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Are any Biscuits primary school teachers?

If so, would you PM me? And no, this isn't some inverse grooming exercise. And I'm not Rebecca...

7 Mary Evans 05.02.13 4:24pm
Chris Huhne...

I didn't realise he had a personalised number plate: H11HNE If I was a judge, that would double the sentence...

8 Tripod 05.02.13 4:21pm
Good to see stranglewank featuring in the NIBs today 1 rickwestwell 05.02.13 3:32pm
Appropriate names

I thought it was amusing that the two scorers for Hartlepool at the weekend were called Hartley and Poole. Add your own line about which Club are about to sign Danny Shittu...

2 Midfield Diamond 05.02.13 3:19pm
Newsbiscuit Inaccuracy Shock

Very pleasing to see "Richard III's grave found to contain 29% horse meat" used as a ticker, except that the whole point was that it was actually found to contain zero% horse meat - thus Richard's...

0 Titus 05.02.13 10:45am
The Horror

Trapped in church is bad enough but trapped in one full of clowns - nightmare.

1 Carter 05.02.13 10:11am
How do you catch 7,500 crocodiles ? I am not sure I would want to wander around for too long with that many of them on the loose ! Of course a fight between two crocodiles is just...

5 Not Amused 04.02.13 11:13pm
Jesse Bigg
Fifa urges action on match fixing - from their plush new offices in Qatar 0 Izziere 04.02.13 10:43pm
Anyone else getting Ads for male incontinence?

I really don't want any, I've got enough of my own...

4 Dick Everyman 04.02.13 4:15pm
Dick Everyman
[Post moved - Sorry!] 0 Titus 04.02.13 4:06pm
TESCO sponsored research ?

0 Sinnick 04.02.13 12:20pm
Skeleton in Leicester is.... CHRIS HUHNE CHRIS HUHNE CHRIS HUHNE ...

B*ll*cks coverage SKY News...

0 MADJEZ 04.02.13 11:22am
Brilliant archive story on front page today

3 godly1966 04.02.13 10:02am
Newsbiscuit to be re-named SpamBiscuit

<p>The Chloe Bag Online were released in February and were supposed to be a huge hit for Chloe. But these bags have mixed reviews, and the feelings are extreme either way. Most either...

0 Titus 04.02.13 9:39am
Bang - and the work is gone!

[url=]bog off[/url] surely there is a sub in this...

2 Squudge 04.02.13 9:16am
I am getting adverts about SpeediCath. Is she the new Rebecca ? 22 Not Amused 04.02.13 8:13am
Is it me...

or do the two old beans in the background of this photo underline why we should all continue to do what we do and undermine them as much as possible?...

12 SJM 03.02.13 11:56pm
Time for a poem.

Fifty shades of grey The missus bought a Paperback,, down Shepton Mallet way,, I had a look inside her bag;, T'was "fifty shades of grey". Well I just left her to it,, And at ten I went to...

7 godly1966 03.02.13 4:14pm
For those of you who like to be rejected

0 Perks 02.02.13 8:03pm
Can being funny be taught?

This chaps thinks so. Santa gave me this at Christmas and I've been dipping in and out of it, playing around with the exercises and having a read. It's certainly explained a few things and I now...

18 Carter 02.02.13 7:02pm
This is a strange story I feel kinda sorry for the chap, evne though he was a developer, but find myself cracking up about the couple who found him: "They noticed something...

4 Al OPecia 02.02.13 6:05pm
I'm on top of the spam

Wow a whole page of spam...

5 godly1966 02.02.13 12:09pm
Not Amused
A mosque in Chipping Norton

[url=]I can imagine Mr Cameron and Mr Clarkson shaking with rage[/url] My favourite line in the article is "Chipping Norton’s...

3 Perks 02.02.13 11:07am
New "Horsebiscuit" Site Launched in Attempt to Eclipse "SPAMbiscuit". 0 Titus 02.02.13 10:52am
Panic as NB Spam Found To Contain 3% Horse-Meat 1 Titus 02.02.13 10:49am
Fantastic Nissan timing archive story

Truly skilful writing with great humour We need more work of that calibre around here!...

5 Perks 02.02.13 12:39am
Rebecca complains that proposed HST route is just three miles too short. 3 Titus 01.02.13 7:03pm
Beyonce to provide voice-overs for new generation 'Odour-eaters' commercials

Allegedly the voice-overs will be actual performances, using sophisticated audio visual peograms to throw out the lip-sync...

1 Media pirate 01.02.13 3:24pm
Fuckwits having a go at one another....

The second vid's the best, but watch in order. This post was brought to you by the phrase 'shite in a bucket'.

12 Idiot 01.02.13 2:59pm
Neat-O results.....

OK, I know it’s not Wednesday afternoon as stated but I’m at home with man-flu feeling sorry for myself – wet tissues surround me like the darkened room of a 14 year old that has just bypassed...

11 charlies_hat 01.02.13 12:50pm