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This weeks Neat-O

Its the moment [s]you've all bee waiting for[/s] Malgors been waiting for, this weeks Neat-O. If you're not familiar with Neat-o, click here:

12 button 05.10.12 10:26am
Freddie Starr just had an injunction overturned.

Wow, it's amazing how quickly a story breaks when it's not meant to. Google it yourself, probably best not to repeat what it says on TwitterI'll be watching ITV news tonight, though. They seem to...

2 04.10.12 8:53pm
The truth about Jimmy Savile

It was out there all along. 'Sir Jimmy Savile OBE' is an anagram of 'Orb, jism - yes, I am evil'...

0 Oxbridge 04.10.12 12:25pm
You watch much golf, Rikkor?

just asking...

12 Ironduke 04.10.12 12:11am
anyone noticed the spoof is down...

I hope it is up soon :(...

7 Perks 03.10.12 10:58pm
Is it half-term? 0 dvo4fun 03.10.12 3:15pm

Scare the kids good 'n proper this halloween with your very own 'dress like an alleged paedophile' kit....

3 The Nage 03.10.12 3:11pm
Baritt Rombama Or is it?...

1 wallster 03.10.12 12:42pm
This is interesting...

[url=]Scargill's NUM flat[/url] Arthur Scargill is in court claiming his £34k-a-year flat is 'his for life' and the NUM should continue paying for it. So how...

7 03.10.12 5:36am
OUT NOW! Mary Berry's new auto biography: Sex, drugs and jam roly-poly.

In her new book Mary describes the seedy and often dangerous world of the baking circuit. She exposes Paul Hollywood's dangerous lover affair with organic yeast and how she'll never able to look Mel...

0 busterjelly 02.10.12 4:18pm
Invisible Man Revalation

The Invisible Man reveals he has many imaginary friends...

0 sbegmeister 02.10.12 10:43am
Tory Health Minister...

says it's 'appalling' that old people have to go abroad to die. When with winter coming, they can freeze to death in their own house...

0 Nick Parry 02.10.12 10:19am
Nick Parry
Good week for TrueBiscuit ! I love "The animals are estimated by the authorities to weigh 700lb"., Well, they are now !...

1 Sinnick 02.10.12 9:54am

3 charlies_hat 02.10.12 7:34am
Truebiscuit - Ikea "regrets" removing women from their Saudi catalogue I wonder how else might the mighty Swedes adjust their catalogues for different countries...

2 Sir Lupus 01.10.12 10:02pm
Sir Lupus
Whatever happened to the "a story should stand on its own" a lot of folk are

putting links with their stories...

4 burnmybridges 01.10.12 8:31pm
language difficulties, I imagine the Gateshead accent fooled the Welsh into thinking he wasn't English...

0 sigmund 01.10.12 12:34pm
A flash in the pan?

5 weematt 01.10.12 12:13pm
Justin Lee Collins

Just saw this picture: "Wow!" I thought. "He's lost a lot ofrespect."...

8 01.10.12 10:11am
Right, that's it, I'm coming back.

Hello again. Sorry about all that bollocks earlier when I flounced out as Haywood Manley - I really shouldn't have got involved in that spat as I've come to accept that the site style for FPs and...

15 Idiot 30.09.12 10:53pm
Police probe Sussex girls snatch ....

can't believe I've got to this first - thanks Phoenix nights ....

0 misterjingles 30.09.12 8:21pm
Yes, it's the Neat-O results post.

Well, it's about lunchtimeish on Friday so that means it's [u]NEAT-O JUDGEMENTAL TIME.[/u] Well done to everyone who entered and to several people who didn't. There's been a high standard of...

13 wallster 30.09.12 7:32pm
Paul Heaton fans......

0 button 30.09.12 7:09pm
That's it - I quit .....writing books.

Bloody JK Rowling - all my books are much better, but just because she's "in" with the publishers, everyone buys Casual Vacancy. Fucking cronyism - my brilliant talent is being missed by everyone,...

4 charlies_hat 30.09.12 11:03am
The All New Jeni B
cheesy pervy teacher gags

enough of the maths teachers - what do the others get up to? here's a kick-off: Classics teacher opens Pandora's box...

27 cinquecento 29.09.12 8:10pm

2 riesler 29.09.12 3:47pm
Throwing down a Gauntlet

It seems The Onion can be taken seriously. Is this a challenge ?

1 Sinnick 29.09.12 3:39pm
Throwing down a Gauntlett

It seems The Onion can be taken seriously. Is this a challenge ?

0 Sinnick 29.09.12 10:00am
Red: alien abduction artwork

Is it just me, or does the transport ray look like a massive cock and balls? Is that intentional? Just thought I'd ask...

5 28.09.12 11:17pm
Lone journalist gets lost in New York..

1 Squudge 28.09.12 9:19pm