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"Labour left us with 'A Fine Mess' says Cameron [comments appreciated]

Up to £25 per week in Court fines will be deducted from offenders' Benefits, the government's swift response to summer rioting, due to come into effect sometime in late 2013. Outside Downing...

3 dvo4fun 30.10.11 1:10pm
Jewish family history

Was fairly certain that there's some Jewish blood on the maternal side of my family tree, but didn't know when Jewish people first arrived in the UK. Did a quick Googlie and found that not only did...

14 Scroat 29.10.11 12:10pm
Quick everyone, behave, admin is in the room..... 2 Al OPecia 29.10.11 9:36am
Dale Farm twinned with St Paul's Cathedral Campsite

Former travellers' site Dale Farm has been twinned with the campsite outside of St Paul's cathedral. Campers have generally welcomed the development, but travellers have complained that proposed...

0 apepper 28.10.11 1:59pm
New Lego sets are signs of the times....

I think there's a lot of creative mileage in Lego. Lego Jeremy Clarkson (complete with slightly bigger head than most Lego figures, and slightly smaller other features) Lego Joy of Sex (hat tip...

0 nickb 28.10.11 10:01am
Red's graphic file names

Only just noticed this, if you hover your mouse over FP pictures, you see Red's picture captions. Disappointingly, on at least 3 of my subs they're funnier than the actual articles...

2 28.10.11 6:48am
Al OPecia
Mash has gone subscription

Has anyone else noticed this? I got a popup obscuring the article I'd loaded, declaring I'd had my free allowance of 10 articles every 30 days - and would I please purchase a subscription. Closing...

8 GreenCross 27.10.11 9:40pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Small Distraction: Is it a Corporate Tax Avoidance Scheme or a Fall Song Title

1 thisisall1word 27.10.11 6:22pm
More serious offenders face life. Silly ones let off with a fine... 1 Not Amused 27.10.11 3:35pm
Not Amused
im sure you all know this already but i stumbled accross this...

it would be really good if any of you lot could improve the quality of programs on the bbc, so here is a link to the writers room it looks like a comp is underway on c4 too, but youll have to hurry...

2 writinginbsl 27.10.11 9:39am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Paper boy sues Daily Mail over weight of Clarifications and Corrections section

Paper delivery boy, Keith Nerdy, has sued the publishers of the Daily Mail over the weight of it's Clarifications and Corrections section. The section in question contained 17,000 pages in twenty...

0 apepper 26.10.11 6:04pm
Poundland to form an alliance with Scotland

The Poundland Nationalist Party has proposed an alliance with the SNP to leave the UK and form a new union tentatively named "Poondland". This move has been greeted with fury from some visitors to...

0 apepper 26.10.11 1:15pm
Cracking Fp

Really enjoyed it :)...

0 Textbook 26.10.11 9:04am
Portrait Gallery by Red

I have been having a look through the archives (not much happening in the North Sea at the moment) and I think Red should have his/her own gallery here on Newsbiscuit. The pictures accompanying the...

14 Psycadelic Squirrel 25.10.11 12:33pm
The All New Jeni B
Today's FP... 0 Scroat 25.10.11 8:54am
Voice from the grave..Harold Camping Click on the "Greeting from Mr. Camping, Part 2" link - I'm pretty sure that it's Donald Sutherland, whilst pissed...

0 Al OPecia 24.10.11 5:08pm
Al OPecia
Fine FP, ed

Even as a casual ManU supporter, that hits the mark...

2 Sinnick 24.10.11 4:58pm
help wanted with url insertion

I want to link my current post in the Writer's Room, Welsh parents to take their children to England to hit them if smacking ban persists" to my older one about slapping friendly areas in Asda....

12 nickb 24.10.11 10:11am
OK there’s a hold up

It seems Gadaffi cancelled the direct debit on his funeral plan and the Co-Op have simply had enough of him this time., Apparently he's been nothing but trouble., Is anybody going?, Do you know if...

9 Gerontius 24.10.11 7:36am
Attaching sensors to Dr Alice Roberts' bottom

Volunteers form an orderly queue...

3 Scroat 22.10.11 11:09am
Criminals threaten strike action over police infiltration

"It's well out of order", explained a criminal spokesgeezer, "it's hard enough to make a living as a crook, but when the police are infiltrating us and taking the work away from us, it's a question...

1 apepper 22.10.11 10:06am
Hoops McCann
"Haka not auto-tuned" claim All Blacks

"Ohmigod it's like, so not mimed" said choreographer Dee Dee "Crusher" Boufaye...

0 Hoops McCann 22.10.11 8:06am
Hoops McCann
UK Laws on Parity

Or, parrot-y...

0 rikkor 21.10.11 11:02pm
Ed. thanks for the editing of the Ecclestone sub, which improved it somewhat

cheers dvo...

0 dvo4fun 21.10.11 6:39pm
UK Laws on Parody

Wondered if we had any experts on the laws relating to Parody? It always seems to be a very grey area - if you put new words to an existing song, are you breaking copyright law? Artists such as...

8 seymour totti 21.10.11 3:22pm
Nice FP Stan

And a great pic from Red...

3 Scroat 21.10.11 2:02pm
Carlos Tevez Accused of Wearing His Socks Inside Out

Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez is to be charged by his club with wearing his socks inside out against Bayern Munich when he appears in a disciplinary hearing on Friday. Tevez, set to exit the...

0 ChesterField 21.10.11 1:49pm
You'll be surprised.

I'm actually very much against the US government picking and choosing which country's leaders live and which ones die. We would be very upset if another country decided to make that choice for us...

11 rikkor 21.10.11 1:47pm
Holy Flying Circus

This is well worth a watch if you're a Python fan. It's really quite jolly and there's the fun of seeing actors do their best impressions of the Pythons (the Cleese is crap but the Palin is...

5 shitsu_tonka 21.10.11 1:30pm
Libyan TNC - man who shot Gaddafi "was very cross". More soon. 1 Al OPecia 21.10.11 7:04am
Al OPecia