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What century do we live in? It seems that people have gone back a step with the anonymity that the internet provides. I would like to think that the people in this article would...

5 Psycadelic Squirrel 04.06.12 6:54pm
writers way of writing

This is address to all writers of this community. Hello...

8 03.06.12 2:05pm
Nails UK
work experience A friend of mine who works for the council has told me that it was only after the...

0 godly1966 03.06.12 1:45pm
Great Front Page- funny because it could be true

I worked on an OB from Lands End covering the preparations for the arrival of the torch. After the show we had a meal at a local pub an the torch route and we were told that someone from LOCOG had...

0 Ian Searle 03.06.12 12:33pm
Ian Searle
I've been away for a couple of days. Anything interesting hapen? 2 dvo4fun 03.06.12 8:47am
Was there a newsbiscuit drink up in the end?

What about a picnic instead? Or a Bingo night? Come on. Or Carol Singing? Or a comedy night? Or, what about all pitching up at that hotel on the Aldwych where they have ballroom dancing on Sunday...

1 ronseal 03.06.12 8:37am
Tracey Emin gives up sex

Well, she would have to say that, wouldn't she ?

7 Sinnick 02.06.12 3:37pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
great FP, Paper Ostrich!

Great idea, nicely done! Missed it completely on the board but I've been very busy...

1 02.06.12 9:40am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Got to be sub in the annual cull of bike racers at Isle of Man TT about to start

But I'm off to paint some walls in one of the Master4fun's new flat...

3 dvo4fun 01.06.12 7:30am
Calling all vets...

does laproscopic neutering of a bitch lead to faster recovery times (springer/lab cross, 6 months old, hasn't had a season)?...

0 Al OPecia 01.06.12 6:43am
Al OPecia
Talking of throwing a sickie...

I agreed to join some inn-mates on a fishing trip this Sunday. I have never fished and tend to throw my voice on the IoW ferry. Now I understand that in the 8 hours the little boat may well chug 5...

19 beau-jolly 31.05.12 1:14pm
Boudicca Scherazade pawns her love bangle!

Quality reporting from the DT

5 riesler 31.05.12 11:20am
Not Amused
"From The Archives..."

The story about Hitler and the 1936 Olympics made me think that it might be quite a good idea for NB to have a "From The Archives" side-box on the front page which doesn't just link to an actual old...

6 Textbook 30.05.12 11:50am
We are not worthy...

FP of the year to date IMHO. Debately even better than the Chery Cole hand job one would have been, had it been chosen. Nice one Skylarking...

0 Oxbridge 30.05.12 8:16am
Christine Lagarde pays no tax.

Would it even be possible to out-satirise this?...

3 Thor 29.05.12 6:52pm
udder job?

This is mad: [url=]cow boob jobs[/url] If you think that's...

5 29.05.12 4:48pm
"Bluefin tuna record Fukushima radioactivity" BBC news

was I the only one to read this as a remarkable feat of fish training?...

0 cinquecento 29.05.12 1:03pm
Just seen that bloke shouting at Blair on the news

Apparently he 'breached security', but to me it looked like he appeared from behind a curtain. Is this what we call security these days. Hope they've got some decent curtains in place for the...

16 ianslat 29.05.12 11:22am
Hosepipe ban Q&A: What if I filled my pool with the blood of Thames Water execs?

Would that contravene the ban?...

3 ronseal 29.05.12 9:07am
Al OPecia
Ed, slight credit anomoly

I was out drinking like an idiot all weekend, but I still vaguely recall writing the Robot PCSO sub. But it says it was by Paper Ostrich. Is that a clerical error, or should I seek medical...

2 29.05.12 8:39am
newsbiscuit editorial team
damn wrong room, deleted 0 cinquecento 28.05.12 1:46pm
Leveson fans might want to throw a sickie on Monday

Blair is blessing the inquiry with his presence. I always find myself transfixed by the amount of make-up he wears whenever he pops up on anything. Lots of big names next week: Gove, May, Clarke and...

4 shitsu_tonka 28.05.12 11:34am
Gazza Very hard to improve on!...

3 Yikes 27.05.12 10:25pm
This is wrong in so many ways

11 Sinnick 27.05.12 9:50pm
Mr Target
Dexys fans

2 button 27.05.12 9:29pm
Will Smith's casual racism I'd have told him to go f**k himself...

2 JohnA 26.05.12 2:07pm
Durex and Anusol...

Noticed in my local branch of Waitrose last week that in the medicines and wotnots section, the Durex were stacked next to the Anusol. I wondered whether there was some really weird OCD person who...

8 Scroat 26.05.12 12:11pm
Overheard on Chelsea Flower Show programme.

Alan Titchmarsh 'This bonsai tree is 40 years old, it took several burly men to lug it through the crowd' Er.. So it's a giant bonsai tree.. so it's A TREE !...

0 MADJEZ 25.05.12 7:44pm
Man in a suitcase.

[url=][/url] Knowing, as we think we might, that there are some chaps out there who enjoy a bit of extreme onanism; names...

8 wallster 25.05.12 5:58am
Has this been done?

Seeing Cheryl Cole kissing a man in a wheelchair on TV this morning set my warped mind off on one and I rapidly came up with the idea of a story about her (or any other attractive female celeb for...

11 Oxbridge 24.05.12 11:31am