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"Can I take your name for the cup?"

Starbucks have adopted an evil new policy of asking for your name when they take your order. To take the piss out of this corporate over-familiarity I've been using the most baroquely implausible...

13 Lemon difficult 23.04.12 1:51pm
Any Biscuits who can tell me...

what the fuck a 'Sacred Ecologist' is, and why it's now a religion?

4 The All New Jeni B 23.04.12 10:02am
Learn to recognise when the fates are against you...

1 The All New Jeni B 23.04.12 9:55am
A bit of culture for you - transcribed from Saturday Live, BBC Radio 4, Saturday

The Ramblers by Murray Lachlan Young The ramblers are coming, the ramblers are coming, The ramblers are coming, ruckety sack,, Bringing the beard and the bobbly hat, Chatting and chirping and...

0 Scroat 23.04.12 9:40am
For your delectation...

3 The All New Jeni B 23.04.12 8:20am
Latest offering from Freegle

Two wing-back easy chairs and a pouffe fully upholstered in pink Dralon,, not worn-through, but well-used. Bought ca. 1984 from Waring & Gillow., To be collected the day we confirm availability...

2 Scroat 21.04.12 8:21pm
So farewell then, Bert Weedon 2 Scroat 21.04.12 9:36am
Governmet orders urgent recall of all Ralph Fienne autographs

The Government was on high alert yesterday after news broke that not all Ralph Fienne autographs may be authentic. The tip off came when actor Liam Neeson admitted people often mistake him for fellow...

0 bananaman 20.04.12 9:22pm

George Oddball...

0 Scroat 20.04.12 7:58pm
Charity tax row: Oxbridge joins revolt

29 simonjmr 20.04.12 4:37pm
The All New Jeni B
It's nice here

Mooched around another comedy forum and encountered humourless asshattery on a staggering scale. Hurrah for Newsbiscuit, hurrah...

3 shitsu_tonka 20.04.12 3:57pm
um 2 Yikes 20.04.12 3:25pm

Great programmes on Radio 4 about how Shakespeare was back in the day. Very much of the people for the people, rather than being the somewhat elitist entertainment it is today. Audiences would have...

13 Scroat 20.04.12 11:45am
Hoops McCann
Liverpool to Remember Pompei

Following the successful act of rememberance of the Titanic disaster through 48 hours of giant-sized marionette dock-side puppetry, Liverpool city council are to commemorate the AD79 destruction of...

1 Bonaparte Shandy 20.04.12 8:49am
I have been the sad victim of an intervention.

Kidding. Miss you all. Will be back soon...

15 rikkor 19.04.12 10:14pm
Someone, please...!

15 Scroat 19.04.12 5:56pm
Breivik trial - 2

Not going to risk a headline in the writers room but this guy deserves complete derision (see the awful photo) - but in a way that doesn't cause offence to the victims or their families. First try...

35 Yikes 19.04.12 3:53am
Any Chess Biscuits?

Looking for a decent website to play Gothic or Capablanca chess. Know ye of such a place? Ideally one where you play against the computer, am not a good enough player to take on a real person unless...

5 shitsu_tonka 18.04.12 8:06pm
How about that?

0 not now 18.04.12 4:50pm
not now
Old dog branded 'ex-model'. Self-seeking?...

7 The All New Jeni B 18.04.12 4:16pm
Where did Breivik get that face?

here perhaps.. [url=]freaky face[/url]...

1 medici2471 18.04.12 2:57pm
Nice FP Des

WoM again?...

13 Scroat 18.04.12 11:50am
This will have a special resonance here...

1 Scroat 18.04.12 9:40am
The All New Jeni B
'Latest epidemic'

Any chance of a proof read on para 2 please Ed? (spend enjoy) I don't mind the tag slag accusing me of being dull and unfunny, but grammatically incorrect would be too much ;-)...

1 grumblechops 18.04.12 9:34am
Dear George

Dear George, I occasionally write spoof news stories and post them on a website called NewsBiscuit. Sometimes they get used, sometimes they don't. I recently co-wrote one with waylandsmithy in a...

5 Vertically Challenged Giant 17.04.12 10:38pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Something odd here

[url=]Shaftesbury in the news[/url], Sorry to keep pointing at news stories but there is something very odd in this one. This guy steals bloody...

2 beau-jolly 17.04.12 7:13pm
Sticky issue

Did anyone else misunderstand the headlines about the NHS and nightime discharges or was it just me? Given all the actress/bishop stuff surely there is mileage somewhere here? Feel free to use the...

0 beau-jolly 17.04.12 3:25pm
How do you start drinking booze? - 2

Due to being ill I've been on meds since December 2006 and since then have not had a single drop of alcohol, not even some rum and raisin fudge. I got better - hooray - and on Saturday won't be on...

38 shitsu_tonka 17.04.12 12:31pm
Any fracking suggestions?

There have been some fracking subs but there must be more mileage in this., For starters some definitions, Fracking [i]n[/i]. A recreational activity whereby a probing device is placed into an...

4 weematt 17.04.12 12:16pm
'no shit, Sherlock' lines..

listening to the radio this morning about new prostate treatment, they came out with " researchers say more rsearch is required", which I thought was a little gem.. reminded me of a place I worked...

1 cinquecento 17.04.12 12:10pm