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Match fixing?

I wonder what sort of odds you would have got that the number one test side would be whitewashed by Pakistan..?...

6 Scroat 08.02.12 4:14pm
Pets' corner Harriette asleep with her head in the dog's mouth as mentioned on another thread...

3 beau-jolly 07.02.12 4:32pm
Justified Work Avoidance - 23

Help. Really cannot face the stack of university marking sat on my desk, nor write the two-hour sodding lecture I'm supposed to deliver in a fortnight, nor write the script that's due in March, so...

69 Mary Evans 06.02.12 6:01pm
Suberb Owl XLVI: So you don't have to... - 2

Last year I wrote a few entries about my (lacking) ability to watch and, here the most important bit, [i]fully comprehend[/i] the superbowl., Now, I love the superbowl, I really do, it's an awesome...

34 thisisall1word 06.02.12 11:36am
Great 'benefit caps' NiB, but...

What's with the pictures?? That's William Hague, isn't it? But the story is narrated by Ian Dunking Smith? Why is Prince Charles on there, wearing a towel? It makes no sense to me at all, they just...

3 05.02.12 6:49pm
A recommendation.

This is not really the place, I know, but if you want an email service that isn’t tied to an ISP and you don’t want to use gmail or any of the other big players, try fastmail; they’re very...

1 John Ffitch-Rucker 05.02.12 5:40pm
Is anyone else already wishing the olympics were over? - 2 30 John Ffitch-Rucker 05.02.12 2:35pm
Being funny about films.

This site's rather good and they take submissions if anyone fancies being funny about films.

1 shitsu_tonka 04.02.12 9:56am
Mailboxes full

Inboxes / outboxes or something., Anyone else having trouble sending messages?...

2 Username 04.02.12 9:29am
December Writer of the Month - ianslat

Congratulations to ianslat who wins the writer of the month award for December for his excellent story 'Christian festival to be moved to avoid clash with Christmas'. This was the site's most read...

23 editor 03.02.12 3:10pm
One of the better games on Sorry I Haven't a Clue

This involved the censoring of a word in a song or poem, If I recall. They're changing guards at Buckingham Palace, Christopher Robin went down with Alice, Alice is marrying one of the guards,...

5 Scroat 03.02.12 1:51pm
Spotted in a charity shop....

One used toilet seat for sale. I don't know if it ever sold. What other odd things have people seen in charity shops?...

13 Major Clanger 02.02.12 9:51pm
I'd never have guessed......

I bought a gift for someone yesterday, an arrangement of flowers and ivy planted in a small wicker hamper full of compost topped with a bow. There was a label stating "The contents of this hamper...

21 Major Clanger 02.02.12 6:22pm
Doubt of the benefit

[url=]Up in smoke?[/url], Can anyone spot where savings could be made?, "I see eight people here having to choose between eating or heating." FFS! I see two...

10 beau-jolly 02.02.12 1:32am
Diane Abbott - 23

You guys seen the whole row about Diane Abott's comment on Twitter? I think it's brilliant! As a white person I can say that I'm not in the least bit offended by her remarks. Amused that a shadow...

80 Vertically Challenged Giant 01.02.12 12:05pm
Son of Barnabas
F#*k the Tories

So degrees in Nail Technology and Fish Husbandry are now apparently worthless?, Five years of my effing life wasted you tossers!...

4 tedweasel 01.02.12 10:51am
'A Question of Taste'

Presented by Kirsty Wark. Is the most elitist pile of guff ever broadcast? What a pile of shit. Q: what year was the Aga introduced to Britain?, A: no-one gives a flying fuck...

11 01.02.12 9:42am
Midfield Diamond
Fiction that brings the mirth

Reading this [url=]5 reasons it's impossible to find funny books[/url] got me thinking: who brings the mirth when it...

10 shitsu_tonka 31.01.12 8:00pm
Today’s ‘google’ FP.

Very clever, but, dare I say it, not that funny...

2 John Ffitch-Rucker 30.01.12 11:55am
Major Clanger
I’m sure I’ve seen this pose before...

5 John Ffitch-Rucker 30.01.12 8:50am
Son of Barnabas
Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy anyone?

I want to watch it, but I'm scared. I liked Gavin and Stacey but Horne & Corden was rubbish, I liked Frankie Boyle but give him...

9 ゴルゴ13 28.01.12 11:22pm
Nursery Rhymes

Do you have any examples of up-dates nursery rhymes? I thought it may act as a catalyst for some satirical subs. Also it is an excuse to share one which always makes me smile. Simple Simon met a...

29 beau-jolly 28.01.12 10:55am
Framley Examiner advent calendar

I know the festive season is now behind us, but have a look at this for a quick chortle

5 Scroat 27.01.12 2:34pm
Son of Barnabas
Bridport road sign I took this photo in Bridport last year because of the first word. I later...

3 beau-jolly 27.01.12 10:48am
Blues and C&W

"Listening" to Scroat FM made me think of all those great C&W titles like "Take your tongue out of my mouth, I'm kissin' you goodbye". I think we may have done that before so what about blues...

21 beau-jolly 27.01.12 10:12am
Waiting for my daughter again... - 2

Here and Now, Del Amitri...

39 Scroat 26.01.12 8:23pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Boris Island

An Island in the Thames. shaped like Boris? Where will the runway go?...

2 Zadok the second 26.01.12 7:32pm
Funniest FP in ages...

well done Mr Stanton...

2 Oxbridge 25.01.12 10:00pm
Gary Stanton
New Comedic Express

Comedy has been "The New Rock'n'Roll" for nearly 20 years now. How come there isn't a weekly or monthly mag for reviews etc like the NME? Or is there? Anyway, I would like to work on this...

6 ゴルゴ13 25.01.12 8:24pm
Up Myself

Just submitted my first story and accidentally gave myself a 5* rating. Surely a site faux pas - sorry, guys...

3 jenkins 25.01.12 11:14am
John Ffitch-Rucker