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Christine Lagarde pays no tax.

Would it even be possible to out-satirise this?...

3 Thor 29.05.12 6:52pm
udder job?

This is mad: [url=]cow boob jobs[/url] If you think that's...

5 29.05.12 4:48pm
"Bluefin tuna record Fukushima radioactivity" BBC news

was I the only one to read this as a remarkable feat of fish training?...

0 cinquecento 29.05.12 1:03pm
Just seen that bloke shouting at Blair on the news

Apparently he 'breached security', but to me it looked like he appeared from behind a curtain. Is this what we call security these days. Hope they've got some decent curtains in place for the...

16 ianslat 29.05.12 11:22am
Hosepipe ban Q&A: What if I filled my pool with the blood of Thames Water execs?

Would that contravene the ban?...

3 ronseal 29.05.12 9:07am
Al OPecia
Ed, slight credit anomoly

I was out drinking like an idiot all weekend, but I still vaguely recall writing the Robot PCSO sub. But it says it was by Paper Ostrich. Is that a clerical error, or should I seek medical...

2 29.05.12 8:39am
newsbiscuit editorial team
damn wrong room, deleted 0 cinquecento 28.05.12 1:46pm
Leveson fans might want to throw a sickie on Monday

Blair is blessing the inquiry with his presence. I always find myself transfixed by the amount of make-up he wears whenever he pops up on anything. Lots of big names next week: Gove, May, Clarke and...

4 shitsu_tonka 28.05.12 11:34am
Gazza Very hard to improve on!...

3 Yikes 27.05.12 10:25pm
This is wrong in so many ways

11 Sinnick 27.05.12 9:50pm
Mr Target
Dexys fans

2 button 27.05.12 9:29pm
Will Smith's casual racism I'd have told him to go f**k himself...

2 JohnA 26.05.12 2:07pm
Durex and Anusol...

Noticed in my local branch of Waitrose last week that in the medicines and wotnots section, the Durex were stacked next to the Anusol. I wondered whether there was some really weird OCD person who...

8 Scroat 26.05.12 12:11pm
Overheard on Chelsea Flower Show programme.

Alan Titchmarsh 'This bonsai tree is 40 years old, it took several burly men to lug it through the crowd' Er.. So it's a giant bonsai tree.. so it's A TREE !...

0 MADJEZ 25.05.12 7:44pm
Man in a suitcase.

[url=][/url] Knowing, as we think we might, that there are some chaps out there who enjoy a bit of extreme onanism; names...

8 wallster 25.05.12 5:58am
Has this been done?

Seeing Cheryl Cole kissing a man in a wheelchair on TV this morning set my warped mind off on one and I rapidly came up with the idea of a story about her (or any other attractive female celeb for...

11 Oxbridge 24.05.12 11:31am
Poking the loonies with sticks

[url=]How many can you stand?[/url] It's a beautiful day so the High Street is dead. I'm going to waste some time seeing if I can find an even bigger...

14 beau-jolly 24.05.12 9:18am
Caption Competiion Time

As ever, untold fortunes for the best

18 thisisall1word 23.05.12 12:15pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Chronic pain under-treated - NICE

The BBC main news page is showing the above text as a link to:, I can't help hearing in the style of the Fast Show jazz man ....

1 Not Amused 23.05.12 11:52am
Opening lines

Whilst on me hol's I borrowed [actually I brought it home with me] a copy of 'Encore Provence' by Peter Mayle, from the holiday location library. I would like to propose the opening paragraph: "I...

25 dvo4fun 23.05.12 8:11am
The lovely Rebekeh...

Why has no-one dubbed this Gingergate? Is the G-word getting a little non-PC???...

17 Scroat 22.05.12 11:49pm
Spam Suggestion

One forum I'm a member of has the policy that your first three posts only go public once they've been approved by a mod and it is made clear that that will happen whenever the mod can be arsed and...

22 shitsu_tonka 22.05.12 2:31pm
My favourite review from a brilliant site Just genius...

2 JohnA 21.05.12 12:36pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Wonderful archive story today.

Original and surreal. And that's all I have to say on the matter...

7 wallster 21.05.12 12:29pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
At last a sense of proportion.....

An essay setting out Jeremy Hunt's likely explanation to the Leveson Inquiry has been banned by Michael Gove as 'not a suitable subject for sixth formers'., It has been pointed out to Mr Gove that...

0 quackadoom 21.05.12 11:35am
JoF Watch: Question Time tonight!

Just sayin'. On BBC1, in glorious HD, equipment permitting. 10.30pm...

11 18.05.12 5:03pm
To the nice admin lady - Second News in Brief wrongly credited

The News in Brief about the Royal Enclosure appears to have been credited to Skylarking rather than to me? Any chance of a correction?...

1 Nails UK 18.05.12 2:47pm
All aboard the comedy train.

There must me mileage in this surely. Any suggestions?, [url=]Your contributions?[/url]...

8 beau-jolly 17.05.12 7:20pm
Clintons give 3,000 staff their cards 0 Underconstruction 17.05.12 10:41am
Hodgson 'Crouch not selected for hoofballing reasons' 0 Underconstruction 17.05.12 10:28am