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Met Office win this month's "No Shit Sherlock" awards for stating the obvious...

[url=http://]I'd never have guessed[/url]...

4 The All New Jeni B 05.05.12 12:58pm
Agh. Spam attack 0 dvo4fun 05.05.12 7:48am
What comedy are you watching?

Today, I am all about 'Chris Rock: Never Scared' which is a real barnstomer of a stand-up performance. He takes the roof off it's fabulous and only three quid on Amazon....

14 shitsu_tonka 04.05.12 10:44pm
Could we a special QE2 Diamond Jubilee edition? 0 dvo4fun 04.05.12 10:37pm

8 Al OPecia 04.05.12 7:29pm
According to the BBC website Boris has "narrow lead" after 11 of 14 ...

consituencies have voted having 800 thousand to Ken's 650 thousand - since when is a lead of 23% considered "narrow"? Bloody journos are crap at statistics and science, for that matter...

0 Al OPecia 04.05.12 7:09pm
Al OPecia
Internet Porn restrictions "Greatest ever threat to Catholic values" 0 MrBen 04.05.12 4:04pm
The sock liner is cushioned with foam

Sounds like a coded message from one of those old spy films. 'The eagle has flown the nest' or 'The package has been delivered' or 'The agent is in the holdall'...

7 wallster 04.05.12 12:52pm
Oh. Dear. God. No.

[url=//]My eyes! My eyes![/url]...

16 The All New Jeni B 03.05.12 7:19pm
Al OPecia
How'd they get away with publishing this? I knew they were bad, but seriously... : Surely there must be an angle on this Radiators...

27 kga6 03.05.12 7:18pm
Al OPecia
Religious Affiliation - 234

It's a cliche of sites like this apparently that everyone on them is a godless atheist or agnostic or something like that. I was just curious if that's whether the case. I'm not trying to start a...

106 Textbook 03.05.12 6:51pm
April Writer of the Month - Vertically Challenged Giant

Many congratulations to Vertically Challenged Giant who secures his hat-trick of Writer of the Month awards with his excellent feature article ‘Why people hate me for being beautiful, by David...

16 editor 03.05.12 5:27pm
Samantha Brick vs. Mary Beard

I love the Daily Mail more than life its self. [url=]More witless piffle from the joystealers. [/url]...

15 shitsu_tonka 03.05.12 5:10pm
Jokes that require a little thought - 23

Lots of us enjoy a good pun - probably me more than most. There's something about a good play on words that makes you throw your hands in the air and go WAYHEY! After all, it's the main thrust of my...

85 seymour totti 03.05.12 4:21pm
Nails UK
2 fine FPs on Boris and Cannabis (no connection, obviously)

Am I the only one to suck up to the great man today - after all, he pays our salaries. Except that due to an understandable admin error, I've not actually received mine yet. But I'm sure it's in the...

3 Sinnick 03.05.12 4:04pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
I'm just letting you know about my travel plans

To follow on from Jeni's recent 'University Field Trip' announcement I thought I'd make you aware of my movements over the next couple of weeks. mrs4fun & I will shortly be journeying to/ in...

18 dvo4fun 03.05.12 11:09am
Photo of the day : Tanning shop mother.

Mother charged in the US with child endangerment for letting her 5 y/o go to a tanning salon. A picture tells a thousand words

1 MADJEZ 03.05.12 9:22am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Is it just my dirty mind...

[url=]Microsoft fancies Nookie[/url]...

2 weematt 01.05.12 11:50am
Happy Birthday Jeni

Lang may yer lum reek! Or something...

7 Scroat 01.05.12 9:38am
The All New Jeni B
Sometimes the death of one person can make the world seem a little darker

Khalil Dale What a waste of one of the 'good guys.'...

4 writinginbsl 30.04.12 9:14pm
The unifying effect of a common 'enemy'

[url=]the unifying effect of a common 'enemy'[/url]...

19 Ironduke 30.04.12 8:40pm
The All New Jeni B
A priceless quote on BBC news Webiste

Pure gold from the manager commenting on the fire at her establishment

1 Scronnyglonkle 30.04.12 11:01am
Surely it's time for some more Cheesy Beers? - 2

What say you, Usual Suspects?...

30 Mary Evans 28.04.12 9:23pm
Government to investigate electorate

David Cameron has announnce that a 'drains up' inquiry into the British people will begin immediately., Senior aides are believed to have expressed concern that 'little or nothing' is known about...

1 Underconstruction 28.04.12 6:47pm
Expert witness

Story on the BBC website about the spy in the bag: "A third party must have been involved in putting MI6 officer Gareth Williams in the padlocked bag in which his body was found, an expert witness...

13 Vertically Challenged Giant 28.04.12 1:25pm
The Murdochs

I can't get over the jaw-dropping arrogance of James and Rupert Murdoch at the Leveson Inquiry. They seem to think they're above the law in every respect. And heaven forfend that they may have been...

12 Scroat 27.04.12 9:59pm

"Rupert Murdoch made a good impression - of a gnome in a hospice." Frankie Boyle...

3 shitsu_tonka 27.04.12 1:24pm
Not Amused
Brilliant headline on the BBC News Website It states "Trump to oppose wind power scheme". I'm taking this as some kind of instruction on how create alternative renewable energy. There is also a secondary headline...

5 seymour totti 26.04.12 9:55am
I do not want to polish my f*cking scanning skills

every bloody time I log in now there is a banner advert at the top telling me I can polish my ultrasound scanning skills. Now the banner is stalking me round other sites. Somehow it knows I am a...

14 Ironduke 25.04.12 8:30am
Playing tag - 23

My innocent little ticker earlier suddenly had fewer stars and some nasty little tags., Does this mean I am "It" and have to tag someone else?, Can admin identify the culprit and do something...

64 beau-jolly 24.04.12 10:00pm