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Clowns trying to find alternative employment

I can picture in my head a sitcom/film/sketch where a clown who never takes his costume off is trying to find a new job, or just going about every day activities. But I can't think where it was from...

9 Vertically Challenged Giant 09.01.12 8:29am
Honda hybrid vehicle

The new Honda hybrid is getting a lot of advertising on telly at the minute, but I'm not sure it's that practical. For starters, while the new fuel is carbon neutral, it can be hard to get hold of...

4 08.01.12 11:17pm
Football: Liverpool to consider appeal against verdicts in Stephen Lawrence case

Spokesman: The authorities appear to have completely ignored Lawrence's own role in the case and the verdicts seem to have been based purely on the evidence presented in court. Would you like a...

0 Gnome 08.01.12 12:59pm
Cameron opens mouth and inserts foot

One day he's going to say something shocking about Jews, I just know it. [url=]Dingus[/url]...

1 shitsu_tonka 08.01.12 7:37am
FP, both NiBs, and the first line of the ticker

Any chance of putting my first ever FP up as an archive one too so I can have the set?? Then I'll take a screenshot of the page and piss off for a bit to actually get some work done...

6 Vertically Challenged Giant 07.01.12 9:50pm
Well I never...

A pornographer named Peacock. What are the chances?,

1 John Ffitch-Rucker 07.01.12 6:47pm
Oi Rikkor, whither Iowa?

As I've said before all my other US friends are hikers who a) stopped noticing politics around the mid-eighties and b) would vote for T.R Roosevelt every time on the grounds he seems real outdoorsy....

6 shitsu_tonka 06.01.12 11:54pm
great FP, nickb!

Great idea, missed it completely first time round...

1 06.01.12 10:00pm
Yorkshire joke.

A man from Barnsley suffered with piles. He went to Boots and asked ‘do you sell arse cream?’, “Aye", said the assistant, “Magnum or Cornetto?”...

9 John Ffitch-Rucker 06.01.12 5:02pm
Al OPecia
The Fun Family Game that Whites Just Love to Play!

5 thisisall1word 05.01.12 9:27pm
The All New Jeni B

[url=]Eating pussy can be dangerous[/url]...

1 Sinnick 05.01.12 5:44pm
Sex and good grammar

Got this in my emails this morning and thought I'd share it. Sex And Good Grammar For all my grammatically correct friends. On his 74th birthday, a man got a gift certificate from his wife., The...

1 Major Clanger 05.01.12 3:43pm
Midfield Diamond
I see the Met Office have issued an amber weather warning due to high winds.

Have I missed out on some national meteorological education programme? Should I (e.g.) take my roof down and store it somewhere?...

6 dvo4fun 05.01.12 12:32am
Police station thefts 'astonishing' "Greater Manchester Police was the worst hit, with thieves taking a £10,000 patrol car and £30,000 private vehicle. Among the more unusual stolen items were...

2 simonjmr 05.01.12 12:20am
Happy New Year Biscuit Barrel

I hope you are all painting your towns red, or whatever else befits your political allegiance. I have been in my pyjamas since 6.30pm, which is indicative of the wild NYE awaiting me. Ooooh,...

19 Mary Evans 04.01.12 1:48pm
Son of Barnabas
I`ve found christwire

[url=]Here.[/url] I dont think I would have twigged right off that it was a parody if I hadnt known from the redirect so nicely done is the satire. Hilariously, most of the...

0 the coarse whisperer 04.01.12 12:39pm
the coarse whisperer
am I the only one disappointed by the NB 'fish4dogs' banner ad..

.. which I assumed was promising a novel sporting activity...

0 cinquecento 03.01.12 12:41pm
I have an obnoxious braggart for a father-in-law.

please could you share your best tips for pissing him off? Believe me, the 'BMW erectile dysfunction' story was a great start...

26 Ironduke 03.01.12 12:13am
the coarse whisperer

How's your head?...

1 dvo4fun 02.01.12 7:13pm
Festive drinking.

OK what did you good folk drink over Christmas?, I must confess that I brought home a good bit of my stock and didn't get around to opening a lot of it. Possibly because I live in a pub and...

23 beau-jolly 31.12.11 4:31pm
Sweary iPhones

I bet no-one ever copies this idea in every phone shop and supermarket in the country...

5 31.12.11 4:01pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Bonjo, great FP! 1 rikkor 30.12.11 5:24pm
I had been thinking of sending some money to Action Aid**

Because their TV ad before Christmas was so specific - 5069 kids at risk. I have to admit that, with all that Turkey to cook and eat I didn't get on with it straight away and now I'm glad that I...

19 dvo4fun 30.12.11 4:28pm
Outstanding media witch-hunt against Clarkson.

Couldn't resist the Daily Star headline so checked out 'Racist Clarkson..' [url=]Nazi Clarkson[/url] An in depth and unbiased...

3 MADJEZ 30.12.11 2:34pm
Embarrassing (and true) Christmas stories

I have 2 to kick it off 1) We seem to have several hundred gifts received via Amazon for the next generation of Sinnicks. These arrive in boxes. So, they need recycling in the blue bin. Therefore,...

10 Sinnick 29.12.11 10:35pm
Nice FP, Quillie

I must admit that I was dead set against enjoying the original, but it was a real page-turner. Had to put snobbishness aside for once...

0 rikkor 28.12.11 4:42pm
Great FP, Golgo

I'm more concerned about the quantity of booze empties in my recycling, not the posh names...

1 rikkor 28.12.11 12:00pm
Hope everyone is having a lovely festive time

That's it! Love to all, you bonkers - but on the whole fabulous - people xxx...

5 allmyownstunts 27.12.11 11:17pm
Congrats on scoring the Christmas No.1 slot Quaz.

It was a cert from the off...

6 The All New Jeni B 27.12.11 10:20am
Why is Noel Fielding playing Ceasar in Gladiator?

Never noticed the resemblance until now, imagine Fielding but stockier and with a hair cut. I keep expecting him to call for Bubblegum Charlie or Bollo to come onto field in the colosseum battle...

0 Quaz 27.12.11 1:06am