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EXCLUSIVE: Shock pictures of Prince Harry with his clothes on.

After a brief scuffle with his bodyguard in a top secret Afghan hideaway referred to only as Bastion Camp, Prince Harry was pictured with his clothes on. The pictures were taken by the new PAP 10...

1 Lord Ward 17.09.12 6:59am
Do you want to tell him or should i ?

4 Simply The Past 16.09.12 9:40pm
Like the jugs FP. 1 rikkor 16.09.12 12:17am
You couldn't make it up

Three hospital staff charged with abusing elderly patients at Whipps Cross...

0 antharrison 15.09.12 9:24pm
Annual Newsbiscuit group bonding session - book your place now!

Admin has asked me to organise this year's annual conference, after last year's successful outing when we all went paintballing - who could forget the brilliant flouncers vs trolls flag match? This...

0 quango 15.09.12 9:09pm
Topless Photos of Duchess Kate published

I have to say that I haven't seen these pictures and I won't be seeking them out. My experience is that they never live up to the hype. You waste a morning trying to track them down, and then she'll...

7 SugarTits69 15.09.12 7:23pm
The Sun: For God, Prince Harry and Kate's tits

I've seen the photos and frankly I'd like to punch the photographer. I'm no supporter of the Royal Family but ffs these paparazzi need a camera inserted where the sun don't shine. With the telephoto...

1 JohnA 15.09.12 2:13pm
the Official unOfficial Queen Diamond Jubilee London 2012 Olympics Anthem

the Official unOfficial Queen Diamond Jubilee London 2012 Olympics Anthem, FREE DOWNLOAD ...

0 JulieJubilee 15.09.12 1:37pm
Mum reveals shocking trick to erasing wrinkles!

"Doctors hate her." Is that the key to flat skin? Being despised by a GP? I'll have to get the missus to run his dog over. or are we to assume this 'mum' used to regularly make appointments at her...

5 15.09.12 10:43am
Kate's boobs...

hours wasted on google and I still haven't been disgusted at the evidence of press invasion of her privacy yet...

2 Ironduke 14.09.12 9:13pm
Lucky Bastards

From Good comedy writing and jaw-dropping clips of people surviving things that they should not. Interesting how the only clip from the UK which features someone doing something...

0 Carter 14.09.12 3:09pm
Jeni, Rikkor, you don't need new pets ...

when you can get one of these:

9 Sinnick 14.09.12 1:10pm
There are a lot of tits on the boards today.

No further comment...

2 wallster 14.09.12 1:00pm
Great Waitrose FP

But, as an American, have no idea what "bibbed the hooter" means...

5 rikkor 13.09.12 6:34pm
Monkey Christ

[url=]Good lord[/url]...

5 button 13.09.12 4:12pm
The All New Jeni B
Place names that are funny - 2

Apart from Cockermouth of course, have you noticed that some place names just jump out at you when you're making up a sub? Don't know why, but places just do this. Neasden. Cheam. Cricklewood....

39 Scroat 13.09.12 3:24am
Vertically Challenged Giant
My favourite overheard conversation of the week (stalking excepted, obviously) - 2

Yesterday in Bruges, near a couple of 'living statues' American Woman 1: "Oh my goodness it moved! Did you take a picture?" AW2: "No." AM1: "Really? Don't you want to?" AM2": "No, I already got...

34 dvo4fun 13.09.12 12:22am
Superb lyrics by non-native english speakers.

Mumiy Troll, russian rock superstars came up with this on one of their english language tracks: "We never really mind the bollocks, Radioactive alcoholics" Superb stuff...

0 bonjonelson 12.09.12 2:32pm
Anything happen whilst I was away...? 4 medici2471 12.09.12 1:34pm
Has he gone yet?

Its been a while...

0 De-scribe 12.09.12 12:11pm
Aw! That's soooooooo cute!!!

Said on the radio that Nick Clegg and David Cameron are both in favour of gay marriage. Bless!...

2 Scroat 12.09.12 9:41am
Have you ever started a 'hobby' that got out of hand? - 23

TV advert spotted today. A part-work with the aim of constructing your very own Spanish Galleon. The really important info. was on screen for but a few moments but as far as I could see it's £6 a...

61 dvo4fun 12.09.12 7:12am
No sign of 'The Joke' this morning?

Can't think why...

3 The All New Jeni B 12.09.12 6:50am
Congratulations Andy Murray

I'm glad for him - really. I think the icebreaker was beating Federer in the Olympic final at Wimbledon after having lost in the same place to the same person a few weeks' previously. I think...

1 JohnA 11.09.12 11:26am
Oops, wrong room, sorry to bother you... 0 charlies_hat 11.09.12 9:40am
God appears on old vegetable box.

Or is it one of my neighbours when I lived in Stamford...

0 robzrob 10.09.12 9:57pm
Ooh. Wonga 'sidebar' advert for loans! Thought I'd check it out ...

"Borrowing £250 + Interest & fees* £76.06 = Total to repay £326.06 " 28 day loan I'm in!...

6 dvo4fun 10.09.12 9:32pm
Faked Mars Landing

Its clearly Johnny 5 from Short Circuit:

0 button 10.09.12 9:24pm
Funny FP today. 7 rikkor 10.09.12 8:45pm
Al OPecia
Living in Mainland China must be quite like Earth in "Starship Troopers" [quote]The proposed curriculum, which consisted of general civics education as well as more controversial lessons on appreciating mainland China,...

1 JohnA 10.09.12 10:30am