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Neil Armstrong:Godspeed

Not only the first man on the moon, but an aviation expert. Just in case any idiot still thinks they never went to the moon

12 Quaz 26.08.12 11:20pm
DM photo caption

Bronx-born Ivette Rivera, pictured, had to be sedated on Friday after her boyfriend Jeffrey Johnson, above right, was gunned down in broad daylight by Jeffrey Johnson, top left, near to the Empire...

0 rikkor 26.08.12 2:35pm
Ticker not even close on "Condoleezza." 1 rikkor 26.08.12 1:44pm
The Lancaster Bomber

I sincerely hope that your post was a spoof. After the recent Defence cuts, that aircraft is the RAF Strategic Strike Force and it's loss would be disastrous...

0 Grumpy Old Man 26.08.12 8:45am
Grumpy Old Man
So, the Sun does shine there after all

looking at pictures of naked young men on the internet is no longer considered 'perverse', Newsbiscuit regulars have been saying that for years...

1 Gerontius 25.08.12 11:00pm
For real, or just exquisite satire....?

This guy is either an ignorant nutter, or a comedy genius. Either way, from a neutral perspective it is [url=]comedy gold[/url]...

7 kga6 25.08.12 10:59pm
Let's face it, we've all masturbated into a muckspreader once or twice.....

10 charlies_hat 25.08.12 12:03pm
Jonny Shlep
Managed to get on stage with Abandoman and Tim Vine...

..and heckled Mark Watson by 'phone from Dylan Moran's gig. Really enjoyed the Fringe!...

3 Al OPecia 24.08.12 10:43pm
The All New Jeni B
Comedy drama award

Another opportunity for aspiring comedy writers.

0 editor 24.08.12 7:00pm
Hilarious FP pic today

Without any help from Red, apart from the 110% line. Nice one...

5 Scroat 24.08.12 1:16pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Love these 2 quotes

1) The Sun says not printing pictures of a prince harry and a girl naked 'would be [i]perverse[/i]' 2)The anti doping agency say that Armstrong not contesting the drug charges means the 'claims have...

0 Perks 24.08.12 1:06pm
I don't come in for a day and somebody has left the rooms in a right mess. 4 button 24.08.12 7:53am

Truth is stranger than fiction - Paralympians getting an adrenaline rush by electrocuting themselves or letting their bladder fill up till its painful ...

0 Yikes 23.08.12 8:58pm
Amateur restorer ruins painting for all time... Read it and weepwith laughter...

5 JohnA 23.08.12 8:43pm
Al OPecia
Did the boyfriend do it ?

He went to see his brother ? a brother is more likely to give a false alibi than parents ,he is am architect ,very smart very methodical all planned out ,the only thing missing is a blue rinse...

24 Malcum eggs 23.08.12 10:20am
The rise of the far right...

0 Scroat 23.08.12 6:56am
Surely there must be a Republican somewhere who isn't a "God, Guns ...

.'n' Gasoline" moron? Whatever happened to moderate Republicans - could a Truman or Eisenhower ever get elected by this mob today? (Yes I know...

8 Al OPecia 22.08.12 10:36pm
Any relation?

1 Al OPecia 21.08.12 8:04pm
Phyllis Diller

"I went into a dress store and told the assistant I was a medium. So she asked me to try and contact her dead Uncle Fred "Then got a dress she insisted I try it on. She said it was so sexy it would...

1 Scroat 21.08.12 4:42pm
Every year I redo the 'pretty A Level students' sub...

and it gets overlooked. Now look at the Daily Mash. [flounce] A Level students '20% less fit' than last year 17-08-12 THIS year’s crop of young, predominantly female, students pictured...

3 Oxbridge 21.08.12 4:37pm
According to the "Newsbiscuit Editorial Team" homepage...

..they have only been a member for 1 year - who was in charge before then?...

0 Al OPecia 20.08.12 7:00pm
Al OPecia
Maybe I'm too sensitive...

but I'm a little uneasy about the FP today...

25 riesler 20.08.12 3:57pm
Baby FP

Nice FP from team newsbiscuit!...

0 Yikes 20.08.12 8:46am
Should we shut down the Chat Room and open an online shop instead?

Because that would surely chase the spammers away AND make money...

5 JohnA 20.08.12 12:21am
Dread Affliction Of Freeitis Attacks Thousands Of Internet Users.

The advent and incredible popularity of the Internet has resulted in an outbreak of the strange psychological malady known as ‘Freeitis’., Freeitis is a recent mental disease in which a person,...

1 18.08.12 6:57pm
Mr Target
A shamefully good picture choice to go with the FP today Red

Credit where it's due...

1 Scroat 18.08.12 2:05pm
Duke Togo
Truebiscuit - with walnuts "Could two handfuls a day keep the fertility doctor away?" I could be wrong, but there might be some puns here...

1 Sinnick 17.08.12 3:10pm
Crime pays well

[url=]Most wanted[/url], Does any one else read this and think, Hmmm, that looks easy, and when you do yet caught they let you run away., They always appear...

3 beau-jolly 17.08.12 12:53pm
old school comedy hero

Vivian Stanshall is no longer with us, but his writing lives on. Off to see this in Liverpool in October: [url=]Henry of Rawlinson End[/url] It will probably be great....

3 17.08.12 12:04pm
Not Amused
Today's FP

Hilarious - can't wait for Daily Mail review...

3 antharrison 17.08.12 10:14am