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TrueBiscuit: eggs

British woman cracks open 29 double-yolked eggs in a row Surely,...

13 Sinnick 01.07.11 7:19pm
be reasonable
160 million missing women. Discuss. Especially with any of your more enlightened friends from the sub-continent...

12 rikkor 30.06.11 9:56pm
I'm quitting Newsbiscuit.

Due to all the hurtful, anonymous tags. So wounding to my ego. Oh, sorry. That wouldn't be me. I'll just continue as before...

11 rikkor 30.06.11 1:57pm
Jellyfish Force Nuclear Shutdown I always thought it'd be the otters - more organised - but there you go...

3 allmyownstunts 30.06.11 1:36pm
The ultimate (genuine) Daily Mail headline?

Food parcels sent to a primary school as migrant farm worker parents keep their own children hungry in protest over benefits...

10 Oxbridge 29.06.11 9:26pm
I watched your young soccer lesbians...

battle it out with Las Chicas Lesbianas de Futbol Mexicanas today. Vy. interesting. (I think you call it football or rugby or something there.)...

10 rikkor 29.06.11 9:09pm
Twinning doubts for Hertfordshire town

The town of Baldock in Hertfordshire has been twinned with Eisenberg for many years, but Councillors recently confessed to having no idea where it is. The South African Mayor of Baldock, Per Plext...

0 Blindcwm 29.06.11 2:50pm
Conundrum after study finds there is often no record of when records began 0 Duncan Biscuit 29.06.11 10:23am
Duncan Biscuit
JohnA topic for the day

Chinese economist Wang and Bank of England's King discuss European debt crisis. This should get the juices flowing...

9 Des Custard 29.06.11 9:56am
The wave of funny

Yesterday, I had loads of comic ideas. Today I'm as funny as Saltire Is that a common experience or are some people just funny all of the time?...

25 JohnA 28.06.11 6:58pm
Theoretical mathematician accused of eating all the tuas

go figure!...

1 beau-jolly 28.06.11 3:30pm
Mr Payne
Protestors to hold demonstration on the Circle Line? "What do we want", "More pi!", "When do we want it" Mmmm more pie...

0 riesler 28.06.11 10:27am
Don't watch this just after eating ...

1 Sinnick 28.06.11 9:18am
blue peter
Is Christmas early this year ?

I've just received a Xmas catalog in May !!...

4 Sinnick 28.06.11 9:15am
blue peter
The rotted school house...

is from yesterday's NY "Times" book review. I never forget a clapboard...

0 rikkor 27.06.11 11:34pm
Hello Mr Editor...

Thanks for running my childish crime maps NiB. Just a quick edit needed: 'appearing' should be 'appeared'. Ta!...

1 27.06.11 11:07pm
No point "bombing them back to the Middle Ages" because they are already there. I just can't get my head wrapped around this...

3 Al OPecia 27.06.11 2:38pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Fine FP on cats

Not a cat lover, then ? A relative of mine (no, this wasn't me) once got annoyed with a neighbour's cat, and fed it cat food soaked in paraffin - which is one of the few things they can't smell, it...

9 Sinnick 27.06.11 2:17pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Clegg can now go to the toilet on his own beamed a delighted David Cameron today 2 ermintrude 27.06.11 12:32pm
Lewis Hamilton explains why he didn't win...

"Aerodynamically I think we need an improvement for Silverstone because we're not moving forward and that's what we need to be concentrating on" That'll be it then!...

0 riesler 27.06.11 8:41am
What a terrible way to go, listening to U2 and Coldplay. 0 Al OPecia 26.06.11 6:14pm
Al OPecia
Lady Gaga devastated to miss out on title...

0 The All New Jeni B 26.06.11 12:51pm
The All New Jeni B
Collaborators wanted!

Hi, I haven't posted here for quite some time but I had to "come out of retirement" as it were, because I've had a great idea (even if I say so myself LOL) for a sub. But I need collaborators to...

25 MrChigleysAunt 25.06.11 6:50pm
RIP Peter Falk

Just seen the bad news that Peter Falk has died. He was a great actor and made Columbo a fantastic character. He managed to inject comedy into the role by not taking himself too seriously. He was a...

6 antharrison 25.06.11 6:49pm
I think I may be a homeophobe

That “memories are made of piss” story (c. Qoxiivi) got me thinking and now I’ve confused myself., If a homeopathifist dilutes substance “x” to one part in a million and then divides the...

16 beau-jolly 25.06.11 2:23pm
Nice Osama, FP, Oxy. 0 rikkor 25.06.11 2:13pm
Whatever happened to the Ebbsfleet Horse?

Has it bolted?...

1 riesler 24.06.11 5:31pm
Teacher strikes

If I was a teacher, I would consider striking over: - Hours spent filling in mountains of forms, - unfair recruitment process, - attacks on staff by pupils, - poor pay, - idiotic parents blaming...

19 24.06.11 5:30pm
Suggestions anyone? Hope I don't offend anyone with a link to the Daily Mail...

1 riesler 24.06.11 4:45pm
Enjoyed the FP Ian.

Let me guess,the British dad is the one on the left letting one rip before the start ?...

1 saltire 24.06.11 11:42am