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Great FP on dictators, ianslat

You missed out Mugabe, who's always off sick at the moment...

2 Sinnick 22.12.11 10:31am
Job vacancy, short term Christmas contract.

Whilst on a training flight early this morning, tragedy struck the revered figure, known in many parts of the world as Father Christmas or Santa Claus. It is understood that Santa had been whooping...

1 Newbie 22.12.11 8:04am
Tell loved ones they're fat

[url=]Tell loved ones they're overweight this Christmas[/url] Even if they're not. Just for a laugh...

2 ianslat 22.12.11 12:51am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Boris Buses

Now I may be a hick from the sticks, and I may despise public transport (which is OK, because there isn't any around here), but I like the look of that new Boris Bus. I know from my work for a bus...

10 21.12.11 3:29pm
Son of Barnabas
TrueBiscuit: Kim Jong-il - he was a lovely man

This Guardian piece reads like the best any of us have come up with here! [url=]"Lovely man"[/url]...

0 Son of Barnabas 21.12.11 3:26pm
Son of Barnabas
How is the orange bucket doing..?

Someone posted a picture of a rather lovely orange (?) bucket a few months ago., Is it possible to see an updated photo?, Sorry to say I can't remember who posted the pic, but it was lovely...

0 writinginbsl 21.12.11 1:32pm
Bloomin 'eck-I didn't know about this... an amazing response to an arborial issue...

6 writinginbsl 21.12.11 8:44am
Son of Barnabas
I wonder if they have a policy on wanking in the International Space Station?

The thought arose from another thread. I believe pipes are used for collection of various effluents so they don't go floaty floaty around. But these people are up there a long, long time...

19 Ironduke 20.12.11 8:29pm
Kim Jong Il has cashed in his chips

He won't be missed will he? Won't be a case of "Long live the Kim". Sent his country to the brink of ruin. Mugabe must be next...

2 Nick McCarr 20.12.11 4:34pm
A Country Fresh Christmas to everybody!

And a Happy New Year. And greetings for the Winter Equinox on Wednesday. May your leeks grow long and your tomatoes plump...

2 Scroat 20.12.11 10:17am

1) would be nice to say goodbye to jackwang 2) the inbox of editor & admin both appear to be full. Technical problem ?...

0 Sinnick 20.12.11 9:28am
Tory Council Asks Russia To Crash Rogue Satellite Onto Its Council Estate

The Conservative Council of Buckingham has caused uproar by making a formal request to the Russian Government to direct its runaway Phobos satellite - filled with toxic material, and due to make...

0 1066steve 20.12.11 8:51am
loving Jackwang's Moncler contributions this morning

seldom have I felt to strong and unaccountable an urge to buy a reddish jerkin...

0 cinquecento 20.12.11 8:47am

Anyone else manage to get that story about the BBC no longer going to use the term punchline but 'shared comedic experience line' before they pulled it offline? Encourages violence or soemthing....

1 Username 20.12.11 12:45am
the coarse whisperer
Good old Daily Mail!

[url=]Non Story![/url] A better headline would have been 'Girl spends about...

6 ianslat 19.12.11 10:40pm
Truebiscuit Reminds me of the old gag. "Do you like Dickens?" "Don't know, never been to one" I'll get me...

0 riesler 19.12.11 8:47pm
I'm not sure what's more worrying

[url=]That this story is front page news[/url] or the leadline which starts 'THE showbiz world was...

2 wallster 19.12.11 4:46pm
Dear Editor

Has there been a 'leap day' that no one told me about? There seems to have been an FP somewhere between yesterday's sharply-observed knives one and today's miraculous Bible one. I'm confused, but...

6 Des Custard 19.12.11 1:12pm
Top Ten For The Year?

Perhaps the eds or some of the more diehard users might be able to collate a list of the top ten NB stories of the year? I can't be arsed raking through them all to do it myself but I wouldn't mind...

4 Textbook 19.12.11 10:35am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Masterchef FP

Fine FP, Duff Typo: maybe one of the 's' in "dissappeared" could disappear...

2 Sinnick 19.12.11 8:50am
Two thirds of french population fear losing AAA rating

Two Thirds of french population fear losing their AAA rating and the effects will have on their economy. When asked neither F&P or Sakorzy could actually define french economy...

0 Hugh Nose 19.12.11 6:28am
Hugh Nose
The Good Bear Nigel - today's FP

Brilliant, wayland. Really loved this one...

0 shitsu_tonka 19.12.11 1:52am
BBC Headline writer/ Mike ashley apartheid shocker!

"Sportsdirect No to Blacks bid" erm BBC could have worded that slightly less ambiguously I think! Mike Ashley has very good lawyers you know!...

0 Jammydodgers 18.12.11 11:56pm
Dr Finlay's Casebook found on Doctor Finlay's bookcase.

Does this just show my age? Is it worth developing? (In a "do the Archers watch EastEnders?" kinda way)? Is it just a 1 liner? Should I do some work instead?...

2 nickb 18.12.11 11:06pm
Christopher Hitchens is dead

and the voices of unreason have lost another challenger. A sad day...

29 John Ffitch-Rucker 18.12.11 10:08pm
Nick McCarr
If the UK's relationship with Europe continues to detiorate...

would we win in a war? Our forces have had a fair bit of practice recently, and the Americans usually take our side in these things and they've got some troops with nothing to do now they're out of...

7 ianslat 18.12.11 9:25pm
25,000 Kinder Eggs seized by US Border Agents in 2010. Well done guys!

If anyone was in any doubt about the threat the US faces from Kinder Egg smugglers, this report details how 25,000 Eggs were seized by US Border Agents in 2010 alone....

0 bonjonelson 18.12.11 3:22pm

[url=]Twinkle twinkle.[/url]...

0 malgor 17.12.11 1:05am
Embarrassment backstage at Country & Western concert.

As Doctor Brian Cox tries to explain:, "Thanks for the offer Miss Parton, but I'm really not after a Hick's Bosom."...

1 rob box 16.12.11 12:39pm
Louis C.K

Louis C.K is selling his new concert film for download for £3.20 cutting out the middleman and offering instant access to what is a truly great set. I think more and more comedians will start...

6 shitsu_tonka 16.12.11 12:49am
irregular apple