been done, The hours I parked were fewer than eleven, Give me a break from M40 twats, And give them some...

1 brownpaperreporter 24.03.11 1:31pm
I went to the launch of a dot com start up last night

I so want to leveragize your synergy in the cloud. Using someone else's money of course...

5 ronseal 24.03.11 12:09pm
"Zsa Zsa Gabor Hospitalized After Learning Elizabeth Taylor is Dead"

Actual headline. It has nothing to do with Zsa Zsa being 108 years old and only having one leg...

1 rikkor 24.03.11 8:43am

He's being beastly for no good reason...

1 23.03.11 8:37pm
Anyone know what the racist crime was all about?

If it was anti-Canadian, I'm all for it...

9 rikkor 23.03.11 7:00pm
Liz Taylor's last words were Chinese dentist joke.

Sad, but true...

9 rikkor 23.03.11 5:27pm
Racism on NB - Moderators PLEASE

Can someone do something about it please? I don't think it's acceptable to allow posts such as to remain on the site...

24 bonjonelson 23.03.11 2:12pm
Anti-racisim on NB - Moderators PLEASE

It's political correctness gone mad ;o)...

1 Scroat 22.03.11 10:41pm
Another little gem FP...

And another palpable hit, Mr O. Congrats! Enhanced by sympathetic PSing from red. Shine on you crazy diamonds...

1 pinxit 22.03.11 10:47am
The Paper Ostrich
Interesting titles for Country and Western songs got any? preferably made up

The only woman that would fuck me just got up and died, oh Lord Do I have to take it in the Ass again tonight...

15 markmypaper 22.03.11 9:17am
Wonderful "Old Lady who swallowed a horse" archive today

I'd forgotten how beautifully written it was. Just tracked the original down on the other place's archive, and it's a great editing job. The guy who wrote it did a few other gems, like "Teddy...

4 rickwestwell 21.03.11 9:35pm
NewsBiscuit in the Irish Times

Not sure if anyone's mentioned this already, but Godot for Wii prompted a piece in the Irish Times, the Irish newspaper of record(after the Southern Star incorporating the Skibbereen Eagle,...

1 nealdoran 21.03.11 4:52pm
The Paper Ostrich
Hague quote - "Britain remained the world's fourth biggest military power"

"despite planned defence cuts." Has he been smoking crack? I think we'd all agree that USA, Russia and China are bigger military powers than the UK. But check out this:...

29 bonjonelson 21.03.11 4:35pm
"A Very English Enterprise"

Click there -> (here); no, not <- there you fool, -> [url=](here)[/url] <- for link...

0 wallster 21.03.11 1:01pm
One for Rick

2 Scroat 21.03.11 12:45pm
Lumberjack gets six months’ sick pay

he claims he’s simply “not felling very well”...

0 Screenie 21.03.11 9:34am
Interesting read

[url=]Why people joke about tragedy[/url]...

7 brownpaperreporter 19.03.11 10:49pm
be reasonable
Excellent comic relief front page

perfect satire on the miserable people whingeing and not supporting Comic Relief. I was despairing to see so many subs just having a niggle at the event, but this content is similar to some of the...

1 Ironduke 19.03.11 7:35pm