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This just in: Chat room difficult to read. Or eyesight failing.

I blame old age...

1 AReader 11.01.13 9:59am
They are asking us to literally "go the extra mile"

Rebecca has a rival.

3 charlies_hat 10.01.13 8:27pm
Fine FP on Moral High Ground, nickb

You just quietly get on with some excellent work , ignoring the nonsense around here. Well done...

3 Sinnick 10.01.13 7:21pm

[url=]spare any change guv?[/url] Truebiscuit satire bomb...

3 Squudge 10.01.13 5:44pm
Cabin Pressure

First episode of the new series aired on R4 yesterday, and pretty good it was too:

0 Idiot 10.01.13 4:02pm
Is Ripper Street a parody?

What a big pile of plop. Looks great, but the acting is shit, the accents are bloody stupid and the music is completely inappropriate and distracting. Didn't the BBC used to make good programmes?...

7 10.01.13 1:43pm
Anyone else doing the Dryathalon?

No, me neither. Willpower fell victim to a hot chap with a cold Prosecco on Jan 2nd. In oh so many ways. Anyone else got a resolution still in tact?...

16 Mary Evans 10.01.13 12:47pm
"Dog shit" found on Mars

Tests carried out by the Mars Exploration Rover have discovered a substance thought to be dog shit, on the surface of Mars. The discovery has taken everybody at NASA by surprise and could prove to...

4 benrussell 09.01.13 8:40pm
Saw a Vodafone ad "A Smartphone for every Romanian"

Is that a decent exchange rate?...

0 brownpaperreporter 09.01.13 8:38pm
Train bid truebiscuit

This on the BBC website: [url=]wooden run on time[/url] I'm pretty sure I beat them to it:...

2 09.01.13 7:55pm
Dog shit found on Mars

Tests carried out by the Mars Exploration Rover have discovered a substance thought to be dog shit, on the surface of Mars. The discovery has taken everybody at NASA by surprise and could prove to...

0 benrussell 09.01.13 3:46pm
December Writer of the Month - Uncle Bertie

No prizes for guessing that the runaway winner of the December Writer of the Month award was Uncle Bertie for his massively popular story 'Mike Tyson sex change operation 'a complete success', say...

10 editor 09.01.13 1:51pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Nice, original New Year's FP. 1 rikkor 09.01.13 1:50pm
Mary Evans
Ooh, I never knew how to change the name of a URL before

[url=]What the cool...

1 rikkor 09.01.13 10:28am
Dear powers that be

Thanks for using my FB rant for the FP. Any chance it could be credited to my author link when you get a mo? (Although it is nice to be treated like a guest sometimes) Ta!...

2 DrTurmoil 09.01.13 10:09am
"Elimination Night"

I love the name of this book. It's on an advertising bar on TMZ....

0 rikkor 08.01.13 7:53pm
Neat-O and Neat-Oh-No! : The Christmas Results.

I know you all thought that Perks and myself had forgotten in a drink-fuelled haze, but we hadn't and the moment you've all been waiting for is finally here, The elongated version of Neat-O, and our...

12 The All New Jeni B 08.01.13 4:31pm
One in 6 stars host an earth sized planet .. Pavarotti must have been one.. I am sure there is a sub there somewhere. Would Eric pickles count as a star ? I don't have the time or, more importantly, the ability to do...

0 Not Amused 08.01.13 11:42am
Not Amused
deleted 0 Not Amused 08.01.13 7:26am
Not Amused
If ever you needed proof prejudices are learned behaviour...

My three year old said of her sister 'Daddy, my sister's not white, she's just my sister' A 3 year old just seeing the person...

16 Perks 08.01.13 12:53am
Up the creek

[url=]beauty spot[/url] 'ripped down by angry residents' my foot I'd have been in there like a ferret with a screwdriver in no time -...

17 Squudge 07.01.13 6:53pm
Who decides the 'shorthand' reference used to identify people on radio/tv news?

Such as "Former Pub Landlord" (Hand transplant chap) "Murdered black teenager" (Stephen Lawrence) "Parents of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler" ( yep) "National Institute for Health and...

19 dvo4fun 07.01.13 3:33pm
Funny gay bishops FP

So silly. I had to look up the real story. I don't think it really made the papers in the US...

0 rikkor 07.01.13 3:21pm
Realbiscuit .. Father assasinates son online ..

0 Not Amused 07.01.13 1:49pm
Not Amused
idiot 1 medici2471 05.01.13 8:37pm
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Hot or not?...

24 beau-jolly 05.01.13 11:14am
Benno Jan 2013

12 rikkor 05.01.13 8:21am
Dick Everyman
lost biscuit. No, seriously...

taking all the fun out of it: [url=]"the codes were actually lost for...

3 Squudge 04.01.13 10:53pm
The All New Jeni B
The Sun promotes British imperialism in Argentina

Hmm, let's think this through - UK carefully reasserts its sovereignty of Falklands, - The Sun reinforces this in full-page advert in Buenos Aires Herald - likely, this really upsets the...

7 Sinnick 04.01.13 10:40pm
White man returns home without death

This evening just passed a middle class white man has walked back to his abode through a lower middle class area of a town in southern England without being buggered or robbed senseless by marauding...

9 ed.mundy 04.01.13 10:23pm
Tess Goes