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Any economists out there?

Found myself wondering how many of the new private sector jobs might be a direct result of public sector departments being 'outsourced'. i.e are the same government jobs being done by the very same...

0 dvo4fun 25.10.12 12:28pm
iPad, google, nexus7, Samsung, android, kindle, yawn, zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Who gives a fuck?...

24 sigmund 25.10.12 10:46am
Dick Everyman
Great FP Grumblechops

"Saintly sex pest." Love it!...

0 Scroat 25.10.12 7:10am
Do the Ferdinands refuse to shake peoples hands, or are they just not sure how?

0 Perks 24.10.12 9:39pm
Mickey Moose and McDonald Duck open Disneyland Glasgow 0 1leonardo 24.10.12 7:19pm
NEAT-O episdoe 4 results........

Will be announced later tonight, promise. Sorry for the delay, but I have spent the last 24 bricking myself as I try my first shot at standup tonight. But it's a long bus journey home so I will do...

17 Perks 24.10.12 3:18pm
Life on Mars NiB edit.

No apostrophe in 80s or 70s in first para and beginning of second...

4 Qoxiivi 24.10.12 3:00pm
Internet Comedy and the Law

Interesting article on Chortle about what can and cannot be said.

5 Carter 24.10.12 11:06am
Someone was worried about libel...

[url=]here's someone who isn't![/url] One particular shape-shifting satanist is also cited to be 'the son of his father'...

19 Ironduke 24.10.12 10:56am
Own up! Who's ever travelled in a First Class train carriage (and paid)?

I once paid £10 for a First Class upgrade from Scotland on a train full of Rangers supporters. Bliss...

22 Dick Everyman 24.10.12 10:38am
Science, schmience...

It's ok, the pope was aquitted [url=][/url]...

6 kimllfixit 24.10.12 9:03am
RIP, Bill Walker...

we all owe you & your comrades so much.,

2 sigmund 24.10.12 8:58am
The wife’s looking well...

10 sigmund 23.10.12 5:46pm
Justin Lee Collins has let himself go a bit since the trial

1 simonjmr 23.10.12 3:55pm
The All New Jeni B
The campaign for quicker tickers

Dear editorial team, may I humbly request a little more attention is given to the lowly ticker at the top of the page (the preferred vehicle of expression on this site for myself and no doubt many...

20 Idiot 23.10.12 5:44am
The new Archbishop of Canterbury...

1 sigmund 22.10.12 1:22pm
The new Archbishop of Canterbury...

bugger, didn’t work...

0 sigmund 22.10.12 1:08pm
Are any Biscuits going to the London Screenwriters' Festival this weekend?

I do so love paying to listen to people infinitely more successful than myself...

2 Mary Evans 22.10.12 11:11am
Dick Everyman
Arctic snow goose flies south into NB chatroom - is it getting you Down?

[quote]europe goose parka jakker hadde opprinnelig båret av Inuit andre tilsvarende arktiske menn og kvinner until å forbli varm my spouse and i noen av signifiant enormt ugjestmilde forhold samt...

2 Dick Everyman 22.10.12 11:10am
Dick Everyman
The ultimate in bullshit from a politician

I thought I'd heard it all. But Ed Milligram was on the Today programme this morning. He said something like: "We all know what it's like to get utilities bills and not know how to find the money to...

7 Scroat 21.10.12 7:37am
Question for Jeni B - 2

Jeni: what do people in Scotland generally think about Scottish independence?...

33 Scroat 21.10.12 6:47am
Newsnight: Tories play Russian Roulette with a fully loaded gun

When called upon by Newsnignt to defend the Tories from accusations of being too posh and out of touch over Osborne's train ticket and Andrew Mitchell,who ya gonna call? Jacob Rees-Mogg of course....

7 Quaz 21.10.12 6:39am
Strandbeest-kinetic sculptures

i thought these were amazing [url=]here[/url]...

1 writinginbsl 21.10.12 5:33am
If you think the comments on here sometimes get a bit heated...

[url=] take a look at these![/url]...

0 ianslat 20.10.12 12:56pm
Nice Admin Person, Help!!

Why am I having to change/retrieve my password every two days?, It's driving me mental, and is a right pain in the rump...

4 The All New Jeni B 19.10.12 8:48pm
Dick Everyman
He's just like a normal bloke really - Truebiscuit

0 Not Amused 19.10.12 4:19pm
Not Amused
Did anyone catch the tumbleweed blowing through HIGNFY tonight? - 23

Possibly not the night to book the comedy powerhouse that is Clare Balding...

63 Mary Evans 19.10.12 3:55pm
Question Time

Question Time is in Scottish tonight - where are the ruddy subtitles?...

7 Dick Everyman 19.10.12 3:18pm
Police and Crime Commissioner candidate - Truebiscuit

He has to stand a good chance with a name and URL like that:

1 Midfield Diamond 19.10.12 2:56pm
Jimmy Savile joke recycling bin. - 2

I think every possible Savile joke has been done now. I think anymore should be put straight into here so all the letters can be rearranged and reused to make something funny. NB County Council...

33 B.E.P. 19.10.12 12:32pm