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Truebiscuit - Oh dear, what can the matter be! I love the fact that they have apologised for the "in-convenience"...

0 seymour totti 12.02.13 3:29pm
seymour totti
Great left alert 2 button 12.02.13 11:13am
Pope Resigns After Communion Wafers Found to Contain 29% Horse Meat 0 Titus 12.02.13 9:49am
Rebecca Strikes Again

Pope resigns after it is revealed that Rebecca is just 3 mles from the Vatican...

0 Titus 12.02.13 9:47am
What's your manifesto?

With our Ed in the running to be a candidate in the Eastleigh By-election, I was wondering what would be the main points from your manifesto to get the public to vote for you. Unlike the real thing,...

15 Perks 12.02.13 3:03am
Suggested campaign slogan for JoF

"I'm funnier than Chris Huhne" "I want to live in Eastleigh" "Ed Miliband is my best friend" "I always pay my own speeding fines" and, we've already had the following from Squudge:, "I am not...

12 Sinnick 12.02.13 2:44am
So if JoF is putting himself forward for the Eastleigh job...

which one of us is going to go for the Papal vacancy? Any nominations?...

7 ianslat 12.02.13 2:37am
Horse named Findus widely tipped not to enter Grand National this year

According to my Neeeeeighbours anyway...

2 Tess Goes 11.02.13 11:09pm
Tess Goes
With friends like these...crikey! he "had won a prize at school for consideration to others" - was this before, during or after?...

12 riesler 11.02.13 9:54pm
I'm getting ads for 'Christian dating.'

I guess that's like carbon dating, but only goes back 4000 years...

3 sigmund 11.02.13 9:51pm
Q. How much do the UK public care about the pope?

From BBC News most read: 1. Man holding chips fights of attack, 2. Pope Benedict in shock resignation A. Not as much as chip fighting...

6 button 11.02.13 8:33pm
Findus unveils new product........... 2 Tirpitz 11.02.13 4:35pm
Tess Goes
Oh good. You're back.

I was beginning to wonder...

10 The All New Jeni B 11.02.13 4:32pm
Tess Goes
Neat-o episode 13B RESULTS

Bravo everyone. I enjoyed picking over the landfill of offerings looking for diamonds. Ironduke wins the Neat-o oh-no race with the correct guess re using the bin as a catflap. Titus was close on...

4 Squudge 11.02.13 11:21am
Midfield Diamond
They shoot horses don't they?

Thought I'd bring the "I could eat a horse" converation in here., [quote]Surely horse meat is just as expensive as beef?[/quote], I am guessing that horses are killed when they are knackered. In...

16 beau-jolly 10.02.13 8:54am
Fancy writing comedy for BBC Radio?

Newsjack is back - and remember, you old NewsBiscuit submissions are yours and yours alone - so feel free to submit those too

3 editor 10.02.13 8:30am
Truebiscuit? It's quite handy for the Isle of Wight...

3 riesler 10.02.13 7:28am
Team Findus win Horse of the Year Show 1 Iscariot 09.02.13 11:03pm

1 Iscariot 09.02.13 9:54pm
To be honest, I just don't have the time.

6 Blake 09.02.13 3:24pm
Captions please No flies on David Miliband...

5 Scroat 09.02.13 12:09pm
"Burger aimed at cannibals contained 110% footballer" 2 Underconstruction 08.02.13 10:30pm
Neat-o episode 13B - 2

random number generator seeing as I have lost count - ok then, as promised, next rubbish topic: WHEELIE BINS do I need a reason? The challenge will stand until lunchtime next Sunday (10th Feb)....

32 Squudge 08.02.13 5:20pm
I read the original headline as "taxed by the metre"

Which would mean measuring each punter. [url=]A better idea?[/url]...

0 beau-jolly 08.02.13 2:34pm

I was looking for a reason to play this, [url=]'value' tune for today[/url]...

0 Squudge 08.02.13 2:23pm
I could do with some new shoes

I’m on quite a tight budget though, can anybody recommend somewhere I can get cheap shoes?...

8 Vertically Challenged Giant 08.02.13 1:09pm
oops 0 Nowherefast 08.02.13 12:52pm
This gay marriage thing... - 2

I often thought that it was unfair that straight couples did not have the option of a civil partnership where they could get the legal rights without having to get married. It would have suited me. ...

32 beau-jolly 08.02.13 12:18pm
Captions please

10 Sinnick 08.02.13 12:07pm
Homosexual Marriage Vote Questioned

Validity of result of Parliamentary homosexual marriage vote questioned after the Wedding Planners, Caterers and Hospitality Industry Association admits spending £ millions on providing...

0 Titus 07.02.13 6:22pm