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Trick or treat/Jehovah's Witness sub from the archives.

Superb. Really nicely written and I love the ending, and that particular [i]style[/i] of ending...

2 Qoxiivi 01.11.12 6:53pm
Truebiscuit for the first paragraph alone... "A baby hedgehog which found itself stuck in a crisp packet has been released after a three-and-a-half hour rescue involving six people."...

0 LittleSpender 01.11.12 3:52pm
Hello Everyone - 2

I'm new to all this. I was attracted by the BBC2 declares war on BBC1 article. I loved it. Then I looked at some others. Very good. It makes me feel like giving it a try myself...

31 Paddy Berzinski 01.11.12 11:41am
Sandy is a hurricane, not a cyclone. 2 rikkor 01.11.12 8:40am
Dickens or Shakespeare
isn't this hate crime? I can understand it when they are already six foot under and can't be harmed - but Armstrong, burning, really?...

6 Squudge 01.11.12 5:50am
.....OK - who was it ?

2 charlies_hat 31.10.12 11:38am
The Savile story gets stranger

Turns out he was bezzie-mates with Prince Charles and gave the royals marriage advice. It's got to the stage now that tomorrow's headlines could be that Savile used to break into aquariums and do...

8 Carter 31.10.12 11:28am
mittens quite catchy in fact...

2 Squudge 30.10.12 6:39pm
You all right over there, Rikkor?

And any other Biscuits who might be affected by the frankenstorm. Hope you're all safe and not too wet...

10 shitsu_tonka 30.10.12 1:23pm
NEAT-O episode 5 - the results!

OK, here are the much anticipated final scores for the 'Putting the clocks back' challenge - an hour earlier than normal. I had to rummage to find some of the entries as links were not provided in...

3 Idiot 30.10.12 11:37am
Lovely archive Mr Smithy. One of my favorite FPs

Joy to read again...

1 Perks 30.10.12 11:14am
After Jimmy Savile, who's next...? - 2

There are some "showbiz" people I have grave doubts about (necrophiliac pun unintended)...

40 Scroat 30.10.12 11:10am

whoops, wrong room...

0 Tripod 30.10.12 9:50am
Tsunami of spam

The entire first page of the writers room is spam thanks to Vanessa, Chelsea et al. Bonjonelson laid out a plausible way of fixing this issue but despite a bit of effort I couldn't find his post. I...

1 Yikes 30.10.12 7:09am
Whatever happened to Barbra Streisand?

Any news anyone?...

0 Dick Everyman 29.10.12 10:18pm
Dick Everyman
Hooray! Another great reason to hate Jamie Oliver!

[url=]Jamie's battery-farmed dinners[/url] The smug, hypocritical, opportunist, fat-tongued...

12 29.10.12 7:59pm
brilliant FP today by 'the bogs'

Beautifully written and highly believable. Great idea!...

8 29.10.12 2:07pm
NEAT-O episode 5

A bit early I know but I've got a mad few days coming up (on tour with Terrorvision - if anyone's coming along to Buckley, Nottingham or Manchester this weekend please say hello - I'm looking after...

26 Idiot 29.10.12 9:23am
Hurricane Mitt

fine front page story.. many thanks/congrats to whoever wrote it...

1 29.10.12 9:21am
Dick Everyman
Good stuff nickb...


16 medici2471 28.10.12 11:50pm
Hypocrisy Alert...

[url=]right here[/url]...

5 The All New Jeni B 27.10.12 6:58pm
'BBC1 declares war on BBC2' deservedly makes its mark

7 editor 27.10.12 1:04pm
Dog photo test. 4 rikkor 26.10.12 4:23pm
High Five to the editorial team

Just to say deep respect and thanks to the member of the editorial team who added the final punchline to my IVF submission, which turned it from something of a rough gem into a sparkling NiB...

0 Nails UK 26.10.12 3:22pm
Nails UK
Newsjack - Nearly ended for this series

Very short notice I know, but submissions for the last episode of this run of Newsjack are about to close. The entry date for sketches has gone but one liners are taken until 4pm on Tuesday if you...

2 seymour totti 26.10.12 12:36pm
Fabulous FP on Jeremy Hunt, Ludo

It's almost credible. Very well written...

1 Sinnick 26.10.12 9:42am
Hell's teeth! Look at all that 'incoming' spam.

Like a website Pearl Harbour...

1 dvo4fun 26.10.12 9:06am
Not Amused
error - it was comedy genius though

While I'm here, does anyone know where I can buy some Oakley sunglasses, a Louis Vitton handbag or some UGG boots?...

2 charlies_hat 26.10.12 8:46am
My favorite "Daily Mail" headline in a while.

'Armed robber in demonic mask shoots customer and flees store with money then 'falls off cliff and breaks his back before having leg amputated' Well, of course he couldn't have jumped off the...

1 rikkor 25.10.12 7:01pm
BBC Pronunciation irritation

With the news that the Ford plant at Southampton is to close I like most of the population of the South will not so much be mourning the job losses but celebrating the end of the irritating BBC South...

2 MADJEZ 25.10.12 5:17pm