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Roses are red, violets are wussy....

Hmm can't think of a rhyme.., Wot are your worst valentines messages ?, Post here...

11 MADJEZ 14.02.13 11:12pm
When you realise you're old...

is when you read this in the Daily Mail: [quote]Stylish Rosie Huntington-Whiteley turns the pavement into a catwalk as she runs errands in Los Angeles. Devastatingly gorgeous wherever she...

6 AReader 14.02.13 6:37pm
Let's twist again...

[url=]Like we did last year[/url]...

3 Tripod 14.02.13 4:01pm
True biscuit: Heart Attack Grill 'spokesman' dies of heart attack

[url=] One for the Darwin awards perchance?[/url]...

4 Nowherefast 14.02.13 2:21pm
If I owned a racehorse I'd call it "Future Tesco lasagna"

Stop me if you've heard it before...

0 AReader 14.02.13 2:14pm
Best story of the week so far...

[url=]Martial arts hero fights mugger...

1 butagirl 14.02.13 1:51pm
Whores' meat / beef curtains. Joke in there somewhere?

No, perhaps not...

1 Scroat 14.02.13 12:47pm
Dear Ed.

I feel sure that we would be happy to help you write your manifesto...

6 Al OPecia 13.02.13 11:56pm
Great Pope FP today

We don't see work of that calibre any more...

6 rickwestwell 13.02.13 6:42pm
Caption already provided

0 Sinnick 13.02.13 4:18pm
[Post moved] 1 Titus 13.02.13 1:11pm
True biscuit: sea slug's disposable penis

[url=]Nothing else to be said [/url] I suspect t would even surprise Rebecca...

2 Not Amused 13.02.13 10:22am
The Other Rebecca

PM Cameron was evasive last night when quizzed about the present whereabouts of gift from Rebeccca Brooks. Denies saying "Burger me!" when told animal was missing...

0 Titus 13.02.13 10:16am
Well done on the East Grinstead thing Ed

Is this a new picture?...

0 wallster 13.02.13 9:48am
Lovely FP on Brian Cox, Ed & Deimos

Could have been subtitled "Life of Brian" perhaps ?...

0 Sinnick 13.02.13 8:14am
Reg Turnill

God speed Reg, another great of the space age bites the dust. I met him once, a knowledgeable man indeed...

0 Quaz 13.02.13 2:37am
Seems that the Pope is to 'resign' at the end of the month.

[url=]Is it War Crimes or Paedophila?[/url]...

13 The All New Jeni B 12.02.13 6:55pm
Great Waitrose archive story today

A classic, we don't see work of that calibre anymore...

3 Vertically Challenged Giant 12.02.13 4:48pm
Simon Cowell announces the launch of Pope Idol!

The contest of Pope Idol 2013 will be the “biggest ever” said music mogul Cowell. Three of the four judges have been confirmed as Cowell, music executive, Tony Blair, professional God...

1 unspin doctor 12.02.13 4:43pm
Truebiscuit - Oh dear, what can the matter be! I love the fact that they have apologised for the "in-convenience"...

0 seymour totti 12.02.13 3:29pm
seymour totti
Great left alert 2 button 12.02.13 11:13am
Pope Resigns After Communion Wafers Found to Contain 29% Horse Meat 0 Titus 12.02.13 9:49am
Rebecca Strikes Again

Pope resigns after it is revealed that Rebecca is just 3 mles from the Vatican...

0 Titus 12.02.13 9:47am
What's your manifesto?

With our Ed in the running to be a candidate in the Eastleigh By-election, I was wondering what would be the main points from your manifesto to get the public to vote for you. Unlike the real thing,...

15 Perks 12.02.13 3:03am
Suggested campaign slogan for JoF

"I'm funnier than Chris Huhne" "I want to live in Eastleigh" "Ed Miliband is my best friend" "I always pay my own speeding fines" and, we've already had the following from Squudge:, "I am not...

12 Sinnick 12.02.13 2:44am
So if JoF is putting himself forward for the Eastleigh job...

which one of us is going to go for the Papal vacancy? Any nominations?...

7 ianslat 12.02.13 2:37am
Horse named Findus widely tipped not to enter Grand National this year

According to my Neeeeeighbours anyway...

2 Tess Goes 11.02.13 11:09pm
Tess Goes
With friends like these...crikey! he "had won a prize at school for consideration to others" - was this before, during or after?...

12 riesler 11.02.13 9:54pm
I'm getting ads for 'Christian dating.'

I guess that's like carbon dating, but only goes back 4000 years...

3 sigmund 11.02.13 9:51pm
Q. How much do the UK public care about the pope?

From BBC News most read: 1. Man holding chips fights of attack, 2. Pope Benedict in shock resignation A. Not as much as chip fighting...

6 button 11.02.13 8:33pm