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To be honest, I just don't have the time.

6 Blake 09.02.13 3:24pm
Captions please No flies on David Miliband...

5 Scroat 09.02.13 12:09pm
"Burger aimed at cannibals contained 110% footballer" 2 Underconstruction 08.02.13 10:30pm
Neat-o episode 13B - 2

random number generator seeing as I have lost count - ok then, as promised, next rubbish topic: WHEELIE BINS do I need a reason? The challenge will stand until lunchtime next Sunday (10th Feb)....

32 Squudge 08.02.13 5:20pm
I read the original headline as "taxed by the metre"

Which would mean measuring each punter. [url=]A better idea?[/url]...

0 beau-jolly 08.02.13 2:34pm

I was looking for a reason to play this, [url=]'value' tune for today[/url]...

0 Squudge 08.02.13 2:23pm
I could do with some new shoes

I’m on quite a tight budget though, can anybody recommend somewhere I can get cheap shoes?...

8 Vertically Challenged Giant 08.02.13 1:09pm
oops 0 Nowherefast 08.02.13 12:52pm
This gay marriage thing... - 2

I often thought that it was unfair that straight couples did not have the option of a civil partnership where they could get the legal rights without having to get married. It would have suited me. ...

32 beau-jolly 08.02.13 12:18pm
Captions please

10 Sinnick 08.02.13 12:07pm
Homosexual Marriage Vote Questioned

Validity of result of Parliamentary homosexual marriage vote questioned after the Wedding Planners, Caterers and Hospitality Industry Association admits spending £ millions on providing...

0 Titus 07.02.13 6:22pm
"Moral Compass" Photoshop Challenge

Anyone up for this? Either, (a) photoshop a pic of a 'Moral Compass' or, (b) list the various 'points' marked on the dial of such a compass. Some starters (clockwise, from the 12 o'clock...

0 Titus 07.02.13 3:51pm
New Detailed Forensic Patholgy Shows Richard III Died in A&E Awaiting Treatment 1 Titus 06.02.13 12:41pm
Dick Everyman
Reality TV Company to Stage More Realistic Version of Olympic Opening Ceremony

In place of a 2-hour sequence of rows of happy nurses, each smiling benignly at a single healthy young child bouncing joyfully up-and-down on its hospital bed, there will instead be a display of...

0 Titus 06.02.13 10:23am
N Ireland > Argies

Love the ticker about Haig offering the Argies Northern Ireland in place of the Falklands. What genius came up with that?...

0 Titus 05.02.13 10:40pm
BBC Radio sketch show wants subs

Ever experienced the dizzying thrill of NewsJack using your one-liner, sending you eighteen quid and then broadcasting it to literally tens of people across the country? Now you can keep the buzz...

0 Carter 05.02.13 7:47pm
What have they been doing to their Horses?

6 Perks 05.02.13 4:30pm
Are any Biscuits primary school teachers?

If so, would you PM me? And no, this isn't some inverse grooming exercise. And I'm not Rebecca...

7 Mary Evans 05.02.13 4:24pm
Chris Huhne...

I didn't realise he had a personalised number plate: H11HNE If I was a judge, that would double the sentence...

8 Tripod 05.02.13 4:21pm
Good to see stranglewank featuring in the NIBs today 1 rickwestwell 05.02.13 3:32pm
Appropriate names

I thought it was amusing that the two scorers for Hartlepool at the weekend were called Hartley and Poole. Add your own line about which Club are about to sign Danny Shittu...

2 Midfield Diamond 05.02.13 3:19pm
Newsbiscuit Inaccuracy Shock

Very pleasing to see "Richard III's grave found to contain 29% horse meat" used as a ticker, except that the whole point was that it was actually found to contain zero% horse meat - thus Richard's...

0 Titus 05.02.13 10:45am
The Horror

Trapped in church is bad enough but trapped in one full of clowns - nightmare.

1 Carter 05.02.13 10:11am
How do you catch 7,500 crocodiles ? I am not sure I would want to wander around for too long with that many of them on the loose ! Of course a fight between two crocodiles is just...

5 Not Amused 04.02.13 11:13pm
Jesse Bigg
Fifa urges action on match fixing - from their plush new offices in Qatar 0 Izziere 04.02.13 10:43pm
Anyone else getting Ads for male incontinence?

I really don't want any, I've got enough of my own...

4 Dick Everyman 04.02.13 4:15pm
Dick Everyman
[Post moved - Sorry!] 0 Titus 04.02.13 4:06pm
TESCO sponsored research ?

0 Sinnick 04.02.13 12:20pm
Skeleton in Leicester is.... CHRIS HUHNE CHRIS HUHNE CHRIS HUHNE ...

B*ll*cks coverage SKY News...

0 MADJEZ 04.02.13 11:22am
Brilliant archive story on front page today

3 godly1966 04.02.13 10:02am