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Stan: love the front page.

I was struggling with the whole Tony Blair, peace envoy, Middle East turmoil thing And, as ollie would say: Why don't you do something to help me?...

1 ronseal 26.02.11 2:59pm
COnfession: I secretly enjoy an Arabian royal's misfortune

Is that Shahdenfreude?...

10 ronseal 26.02.11 12:21am
The All New Jeni B
Whatever turns you on

8 Scroat 25.02.11 9:37pm
Tammy Flugh
Sorry wrong room! 4 Ian Searle 25.02.11 2:43pm
Does anyone feel that the recent outings of Dictators and Despots

could be a great sitcom,all seeking refuge in Maggie's house with her wayward son trying to get them back in power in their own or another country...

0 25.02.11 10:16am
Bin Laden Says Aung San Suu Kyi to Blame

Following accusations by Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi that 'he started it', Osama Bin Laden has begun an international blamestorm by stating that was indeed the fault of Burmese opposition...

1 acwanaut 25.02.11 5:48am
Throne up, You can't make it up but you can throw it up...

0 beau-jolly 24.02.11 4:08pm
For a moment there Doylem,

Your Greggs piece ousted the Morrissey one. You were FP lead article...

1 wallster 24.02.11 3:29pm
Olympics opening ceremony?

Don't know why, but I have this persisting image of Team GB entering the stadium to the theme from The Archers. Made me wonder if anyone out there has some ideas for the ceremony. How about Keith...

28 riesler 24.02.11 3:27pm
How unfair is life?

Tony Blair - starts an illegal war, now earning £7million a year John Prescott - punches a bloke who threw an egg at him, now forced to do crappy adverts with Omid Djalili...

1 Zadok the second 24.02.11 3:03pm
Hoops mon!

0 Scroat 24.02.11 1:26pm
Some lovely NiBs recently.

I am muchly liking Nuke-u-lor and velodrome NiBs. Quality been picking up since I stopped posting. Oh...

0 Zadok the second 24.02.11 12:06pm
Zadok the second
Quality Statistics - 2

I've just tallied up the quality statistics of the current postings on the first page of the writer's room. Based on my highly scientific approach of deciding whether I think they are any good or not...

42 bonjonelson 24.02.11 10:54am
Jeremy Hunt
What next!

No they are stealing the police,

0 riesler 24.02.11 9:47am
Amazon's new 'Kindle Plus' e-reader will include a printer... 2 deskpilot3 24.02.11 12:00am
Message for Tony Blair...

how's the Middle East peace job going?...

4 riesler 23.02.11 2:00pm
Ever felt like you turned up late at a party and everyone had moved on?

There's a cigarette end in this can, too!...

0 ronseal 22.02.11 11:04pm
What's my password?

Hello evilsuperstar here. Please could someone tell me how I get my password? I've tried entering every password I've ever used, I've clicked on the link to get it sent to me (but it hasn't appeared...

18 evilhaslostherpassword 22.02.11 10:40pm
Crossword clue .French activity in French countryside,men women pulling together

exerting themselves, having fun and making a lot of noise. Dogging ?...

8 22.02.11 9:35pm
4ty2 - you're just too long for most of us

Your URL, that is., I know, I've mentioned it before, and I'll probably mention it again. Regards, Mr Nick (call me Sin if we get familiar)...

1 Sinnick 21.02.11 11:51pm
No joke

[url=]Among the comments, the news[/url], mecipsa le 21.02.11 | 09h06, informer et dénoncer, S.V.P.,...

1 Hunter F. Thompson 21.02.11 8:22pm
Hunter F. Thompson
Bob Diamond Protest Comedy Song

1 mark brailsford 21.02.11 4:55pm
Nice FP Nealdo

Good to have you on board., Not at all bad for a newbienow don't let it be your last., We need fresh talent like yours and a few entries like this would be just great., - delete - that last bit...

1 Gerontius 21.02.11 4:51pm
Λορεμ ιπσυμ δολορ

Λορεμ ιπσυμ δολορ σιτ αμετ, χονσεχτετυερ αδιπισχινγ ελιτ, σεδ διαμ νονυμμψ νιβη ευισμοδ τινχιδυντ υτ λαορεετ...

12 Phil the Greek 21.02.11 10:56am
Prince Philip meeting Barack O'Barmy

The comedic scope is quite mind-boggling!!!...

6 Scroat 20.02.11 6:41pm
be reasonable
Diplomats at work and at play

L’Ambassadeur de telle Ministre, S’excuse [url=]à la télé [/url]...

2 Hunter F. Thompson 20.02.11 1:25pm
why are the Americans always to blame?

0 ronseal 19.02.11 11:11pm
This is a laugh They don't give Uni's enough to teach them, let alone follow them around to check they're not planing to blow themselves up...

0 FormerlyAlOPecia 19.02.11 2:28pm
Told you I was right ,the wigged one. - 23

89 melody 19.02.11 12:21pm
"an electric device smaller than an oven"

Nice story but I just really like this small line above all else. Good work oxbridge...

0 thisisall1word 19.02.11 1:52am