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Just so you soft southerners know what you are missing up north...

[url=]Something pretty to stave off the rain.[/url]...

8 SingingHinny 17.07.12 5:33pm
Who imagined that special Olympic traffic lanes...

was a good idea? Has London traffic thinned-out, and London drivers become more pleasant than the last time I visited?...

2 rikkor 17.07.12 4:31pm
Humiliating shambles? I'm the right man for the job

dear me his hair looks well though-good at organising SOMETHING...

0 writinginbsl 17.07.12 3:29pm
Everytime I see a reference to G4S I read it as G-Force - anyone else...

remember Battle of the Planets ? I'm sure Spectra are a big threat to the Olympics...

1 charlies_hat 17.07.12 1:56pm
an inspiring lad...just in case this is of interest to anyone

[url=]2011 in the mud[/url] just came across this loads of mud AND a massive whip at the end great commentary too bless...

5 writinginbsl 17.07.12 1:13pm
50 shades of Glasgow!/pages/50-Shades-Of-Glasgow/1583838971755387 Rogered more times than a walkie talkie is my favourite I think...

1 Psycadelic Squirrel 17.07.12 10:50am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Hello, is this the right room for a chat?

Hello good honest folk. Anyone notice the site down today?...

6 Boutros 17.07.12 7:04am
Jon Lord, Deep Purple, RIP

I played several Deep Purple tracks this pm, before I heard this news...

2 Sinnick 16.07.12 10:25pm

[url=]lost for words[/url] i note with some concern that mr hate has downloaded some 5000 pictures in the last 30 days...

18 writinginbsl 16.07.12 9:06pm
David Beckham 'disappointed' with consolation role as Olympic bag-checker

Oops, sorry, wrong forum...

0 Catch32 16.07.12 6:03pm
Judge's verdict

'The Crown say that Mr Terry responded by aiming the words “fuck off, fuck off, yeah, yeah and you fucking black cunt, fucking knobhead”, and possibly one or more other words, at Mr Ferdinand. ...

14 Ironduke 16.07.12 9:54am
Kitten Cam

It's a live stream of seven kittens in a box and sometimes their mum. You'll either find it adorable or better yet be able to convince someone in your life that you are slightly less of a git by...

20 shitsu_tonka 16.07.12 8:49am
a whole afternoon and evening processing client complaints - 2

my particular favourite being a full page of petulant uninformed whinge, summarised as 'We feel conned by your practice. We brought our dog in having eaten slug bait, we didn't know what sort but he...

37 Ironduke 15.07.12 1:49pm
do we really need licenses for plants

6 writinginbsl 15.07.12 8:58am
Excellent Olympic fp

I suspect it isn't too far from the truth!...

6 riesler 14.07.12 5:42pm
HOORAY! 'The Joke' had an outing on BBC Radio's 'The Now Show' this evening

For any nostalgia freaks who missed it, I think it's repeated tomorrow mid-day-ish...

7 dvo4fun 14.07.12 2:41pm
Glorious mud

Larmer Tree festival this weekend. We have been going to this event for 18 years but this year its VERY wet., Yesterday I was shivering in the shop thinking, "do I really want to go and get cold,...

3 beau-jolly 14.07.12 2:09pm
Relegated to Div3, but bookies still make Rangers second favourite for SPL title 5 oblongscone 13.07.12 9:05pm
The All New Jeni B
Unbelievable answer from Terry - beyond satire .. I've been a lawyer for something...

15 Yikes 13.07.12 8:23pm
Olympic security concerns

Here in the rolling gentle Bucks countryside we've had a few overflights from Typhoon fighters in recent weeks. I assume that they were practicing for The Games duty (too much to hope that...

4 dvo4fun 13.07.12 5:35pm
Mock the meek

Did anyone see Mock the Week last night? Andy Murray trying to hide in the audience but got a standing ovation, although it was a bit slow to get going., I was amazed; supposedly the cream of our...

1 beau-jolly 13.07.12 2:34pm
seymour totti
Nice FP, Ed

I'm not the greatest fan of Peston, either...

0 Sinnick 13.07.12 9:29am
New Here And Hello!

Hello, I am new here, though I have written elswhere, on - though this seems to be of a slightly higher standard and I hope I can improve here! Anyone else write elsewhere? Brent...

8 HIGNFY 13.07.12 9:11am
Bloody Hell Rikkor

I've just spent half my life writing a lovely warm and gentle letter to you (wish you were here/missing you etc) only to find your NB mailbox is full., They can't all be begging do you...

14 Gerontius 13.07.12 8:56am
Hello and goodnight

Hello, I am new to the site and this forum. Goodnight its late. See you in the morning. Gaz x...

6 gaztop 12.07.12 10:51pm
Weather update

It was sunny and quite mild here this morning and then these people came with a golden torch and the skies darkened and it started to rain, slowly at first and then heavier and then the temperature...

8 beau-jolly 12.07.12 6:18pm
The All New Jeni B
dvo; 'why me? first Murray loses and now this...' - 2

Step away from the writers room...

32 charlies_hat 12.07.12 11:53am
So what is John Terry alleged to have said? - 2

A lot of fuss, and a court case costing millions. I'd be interested if anyone knows...

38 Scroat 12.07.12 11:26am
'I'll show you what saucy really means!!!' Summarised as boyfriend disgusted at girlfriend reading...

7 Ironduke 12.07.12 11:24am
Awkward lyrics

Sorry if this topic already exists elsewhere on here. But you know the kind of thing I'm on about. You're listeneing to a song on the radio and then some dire lyric assaults your finer feelings. I'm...

14 Duff 12.07.12 10:21am