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Gruesome Twosome: Romney and Thatcher

She's eighty-seven, you know.

0 shitsu_tonka 14.10.12 10:07am
I believe Andrew Mitchell...

I don't think he used the word pleb. I think he has said something a damn sight worse but been misheard. Thats the only reason I can think of for him denying saying pleb, but not saying what he said...

4 Perks 13.10.12 6:42pm
There were some people talking about it 25 years ago...


0 medici2471 13.10.12 1:04pm
Bleeping TrueBiscuit...

1 Scroat 12.10.12 4:35pm
I want one

2 godly1966 12.10.12 10:04am
Neat-o challenge - results.

Ok, people,, here it is, the moment you’ve all been waiting for with baited breath (at least, it smells like it’s been baited) - the results of this week’s neat-o challenge. It’s a day...

7 sigmund 12.10.12 9:14am
Of course, I'm totally against censorship or elitism...

but with some new arrivals I'm kind of missing KazyTC and Louis Vitton handbags. Any chance of a spring clean? Or at least a flush and spray?...

10 Ironduke 12.10.12 12:21am
Lance Armstrong: how could he have won? Disturbing questions. No good answers...

14 JohnA 11.10.12 8:59am
Curiosity has been investigating a bit of itself ...

made me laugh .. must be a sub there somewhere ..,

0 Not Amused 10.10.12 9:33am
Not Amused
Neat-o challenge.

In case anyone missed it, this weeks challenge is:, Small shop-keepers., Good luck., Sigmund...

12 sigmund 09.10.12 9:22pm
Amircan Right Wing Politics

Taliban shoot rebellious child of 14 in the head: Charlie Fuqua, the Republican candidate for the Arkansas House of Representatives, Endorses Death...

8 Al OPecia 09.10.12 8:45pm
Hi! Comedy fan here!

Hello!, I'm new! Long time viewer, short tim reader. No, but serously! I've looked in and off hear for some time and sometimes its good and sometime its not 'all that'. But recently, I have to say,...

2 FDubois 09.10.12 5:41pm
Clegg reacts angrily to Grayling 'proportionate force' comments

Nick Clegg has repeated his claim that the Coalition contract is ‘broken’ after the Tories laid out plans to raise the bar on what represents ‘proportionate’ force when defending a home...

0 Bonbon21 09.10.12 12:18pm
Just put the 5g phone network up for sale on eBay Anyone interested?...

5 Boutros 09.10.12 10:25am
Terror Socks Of Wax - Two Pound Five Pairs - Accrington Market

Welcome to terror socks of wax. Made abroad. Good quality. Some colors. Vibrant headache and double vision sorted. Put on foot. One or both. Good for the dancing, and sexy lady meet up. Arthritic...

0 Martin Shuttlecock 09.10.12 2:43am
Martin Shuttlecock

1 Scroat 08.10.12 10:10pm
Does anyone fancy celebrating the life of a serial killer?

If Time Out has got a great offer on Ripper tours How long do you have...

6 ronseal 08.10.12 9:18pm
PC amnesty space

Just for a laugh how about this topic becomes a space to share your most offensive joke with impunity. Notional and valueless prize for the most offensive. Can I give you a starter? Wife in coma in...

4 beau-jolly 08.10.12 5:09pm
Midfield Diamond
"One Nation" Miliband E. (2012) "We shall overcome!" Osborne G. (2012)

FFS! I didn't imagine that line from Gorgeous George today did I? I half expected Joan Baez to walk out onto the stage behind him to rouse the faithful into song, complete with linked arms &...

0 dvo4fun 08.10.12 4:12pm
'Self publish your book' adverts

These have started appearing on the site! Is KazyC back? Or do they think this is an ideal hunting ground for the sort of moron who thinks it's a good idea to pay to have their shit books published?...

12 08.10.12 1:47pm
Hesseltine's hair awarded a Nobel prize ?

0 Not Amused 08.10.12 1:43pm
Not Amused
Wrong room - schoolboy error... 0 charlies_hat 08.10.12 1:03pm
Archive sub today - luvverly. Is it too late to give DC a good spanking?

See: "David Cameron ‘may not have been beaten up enough at school’, warn experts"...

0 dvo4fun 07.10.12 4:15pm
I'm buggered

If those fucking spammers will get the last word tonight...

9 Scroat 07.10.12 2:36pm
Anyone there? 1 Scroat 07.10.12 12:50am
Martin Shuttlecock
Does anyone else get hundreds of e-mails trying to sell tinned pork ? 6 Sinnick 06.10.12 9:23pm
An apology 0 Vertically Challenged Giant 06.10.12 2:02pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Neat-O Results

Well done to all who entered, there was a definite leaning towards tickers and puns this week, with 8 headlines, 2 NiBs and no FPs. I therefore won't split them into categories, and my top 3 entries...

4 button 05.10.12 6:41pm
Drinka pinta wina day?

1 riesler 05.10.12 1:20pm
September Writer of the Month - Oxbridge

After a fiercely contested two-horse race, Oxbridge has scooped the September Writer of the Month award for his story ‘Pope admits: ‘Actually I am the Antichrist’. Obviously too far ahead of...

25 editor 05.10.12 10:39am