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BREAKING: Metropolitan Police apply for superinjunction on Leveson Report 1 Nick Parry 29.11.12 1:31pm
Nope - still don't understand how the Top Ten thingy works

My 'Build your own Tramp' sub has risen, dropped out altogether and is now scaling the heights again. Is there some complicated algorithm wotsit involved?...

4 dvo4fun 28.11.12 6:01pm
Dick Everyman
Animal crackers

[url=]WTF?[/url] Glancing at this I thought that perhaps they had never got around to making it illegal before. Then you read the line [i]"Germany...

3 beau-jolly 28.11.12 5:52pm
And the clues were there all along........

1 Al OPecia 27.11.12 7:15pm
Lesse Bigg
China media believe "Onion" story naming Kim Jong-un Sexiest Man Alive. Maybe we can get them to read newsbiscuit?...

1 rikkor 27.11.12 3:12pm
Onion johnnies??

[url=]that'll bring a tear to your eye[/url]...

6 27.11.12 2:56pm
Joey Barton talks french

6 godly1966 27.11.12 1:38pm
Women bishops the final word.

All these Church of England bods banging on about the Synod voted against women bishops. Surely it was God's will . get out of that one !...

18 MADJEZ 26.11.12 7:27pm
Louis CK

Maybe it's because it's Monday and instead of working I've been sat on my arse eating a fabulous sandwich and watching a stand up DVD but I honestly can't remember the last time I saw a set this good...

3 Carter 26.11.12 7:22pm
Susan Boyle hashtag

'#susanalbumparty': Susan Boyle promotional team's embarrassing hashtag double entendre for new album launch, I love the Daily Mail...

8 rikkor 26.11.12 8:57am
Fantastic archive FP on Dyson

Quality stuff that brought me to the site in the first place...

1 DustyBinLaden 25.11.12 8:25am
Let it all hangover...

As I sit here looking, feeling and smelling like the contents of my compost bin (I swear excessive Christmas binge drinking starts earlier every year) it occurs to me that this is just the place to...

26 Mary Evans 24.11.12 11:19pm
Real life imitates newsbiscuit

7 fernandomando 24.11.12 5:39pm
Captions, please

From the Beeb, N Wales

23 Sinnick 24.11.12 2:32pm
Mr Target
Sublime CoE/Turkey FP from SuburbanDad today

Congrats to SD for a really great piece of satire. Many have tried on the subject, but this one weaves two topical strands together seamlessly - and with great panache. I salute you...

0 pinxit 24.11.12 6:45am
Yes, this is what some people in America are actually like Complete with misspelling. "Shoppers can be scene"...

4 rikkor 24.11.12 1:04am
Dad's not happy...

[url=]in fact, he's bitterly, bitterly disappointed[/url]...

1 The All New Jeni B 24.11.12 12:56am
God, I so want to know more about this contraption...

[url=]reckless electricity[/url] Completely intrigued. He sounds like some sort of mad genius, or a character invented by Robert Rankin...

3 23.11.12 9:19pm
The All New Jeni B
Wonderful 'Guideblokes' archive story today from ianslat 2 dvo4fun 23.11.12 6:19pm
Good kebab shop nib

Might even persuade me to return to this wonderful place. I have had a very busy year and have neglected newsbiscuit...

19 fernandomando 23.11.12 6:16pm
Jonny Shlep
Urgent admin message.

Have emailed you and due to the lack of response (I know, it's late) I have made some changes. I hope this is ok and didn't want to tread on anyone's toes - just thought that it would be better than...

2 Qoxiivi 23.11.12 4:31pm

What happened to chapter nine you ask. Well, I don't know exactly but when I looked back, I found nine previous subjects so I'll just call this one number ten, ok? I'm still highly flattered to...

13 Midfield Diamond 23.11.12 2:33pm
Could this be the former location of Evil Island?

3 simonjmr 22.11.12 8:33pm
Dick Everyman
DLT - 2

Can't find the thread but I remember saying DLT was wrong'un. Can't believe they waiting so long before arresting the witless bastard. So glad they didn't wait for the f*cker to die. Sorry, I have...

35 beau-jolly 22.11.12 11:52am
Abramovich looks like the young Harry Enfield....

It only just struck me. Also he looks a bit like Damon Allbran...

0 CulchaVulcha 22.11.12 11:38am
Gay Shakespeare (add more at your convenience) - 2

King Leer, As You Like It From Behind, Two Gentlemen of Greenwich Village, Butt Love's Labour's Lost...

51 rikkor 21.11.12 10:34pm
Are you for or against male nudity in public places? This piece was written by Bethany Bellend and features a guy called Erich Kocina - (er the last name is true)...

6 Dick Everyman 21.11.12 7:03pm
Dick Everyman
Ed - Re "Turd" NiB

Ed, appreciate seeing the turd float to the surface as a NiB. Any chance of replacing "Guest" with the "Des and Stan" link? - [url=]Also available...

2 Des and Stan 21.11.12 4:56pm
Exams still getting easier

This kid got an A*

3 Carter 21.11.12 11:33am
Death cap mushroom cloud.

Very very nice work, Red...

3 Qoxiivi 20.11.12 7:58pm