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Anyone know where I can get some cheap Jordon basketball shoes?

If they do maybe they could post the details on every sub in both rooms. Thanks...

9 button 11.04.12 1:26pm
.. 2 Dumbnews 11.04.12 10:57am
By Jove

How do you get jovial from Jupiter? And Shavian from Shaw? And if implode is the opposite of explode, why isn't implore the opposite of explore?...

11 Scroat 11.04.12 9:42am
. 4 Dumbnews 11.04.12 6:09am
Merchant Bankers

Merchant Banker: Ah, Mr. Victim, I'm glad to say we've got the go-ahead to lend you the money you required. We will, of course, need for security the deed to your house, the deed to your aunt's...

0 theumpire 10.04.12 9:12pm
I was going to bring back Twat of the Week... - 2

But they seem to be everywhere. If I did, it would have to be Damien Hirst. Just for getting paid millions for what he does...

51 Scroat 10.04.12 7:59am
Tiger penis.

Too funny. The picture almost looks like a carrot with marker on it...

5 rikkor 08.04.12 3:03pm
Who wrote this? - 2 Which one of you was it?...

34 fernandomando 07.04.12 11:01pm
Easter message

[url=]Jesus Christ ![/url]...

1 Sinnick 07.04.12 11:57am
March Writer of the Month - Ludicity

Congratulations to Ludicity who wins the March Writer of the Month award for his story 'New Archbishop to be chosen by TV variety show, Bishops Got Talent'. This pulled in the largest congregation of...

15 editor 07.04.12 9:32am
Left Alert

In response to weematt's query on another thread, thought I'd try to have a go at answering his question about guidelines for Left Alert subs. I'm no expert, but I believe it's pretty much any...

2 Vertically Challenged Giant 07.04.12 7:03am
Good Passover and happy Easter to all.

If that doesn't work for you and yours, just have a nice weekend...

0 rikkor 07.04.12 12:22am
Desert Island Discs

Following Dumb's post in the other place and my semi-drunken, late-ish night reply, how about your desert island discs?, 10 tracks (or fewer) with (very brief)reasons...

1 beau-jolly 06.04.12 2:28pm
I've just finished the "Hunger Games" trilogy...

and all I can say is what a disappointing ending. The first book was good and the film was an excellent telling of the story with all of the implied menace and fear that saturates the lives of the...

5 JohnA 06.04.12 12:22pm
134 million reasons why its "Bye bye Rangers" We dinna hardly ken ye...

2 JohnA 06.04.12 9:10am

Is it too controversial to say that if pandas are that crap at reproducing then evolution dictates they should become extinct. They failed to do the deed yesterday because her tail got in the way at...

21 ianslat 06.04.12 8:34am
Slimmers World's calorie points system proves higher power 0 alanthetortoise 06.04.12 8:04am
Ed - March WoM

Not that I'm in any way in the running, especially as there STILL isn't an incessant gob-shite category, but when will this be announced? Or are you waiting until tomorrow for tax purposes?...

2 The All New Jeni B 05.04.12 11:10pm
The All New Jeni B
Spit and Polish

has Ed been too hasty in removing all the Polish spam? for all we know those posts could have been absolute comedy gold, and just wanted a bit of translating...

5 pere floza 05.04.12 2:03pm
Anyone rang that Polish advert for Zadzwon Pod at the top, as I need a plumber

The cartoon Character in it looks like a Chigley Chav, has Newsbiscuit been outsourced to Eastrern Europe...

0 Scronnyglonkle 05.04.12 12:51pm
Panda's keepers to try WKD next. 'Works with teenage girls' says expert. 3 MADJEZ 05.04.12 11:08am
My TV shame

Saw about half a minute of Samantha Brick being interviewed this morning on Lorraine. I think she perhaps perceives herself as being more attractive than she really is...

5 Scroat 05.04.12 10:53am
Scary Weirdoes

Do you know that ditty by Mitch Benn where he looks in the mirror and realises that he is that scary weirdo on the bus?, I've just looked back over my posting history and would like to apologise...

5 beau-jolly 05.04.12 7:22am
Falklands 2 Starring Sean Penn

The ex husband of Pop animal Madonna has announced at a sparse but highly excitable press conference in Buenos Aires the title of his new film., Falklands 2 will see Penn take the lead role as Major...

1 don rubber 04.04.12 8:19pm
North vs South Korea football match abandoned after keeper is hit by missile

FIFA President Set Platter has pledged to do everything in his power to ensure lifelong bans for those responsible for the incident which led to South Korea goalkeeper Kim Yip being carried from the...

0 Underconstruction 04.04.12 3:36pm
Hamlet Drinking Game

Tried to combine the joys of drinking, acting and barding. As Biscuits thrive on being funny and drunk all suggestions for rounds and how to make it better and more mirthsome will be gratefully...

2 shitsu_tonka 04.04.12 2:20pm
To settle the Falklands/Malvinas dispute once and for all...

[quote]Let's have a re-run of the infamous 1986 England v Argentina game.and we fingerprint the ball after each goal?...

3 Milesfromnowhere 04.04.12 1:26pm

Someone help me out here - I don't understand the concept of a technocratic government. As far as I can tell, when public confidence in the elected government has fallen so low, they cart them all...

1 Zadok the second 04.04.12 7:53am
Caption competition?, Every time I look at the picture for today's front page I wonder what has been said to make them all laugh so much: "and...

28 Psycadelic Squirrel 04.04.12 7:26am

Counting up the first page in the writers' room and over half the subs have no rating or comments. Are people on here not funny? Is nobody reading other peoples work? Are people reading but not...

41 Perks 03.04.12 7:13pm