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JoF caption competition! O Farrell chooses Black Lace smash as election song. JoF (right): 'It's lovely to be working with big,...

28 Truebiscuit 26.02.13 9:25am
Gorgeous FP

making me late for work...

2 Squudge 26.02.13 8:58am
May Jeni B have mercy on my soul...

for I have lampooned Scotland...

10 AReader 25.02.13 11:24pm
The All New Jeni B
I miss Rebecca...

It's all now. And it's following me on to other websites. Three miles away - so near and yet so far * sigh *...

11 Scroat 25.02.13 11:15pm
Another Neato idea...

[url=]I want one.[/url]...

8 The All New Jeni B 25.02.13 9:38pm
Audible Minority

saw a Jag yesterday with the plate 'A1 CUN'. Just saying...

0 cinquecento 25.02.13 7:04pm
Great Lib Dem FP Today

Really good work, need more of that sort of calibre. Lovely picture too...

2 Spartacus 25.02.13 3:11pm
[Post moved] 0 Titus 24.02.13 11:04pm
Neat-O Results: The circus

Well that's it for another week here in Neat-O land. Some very good entries this week, although it was always going to be a quiet week as there was so much else going on in the news. Honourable...

1 Psycadelic Squirrel 24.02.13 6:07pm
So this is on this morning...

0 Gaz 24.02.13 12:00pm
Neat-O, let's go

Thank you to Midfield Diamond for passing on the Neat-O baton. After cleaning off some suspicious fluids I now have it firmly within my grasp. I have always dreamed of this moment, and had planned...

8 Psycadelic Squirrel 24.02.13 10:23am
The Brand New Neat-O Baton is up for grabs ...

As I'm sure you were too, I was inspired by the appearance of Burkino Faso in the final of the African Cup of Nations at the weekend. Overcoming huge odds and facing stiff competition from all over...

15 Midfield Diamond 24.02.13 10:21am
Do we know the winner of January's WoM...

Or could it be decided by a referendum run alongside the by-election. Who gets you vote ?...

15 Perks 24.02.13 1:44am
Osborne off to Bulgaria - he's heard there is money down the back of Sofia 1 shaggy 23.02.13 2:20pm
Much discussion about the jury system...

I was covering Magistrates' Court for the local paper and a guy was up on serious assault and drug possession charges. Hair down to his arse, matted beard, filthy jeans and ripped tee shirt. I also...

22 Scroat 23.02.13 10:26am
Anyone ordered a Miranda audio book yet?

Very tempted to click on her best acting face in the banner ads...

0 Dick Everyman 23.02.13 9:33am
Dick Everyman
Just watched 'The Last Leg'

It's very entertaining, unlike most things. There's not the same clash of egos you often see on a comedy chat format. It's probably because the presenters are disabled, they don't have much...

0 Truebiscuit 22.02.13 11:27pm
Mature singles

This might chase the pulsating diagram away YES! I got

0 Scroat 22.02.13 6:05pm
Hamster found shot four times in JoF's bathroom 2 Squudge 22.02.13 6:05pm
My favourite story in a long time

[url=]The picture alone is lovely[/url]...

4 Perks 22.02.13 4:30pm
Has JoF got any chance of becoming MP for Eastleigh?

I haven't seen any opinion polls, but frankly if he promises not to cross-dress and choke himself and pay his own penalty points after being caught speeding, then that should be enough?...

2 AReader 22.02.13 3:43pm
Midfield Diamond
FP: "Prince Philip ‘showing worrying signs of being back on good form’ "

I thought NB was supposed to be satirical? Where is the satire or even irony in this report? It is an accurate reflection of how almost any liberal-minded person thinks, not just the tendy-lefty...

0 Titus 22.02.13 3:37pm
BBC R4 In Our Time - Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh

Here's Melvyn Bragg's newsletter about the programme yesterday. A corker, as always. Hello I once read a good chunk of Decline and Fall in a rudimentary gothic lavatory in a declining stately home...

0 Scroat 22.02.13 1:31pm
Life 2.0

Started yesterday. I've been a bit quiet here, moving house hasn't helped, Mrs Ant has packed-in senior job with Boots to work with me at It is looking good and I will re-connect...

7 antharrison 20.02.13 11:32pm
BBC reports Panda getting ready for mating

So, what's he doing then? Bought her a bevvy, laced her water trough with rohypnol, or just trying to get to first base ? Best not show her the size of his willy just yet, doubt she'll be impressed....

1 Sinnick 20.02.13 7:57pm
Remind me, who are the nasty party gain? - 2 Say it aint so Jon!...

36 riesler 20.02.13 6:24pm
Subliminal advertisding at London Fashion Week?

There was a group of models mincing in single file down The Strand yesterday and I got an uncontrollable urge to go and buy a box of matches. Not sure if they were going out for lunch, doubt it...

1 riesler 20.02.13 11:04am
I really need a sanitary valve, can anyone help ? 5 Sinnick 20.02.13 9:54am
Floating Voters

Bet JoF hasn't knocked on his door yet PS: I've shat better servers than this - did someone stun the...

7 Squudge 19.02.13 10:48pm
Genius editor misses out the point of the FB joke

He left the last paragraph out - the point of the joke, I swear that political campaigning in Eastleigh has emptied his mind of comedyjust when he needs it most...

2 AReader 19.02.13 8:25pm