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Sorry wrong number 2 JohnA 14.11.11 6:26pm
She's Back! Iron Lady Trailer

Because everyone on here seems like such big fans of Baroness T. Looks good, can't believe how spot on Meryl Streep is...

0 shitsu_tonka 14.11.11 2:50pm
Loved part one of the George Harrison documentary

Love and peace...

2 Scroat 13.11.11 7:52pm
Today's front page is great

Thanks very much...

0 fernandomando 12.11.11 2:12pm
Tasteless, not funny FP.

That says it all...

6 rikkor 12.11.11 12:13pm

I think that if we were to reinstate this splendid tradition, the global economy would recover in no time.

0 Scroat 12.11.11 11:10am
So long already Arty

Great programme about Simon & Garfunkel the other night. Although Mr G seems to have gone a bit creepy in his old age. Losing his hair must have been a bit of a trauma for him. Great music...

5 Scroat 11.11.11 11:33pm
Comedy shows that outstay their welcome

Spent part of the weekend mainlining the The Thick Of It box set and we all agreed that series three while still good isn't of the same quality as the first two. Which got me thinking: what comedy...

20 shitsu_tonka 11.11.11 4:58pm
Islamic sex... I love the reference to the 'Department of Islamic Affairs’ - a risky...

8 John Ffitch-Rucker 11.11.11 10:46am
Al OPecia
Congrats on todays FP Quaz.

Belter of an idea, and ace story. Drinks up in the Snug for you mate...

6 The All New Jeni B 11.11.11 12:32am
Well done GOF great FP.

Love the wreath, Red...

0 Al OPecia 11.11.11 12:03am
Al OPecia
. 0 grumblechops 10.11.11 11:02pm
Today's FP picture, and a question

Cracking picture today, really made me laugh when I saw it this morning. Fantastic work Red. A question for editorial types: The FP is my original sub, from before I decided that the 2 consecutive...

2 Vertically Challenged Giant 10.11.11 8:15pm
Australia 47 all out. Hahahahahahahahahah! 0 John Ffitch-Rucker 10.11.11 5:51pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Fireworks etc

May be an idea to voice concerns about certain subs here rather than keep bumping up things you find of dubious taste? On a wider note, a debate on what is & isn't "funny" would be interesting?...

7 medici2471 10.11.11 7:52am
John Ffitch-Rucker
John Terry's image problem...

Following the marriage of convenience between the alleged racist Cheryl Tweedy and Ashley Cole who was conveniently black but also widely rumoured to be gay it occurs to me that the same publicist...

0 A Wagonload Of Monkeys 09.11.11 7:41pm
A Wagonload Of Monkeys
Hi Eds. Part of me has been given NiB credit for Clarky's Daniel Radcliffe sub 1 dvo4fun 09.11.11 6:07pm
Steve Tilston...The Reckoning

Blistering attack on life under Tory occupation by the god-like Steve Tilstonthe protest song is very much alive and kicking.,, You may have seen Steve...

1 Gerontius 09.11.11 2:02pm
Didn't know what TOWIE was before today.

Now I really don't care...

7 rikkor 08.11.11 8:58pm
Made me laugh...

0 John Ffitch-Rucker 08.11.11 2:49pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
I'm sad but...

Last night Phil Mitchell had an appointment in Inkerman St. isn’t that in Weatherfeild near Corrie? He didn’t take long getting back from Manchester did he?...

0 Ian Searle 08.11.11 12:01pm
Ian Searle
RIP Joe Frazier...

a fine man...

0 John Ffitch-Rucker 08.11.11 11:53am
John Ffitch-Rucker
This made me chuckle Yeah, PR stunt but still a great idea. And whole the article just sounds like it could have come...

0 grumblechops 08.11.11 11:21am
Hackspeak test

doesn't work for NB's format but I'm experimenting writing exclusively in broadcast hackspeak, employing needless and redundant emphasis again and again (sic) with mis-applied adverbs 'ecksetera'....

3 vertical 07.11.11 10:54pm
I'm minted! So basically coins up to the value of 10p are worth more as scrap metal. With copper at $6000 per tonne and rising I think I'll sell mine to a pikey instead....

3 tedweasel 07.11.11 3:03pm
Grumblechops you wuz robbed...

"Out-of-control BBC admits it has ‘no idea’ how to finish EastEnders" would have made a fine FP. I feel its splendour should be marked. Or maybe it's just me that thinks EE should have been...

11 Skylarking 07.11.11 1:30am
This is fun! - 2

48 Scroat 06.11.11 11:40pm
seymour totti
Stranger than fiction...

Who says the Beeb doesn't give value for money? Did you miss the two minutes silence for Armistice Day this morning? Don't worry: you can catch it for the next seven days on listen again...

1 Skylarking 06.11.11 5:48pm
Ken Livingstone buys Cliff Richards winery in run up to London mayoral elections

Ken Livingstone, purveyor of the 2012 Olympics buys up Cliff Richards Portuguese vineyard prior to the London Mayor Elections,for fear of "Olympic alcohol drought". Ken commented that due to the...

0 ambrosine 06.11.11 12:09pm
HELP: Under attack by northface various. 5 dvo4fun 05.11.11 2:53pm