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Aspiring Writers in the Manchester area...

There is a free BBC 'workshop'* for writers at the Insight festival this Sunday morning at 11. *hate the non-industrial use of that word...

9 editor 02.12.11 8:30pm
The 1997 Dianathon / Living in Crassland

The Diana thing. Is that when, as a nation, all this maudlin bollocks started about dead people, who were in some way celebrities but never known personally to c. 99.999% of us? I was out today so...

16 dvo4fun 02.12.11 2:34pm
S'not funny, wayland

Well, it is really; I just had to get the pun in. The concept isn't original, just the design. I remember being nauseated watching my (French) belle-soeur using the following device:, http://assets...

4 Sinnick 02.12.11 11:44am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Magic ingredient for FP success - 2

Any hints and tips on how bag myself a FP? I've had some modest success with NIBs up to now but not made the big one. What's the magic FP ingredient?...

37 Clarky 01.12.11 5:29pm
The All New Jeni B
Yorkshire Pop Songs - 2

I have a sudden and unexplained need to create Yorkshire-themed pop song titles. Perhaps you can add to this list. Summat kinda ooh, York state of mind, Ey up we're the Monkees and of course...

49 bonjonelson 01.12.11 9:24am
Paul McMullan, ex News of the World Deputy Features Editor

Hope the bastard gets trampled by reporters on his way home...

4 Scroat 30.11.11 8:06pm
And I look like Brad Pitt.

8 John Ffitch-Rucker 30.11.11 5:42pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Fact fans; the opposite is also true

3 thisisall1word 30.11.11 2:04pm
Interesting how BBC choose their photos

1st version of Alistair Campbell approaching the enquiry: snarling, 2nd version, a few minutes later: serious,...

0 Sinnick 30.11.11 12:06pm
Top notch FP, Waylandsmithy

Satire of the highest order. Right on the money, so to speak...

4 SingingHinny 30.11.11 11:00am
Dickens or Shakespeare
Shouting at the radio again this morning

They were talking about the strike affecting air travellers. "Fears over long delays have not materialised." NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!...

2 Scroat 30.11.11 8:28am
Ricky Gervais at his funniest ever!!

Anyone catch him on Radio 4's Front Row last night? He was hilarious. Problem was, I think he was being serious. Or maybe it's some elaborate triple bluff? You must listen. He's bonkers...

0 Scroat 30.11.11 8:22am
Stylish motorway driving - 2

Saw contender for driver of the year this week. On my local high-mortality motorway. Middle lane-hogger with nothing on nearside lane. Well that's just irritating and way below nomination threshold....

30 dvo4fun 30.11.11 8:11am
Sick TV show made me hapless drug addict

Far from me to claim that this isn't a fuss about nothing;, if we all club together and organise a Daily Mail approved protest maybe we could get this...

5 thisisall1word 29.11.11 8:54pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
I'm not Spartacus either.

A few months ago I was accused of being RRRRGarrry by Bongojohnson and his little mate. Now some brave, anonymous tagger is accusing me of being Saltire. Saltire hasn't been seen on here for a while...

9 greg various 29.11.11 6:26pm
Why I don't understand money

An American tourist checks in at a little hotel in the south of France. He pays $200 for his room. The hotelier nips round the corner and pays off her bill at the grocery store. The grocer goes...

10 Scroat 29.11.11 3:58pm
greg various
Are we all too nice to each other?

As I look in the writers room, a huge number of posts, most of them amusing, but not outstanding, have five stars. Are we all being too generous? If you receive less than five stars from someone, do...

22 bonjonelson 29.11.11 12:44pm
No Beard
Probably the best of the lot

Gary Bailey, Gary Neville, Gary Pallister, Gary Cahill, Gary Thomas, Gary McAllister, Gary Mabbutt, Gary Speed (capt), Gary Lineker, Gary Owen, Gareth Bale, Sub: Andy Gary...

3 Gerontius 29.11.11 12:25pm
A propos of nothing: What's on Hannibal Lector's i-pod?

Anyone who had a heart, etc um, stuck at one song...

16 Username 28.11.11 6:21pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Old Dentist FP & Stupid Robots

Just browsing through some archives while eating my lunch, and this nearly resulted in it ending up all over my laptop:...

3 Vertically Challenged Giant 28.11.11 5:49pm
The All New Jeni B
Attention Writers in Scotland...

Free money available

3 editor 28.11.11 5:31pm
The All New Jeni B
Dear Predatory spammer

[eye wateringly funny letter, which pierces the presumptuous ego, of even the most reptilian spammer, goes here.] Best wishes,, Me Can't remember what I was going to say now...

0 Username 28.11.11 6:11am
outstanding artwork, Red!

Amazing stuff, and you've done two of them! Love the fat orangutang. Looks a lot like me, in fairness...

7 27.11.11 1:25pm
Liked the 'Lord Gaga' NiB

But I reckon this one by ronseal was first, and imho, better:, [url=]I don't think my wife IS better known than me, retorts Lord Gaga[/url]...

0 rickwestwell 26.11.11 11:07pm

Please see what we're up against for next year., This is serious stuff, and I don't know if the GB Squirrel Lickers are up to speed. Squirrel Wars,

10 The All New Jeni B 25.11.11 10:58pm
The All New Jeni B
Real life overtakes News Biscuit , with Willy headline

The lat­est entry from retaW con­sists of a series enti­tled WILLY*, and with a scent com­bin­ing a sweet and bit­ter choco­late with fresh mint it is not hard to see where the name is derived...

1 Greysetter 25.11.11 8:55pm
greg various
Love the front page, today....

But despite the cogent basis for satire, I have to admit that the picture makes me feel Christmassy and makes me want to buy shit...

3 SingingHinny 25.11.11 3:29pm
Braille in pointless places

I'm vaguely aware that Braille is some sort of special writing that helps deaf people read or something, but I'm a bit baffled by where it turns up. I've just seen it on the numbers on a vending...

16 Vertically Challenged Giant 25.11.11 8:40am
Well done Immunis - Great FP 8 Al OPecia 25.11.11 12:11am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Brilliant name!!

Here's a local news story, about some very brave police officers who helped disarm a knife-wielding attacker. Now read the names of the officers, and tell me whether you read the first officer's...

2 The All New Jeni B 24.11.11 4:08pm
Son of Barnabas