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Christopher Hitchens is dead

and the voices of unreason have lost another challenger. A sad day...

29 John Ffitch-Rucker 18.12.11 10:08pm
Nick McCarr
If the UK's relationship with Europe continues to detiorate...

would we win in a war? Our forces have had a fair bit of practice recently, and the Americans usually take our side in these things and they've got some troops with nothing to do now they're out of...

7 ianslat 18.12.11 9:25pm
25,000 Kinder Eggs seized by US Border Agents in 2010. Well done guys!

If anyone was in any doubt about the threat the US faces from Kinder Egg smugglers, this report details how 25,000 Eggs were seized by US Border Agents in 2010 alone....

0 bonjonelson 18.12.11 3:22pm

[url=]Twinkle twinkle.[/url]...

0 malgor 17.12.11 1:05am
Embarrassment backstage at Country & Western concert.

As Doctor Brian Cox tries to explain:, "Thanks for the offer Miss Parton, but I'm really not after a Hick's Bosom."...

1 rob box 16.12.11 12:39pm
Louis C.K

Louis C.K is selling his new concert film for download for £3.20 cutting out the middleman and offering instant access to what is a truly great set. I think more and more comedians will start...

6 shitsu_tonka 16.12.11 12:49am
irregular apple
Single mother story Dear editors, Would you be kind enough to add an attribution? Kthxbi...

1 bonjonelson 15.12.11 8:30pm
. 0 writinginbsl 15.12.11 6:34pm
Here's a little ego boost.

If you've ever had an NB FP; try googling it. You'll be amazed how influential you good people are in the wider world...

19 wallster 15.12.11 3:47pm
I've just argued with Matthew Parris on the radio.

That felt gooooood...

19 Mary Evans 15.12.11 1:27pm

[url=http://]Eat shit![/url], The bits that got me were household blender and coffee filter. Its like he's practising in his kitchen...

11 beau-jolly 15.12.11 8:47am
Son of Barnabas
I think I'll just 0 dvo4fun 14.12.11 4:15pm
I'm sure no one else noticed Ed, but....

In the music industry NiB 2nd para last line needs 'listened to' or 'heard' removed...

0 Perks 14.12.11 12:16pm
Thanks Ed

Not Ar*e licking, but that was a much better rewrite of my original sub about the LHC and Higgs. All the main points, but just in the right order...

0 Quaz 14.12.11 12:39am

Could I borrow the collective NB braincell for a moment and ask for a little help? I am going back to school next year and am putting together some thoughts for my Key Stage 1. I need to find some...

13 Mary Evans 13.12.11 8:39pm
Slow down; you move too fast.

This FUCKS ME RIGHT OFF. I feel like I'm being discriminated against for being a fast typer. There. Got that off my chest...

4 bonjonelson 13.12.11 4:50pm
Libyan pickups with artillery mounted on the back could be marketing cue

2012 Toyota Hilux - enough room for the kids & an anti-aircraft gun, New Nissan Warrior - more mortars than the average pickup., Mitsubishi Raider- a blast & no need to shell out for extras...

1 vertical 13.12.11 9:22am
Clegg's escape to mainland Europe thwarted by tougher border controls. 0 irregular apple 13.12.11 12:34am
irregular apple
. 0 Son of Barnabas 12.12.11 2:50pm
Son of Barnabas
great FP kimllfixit!

Nice work, very funny!...

1 12.12.11 2:42pm
. 0 beau-jolly 12.12.11 1:15pm
NB protocols: i) Is it worth getting a second identity to bump my own stuff?

ii) is it OK to score one's own sub?...

9 dvo4fun 12.12.11 10:36am
Where's Rikkor? Not seen around here for a few weeks? - 2

Anybody popped round and half inched his valuables yet?...

33 simonjmr 12.12.11 12:58am
Valenciennes lace hanky delicately touched to nose and, sniff! a la S. Pimpernel

In just a cursory review of the "subs", if we can call them that, I can see that my rapier-like comments have been sorely missed...

0 rikkor 12.12.11 12:39am
Very, very southern drinks?

Hmm. Just me then. :-)...

8 rickwestwell 12.12.11 12:32am
. 0 Dumbnews 11.12.11 3:03am
higgs boson NiB

Just realised it works better if schrodinger put up 'wanted dead AND alive' posters. Is it too late to edit it?...

4 Runestone Cowboy 09.12.11 7:35pm
Novel Christmas gifts.

Do you suffer from hairy druids? If, so I can recommend the Braun electric Bard Trimmer, only £9.99+VAT from or major high street stores...

5 John Ffitch-Rucker 09.12.11 2:56pm
Runestone Cowboy
Dear Ticker editor

it is boson not bosun, a particle not an unlicensed member of the crew...

0 andhrimnir 09.12.11 2:56pm
Scots/Northern Biscuits

You all alright up there? The storms look horrendous on the news...

9 shitsu_tonka 09.12.11 11:49am
Al OPecia