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Rebekah Brooks - 2

She reminds me of someone and I can't think who it is...

32 shitsu_tonka 14.05.12 5:46pm
Web-site down/trouble getting on

Is it just me or has the Biscuit web-site been down all day till aobut half six? Haven't been able to get on web-site despite internet access being OK...

8 Mandy Lifeboat 14.05.12 3:37pm
Al OPecia
Can anyone explain that soccer cup thing to me?

I understand the scoring system. The thing I don't understand is how they get the cup to them so quickly when it was likely that the other Manchester team might have won it., If Man Utd had won...

6 beau-jolly 14.05.12 3:24pm
Man v Chicken

Finally the age old debate of who would win between a knife wielding chicken and a latino American has been settled

1 A Wagonload Of Monkeys 12.05.12 8:30pm
End of an era

Carroll Shelby has died, aged 89. Growing up in the 70s, Shelby and Don Garlitz were my heroes, from the impossibly glamorous US of A. Great engineer, great driver, great character. The world has...

2 12.05.12 5:42am
The All New Jeni B
Victim of crime

Someone has stolen a tree from a pot in my front garden. I'm feeling somewhat vexed...

23 button 11.05.12 5:10pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
Gary's Asian sex gang restaurant sub

well written esp: "the foul-mouthed Hell’s Kitchen star took on demoralised staff and a ‘culture of predatory paedophilia’ Eye-widening man-in-the-street interview on BBC around the 'race...

3 dvo4fun 10.05.12 7:04pm

I had a day off yesterday and, on a whim, drove down to Glastonbury. How can an entire local economy be based on woo? Much like the alcoholics in Blackpool, the town's population is made up of...

8 beau-jolly 10.05.12 12:49pm
. 0 The All New Jeni B 09.05.12 10:30pm
The All New Jeni B
My guilty geeky secret...

I've joined a forum for Hacker radio enthusiasts. I'm replacing the aerial on a Hacker Harrier, circa 1972, and will give it a good clean up to bring it back to mint condition. Arguably the best...

6 Scroat 09.05.12 2:04pm
Where the Wild Things RIP 10 rickwestwell 09.05.12 1:12pm
Investigation into Russell Hobbs' kettling allegation deferred by CPS 0 MrBen 08.05.12 9:15pm
My Italian/English dictionary has only 4x Italian words starting with 'H'

None of which was of much practical use during m' recent visit. Harem (Harem) Hashisc (Hashish) Hawaiaona (Hawaiian) Hurra [with some kind of accent somewhere](Hurrah) It was a pocket edition...

8 dvo4fun 08.05.12 6:46pm
New Health and Safety fears as expert warns underwear bombs may contain nuts


0 MrBen 08.05.12 12:49pm
Note for Ed about current FP.

Too many football shirts?...

2 Qoxiivi 08.05.12 9:46am
Oops 0 ErikP 08.05.12 8:30am
Agh more spam attack. Who's got the Biscuits' Baseball Bat? 0 dvo4fun 08.05.12 7:47am
Man sues BMW after a motorcycle ride leaves him with a two-year erection.

[url=]No, really.[/url]...

9 writinginbsl 08.05.12 7:08am
Nice FP doctor

Cracking story. Remember it from last year in the writers' room...

1 Psycadelic Squirrel 06.05.12 4:47pm
Here's to an unbiased, intelligent media!

Today's Sun headline was "Argies dance on our graves". High quality reporting there...

10 kimllfixit 05.05.12 3:48pm
Amazon want comedy ideas.

Amazon are about to start making comedies for download and are offering a very decent amount of cash for ideas. Sitcom writing Biscuits might want to give it a look....

9 shitsu_tonka 05.05.12 2:58pm
Let's go back to Ed Milligram's mob...

Isn't it like someone shitting on you, and you going back to them and saying "Hey can you help? Someone's just shitted all over me?" Duurrr...

4 Scroat 05.05.12 2:34pm
Met Office win this month's "No Shit Sherlock" awards for stating the obvious...

[url=http://]I'd never have guessed[/url]...

4 The All New Jeni B 05.05.12 12:58pm
Agh. Spam attack 0 dvo4fun 05.05.12 7:48am
What comedy are you watching?

Today, I am all about 'Chris Rock: Never Scared' which is a real barnstomer of a stand-up performance. He takes the roof off it's fabulous and only three quid on Amazon....

14 shitsu_tonka 04.05.12 10:44pm
Could we a special QE2 Diamond Jubilee edition? 0 dvo4fun 04.05.12 10:37pm

8 Al OPecia 04.05.12 7:29pm
According to the BBC website Boris has "narrow lead" after 11 of 14 ...

consituencies have voted having 800 thousand to Ken's 650 thousand - since when is a lead of 23% considered "narrow"? Bloody journos are crap at statistics and science, for that matter...

0 Al OPecia 04.05.12 7:09pm
Al OPecia
Internet Porn restrictions "Greatest ever threat to Catholic values" 0 MrBen 04.05.12 4:04pm
The sock liner is cushioned with foam

Sounds like a coded message from one of those old spy films. 'The eagle has flown the nest' or 'The package has been delivered' or 'The agent is in the holdall'...

7 wallster 04.05.12 12:52pm