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. 0 beau-jolly 03.03.12 12:05pm
Is the secret of comedy wearing a uniform?

Roger Lewis claims that older comedians: Carson, Dawson, Milligan etc were funny because they'd been in the armed forces and that comedians today aren't funny because they haven't. I'm shocked that...

6 shitsu_tonka 02.03.12 12:50am
Sure helps when you are driving round in circles! 10 minutes later.. Bugger, they have changed the headline. It said 'Hamilton hopes to turn the corner'. Not funny now. Wasn't very funny then...

0 riesler 01.03.12 7:49pm
Badger-fisting !

An old, old friend from the archive !, The story that first drew me into NB, and still my favourite animal cruelty sub, although Wayland's kittens run it a very close second., It takes me back ...

3 FlashArry 01.03.12 5:37pm
Nice FP, Perks!

Love the angle. Nice one!...

1 01.03.12 10:17am
'Funny' names in real life - 2

Just read about the Android 'evi' app, a sort of search engine for bored people. The designer is called William Tunstall-Pedoe. I guess he doesn't come to Stoke very often. Any others out there...

34 29.02.12 6:51pm
mr editor, I done a typo!

Thanks for taking Dobbin out for a run. Could you change 'shawn' to 'shorn'? It was a howler I had in my original sub (and a pun on Sean/Shaun Hoares, the conspiracists). Ta! Sorry, my bad!...

2 29.02.12 4:11pm
Rupert Murdoch to launch new son on Sunday. (Stolen from twitter).

Found on twitter and made me laugh and thought it belonged here somewhere .. obviously not suggesting it for a real more soon pity though ! ....

0 Not Amused 29.02.12 4:10pm
Not Amused
Northern drinks

Anyone else near Manchester? I can't manage a school night in London, anyone fancy a slap up chippy tea with gravy, followed by a pint of mild? Failing that, I can make the Bucks break-away group...

8 29.02.12 12:50am
Mr Smithy...

What the fuck are you on? Brilliant!...

0 Scroat 29.02.12 12:48am
USA 2012 Olympic Squirrel licking team in training

2 Quaz 29.02.12 12:46am
Psycadelic Squirrel
Worth a watch if you haven't already

0 button 28.02.12 10:03pm
Mr Smithy!

Another cracker and no mistake!!...

0 Scroat 28.02.12 4:33pm
David Hockney

Anybody else been to his exhibition at the Royal Academy? Went yesterday and was completely blown away. Poptastic! Tantamount even!!...

3 Scroat 28.02.12 4:29pm
Living in shanty towns and earning a pittance

Dear God! how did this happen?, [url=]Take me back to India[/url], Not remotely funny but there must be a satirical story about Cockneys smuggling themselves to...

1 beau-jolly 28.02.12 1:53pm
Moved 2 beau-jolly 28.02.12 1:04pm
You suffer unmonitored performance in bedrooms?

Got your eyes going? Goodness. You lack graphs and inspections. [url=]No bluffers[/url] you dillon! You need...

23 youbuyitnow 28.02.12 12:45pm
Golgeau Treize
NewsJack - a chance to get your stuff broadcast...

A number of NewsBiscuit writers have had some success with Newsjack - BBC Radio's answer to 'How can new writers get started?', Click here for more information,...

9 editor 27.02.12 4:14pm
Banned names

A while back during a boozy get together we were trying to come up with a name for a mate's band. Of all the suggestions he favoured "Johnnie and the Felchers". I was a strong advocate of "Pope...

17 beau-jolly 27.02.12 11:56am
Hoops McCann
'Drought measures sought at summit'

One of the top headlines on the BBC website last week, apparently. They do know water rolls down hills, don't they?...

2 27.02.12 11:12am
. 0 Sinnick 27.02.12 7:32am
Great FP Jeni and Quaz!

That photo gives me chills. Reminds me of working at a big bank. Luckily, I was never a drone in a mini-cube...

6 rikkor 26.02.12 11:52pm
Smithfield at centre of new bone hacking scandal. 0 weematt 26.02.12 9:05am
A whole new meaning to "eating out" I'm so sorry...

6 beau-jolly 26.02.12 7:31am
John Ffitch-Rucker
"a little less rapey and killy" 0 Qoxiivi 25.02.12 12:59am
vcg fp - congrats !

ver' ver' funny...

4 FlashArry 25.02.12 12:34am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Good FP, VCG. 1 rikkor 25.02.12 12:33am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Fat guy upsets big girl in Blur upset

I really wonder if people were more interested in hearing Adele read out a list of names of people we've never heard of rather than hearing Blur play live. Personally I didn't watch it, and don't...

9 bonjonelson 25.02.12 12:32am
I've got a sneaking suspicion she's guilty...

1920's Australian criminals, lady charged with stealing a fur coat...

14 Ironduke 24.02.12 8:41pm
Great tits like coconuts

First of all they say men who gawp at breasts are less likey to have a heart attack and then they castigate some poor minor royal for having a healthy stare. Is this the most unconvincing display of...

2 beau-jolly 24.02.12 1:33pm
Son of Barnabas