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Queen tests positive for steroids disqualified from opening ceremony 0 27.07.12 9:50am
Dark Knight Rises Review

Dark Knight Rises is the latest installment of the most recent trilogy of Batman movies. It’s the third film which follows the release of two others which people went to cinemas all over the world...

9 smackbean 26.07.12 7:15pm
Nice FP. Capitalize P in "Peter's"

Yours in spell checkery...

0 rikkor 26.07.12 7:13pm
I'm new, where's the toilets?

And do I help myself to tea and coffee or do I have to chip in first? Couple more questions. Is there a best time to post in the Writer's Room? Should I be setting my alarm or staying up late, or...

20 Carter 26.07.12 9:25am
Michael Gove ate my Javelin.

Athletes gathering at the Olympic village were shocked and surprised to hear allegations from the Manager of the Cameroon team ,that Michael Gove had eaten a star athletes javelin. When asked to...

1 Kieran 25.07.12 6:18pm
Thanks Ed.

For saving me from myself witht he Dog Walking NiB. It's much better now...

0 Al OPecia 25.07.12 5:44pm
Al OPecia
Top-notch FP, W. Smithy 2 rikkor 25.07.12 3:36pm
Could somebody please remind me how to edit a submission

Many tanks. When I find out I can add the missing 'h' to the above sentence...

1 Underconstruction 25.07.12 11:54am
seymour totti
"Zil lane chaos" update

Usual 75 minute commute from Kent to Aldgate via Blackwall Tunnel usually takes 75 minutes; today was 55. Hurrah!...

3 riesler 25.07.12 10:51am
I have just been banned from Waterstones

all I did was collect up and move all their yellow "caution wet floor" signs putting them in front of the Fifty Shades of Grey display...

4 andhrimnir 25.07.12 6:09am
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

So, we can't trust the press, police, politicians, bankers, or anyone running a major company. Business as usual then. "From Our Own Correspondent" should run a peice from the UK...

0 Quaz 24.07.12 10:30pm
What would happen if a selected athlete changed their name by deed poll...

to something like 'Max Pepsi' or 'King Burger'? Can a competitor be disqualified because of their name? Oooohif only I'd thought of this years ago and been blessed with any form of sporting talent,...

2 Ironduke 24.07.12 3:46pm
Could we please have an Olympic Torch update from Biscuiteers.. - 23

as it passes through you neighbourhood...

68 Gerontius 24.07.12 1:07pm
Great invention for those long business trips

Anyone spot the flaw ?

4 Sinnick 24.07.12 12:30pm
Please no..., It was inevitable - the death of peace and quiet for good. There is no God...

3 kga6 23.07.12 6:57pm
I was wondering how long it would be......

Before LOCOG shut newsbiscuit down!!!!! Don't f**k with the limpics...

6 Perks 23.07.12 12:30pm
Am I going mad?

I swear that yesterday the site was down but I managed to somehow get in briefly and there was a sub from Gero about superheroes hiding from the gun man. I think I also saw a bit of some troll...

4 beau-jolly 22.07.12 7:15pm
Newsbiscuit: The official satricial news outlet of the 2012 Olympic Games

Can we add some blant illegal claims to say that we're an offical partner of the games? Might be quite nice! We could add the word alleged or possible or something to that too somewhere possibly...

8 thisisall1word 22.07.12 4:24pm
Beens beens good for the heart....

but there is one too many beens in the last line of todays (excellent) FP...

1 button 21.07.12 7:32pm
Love the latest Pole ticker 0 rikkor 21.07.12 7:29pm
So who else indluged themselves with the Pendleton docco last night ?

Come on, we know you're out there...

4 charlies_hat 20.07.12 5:05pm
Old Jokes Home - 2345

Man A: "My mother made me a homosexual." Man B: "Ooh, if I give her the wool can she make me one?" C'mon, Biscuits, what have you got lurking in your comedy attics?...

142 shitsu_tonka 20.07.12 4:06pm
custard cream
batman shootings

the gun and 'kerpow' on the NB front page today were sadly predictive....

8 cinquecento 20.07.12 3:25pm
Opportunity for Comedy Writers

Just in case any aspiring comedy writers hadn't already spotted this opportunity, this link might be of interest Deadline only a week away

0 editor 20.07.12 11:21am
Is anyone else getting the bloke with meat picture appearing top left

on the home page, or is it just me?...

0 NewSuburbanDad 20.07.12 9:19am
What's the difference between Alan Partridge and David Brent?

I was having this discussion with a friend of mine in over a few pints the other day and I thought I'd open it up for further input. They’re both very similar in a number of ways but there is, we...

7 Qoxiivi 20.07.12 8:40am
Gay Scouts of America

OK who's going to break cover and do the story about the Scouts of America banning homosexualists? I was thinking along the lines of G4S contracting to fill the gaps now scout leaders cannot be gays...

12 beau-jolly 20.07.12 5:36am
If a person asks you to see the movie "Ted",

first, throw acid into your own eyes, then stuff your ears full of cotton. You will be safe then...

1 rikkor 20.07.12 5:35am
Made London Broil for dinner.

Vy. inexpensive cut of meat, marinated for a few hours, has to be cooked rare. Do you all just call it "Broil"? Just wondering...

1 rikkor 20.07.12 5:33am
OMG. There are some real nut jobs out there

This is great fun: But then go to this link, which discusses the significance of the number plate on the milk float

6 Scroat 19.07.12 5:35pm
Psycadelic Squirrel