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According to the "Newsbiscuit Editorial Team" homepage...

..they have only been a member for 1 year - who was in charge before then?...

0 Al OPecia 20.08.12 7:00pm
Al OPecia
Maybe I'm too sensitive...

but I'm a little uneasy about the FP today...

25 riesler 20.08.12 3:57pm
Baby FP

Nice FP from team newsbiscuit!...

0 Yikes 20.08.12 8:46am
Should we shut down the Chat Room and open an online shop instead?

Because that would surely chase the spammers away AND make money...

5 JohnA 20.08.12 12:21am
Dread Affliction Of Freeitis Attacks Thousands Of Internet Users.

The advent and incredible popularity of the Internet has resulted in an outbreak of the strange psychological malady known as ‘Freeitis’., Freeitis is a recent mental disease in which a person,...

1 18.08.12 6:57pm
Mr Target
A shamefully good picture choice to go with the FP today Red

Credit where it's due...

1 Scroat 18.08.12 2:05pm
Duke Togo
Truebiscuit - with walnuts "Could two handfuls a day keep the fertility doctor away?" I could be wrong, but there might be some puns here...

1 Sinnick 17.08.12 3:10pm
Crime pays well

[url=]Most wanted[/url], Does any one else read this and think, Hmmm, that looks easy, and when you do yet caught they let you run away., They always appear...

3 beau-jolly 17.08.12 12:53pm
old school comedy hero

Vivian Stanshall is no longer with us, but his writing lives on. Off to see this in Liverpool in October: [url=]Henry of Rawlinson End[/url] It will probably be great....

3 17.08.12 12:04pm
Not Amused
Today's FP

Hilarious - can't wait for Daily Mail review...

3 antharrison 17.08.12 10:14am
A-Level result day joke

No ones done the joke, I thought Mary Evans had dibs on it this year?...

2 button 16.08.12 2:19pm
an inspired FP today

..though Christianity has been a soft target ever since abandoning the practice of burning heretics alive (in a caring way). so who's going to do the equivalent on Islam then?...

4 cinquecento 16.08.12 11:51am
Closed Until September


0 nostra da mouse 15.08.12 1:17pm
nostra da mouse
Utterly brilliant Romney FP today

Who's the author? Unfamiliar name, though admittedly I don't go in here as often as when I was a lad...

8 Oxbridge 15.08.12 9:55am
I know what makes my blood boil

I had to have a monitor on for the past 24 hours. The results were up and down like a whore’s drawers., Rushing around doing breakfasts in the pub and dropping a fried egg at 07:30; BP fairly...

5 beau-jolly 14.08.12 1:42pm
A message about Kazytc

Thought you might like to know, Mr Bonjohnelson the consequences of your actions in resurrecting Kazytc’s sub every couple of months or so. I’m sure you’ve had a grand little chuckle every time...

13 ramblesid 14.08.12 1:39pm
Inspiring the older generation

Inspired by the heroics of London 2012 I started to think what I could do which would take 4 years training and get me a [s]free holiday[/s] place at Rio 2016. Then I realised that I would be damn...

24 beau-jolly 14.08.12 1:38pm
Olympic drinking game... stop it I can't take any more....

.. wus planning an Olmypic dringing gabe. Every time someone said legacy' I have to swig my drink. The closing ceremony hasn't started and I'b already off to A&E to have my stomach pubbed...

8 MADJEZ 14.08.12 12:03am
This cropped up on my radar .. thought it might raise a smirk here

Sir Paul McCartney's Hey Jude-O-Gram,

1 Nowherefast 13.08.12 10:35pm
Man's Attempt To Write Thwarted By Woman's Constant Fucking Racket After Holiday

'A week of having place to myself was bliss' He said. Sigh....

2 Nowherefast 13.08.12 1:53pm
Quote of the day...

Just heard the GB gold medal kicking girl's coach say 'she's like a male athlete in the female department'. I think that means she has a cock. I wish I could watch these things like normal people...

12 Perks 13.08.12 12:26pm
Very funny fp,ant.

made me laugh a lot...

2 writinginbsl 12.08.12 5:28pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
'Tom Daley has won bronze, and that is just the ultimate!'

Thanks for that Ms Balding, clearly not a fan of silver and gold medals then?...

10 Vertically Challenged Giant 12.08.12 1:27pm
Meddling with language - 2

Since when was Medal a verb ? All our athletes want to meddle with something apparently...

34 charlies_hat 10.08.12 10:56pm
Another message about Kaztyc

OK, we all know the woman's a bit of a nutter, but it's also evident that Mr Bonjo gets a bit of a kick to his cred rating , whatever the fuck that means, every time he bumps her sub to the top. Yes,...

1 ramblesid 10.08.12 7:42pm
Is someone here moonlighting as a headline writer for the BBC website then?

Genuine news from the past week. Not necessarily stories worth a laugh, the first one made me feel quite sorry for the lady involved, the second a near Darwin, but the headlines conjure mental images...

1 Nowherefast 10.08.12 3:54pm
A message about bonjonelson

Thought you might like to know, Mr Ramblesid the consequences of your actions in blaming bonjonelson for the invented death of some nutter who rashly posted toss on here a while back. I must admit...

4 someone else 10.08.12 2:21pm

Just watching a bit of the BMX seeding time trials on the puwter and the commentator said "Anytime you damage internal organs its bad". Sorry, just had to share that insight. Grown ups on kids'...

3 beau-jolly 10.08.12 11:40am
Not Amused
Anyone fancy a small wager on Morrisey as next DG @ BBC Then?

[url=]BBC staff told don't focus too heavily on British success...

0 Nowherefast 10.08.12 10:41am
Book review

I’ve just bought my father Fifty Shades of Grey the John Major autobiography, is it any good?...

1 godly1966 10.08.12 10:30am
Psycadelic Squirrel