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Doubt of the benefit

[url=]Up in smoke?[/url], Can anyone spot where savings could be made?, "I see eight people here having to choose between eating or heating." FFS! I see two...

10 beau-jolly 02.02.12 1:32am
Diane Abbott - 23

You guys seen the whole row about Diane Abott's comment on Twitter? I think it's brilliant! As a white person I can say that I'm not in the least bit offended by her remarks. Amused that a shadow...

80 Vertically Challenged Giant 01.02.12 12:05pm
Son of Barnabas
F#*k the Tories

So degrees in Nail Technology and Fish Husbandry are now apparently worthless?, Five years of my effing life wasted you tossers!...

4 tedweasel 01.02.12 10:51am
'A Question of Taste'

Presented by Kirsty Wark. Is the most elitist pile of guff ever broadcast? What a pile of shit. Q: what year was the Aga introduced to Britain?, A: no-one gives a flying fuck...

11 01.02.12 9:42am
Midfield Diamond
Fiction that brings the mirth

Reading this [url=]5 reasons it's impossible to find funny books[/url] got me thinking: who brings the mirth when it...

10 shitsu_tonka 31.01.12 8:00pm
Today’s ‘google’ FP.

Very clever, but, dare I say it, not that funny...

2 John Ffitch-Rucker 30.01.12 11:55am
Major Clanger
I’m sure I’ve seen this pose before...

5 John Ffitch-Rucker 30.01.12 8:50am
Son of Barnabas
Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy anyone?

I want to watch it, but I'm scared. I liked Gavin and Stacey but Horne & Corden was rubbish, I liked Frankie Boyle but give him...

9 Golgo13 28.01.12 11:22pm
Nursery Rhymes

Do you have any examples of up-dates nursery rhymes? I thought it may act as a catalyst for some satirical subs. Also it is an excuse to share one which always makes me smile. Simple Simon met a...

29 beau-jolly 28.01.12 10:55am
Framley Examiner advent calendar

I know the festive season is now behind us, but have a look at this for a quick chortle

5 Scroat 27.01.12 2:34pm
Son of Barnabas
Bridport road sign I took this photo in Bridport last year because of the first word. I later...

3 beau-jolly 27.01.12 10:48am
Blues and C&W

"Listening" to Scroat FM made me think of all those great C&W titles like "Take your tongue out of my mouth, I'm kissin' you goodbye". I think we may have done that before so what about blues...

21 beau-jolly 27.01.12 10:12am
Waiting for my daughter again... - 2

Here and Now, Del Amitri...

39 Scroat 26.01.12 8:23pm
John Ffitch-Rucker
Boris Island

An Island in the Thames. shaped like Boris? Where will the runway go?...

2 Zadok the second 26.01.12 7:32pm
Funniest FP in ages...

well done Mr Stanton...

2 Oxbridge 25.01.12 10:00pm
Gary Stanton
New Comedic Express

Comedy has been "The New Rock'n'Roll" for nearly 20 years now. How come there isn't a weekly or monthly mag for reviews etc like the NME? Or is there? Anyway, I would like to work on this...

6 Golgo13 25.01.12 8:24pm
Up Myself

Just submitted my first story and accidentally gave myself a 5* rating. Surely a site faux pas - sorry, guys...

3 jenkins 25.01.12 11:14am
John Ffitch-Rucker
Please don't 5* just everything ! - 2

It blurs the picture of what people find entertaining Thanks...

37 Sinnick 25.01.12 12:26am
Northern (and Southern) Lights

If you have a clear sky tonight or tomorrow night, take a few minutes to look North (or South if you reside south of the equator) for Aurorae. I'd expect this to be best at latitudes of >55 degs...

3 Sinnick 24.01.12 7:18pm
The All New Jeni B
anyone fancy a holiday with a lama? (you pay and then take their lamas for walks) no?...

4 writinginbsl 24.01.12 6:34pm
. 0 bonjonelson 24.01.12 1:36pm

Did they even advertise this? Strictly come dancing gets 30 minute slots in the news every day for 3 months, and yet this beauty goes under the radar. Just caught the end. What is it with the BBC...

7 23.01.12 10:36pm
Tax doesn’t have to be taxing, but it F#*cking is!

I have been waiting on the phone for someone at HM revenue to answer there phone for 1 hour 20 mins now,I might be away for some time...

5 godly1966 22.01.12 7:07pm
Sinking feeling.

While listening to Sky news coverage of the Italian liner disaster, I heard the following captivating commentary: “lying on her side with a gash the size of a tennis court clearly on view.” I...

7 John Ffitch-Rucker 21.01.12 4:26pm
pictures of 1890s new york

5 writinginbsl 21.01.12 3:47pm
Indian labourer backpacks around Britain to find himself

Nice find in the archives. Beauty...

1 Username 20.01.12 1:43pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
A380 wings to have crack checks

This headline is showing on the BBC site at the moment Must be a latest news or a small sub waiting to happen ! .. What about other drugs...

0 Not Amused 20.01.12 1:23pm
Not Amused
That’s just taking the piss...

1 John Ffitch-Rucker 19.01.12 9:00pm
Does anyone know...

if the FP headers can accommodate more than 80 characters, even if the titles on the message board can’t? It’s just that I’m working on a piece with a header that’s 84 characters long and it...

4 Qoxiivi 19.01.12 1:25pm
The All New Jeni B
Lovely wikipedia archive story

Great work Mr Larking...

1 Vertically Challenged Giant 18.01.12 8:31pm