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Living in Mainland China must be quite like Earth in "Starship Troopers" [quote]The proposed curriculum, which consisted of general civics education as well as more controversial lessons on appreciating mainland China,...

1 JohnA 10.09.12 10:30am
What about this article? [quote]During a press conference on Friday, Mr Maillaud confirmed that each of the victims had at least one bullet in the head, and about 25 shots were fired in...

1 Pabst Blue Ribbon 08.09.12 1:55pm
The All New Jeni B
Sometimes I swear they're doing this deliberately

0 JohnA 08.09.12 10:02am
Why bother with satire when....

the Manic Street Preachers 'A Design for Life', the best ever anthem about the gradual crushing of working class pride, is now wallpaper music to support corporate sponsorship by Sainsbury's,...

14 Oxbridge 07.09.12 3:41pm
Dumbest ever comment on the internet?

Just been googling 'lyme disease'. On a forum, one person wrote: "with modern medical advances, I would hope no child will ever have to go through the pain of losing a parent." Right. Because the...

3 07.09.12 2:04pm
Rule Break!

Dear Editor, I saw something jarring when reading the otherwise lovely sub on burglar commending bravery of judges - the name "Jo Nutjob". The site has a clear rule stating that: "We don’t go...

4 bonjonelson 07.09.12 1:32pm
Mysoganistic Rock Group Names - 2

I need to compile a list of mysognaistic rock group names. Can you do better than: Ironing Maiden, Rage Against the Washing Machine...

53 bonjonelson 07.09.12 11:43am
Cheap Nike Air Jordan Handbags Louis Vitton Watches

OK, it was me all along, terrible insomnia, I'll stop now...

2 charlies_hat 07.09.12 8:12am
Planning restrictions be relaxed: airports can be added to back gardens

The government wants to get planning officers "off people's backs" with a relaxation of current rules in England. For a limited period, people will be allowed to build larger extensions on houses...

2 steve_l 06.09.12 11:17am
August Writer of the Month – antharrison

Many congratulations to antharrison who scoops the August Writer of the Month award for his story ‘Sunderland’s female teenage nightclubbers slate Olympic women’s boxing’. This was...

11 editor 06.09.12 11:00am
Mary Evans
Malcolm Tucker's Mum

Malc's on the telly again this weekend. It's fucking killing him, especially after that little skirmish in the Alps with a gun. Anyway, here's a proper twatter fuckfeed for you all: @malctuckersmum...

0 MalcTuckersMum 06.09.12 10:17am
Tomtom blamed as genome map leads to deadend 0 kjo36 05.09.12 10:02pm
Cabinet reshuffle - thoughts welcome

Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary. It seems he believes in homeopathy I always thought there's nothing to...

1 Sinnick 05.09.12 9:22pm
Burglar seeks counselling after entering bedroom as home owners weapon is fired 0 kjo36 05.09.12 3:27pm
Excellent Hunt/Murdoch FP

That's the way to do it, especially 'surgeons employed by News Corpse hacking into patients without their consent'...

0 Des Custard 05.09.12 10:36am
Des Custard
Who's behind the paintball mask on the FP?

He looks like a Miliband. Has Cameron caught one, and reprogrammed it for his own use? I wouldn't put it past him. Presumably you just pop the batteries out of its bottom, and hold the reset button...

0 04.09.12 7:53pm
Celebrity Twats

Anyone here ever encountered a member of the gliterati that, upon closer inspection has turned out to be a complete and utter twat? I know I have! A few years back whilst holidaying in Portugal, I...

11 Jonny Shlep 04.09.12 1:42pm
Smart Alex
New look cabinet Front Bench takes shape in coalition woodwork class 0 kjo36 04.09.12 8:09am
Saw Michael Gove's pudgy/sweaty face on TV, as he was sitting with schoolkids

And found myself thinking "HmmI wonder if he has to be CRB checked." That's all I'm saying. Then saw his shadow Stephen Twigg and was struck by his resemblance, in look and sound, to a character in...

1 dvo4fun 04.09.12 7:50am
Mormonism and the real Mitt Romney Warning: long read. But well worth it...

6 JohnA 03.09.12 11:12pm
Dirty cow

The MSN homepage leads with this incredible heading: 'Ellie eyes gold number two in the pool' I thought you got thrown out for that sort of thing...

1 tedweasel 03.09.12 10:24pm
Cameron man or meerkat 0 kjo36 02.09.12 9:01pm
Well done Ricky Gervais for spotting this one

0 JohnA 01.09.12 10:54am
Lou and Andy get jailed for benefit fraud

0 JohnA 01.09.12 10:16am
Interesting article about BBC bias - 2

[url=]liberal bias at the Beeb[/url] Very interesting, I thought! Why is so much comedy...

57 01.09.12 2:02am
Martin Shuttlecock

If anyone's interested this is what I get up to during the meanwhile. We've got an ep coming out fairly soon

11 Haywood Manley 31.08.12 8:57pm
Latest Freegle nonsense

Wanted: Metal detector We need to use this to help us find a treasured piece of lost jewellery on our front drive., Very grateful to anyone that can help...

4 Scroat 31.08.12 7:10pm
*No Free Papers* - *We do not buy at this door*

let's see if that puts the spammers off tonight...

1 Perks 31.08.12 6:31am
Vertically Challenged Giant
Chilean FP tasteless. - 2

And, it takes a lot for me to call something tasteless. Just think how you would feel being stuck down a mine for four months. God help them. If they were British or American, no one would dare...

53 rikkor 30.08.12 11:34pm
I only find loose change under my one...

3 riesler 30.08.12 10:36pm