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Today’s ‘google’ FP.

Very clever, but, dare I say it, not that funny...

2 John Ffitch-Rucker 30.01.12 11:55am
Major Clanger
I’m sure I’ve seen this pose before...

5 John Ffitch-Rucker 30.01.12 8:50am
Son of Barnabas
Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy anyone?

I want to watch it, but I'm scared. I liked Gavin and Stacey but Horne & Corden was rubbish, I liked Frankie Boyle but give him...

9 ゴルゴ13 28.01.12 11:22pm
Nursery Rhymes

Do you have any examples of up-dates nursery rhymes? I thought it may act as a catalyst for some satirical subs. Also it is an excuse to share one which always makes me smile. Simple Simon met a...

29 beau-jolly 28.01.12 10:55am
Framley Examiner advent calendar

I know the festive season is now behind us, but have a look at this for a quick chortle

5 Scroat 27.01.12 2:34pm
Son of Barnabas
Bridport road sign I took this photo in Bridport last year because of the first word. I later...

3 beau-jolly 27.01.12 10:48am
Blues and C&W

"Listening" to Scroat FM made me think of all those great C&W titles like "Take your tongue out of my mouth, I'm kissin' you goodbye". I think we may have done that before so what about blues...

21 beau-jolly 27.01.12 10:12am
Waiting for my daughter again... - 2

Here and Now, Del Amitri...

39 Scroat 26.01.12 8:23pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Boris Island

An Island in the Thames. shaped like Boris? Where will the runway go?...

2 Zadok the second 26.01.12 7:32pm
Funniest FP in ages...

well done Mr Stanton...

2 Oxbridge 25.01.12 10:00pm
Gary Stanton
New Comedic Express

Comedy has been "The New Rock'n'Roll" for nearly 20 years now. How come there isn't a weekly or monthly mag for reviews etc like the NME? Or is there? Anyway, I would like to work on this...

6 ゴルゴ13 25.01.12 8:24pm
Up Myself

Just submitted my first story and accidentally gave myself a 5* rating. Surely a site faux pas - sorry, guys...

3 jenkins 25.01.12 11:14am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Please don't 5* just everything ! - 2

It blurs the picture of what people find entertaining Thanks...

37 Sinnick 25.01.12 12:26am
Northern (and Southern) Lights

If you have a clear sky tonight or tomorrow night, take a few minutes to look North (or South if you reside south of the equator) for Aurorae. I'd expect this to be best at latitudes of >55 degs...

3 Sinnick 24.01.12 7:18pm
The All New Jeni B
anyone fancy a holiday with a lama? (you pay and then take their lamas for walks) no?...

4 writinginbsl 24.01.12 6:34pm
. 0 bonjonelson 24.01.12 1:36pm

Did they even advertise this? Strictly come dancing gets 30 minute slots in the news every day for 3 months, and yet this beauty goes under the radar. Just caught the end. What is it with the BBC...

7 23.01.12 10:36pm
Tax doesn’t have to be taxing, but it F#*cking is!

I have been waiting on the phone for someone at HM revenue to answer there phone for 1 hour 20 mins now,I might be away for some time...

5 godly1966 22.01.12 7:07pm
Sinking feeling.

While listening to Sky news coverage of the Italian liner disaster, I heard the following captivating commentary: “lying on her side with a gash the size of a tennis court clearly on view.” I...

7 John Ffitch-Rucker 21.01.12 4:26pm
pictures of 1890s new york

5 writinginbsl 21.01.12 3:47pm
Indian labourer backpacks around Britain to find himself

Nice find in the archives. Beauty...

1 Username 20.01.12 1:43pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
A380 wings to have crack checks

This headline is showing on the BBC site at the moment Must be a latest news or a small sub waiting to happen ! .. What about other drugs...

0 Not Amused 20.01.12 1:23pm
Not Amused
That’s just taking the piss...

1 John Ffitch-Rucker 19.01.12 9:00pm
Does anyone know...

if the FP headers can accommodate more than 80 characters, even if the titles on the message board can’t? It’s just that I’m working on a piece with a header that’s 84 characters long and it...

4 Qoxiivi 19.01.12 1:25pm
The All New Jeni B
Lovely wikipedia archive story

Great work Mr Larking...

1 Vertically Challenged Giant 18.01.12 8:31pm
Happy New Year.

Isn’t it great when a plan comes together,

4 John Ffitch-Rucker 18.01.12 8:20pm
What counts as "the public interest"?

I was reading something about the Leveson inquiry yesterday and some editor of some paper (I'm good at remembering details, can you tell?) was saying that greater invasion of privacy is justified...

1 Vertically Challenged Giant 18.01.12 3:21pm
Is it just me or is the purple woman on today's FP a bit yummy?

I'll get my coat...

10 Oxbridge 17.01.12 6:40pm
Ian Hislop is so twitter right now

that those phishing sockpuppet-bot accounts are using his good name to redirect me to porn sites and dodgy fake shopping sites., Kudos...

0 thisisall1word 17.01.12 2:07pm
Hey Jeni...

You're having a bit of a bash tonight then? Of course with my advancing years I thought you'd still be around, but nowadays these things don't start until at least 1 a.m. so you're probably out...

12 Scroat 16.01.12 10:31pm