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German's pay a relilgion tax ! ..

I read this last night and thought it was a joke initially. German religious groups really do pay an extra 8-9% income tax which goes to their church. ...

4 Not Amused 27.09.12 11:26am
Rowling announces Potter "Directors Cut" to be titled "50 Shades of Harry" 1 moanygit 27.09.12 9:20am
Andrew Mitchell

Nobody likes politicians. Nobody likes snobs. Nobody likes bullies. Nobody likes people who are possibly economical with the truth. Nobody likes people who are full of their own importance....

12 Scroat 27.09.12 7:15am
How did Abu Hamza make the samurai swords in 'Kill Bill' with no hands? 1 dvo4fun 26.09.12 8:48pm
I love Google's quirks

Just 'Googled' the word anagram at the top of the page it asked 'Did you mean: [u][i]nag a ram[/i][/u]'...

2 Perks 26.09.12 1:26pm
Smart Alex

Wrong room, sorry...

1 Midfield Diamond 26.09.12 12:00pm
Maths teacher miscalculates answer to differential problem 2 Cinders 26.09.12 9:45am
Benno the puppy

13 rikkor 25.09.12 10:57pm
Is this a first?

Dusty with a Hat Trick of FP & 2x NiBs at the same time Well done indeed...

11 dvo4fun 25.09.12 10:40pm
ram raiders

0 writinginbsl 25.09.12 9:01am
True Biscuit.

[url=]Nice irony.[/url]...

3 malgor 24.09.12 10:04pm
Violin for sale 7 grumblechops 24.09.12 5:49pm
SARS - Can something be Severe AND Acute ? Or is the S there to stop people dying from Ars Virus?...

3 charlies_hat 24.09.12 1:08pm
Psycadelic Squirrel
wrong room, oops 0 Yikes 24.09.12 1:00pm
Sub for someone?

Massive fight involving 2,000 people at the factory of one of Apple's suppliers, in China:

0 Qoxiivi 24.09.12 11:16am
Quick Question - 2

Do you people try to be funny? Or clever? I ask because there's a distinct difference...

39 Martin Shuttlecock 23.09.12 10:23pm
zzzz.... 0 medici2471 23.09.12 8:13pm
Boat trip around the bay ?

[url=]A quiet saturday night in Dartmouth [/url], Gotta admire...

5 FlashArry 23.09.12 8:09pm
Superb FP Ianslat 3 Simply The Past 23.09.12 7:36pm
Help I cant get this out my head over 200 million views, 199 million of them me...

10 godly1966 23.09.12 2:38pm
Romney and Mormonism laid bare by profound cat singing new version of anthem

0 23.09.12 2:13pm
My Ass Hurts


10 wallster 23.09.12 10:11am
Fight between UKIP and Brighton Guardian readers leaves two crying and 13 upset 0 DustyBinLaden 22.09.12 1:22pm
OK eco-warriors

You’re driving home from the Coldplay gig., A manky little slug breathed badger steps out in front of the car, BANG !!, That’s £600 worth of damage to the offside wing and you’re now late...

7 Gerontius 21.09.12 9:35pm
royalties surely this is one of ours I have noticed the Telegraph getting a...

0 Squudge 21.09.12 5:05pm
Jeremy Vine discussing Social Media prosecutions

today (21 Sept), first 30 mins on air. Also, Discussion focussing on legal issues. Basically, a direct threat is illegal; so is "persistent harassment" (ie,...

1 Sinnick 21.09.12 1:27pm
Hugely offensive cartoon

Hey has everyone seen this cartoon from the Onion? A really clever way of addressing the insulting Islam furore, and getting to teh core of the problem, I thought. Although I don't fancy Jesus's...

8 Re Pete 21.09.12 1:30am
I am 1 today

Today is the first anniversary of me signing up to this site and my first lame [url=]sub[/url] Since then, the Newsbiscuit addiction has seen me over...

10 Perks 20.09.12 6:16pm
Ancient fragment makes reference to the 'wife of Jesus'

Anybody else seen this? Especially : Jim West, a professor and Baptist pastor in Tennessee, said: "A statement on a papyrus fragment isn't proof of...

11 simonjmr 20.09.12 4:03pm
When dogs attack

2 button 20.09.12 4:00pm