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So, who would you choose to be the new DG of the Beeb, and why ?

Mitt Romney, because even he couldn't balls it up any worse...

15 Sinnick 13.11.12 8:37pm
It's a good thing the BBC is not biased one way or the other

BBC Editor: “Tories are Lower Than Vermin” ”...

0 ronseal 13.11.12 3:32pm
Picture of Cameron to inspire subs

The folds look promising. I'm betting Dave's got a cracking set of jugs. Hoping someone can write something FP worthy just so's the picture can be used to illustrate it. ...

4 Carter 13.11.12 12:57pm
In amongst all the muck and filth and greed is this little heartwarming gem

That's made me feel better already.,

0 Gerontius 13.11.12 10:47am
Excellent from the archives today...

You could be in with a chance of WoM Wayland?...

0 button 12.11.12 3:16pm
I know what I want for Xmas

Oh the fun to be had!

0 tedweasel 12.11.12 2:22pm
Actor dropped from panto after attempted murder charge One for the 'you couldn't make it up' archive, IMHO. This BBC report is far more concerned about the show going on. Oh yes it will...

7 allmyownstunts 12.11.12 12:01pm
Dick Everyman
Gay witch hunt or gay wizard hunt?

Should it be 'lesbian witch hunt' or can gay men be witches too? Where is Sugartits when you need her/him? Not that I'm on a lesbian hunt...

6 Dick Everyman 11.11.12 4:16pm
For those of a similar age

If you've not noticed they're re-running Cheers on ITV4. And don't forget, it was filmed before a live studio audience. I'm British and I'd like to say a British sitcom was better than this but I...

9 Lucy4 11.11.12 4:15pm
Quick storm the BBC

They have no leader. The time is right for Newsbiscuit to take control!...

2 godly1966 11.11.12 4:14pm

Not that i've got any personal stake in it (given a continuing lack of funny) but was there an October Wom or have we decided not to bother?...

4 Mandy Lifeboat 10.11.12 7:05pm
Anyone know? - 2

Who the "Prominent Tory" is in the latest child abuse scandal?...

45 Scroat 10.11.12 5:16pm
Er...just a wild shot but will anybody be in Dartmouth later today?

I'm going down there for fish 'n chips, Just saying, that's all...

2 Gerontius 10.11.12 1:48pm
Probably should have considered that.

[url=]before killing all those kids[/url] [quote]Anders Behring Breivik complained in a letter to the prison service that his coffee is served cold, he...

1 beau-jolly 10.11.12 1:12pm
Labour or Tory, they're all thieving hypocrites.

[url=]Hodge Dodge[/url]...

9 10.11.12 12:21pm
NEAT-O episode VII - results

it is Judgement Day on the Neat-o moustache efforts!,, after peaking early in the week, here are the results: Firstly, in my...

5 Squudge 10.11.12 11:26am
Story in need of an article

Guys, I received a fun story from my niece Sarah as she's in the press today:...

3 acwanaut 10.11.12 10:49am
I assume most of you have heard this?

1 antharrison 10.11.12 7:41am
Just saw a white van advertising "Fluid Transfer Solutions"

So, he unblocks drains, then. Any other [i]hilarious[/i] ads around ?...

3 Sinnick 09.11.12 4:01pm
. 0 dvo4fun 09.11.12 3:53pm
Who broke it?

Go on who broke newsbiscuit I haven’t been able to get on to it all day...

11 godly1966 09.11.12 2:29pm
30 posts on one page...

and only 3 not spam. Even the spam is getting spammed. Is there nothing that can stop them??...

6 Perks 09.11.12 12:41pm
Clive Dunn has died 6 medici2471 08.11.12 12:01am
51st state ?

There's another vote going on - Puerto Rico is voting on whether they want to be the 51st state, and the answer seems to be YES. Obama has promised it will happen if this is confirmed. So, all those...

3 Sinnick 07.11.12 10:16pm
Mr Target
Almost a faux pas

Nearly introduced myself at the Primary School Governors' Meeting yesterday by saying "Hello guys & gals" in a dodgy Yorkshire accent. Just stopped myself in time...

5 Sinnick 07.11.12 10:10pm
Don't the Americans bang on about race as a guide for voting intentions?

I cannot imagine in this country anyone talking about the 'black' or 'hispanic' or 'white' vote any more than 'muslim' or 'roman catholic' or 'gay vote'but the interpretation of the American polls is...

14 Ironduke 07.11.12 7:45pm
Dick Everyman
Ronseal, love the FP.

Sad, but true. I think I stated here before that only about 1 in 20 here could name your PM, about 1 in 100 your PM-lite. Most Americans are very insular, which is easy to do in a place that's...

2 rikkor 07.11.12 5:37pm
Hows about this then?

5 godly1966 07.11.12 4:27pm
Oh, Obama has kicked Romney's ass on this one!

[url=]Springsteen and Clooney versus Donny Osmond and Clint[/url]...

12 Ironduke 06.11.12 9:20pm
Hanging chads

Looks like it could be close tomorrow. May get another appearance of those hanging chads - remember them?...

2 ianslat 06.11.12 8:13pm