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[url=]Twinkle twinkle.[/url]...

0 malgor 17.12.11 1:05am
Embarrassment backstage at Country & Western concert.

As Doctor Brian Cox tries to explain:, "Thanks for the offer Miss Parton, but I'm really not after a Hick's Bosom."...

1 rob box 16.12.11 12:39pm
Louis C.K

Louis C.K is selling his new concert film for download for £3.20 cutting out the middleman and offering instant access to what is a truly great set. I think more and more comedians will start...

6 shitsu_tonka 16.12.11 12:49am
irregular apple
Single mother story Dear editors, Would you be kind enough to add an attribution? Kthxbi...

1 bonjonelson 15.12.11 8:30pm
. 0 writinginbsl 15.12.11 6:34pm
Here's a little ego boost.

If you've ever had an NB FP; try googling it. You'll be amazed how influential you good people are in the wider world...

19 wallster 15.12.11 3:47pm
I've just argued with Matthew Parris on the radio.

That felt gooooood...

19 Mary Evans 15.12.11 1:27pm

[url=http://]Eat shit![/url], The bits that got me were household blender and coffee filter. Its like he's practising in his kitchen...

11 beau-jolly 15.12.11 8:47am
Son of Barnabas
I think I'll just 0 dvo4fun 14.12.11 4:15pm
I'm sure no one else noticed Ed, but....

In the music industry NiB 2nd para last line needs 'listened to' or 'heard' removed...

0 Perks 14.12.11 12:16pm
Thanks Ed

Not Ar*e licking, but that was a much better rewrite of my original sub about the LHC and Higgs. All the main points, but just in the right order...

0 Quaz 14.12.11 12:39am

Could I borrow the collective NB braincell for a moment and ask for a little help? I am going back to school next year and am putting together some thoughts for my Key Stage 1. I need to find some...

13 Mary Evans 13.12.11 8:39pm
Slow down; you move too fast.

This FUCKS ME RIGHT OFF. I feel like I'm being discriminated against for being a fast typer. There. Got that off my chest...

4 bonjonelson 13.12.11 4:50pm
Libyan pickups with artillery mounted on the back could be marketing cue

2012 Toyota Hilux - enough room for the kids & an anti-aircraft gun, New Nissan Warrior - more mortars than the average pickup., Mitsubishi Raider- a blast & no need to shell out for extras...

1 vertical 13.12.11 9:22am
Clegg's escape to mainland Europe thwarted by tougher border controls. 0 irregular apple 13.12.11 12:34am
irregular apple
. 0 Son of Barnabas 12.12.11 2:50pm
Son of Barnabas
great FP kimllfixit!

Nice work, very funny!...

1 12.12.11 2:42pm
. 0 beau-jolly 12.12.11 1:15pm
NB protocols: i) Is it worth getting a second identity to bump my own stuff?

ii) is it OK to score one's own sub?...

9 dvo4fun 12.12.11 10:36am
Where's Rikkor? Not seen around here for a few weeks? - 2

Anybody popped round and half inched his valuables yet?...

33 simonjmr 12.12.11 12:58am
Valenciennes lace hanky delicately touched to nose and, sniff! a la S. Pimpernel

In just a cursory review of the "subs", if we can call them that, I can see that my rapier-like comments have been sorely missed...

0 rikkor 12.12.11 12:39am
Very, very southern drinks?

Hmm. Just me then. :-)...

8 rickwestwell 12.12.11 12:32am
. 0 Dumbnews 11.12.11 3:03am
higgs boson NiB

Just realised it works better if schrodinger put up 'wanted dead AND alive' posters. Is it too late to edit it?...

4 Runestone Cowboy 09.12.11 7:35pm
Novel Christmas gifts.

Do you suffer from hairy druids? If, so I can recommend the Braun electric Bard Trimmer, only £9.99+VAT from or major high street stores...

5 John Ffitch-Rucker 09.12.11 2:56pm
Runestone Cowboy
Dear Ticker editor

it is boson not bosun, a particle not an unlicensed member of the crew...

0 andhrimnir 09.12.11 2:56pm
Scots/Northern Biscuits

You all alright up there? The storms look horrendous on the news...

9 shitsu_tonka 09.12.11 11:49am
Al OPecia
What is the world coming to???

We have a coalition Government, which is a very European thing to do - only to make a move away from Europe They finish painting the Forth Bridge I miss Rikkor's contributions to the chat room...

1 Scroat 09.12.11 9:29am
Cruel but entertaining.

I installed this on my boss’s laptop as a screensaver knowing that he likes to work on the train home but usually falls asleep within 10 minutes of starting his journey. Noted a rather chilly...

3 John Ffitch-Rucker 08.12.11 8:15am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Xmas drinks for London writers this Sunday

I'm organising a meet up of comedy writers / script writers at The Assembly Rooms in Kentish Town on Sunday 11th Dec at 6pm. A chance to meet other writers, exchange witty asides, or just get drunk...

0 Shandy 08.12.11 1:34am