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Did anyone catch the tumbleweed blowing through HIGNFY tonight? - 23

Possibly not the night to book the comedy powerhouse that is Clare Balding...

63 Mary Evans 19.10.12 3:55pm
Question Time

Question Time is in Scottish tonight - where are the ruddy subtitles?...

7 Dick Everyman 19.10.12 3:18pm
Police and Crime Commissioner candidate - Truebiscuit

He has to stand a good chance with a name and URL like that:

1 Midfield Diamond 19.10.12 2:56pm
Jimmy Savile joke recycling bin. - 2

I think every possible Savile joke has been done now. I think anymore should be put straight into here so all the letters can be rearranged and reused to make something funny. NB County Council...

33 B.E.P. 19.10.12 12:32pm
Dead Pool 2.0: which dead star will be dug up next?

There's a whole other world of dead former celebrities to choose from, who only appear to be resting in peace. But can you use internet rumours or compelling police evidence, to decide which one will...

11 Runestone Cowboy 19.10.12 11:35am
Ryan to consider the truth

US Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan shocked supporters today by announcing that he was thinking the unthinkable and considering the issuing of a factual statement. "I know that this will be of...

0 Tired and Emotional 18.10.12 10:26pm
Tired and Emotional
Well done Daily Mail for not scrapping the bottom of the barrell for a story

Don't get me wrong. The detail of Savile's abuse and how widespread it was, as well as probably preventable sickens me as much as the next person, but...

3 Perks 18.10.12 7:51pm
eaton style

sweetly self deprecating-bless 'em...

0 writinginbsl 18.10.12 6:14pm
Wrong forum 10 antharrison 18.10.12 4:45pm
wifi names

BBC article on "passive-aggressive" wi-fi names:, So, does anyone have anything wittier than the BBC can find ? - "this network is monitored by the...

3 Sinnick 18.10.12 1:39pm
PM accused of massaging unemployment figures after not firing Chief Whip 2 landofdopeandtories 18.10.12 12:01am
Anyone else read 'Christian Minge' on the religious dating banner advert?

I know it says more about my mind than anything else, just curious if I inhabit these depths alone...

0 Ironduke 17.10.12 11:06pm
Mr Mole ster

I recognise the style but can't place the, surely soon to be deleted, fuckwit. Not Kaz, but a more recent brain donor. Can anyone shed a light?...

3 beau-jolly 17.10.12 8:52pm
Stunning Truebiscuit

A shocking incident (sorry)!

3 seymour totti 17.10.12 8:26pm
40 Years of Emmerdale (yawn) time for a new soap? - 2

Farms, northern streets, motels and East End squares not allowed. Ideas on a post card please...

31 Dick Everyman 17.10.12 6:19pm
Dick Everyman
Ashley Cole leaps to defence of under fire Serbian Football Supporters

Ashley Cole attacked the England U21 side in a '#U21bunchoftwats' tweet today following their allegations of racism by the Serbian crowd. In his tweet he claimed that he himself had played Serbia...

0 Tambourine Dream 17.10.12 1:50pm
Tambourine Dream

Thank you all for your entries. I now have sufficient material for my forthcoming book on urban architecture and how the dull, monochrome nature of city landscapes impacts on society. I’m calling...

10 malgor 17.10.12 11:56am

[url=]balloon parking[/url]...

0 vertical 17.10.12 11:21am
THERE you go!

2 Squudge 17.10.12 8:31am
'Fame Daddy' sperm donor bank

[url=]already started stockpiling to meet demand[/url]...

0 Ironduke 16.10.12 11:24pm
Oldham, home of the tubular bandage Following the branding of Curious Suffolk I couldn't help thinking of Oldham's proud boast., When I was a...

2 beau-jolly 16.10.12 5:29pm
Where's the pic of the neon lights...

and stained glass window gone I was going to add this for those who haven't seen it?

1 Scroat 16.10.12 5:08pm
Vogon Poetry Society moves on to humour

unfortunately. I'm off...

20 dvo4fun 16.10.12 4:44pm
Wonderful Ambassador truebiscuit whoopsie

[url=]UK Ambassador combines...

1 Ironduke 16.10.12 2:31pm
University Challenge

when the guy on the left buzzes in, you can hear the announcer taking a deep breath before rapping out 'UCL Pappaphilippopoulos', and sometimes he still slightly runs out of breath towards the end....

8 Ironduke 16.10.12 1:19pm
Absolutely nothing to joke about - 2

My comment in the other room asking why no-one had made a joke about April Jones yet was in rather poor taste. Only defence is that I didn't actually make a joke. Now then:, As someone said in the...

49 beau-jolly 16.10.12 1:07pm
Songs in the key of life - 2

Do you have any songs you like to sing to accompany everyday tasks? For example when I put the heating on, I like to sing 'The heatings on' to the tune of 'The heat is on' by Glenn Frey. Also when i...

56 button 16.10.12 12:17pm
Judas Iscariot Calls For Reunion Tour

Judas Iscariot, a backing vocalist with the thirties touring band Jesus and the Disciples, has called on other members of the group to join him in a reunion tour. In an interview with Flavius...

0 Areopagus 16.10.12 12:08pm
A shocking revelation in TrueBiscuit

0 Sinnick 16.10.12 10:02am
FP and Neat-O winner at a stroke?


0 Scroat 16.10.12 7:31am