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Cameron on Welsh Literacy: "I'd welcome it". 0 TiffindeVere 22.06.12 6:34pm
Oooh! It's all gone out of whack!

I saw another thread about this somewhere but can't find it now. My thread list pages have gone out of whack (too wide) but stories and FP are in normal ratio. Is it me or is it a NB thing? I see...

4 Duff 22.06.12 12:23pm

congrats to all today on funny and topical fp and nibs made me larf...

0 writinginbsl 22.06.12 11:24am
Good Specsavers advert in the papers today

Saw it here:

0 Midfield Diamond 21.06.12 4:31pm
Midfield Diamond
The Two Ronnies live!

[url=]Police are on the lookout for the world's largest cabbage.[/url]...

4 Nick McCarr 21.06.12 9:26am
Nick McCarr
Jim Carr to star in Bergerac remake

One of the highlights in the BBC's new autumn schedule is the surprise return of Bergerac. Mark Taylor, Head of Commissioning, said, "It's great to have the off shore detective back on our screens,...

1 custard cream 20.06.12 8:33pm
Al OPecia
I'm goatboy...

How do I reset a long-forgotten password?...

1 kidkid 20.06.12 10:53am
How do you write??

I tried writing in a different way recently. Before I used to just write, and come up with the funnies whilst writing. Now I try to write the jokes on a subject first then turn that into a story. So...

20 Perks 19.06.12 5:39pm
how to download article from my computor to your site

How do I copy and paste something I have written from my computer to News Biscuit. Cannot see a way to do it...

9 candy amsden 19.06.12 5:06pm
Mary, Mary

If I may be slightly contrary Erm lovely story and pic, but isn't that a pic of Mary, Mother of Jesus rather than Mary Magdalene? Just sayin'...

4 Skylarking 19.06.12 4:25pm
Conclusive proof that reiki healing works, particularly if you have a trombone.

4 The Masked Frog 18.06.12 6:16pm
The Masked Frog
A decent and admirable politician?

Didn't know too much about Dennis Skinner but in this interview he comes across as a politician of conviction and honour. Are there any more? My local MP is a Bible-bashing Tory whack-job, I've never...

1 shitsu_tonka 18.06.12 5:24am
Thanks for the FP credit today, but....

maybe 'inspired by an original idea from Grumblechops' may have been better after the hefty rewrite! I'm not complaining but I can assure you my friends and I will continue to call it 'Fannycam'!...

1 grumblechops 16.06.12 8:53pm
Mandy Lifeboat
Music - 2

Let's have a thread where we talk about music innit. I bet all you lot just listen to Genesis and The Smiths. There'll be an XTC fan out there too no doubt. Magazine and Wire for me. My new...

48 Textbook 16.06.12 12:53pm
Jonathan Pearce NIB

Cheers for the NIB spot. Just one thing - there's no such note as F flat (that note being E). I'm sure some pedantic twat would pick up on it. ah, hang on a minute...

0 Haywood Manley 16.06.12 11:27am
Haywood Manley
A little Pinky?

Has anyone else been following the story about Pinki Pramanik? The Indian female ex-athelete is accused of repeatedly raping her female partner who is also accusing her of being a man., Now then,...

4 beau-jolly 16.06.12 5:45am
Well done Grumblechops for the "Tottycam" FP.

When ever I'm watching the football, I keep seeing the Tottycam team going for gold....

0 JohnA 15.06.12 9:39pm

wrong room again, we do need a delete button...

3 cinquecento 15.06.12 3:11pm
So the Irish have just been knocked out of Euro 2008...

At least according to the Indian Newspapers. Being able to stay in a tournament 4 years after it finished...

0 seymour totti 15.06.12 9:01am
seymour totti
Nazi propaganda for sale on Amazon.

While researching an article on atrocities in WW2, I happened across this on Amazon:,...

18 Thor 14.06.12 5:17pm
Al OPecia
If I had a quid for every time David Cameron has said "I don't recall"

I'd be laughing!!...

0 Scroat 14.06.12 1:25pm
Wow! There's no story at all!

[url=]old people are a bit slow[/url] Watch the video on the BBC's website. The old biddy is nearly run down, because the evil road planners are bastards. Two...

1 14.06.12 11:55am

Has NB ever considered producing video content? I know that it probably wouldn't be a natural fit with the sensibilities of this place but I think it would do a lot to attract more...

28 Textbook 14.06.12 11:36am
Wrong room... 0 Scroat 13.06.12 10:00pm
Ed Milligram

Incredibly pompous at Leveson. Like what he thinks matters FFS. And all the Tony Blair hand signals and other mannerisms...

5 Scroat 13.06.12 3:52pm
Danny Boyle to Bailout Po & Co as eurocrisis spreads to tellytubbyland...

More soon Sorry, it's late! there's gotta be some dirt on naught noo noo though. M...

0 liquidusblue 13.06.12 12:10am
Good to see "Flightless birds ‘wasting everyone’s time’" on the ticker...

Wasn't that the first ever sub on this version of the site? Does that mean NewsBiscuit is collapsing back on itself in a temporal loop, leading to black holes, end of all life in the Universe and the...

7 rickwestwell 12.06.12 9:39pm
Just because I've not posted anything for a while was no excuse to delete me!

And, isn't this Aaaarhgarry?,

6 DroleNoel 12.06.12 6:27pm
Nicholas Parsons

Just been catching up on a recent "Just A Minute" pod cast and really enjoing the skills of Nicholas Parsons. 87 next month (!) and still holding his own with the likes of John Bishop, Paul Merton...

21 Stan 12.06.12 4:11pm
Does anybody want to help with (write) this?

I’ve had an idea kicking around since the weekend but it looks like it’s going to be so far away from being topical by the time I actually find time to write it that it won’t be worth me...

6 Vertically Challenged Giant 11.06.12 11:42am