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Coq au Wayland 2 Perks 17.02.13 12:09pm
Fine FP, Ed

Really great FP, touching on several current topics. Should get you to Shadow Foreign Secretary at least. Just one slight criticism, however, that you neglected to mention that Dear Leader Kim...

5 Sinnick 17.02.13 9:02am
Is this Jimmy Saville's last ever ad - for Albelli?

4 Al OPecia 17.02.13 1:41am
The All New Jeni B
I don't know why the Daily mail has a reputation for scaremongering...

[url=]Scary Romanians[/url]...

2 button 16.02.13 5:22pm
I've been away for a few days.

Anything happen?...

13 dvo4fun 16.02.13 3:35pm
"Mr O’Farrell vowed to give up the comedy if he was elected to the Commons..."

A quote from [url=]here[/url] . Should we start packing up our things? May I lay claim to the chipped TVAM mug....

10 Perks 16.02.13 2:19pm

lovely FP, I had a Korean Strangelove on the backburner but ran out of steam. but does this mean 'NewsBiscuit' (that shadowy cartel) has won NEATO this week? After all, there were silly haircuts...

0 Squudge 16.02.13 2:10pm
ticker typo

It's Buffett, not Buffet. Unless 'Buffet' is the joke, but you don't have bacon sandwiches at a buffet. In which case the spelling is fine, but the joke is a bit shit...

1 16.02.13 1:38pm
Tess Goes
Is there something odd about owning a garage in Coronation Street?

I remember Len Fairclough...

6 Al OPecia 15.02.13 10:34pm
My Night In...

Mrs 2471 is out on the lash tonight so I thought I'd pleasure myself on the iplayer. Newsjack - sorry but if I only smile once in half an hour the programme's probably crap (note - next weeks sub to...

2 medici2471 15.02.13 10:22pm
Julie Burchill on Desert Island Discs

Words fail me...

9 Scroat 15.02.13 9:57pm
Al OPecia
Split Vote at Eastleigh

Howling Laud Hope has complained that the English Democrats, the Wessex regionalists and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition will split the loony vote. Fortunately votes for the more fringe...

0 Titus 15.02.13 9:19pm
I think the next NEAT-O subject should be "The Eastleigh by-election"

if it was my choice of course...

7 AReader 15.02.13 3:43pm
After Rebecca it's

Don't know who they are or what they do – it's something chemical. Completely beyond me. Lots of weird diagrams, letters and numbers. Duh...

0 Scroat 15.02.13 2:11pm
OH MY GOD Change the ticker already!!!

Look, I'll save you the trouble. In no particular order: 1) Pistorius getaway attempt foiled by cattle grid 2) North Korea nuclear test, "It's Seoul destroying", claims South Korea 3) NRA calls...

1 rickwestwell 15.02.13 1:30pm
Wouldn't it be better for the US

There were more people trained in first aid than praying?

1 Al OPecia 15.02.13 11:10am
Can someone close the window...

All [url=]taste, decency and humour[/url] seemed to have gone out of it...

20 Lens Cap 15.02.13 11:03am

Horse meat, the pope retiring, Oscar Pistorius, our leader standing as an MP and Waylands cock sorry rock. Could this be the best ever week on Newsbiscuit?...

0 godly1966 15.02.13 10:39am
Guardian piece about the gaffer and the Eastleigh by-election...

[url=]Worth a look[/url]...

12 Tripod 15.02.13 8:32am
Roses are red, violets are wussy....

Hmm can't think of a rhyme.., Wot are your worst valentines messages ?, Post here...

11 MADJEZ 14.02.13 11:12pm
When you realise you're old...

is when you read this in the Daily Mail: [quote]Stylish Rosie Huntington-Whiteley turns the pavement into a catwalk as she runs errands in Los Angeles. Devastatingly gorgeous wherever she...

6 AReader 14.02.13 6:37pm
Let's twist again...

[url=]Like we did last year[/url]...

3 Tripod 14.02.13 4:01pm
True biscuit: Heart Attack Grill 'spokesman' dies of heart attack

[url=] One for the Darwin awards perchance?[/url]...

4 Nowherefast 14.02.13 2:21pm
If I owned a racehorse I'd call it "Future Tesco lasagna"

Stop me if you've heard it before...

0 AReader 14.02.13 2:14pm
Best story of the week so far...

[url=]Martial arts hero fights mugger...

1 butagirl 14.02.13 1:51pm
Whores' meat / beef curtains. Joke in there somewhere?

No, perhaps not...

1 Scroat 14.02.13 12:47pm
Dear Ed.

I feel sure that we would be happy to help you write your manifesto...

6 Al OPecia 13.02.13 11:56pm
Great Pope FP today

We don't see work of that calibre any more...

6 rickwestwell 13.02.13 6:42pm
Caption already provided

0 Sinnick 13.02.13 4:18pm
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