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A message about bonjonelson

Thought you might like to know, Mr Ramblesid the consequences of your actions in blaming bonjonelson for the invented death of some nutter who rashly posted toss on here a while back. I must admit...

4 someone else 10.08.12 2:21pm

Just watching a bit of the BMX seeding time trials on the puwter and the commentator said "Anytime you damage internal organs its bad". Sorry, just had to share that insight. Grown ups on kids'...

3 beau-jolly 10.08.12 11:40am
Not Amused
Anyone fancy a small wager on Morrisey as next DG @ BBC Then?

[url=]BBC staff told don't focus too heavily on British success...

0 Nowherefast 10.08.12 10:41am
Book review

I’ve just bought my father Fifty Shades of Grey the John Major autobiography, is it any good?...

1 godly1966 10.08.12 10:30am
Psycadelic Squirrel
anyone attended?

Looking at all the excitement makes me wish I'd made the effort. Would like to see the Hong Kongians defend their bar billiards title or spend a day at the cross-country lobster wrangling...

11 Actual Size 10.08.12 10:27am
I thought I saw Osborne on TV refer to 110% effort in the face of economic circs

Please tell me someone else can confirm that actually happened...

2 dvo4fun 09.08.12 5:22pm
July Writer of the Month – Peter74940

Many congratulations to Peter74940 whose story ‘Latest security breach sees theft of entire Olympic Village’ was the most-read story published on NewsBiscuit last month and wins him the July...

13 editor 09.08.12 4:42pm
Awsome! Lifted straight from the Telegraph

[url=]Norwegian Tourist Falls Asleep On Baggage Belt[/url]...

1 Nowherefast 09.08.12 4:12pm
I have no idea if this is genuine.. but I really hope it is...

Lifted directly off twitter. If it's for real I bow to Bradley Wiggins

6 Nowherefast 09.08.12 11:53am
The All New Jeni B
Dear kind admin person, please can I go back to being SurburbanDad?

New has become a cursed prefix (man, labour, bury bypass etc) and was only put on because I can't access the original SuburbanDad account(password recovery never worked) since the site changed. ....

0 NewSuburbanDad 09.08.12 8:48am
BBC Olympic commentators shocked to discover that Eire is not part of GB

I can cope with the bias when a Team GB competitor is involved in an event but has anybody told the BBC commentators & pundits that ROI is another country? They do it with football too now I...

1 dvo4fun 09.08.12 8:12am

damn, edited mis-post down to a dot so I suppose I'd better say something. Hey, what about those Dutch hockey girls, eh...

0 cinquecento 09.08.12 7:51am
How do I delete this post? 3 Nowherefast 08.08.12 10:47pm
Tasteless headlines in the style of the Sun - 2

Ok I'll start Covering the civil war in Syria How about: Ramadam a ding-dong...

32 Actual Size 08.08.12 9:22pm

Nice FP. There's still this underlying motivational mystery, which this doesn't help resolve...

2 Scroat 08.08.12 8:59am
Jessica Ennis is awesome

There, I said it. I watched the 800m and thought: "There's no way she is going to allow anyone to win it but her" Made me proud to belong to the same...

25 JohnA 07.08.12 3:39pm
I wish I had this guys way with words.

Wonderfully acerbic way of cutting through the crap:- [url=]Quotes By Robert Hughes,...

0 Nowherefast 07.08.12 11:49am
Headline on my work intranet: "Zara Phillips, eventing horse:?"

Bit personal I thought...

2 Iamthestig 07.08.12 10:32am
Actual Size
Bloody cheques

With all the computer wizardry at their disposal, and the ability to make all sorts of transactions in a nanosecond, why does it still take banks three working days to clear a f***ing cheque???...

17 Scroat 07.08.12 8:27am
amazed how quickly people work

Made me chuckle

4 Perks 07.08.12 8:14am
Fox News gaffe

Nicked from the Telegraph's rather excellent Olympic live feed:

1 06.08.12 8:08pm
The All New Jeni B
Sailing, eh? 13 06.08.12 11:48am
Bloody foreigners

Coming over here raising their flags and plundering all our gold. History really is full of ironic twists...

0 tedweasel 06.08.12 9:53am
'Great Britain savour golden day'

Headline on the BBC website. Obviously not going for gold in grammar, then...

7 05.08.12 2:38pm
So long and thanks for all the special fried noodles

Now there's a coincidence....

8 wallster 04.08.12 9:22am
Gary Stanton
Is this cheating?

I've been watching the rowing on the Beeb and the annoying 'the crowd is the extra man in the boat' references will surely attract attention from the IOC., We could lose a boatload of medals...

4 tedweasel 04.08.12 6:58am
Can't have it? Want it

I've just started a course of tablets for my gout, written in capital letters on the bottle is 'AVOID GRAPEFRUIT'. Not a problem as it must be 20 years since I've eaten grapefruit. Woke up this...

23 tedweasel 03.08.12 10:42pm
Query about printing books

I'm guessing most books published these days are printed digitally, rather than old fashioned litho. I'm reading Lord of the Rings again at the moment, and get a kick from the fact that because of...

27 Scroat 03.08.12 2:26pm
Targeted advertising here never fails to cheer me up - 2

I mean how do they know thay I am a man seeking a woman aged between 18 and 98, but that the four 18 year old Asian girls pictured would be at the preferred end of the spectrum? It's plain uncanny...

45 cinquecento 03.08.12 9:29am
I loved it. 20 Al OPecia 03.08.12 8:29am