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Neat-O and Neat-Oh-No! : The Christmas Results.

I know you all thought that Perks and myself had forgotten in a drink-fuelled haze, but we hadn't and the moment you've all been waiting for is finally here, The elongated version of Neat-O, and our...

12 The All New Jeni B 08.01.13 4:31pm
One in 6 stars host an earth sized planet .. Pavarotti must have been one.. I am sure there is a sub there somewhere. Would Eric pickles count as a star ? I don't have the time or, more importantly, the ability to do...

0 Not Amused 08.01.13 11:42am
Not Amused
deleted 0 Not Amused 08.01.13 7:26am
Not Amused
If ever you needed proof prejudices are learned behaviour...

My three year old said of her sister 'Daddy, my sister's not white, she's just my sister' A 3 year old just seeing the person...

16 Perks 08.01.13 12:53am
Up the creek

[url=]beauty spot[/url] 'ripped down by angry residents' my foot I'd have been in there like a ferret with a screwdriver in no time -...

17 Squudge 07.01.13 6:53pm
Who decides the 'shorthand' reference used to identify people on radio/tv news?

Such as "Former Pub Landlord" (Hand transplant chap) "Murdered black teenager" (Stephen Lawrence) "Parents of the murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler" ( yep) "National Institute for Health and...

19 dvo4fun 07.01.13 3:33pm
Funny gay bishops FP

So silly. I had to look up the real story. I don't think it really made the papers in the US...

0 rikkor 07.01.13 3:21pm
Realbiscuit .. Father assasinates son online ..

0 Not Amused 07.01.13 1:49pm
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idiot 1 medici2471 05.01.13 8:37pm
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Hot or not?...

24 beau-jolly 05.01.13 11:14am
Benno Jan 2013

12 rikkor 05.01.13 8:21am
Dick Everyman
lost biscuit. No, seriously...

taking all the fun out of it: [url=]"the codes were actually lost for...

3 Squudge 04.01.13 10:53pm
The All New Jeni B
The Sun promotes British imperialism in Argentina

Hmm, let's think this through - UK carefully reasserts its sovereignty of Falklands, - The Sun reinforces this in full-page advert in Buenos Aires Herald - likely, this really upsets the...

7 Sinnick 04.01.13 10:40pm
White man returns home without death

This evening just passed a middle class white man has walked back to his abode through a lower middle class area of a town in southern England without being buggered or robbed senseless by marauding...

9 ed.mundy 04.01.13 10:23pm
Tess Goes
Mrs Brown's Boys and Miranda - 2

Old bloke drags up and says fuck a lot., Posh woman is stupid and falls over a lot. Watched them both for the first time yesterday because they are the most popular comedies on TV right now and I...

35 Carter 04.01.13 4:22pm
Dry January

A sobering story, from a friend. I would like to share an experience with you about drinking and driving. As everyone knows, some of us have been lucky not to have had brushes with the authorities...

9 Squudge 04.01.13 12:30am
The All New Jeni B
New Year Resolutions

Any interesting New Year Resolutions? They could be personal, they could be to do with a famous figure. For Example: Lord Lucan - This year I will appear on "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here"....

15 Quaz 03.01.13 9:38pm

Received this round robin today-get it every year addressed to someone who has never lived in my house., 'Chrissie has had her usual array of health problems.The main illness was a particularly...

19 writinginbsl 03.01.13 5:05pm
Twin Towns/Cities

Apparently Margate in Kent is twinned with Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Can you find any more luicrously badly matched twin towns?...

9 bonjonelson 03.01.13 9:57am
Unfortunate turn of phrase - Sky News.

Breaking on Sky [url=]Black dog strangler on the run. [/url] [quote]he strangled fellow patient . with his dressing...

1 MADJEZ 02.01.13 9:47pm
Surreal goings on in these parts.

[url=]Bonkers is as bonkers does.[/url] I've mentioned before that...

4 The All New Jeni B 02.01.13 5:05pm
Merry Christmas one and all... - 2

And if your relatives piss you off this Christmas Deck the fuckers...

41 Scroat 02.01.13 2:20pm

Sorry - too loud?...

13 dvo4fun 02.01.13 11:48am
Hugh Hefner's nuptials...

No subs about [url=]Hef getting married again?[/url] Hell, they're only 60 years apart in age. Beyond parody, or what?...

0 Tripod 02.01.13 11:43am
Mock Morsi campaign C'mon folks show your support!!...

1 Dick Everyman 02.01.13 9:34am
Another great headline to kick off the New Year...

2 Dick Everyman 02.01.13 9:26am
Dick Everyman
I'm British

Rather a nice take on what we're all about. [url=]YouTube video[/url]...

0 Carter 02.01.13 1:58am
Steven Hawking advertising Go Compare.

bad flavour for me on that one., To me it just doesn't seem right really, but I'm not entirely sure whyperhaps it ought to be beneath him to take a corporate shilling, perhaps it doesn't seem very...

4 Ironduke 02.01.13 1:36am
USA Claims to have Fiscal Cliff Richard Single

Well it is Christmas time !...

0 Tess Goes 01.01.13 6:44pm
Tess Goes
Archbishop threatens to bash the bishop during

Fill in the gap xxx...

0 Tess Goes 01.01.13 11:31am
Tess Goes