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. 5 house78 18.01.13 11:56am
50 shades of meh

How many shameless cash-in titles can you come up with? I'll kick off with "50 shades of hay" - rugged farmhand barn action...

26 NewSuburbanDad 18.01.13 9:23am
Sarah is 4 miles away.

She's alright actually. And 4 miles isn't far. That's like, Bexleyheath or Dartford. Or Farningham. I have just put my car away though and it's really cold. And the snooker's on. I mean, it's only...

7 Qoxiivi 18.01.13 8:15am
The Real Rebecca
Anyone else waiting for Lance?

Starts in 24 mins on but not sure what that will add...

0 antharrison 18.01.13 1:06am
Lovely FP from Midfield today 9 dvo4fun 17.01.13 7:41pm
Spooky Shop Voucher

mrs 4fun's mother gave me a multi-retailer gift voucher for my birthday last week and two of the firms have already gone tits-up. If any of you play the bear market, or it may be a bull market ...

5 dvo4fun 17.01.13 6:56pm
French posts seem to be popular so I thought I'd try one

Renseignements que nous recueillons, Notre but principal dans la collecte de renseignements personnels est de vous fournir une expérience sécuritaire, souple, efficace et personnalisée. Cela nous...

8 Son of Barnabas 17.01.13 5:24pm
Not Amused
Truebiscuit - Software developer 'Bob' outsources own job to China

Classic! Think this was done on NB awhile back - probably give the guy the idea!...

1 Yikes 17.01.13 3:16pm
Horse "special"

Could we just have an all-horse edition, with every story horse related? There's enough stuff, I would have thought, inc in the archive. JUst search "horse"...

1 nickb 17.01.13 3:15pm
There are too many French letters in this forum ! 0 MADJEZ 17.01.13 2:01pm
Sacre bleu! I feel better for that!

It was like being (with) Brigitte Bardot for a brief 15 seconds!...

0 Son of Barnabas 17.01.13 1:12pm
Son of Barnabas
NB’s educational qualities

I recently did a quiz of the year. I thought I would be shit because I don’t really pay attention to the news, but it turns out that seeing a flood of one-liners on every topic that dominates the...

9 Vertically Challenged Giant 17.01.13 3:25am

Juvenile schoolboy error...

9 16.01.13 10:30pm
Have William and Kate made a baby? - 2

According to Popbitch (never wrong) the palace is soon to announce that Kate's up the duff. So if you're going to do a sub about it maybe now's the time to get writing...

32 shitsu_tonka 16.01.13 9:40pm
The Joy of Sex

I love my students. A verbatim quote from one of their essays, analysing sexuality in 'Emma': 'Jane Austen describes passion, feelings and seduction, which are more powerful and tempting than to...

3 Mary Evans 16.01.13 8:21pm
Muslim Matrimonials

banner ad now appearing at the top of my page - anyone want to start the ball rolling on this one? (takes cover)...

2 medici2471 16.01.13 5:15pm
Lens Cap
Newsbicuit/Daily Mash et al threatned as Daily Mail expands into fake news Hilarious. And to think they crowed about Chinese...

1 stalinetta 16.01.13 4:45pm
Not Amused
Sorry, touch of the Waylands 3 Perks 16.01.13 2:50pm
Man checks freshness of Tesco burgers - and they're off!

I bought this from facebook. I think it's funny...

1 Idiot 16.01.13 2:32pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
HELP NEEDED. What makes a good tictoc headline for the front page

I notice that some of the the tictoc headlines in the writers' room get used in the tictoc bar on the top right of the front page. What makes a good tictoc headline. I ask because there are a lot...

20 Lens Cap 16.01.13 1:52pm
Lens Cap
Japanese Spam

Whoah!, Looked away and suddenly someone has scribbled all over the chat room., Translating the headline makes little sense "a straight-line basis over the statue of your layer" but when you...

9 beau-jolly 16.01.13 10:48am
Son of Barnabas
True biscuit - a cleaner stealing a commuter train !

3 Not Amused 16.01.13 9:22am
Son of Barnabas
Truebiscuit - How to confuse German Hells Angels

If any of us had written this, it would have been viewed as too bizarre

5 seymour totti 16.01.13 9:17am
Son of Barnabas
Senior Dating Group?

Meet men and women over fifty? you click just ONE granny porn link, and you have to put up with this crap? I tell you, Rebecca hasn't aged well...

2 Ironduke 16.01.13 12:35am
Do you know what I think are dirty words?

War. And racism. Oh yeah. And cunt...

7 rikkor 15.01.13 8:48pm
RIP HMV. 5 Scroat 15.01.13 8:48pm
Great FP Squudge!

Fairy tales may come true ;0)...

9 Dick Everyman 15.01.13 5:15pm
"Rangers may quit playing Scottish football" Did I imagine reading that?

Are they going to play in Italy instead then?...

27 dvo4fun 15.01.13 2:52pm
The Onion

Love this. Simple idea brilliantly done.,30897/#slide-6...

5 Carter 15.01.13 12:24pm
Today's FP seems strangely familiar...

Oh! Here it is! [url=]same story 1 year on[/url] Is it OK to bump stuff that got shredded into a NiB in the past? Is it now OK...

8 14.01.13 5:07pm
The All New Jeni B