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30 posts on one page...

and only 3 not spam. Even the spam is getting spammed. Is there nothing that can stop them??...

6 Perks 09.11.12 12:41pm
Clive Dunn has died 6 medici2471 08.11.12 12:01am
51st state ?

There's another vote going on - Puerto Rico is voting on whether they want to be the 51st state, and the answer seems to be YES. Obama has promised it will happen if this is confirmed. So, all those...

3 Sinnick 07.11.12 10:16pm
Mr Target
Almost a faux pas

Nearly introduced myself at the Primary School Governors' Meeting yesterday by saying "Hello guys & gals" in a dodgy Yorkshire accent. Just stopped myself in time...

5 Sinnick 07.11.12 10:10pm
Don't the Americans bang on about race as a guide for voting intentions?

I cannot imagine in this country anyone talking about the 'black' or 'hispanic' or 'white' vote any more than 'muslim' or 'roman catholic' or 'gay vote'but the interpretation of the American polls is...

14 Ironduke 07.11.12 7:45pm
Dick Everyman
Ronseal, love the FP.

Sad, but true. I think I stated here before that only about 1 in 20 here could name your PM, about 1 in 100 your PM-lite. Most Americans are very insular, which is easy to do in a place that's...

2 rikkor 07.11.12 5:37pm
Hows about this then?

5 godly1966 07.11.12 4:27pm
Oh, Obama has kicked Romney's ass on this one!

[url=]Springsteen and Clooney versus Donny Osmond and Clint[/url]...

12 Ironduke 06.11.12 9:20pm
Hanging chads

Looks like it could be close tomorrow. May get another appearance of those hanging chads - remember them?...

2 ianslat 06.11.12 8:13pm
NEAT-O episode VII

I think perhaps "moustache(s)", - mildly topical given that most office workers are being threatened with the 'Movember' thing this month. So far I have cursed aloud at each new topic - I hope that...

17 Squudge 06.11.12 4:54pm
This is fun

[url=]Fancy a flutter?[/url], I know nuffink about US politics and was struggling to name most of the states. My prediction however turned out to...

5 beau-jolly 06.11.12 2:14pm
The Freddie Starr Piece Was Fantastic

Well done pippip...

1 Textbook 06.11.12 10:50am
Moron has broken ♫

re this mornings spam here in the chat room that begins, "Our church has handmade crochet Chrismon decorations", - is that a Romney religious retail product?, What do Mormons call Christmas?...

0 Squudge 06.11.12 8:45am
Favourite quotes about writing

I like a quote, me. Especially about writing. My favourite (and I don't know who said it) is: 'The reason writers never look out of the window in the morning is that they'd have nothing to do in the...

8 DustyBinLaden 05.11.12 10:15pm
Stoptober / Movember - 2

So we've already got Movember, a month where men (and potentially some women) grow moustaches for 30 days, either to raise money for charity or just to see if they can, and now we've been given...

32 ianslat 05.11.12 9:07pm
“Product Plaicement” campaign launched by Fish Marketing Board

It’s healthy, it’s organic, it’s delicious. Unfortunately, few fish are identifiable enough to be recognised in a movie or miniseries. “It’s not like a soda or a beer brand, where the...

6 nickb 05.11.12 10:43am
oops..wrong room 0 Nowherefast 05.11.12 10:27am
Bum FP - typos

Hi Ed there are a couple of typos in 1st sentence of 2nd to last para. And good FP BTW...

0 Yikes 05.11.12 9:47am
Wrong place 0 Scroat 05.11.12 9:42am
WotM: A modest proposal - 2

Here's a simple points system to decide WotM. Whaddya think? For each FP - 3 points For each Nib - 1 point For most read article - 6 points (if an FP) or 3 points (if a Nib) For second most read...

40 Oxbridge 04.11.12 4:42pm
Government target

surely we get points for invading some countries twice? [url=][/url][/url]...

0 Squudge 04.11.12 4:35pm
Des? Des? Was it you? Are you ok?

[url=]Don't curdle the custard.[/url]...

9 The All New Jeni B 04.11.12 4:02pm
Des Custard
sued for being ugly

[url=]a legal munter[/url] Wow, who knew plastic surgery couldn't be passed on to your children? I think the bloke should...

2 04.11.12 10:52am
The All New Jeni B
Neat-O episode VI results

Whoops! Sort of forgot about the whole Friday deadline on this. Anyway, without further ado, the results of the Neat-O jury: Special mentions to all the excellent tickers on this subject, including...

6 jamsieoconnor 04.11.12 12:10am
Mark Clattenberg

I don't know, I don't watch enough footy to really be able to comment, but is it more than just a coincidence that John Terry is off the radar for a couple of games and then suddenly someone who...

0 quango 03.11.12 9:11pm
Blimey I can get Newsbiscuit in China

Obviously not subversive enough...

5 Al OPecia 03.11.12 9:01pm
That’s what I call a bush.

13 sigmund 03.11.12 5:47pm
Banner ads - could we take control?

I just posted a bathroom related jokey-cola, and as a result, the banner started selling me - you guessed it - bathroom furniture. Is it possible to incoprorate this featurecan we actually...

4 nickb 03.11.12 4:58pm
Richard Thompson

At Cambridge Folk Festival last year. We saw him do these two songs and others at Cropredy this year. Seems like such a long time ago.

5 Scroat 03.11.12 4:29pm
I'm effin' stoked!

6 PM and no trick or treaters yet. More Snickers for me...

26 rikkor 03.11.12 12:03am