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Japanese Spam

Whoah!, Looked away and suddenly someone has scribbled all over the chat room., Translating the headline makes little sense "a straight-line basis over the statue of your layer" but when you...

9 beau-jolly 16.01.13 10:48am
Son of Barnabas
True biscuit - a cleaner stealing a commuter train !

3 Not Amused 16.01.13 9:22am
Son of Barnabas
Truebiscuit - How to confuse German Hells Angels

If any of us had written this, it would have been viewed as too bizarre

5 seymour totti 16.01.13 9:17am
Son of Barnabas
Senior Dating Group?

Meet men and women over fifty? you click just ONE granny porn link, and you have to put up with this crap? I tell you, Rebecca hasn't aged well...

2 Ironduke 16.01.13 12:35am
Do you know what I think are dirty words?

War. And racism. Oh yeah. And cunt...

7 rikkor 15.01.13 8:48pm
RIP HMV. 5 Scroat 15.01.13 8:48pm
Great FP Squudge!

Fairy tales may come true ;0)...

9 Dick Everyman 15.01.13 5:15pm
"Rangers may quit playing Scottish football" Did I imagine reading that?

Are they going to play in Italy instead then?...

27 dvo4fun 15.01.13 2:52pm
The Onion

Love this. Simple idea brilliantly done.,30897/#slide-6...

5 Carter 15.01.13 12:24pm
Today's FP seems strangely familiar...

Oh! Here it is! [url=]same story 1 year on[/url] Is it OK to bump stuff that got shredded into a NiB in the past? Is it now OK...

8 14.01.13 5:07pm
The All New Jeni B
Oh shit, Rebecca from Mature Dating is STILL only 3 miles away, says everyone - 2 42 Oxbridge 14.01.13 3:47pm
Abuse of power?

The Bishop of Chelmsford fixed the Queen's broken Bentley with a blessing, according to this story: Is this not a clear abuse of holy powers? I...

1 bonjonelson 14.01.13 3:28pm
fashion for men


16 writinginbsl 13.01.13 5:54pm
aldi, yes-sainsburys-NO!

To be doing it in Sainsbury, of all places, is a very serious offence...

6 writinginbsl 13.01.13 2:32pm
The All New Jeni B
Is this one of ours? I can't help thinking that an underaged Jewish girl got away with a similar porkie about 2013 years ago and...

8 beau-jolly 13.01.13 2:30pm
The All New Jeni B
Lovely FP today

now I'm hungry...

0 Squudge 13.01.13 9:13am
Good Excuse? Erm, have I got it rongue, we're in the EEC, you don't need a passport, just proof of identity, to travel to another EEC country. A modern driving licence...

8 Iscariot 12.01.13 4:10pm
double post

one sherry-thats all ONE!...

0 writinginbsl 11.01.13 10:02pm
great Yodel FP

I haven't read it but I don't like parcels. Does it end with a back door delivery?...

4 Dawsons creek 11.01.13 11:23am
This just in: Chat room difficult to read. Or eyesight failing.

I blame old age...

1 AReader 11.01.13 9:59am
They are asking us to literally "go the extra mile"

Rebecca has a rival.

3 charlies_hat 10.01.13 8:27pm
Fine FP on Moral High Ground, nickb

You just quietly get on with some excellent work , ignoring the nonsense around here. Well done...

3 Sinnick 10.01.13 7:21pm

[url=]spare any change guv?[/url] Truebiscuit satire bomb...

3 Squudge 10.01.13 5:44pm
Cabin Pressure

First episode of the new series aired on R4 yesterday, and pretty good it was too:

0 Idiot 10.01.13 4:02pm
Is Ripper Street a parody?

What a big pile of plop. Looks great, but the acting is shit, the accents are bloody stupid and the music is completely inappropriate and distracting. Didn't the BBC used to make good programmes?...

7 10.01.13 1:43pm
Anyone else doing the Dryathalon?

No, me neither. Willpower fell victim to a hot chap with a cold Prosecco on Jan 2nd. In oh so many ways. Anyone else got a resolution still in tact?...

16 Mary Evans 10.01.13 12:47pm
"Dog shit" found on Mars

Tests carried out by the Mars Exploration Rover have discovered a substance thought to be dog shit, on the surface of Mars. The discovery has taken everybody at NASA by surprise and could prove to...

4 benrussell 09.01.13 8:40pm
Saw a Vodafone ad "A Smartphone for every Romanian"

Is that a decent exchange rate?...

0 brownpaperreporter 09.01.13 8:38pm
Train bid truebiscuit

This on the BBC website: [url=]wooden run on time[/url] I'm pretty sure I beat them to it:...

2 09.01.13 7:55pm
Dog shit found on Mars

Tests carried out by the Mars Exploration Rover have discovered a substance thought to be dog shit, on the surface of Mars. The discovery has taken everybody at NASA by surprise and could prove to...

0 benrussell 09.01.13 3:46pm