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Writers of the Months

January Writer of the Month - BAJDixon Congratulations to BAJDixon whose story 'Cameron pours his curves into suit for Europe speech' was January's most popular and scoops him the Writer of the...

17 editor 08.03.13 9:26pm
Poor Spider

[url=]bottom gear[/url]...

0 Squudge 08.03.13 5:57pm

The picture the BBC have used on the processed meat story is really making me want a bacon sandwich, depsite the early death warning...

25 button 08.03.13 5:06pm
What "disclaimers" etc. really mean...

You know those announcements you here in plummy voices in adverts and TV programs?, Is there some comedy value in decoding them into plain english? For example (to get yez started) <Harrowing...

9 Jammydodgers 08.03.13 10:52am

Get over it. It's not the end of the world. Football is not important. End of...

19 Scroat 08.03.13 10:01am

cock -- wrong room...

1 FlashArry 07.03.13 11:09pm
The All New Jeni B
Tee-Shirt Wind-Up

Does anyone know if you can get this with Jeremy Clarkson's face suerimposed in it?...

0 Titus 07.03.13 1:41pm
from the archives

another gem today - but can we do something about the 'date posted'? I like to know when they originally got published and the site seems to default to the current date (and often says 'guest')...

2 Squudge 06.03.13 7:03pm
Product diversification.

Bugger. Can’t get this to work...

1 sigmund 06.03.13 4:25pm
Dick Everyman
. 0 sigmund 06.03.13 12:38pm
Enjoy Tories v The People

Check out the photo albumspeaks for itself really., So who DID vote for these heartless bastards?,...

0 Gerontius 06.03.13 9:14am
Just testing...

Bear with A possible idea for LA that [i]might just[/i] work.

4 pinxit 06.03.13 9:13am
Weak FP

The diet tip FP just is not funny. Must have been a real shortage of funny stuff...

14 weematt 05.03.13 10:09pm

sometimes you've just got to sit down and applaud such a magnificently potent illness. You may not like what it does, but you have to say, it does it very well. Now, excuse me one moment...

27 Ironduke 05.03.13 10:08pm
Funniest road sign ever...

just outside Washington DC yesterday, too quick for my camera: George Bush Center for Intelligence...

6 Oxbridge 05.03.13 9:36pm
OH THIS IS A FUCKING ACE FP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7 Scroat 05.03.13 1:48pm
TrueBiscuit from Walsall, via the Birmingham Mail

Police in Walsall are urging people to be extra vigilant following a number of indecent exposures across the borough. Detectives are investigating after three young schoolgirls were flashed by a man...

2 Oxbridge 04.03.13 8:05pm
BBC having fun today.


3 The All New Jeni B 04.03.13 5:52pm
Lovely NiB Oxy.

Works well as a shorter piece (as I suggested) and cutting a paragraph that said a similar thing whilst ending on The other (like I suggested) And the change of names (like I suggested) and including...

29 Lens Cap 04.03.13 4:08pm
Neato downunder edition - results

A good flock of subs this week. As befits sheep week it was very difficult choosing between them. Honourable mentions - Perks for the most obscure sub. Quaz for EweTube, which could cripple Welsh...

7 Yikes 04.03.13 7:51am
Right! That's it!! - 2

Enough of the nominations, voting, most widely read etc nonsense. I am claiming January's WotM. No debate, no recounts, it's now mine. If it works for Mgabe, it works for me...

37 The All New Jeni B 03.03.13 11:29pm
The All New Jeni B
What could possibly be 'beneath the sexual standards expected of a

Catholic priest ' ?! Badly chosen words Keith...

3 charlies_hat 03.03.13 9:05pm
Wonder if the had a whip-round in the Vatican ...

and if they did, what they got for Rat-flinger as a leaving pressie? (Might possibly be scope for an NB item here.)...

10 Titus 03.03.13 8:29pm
Man Seeks Retirement From NB Ticker After Following N Korean Missiles for 4 Yrs. 0 Titus 03.03.13 1:40pm
Terrific Pope pic Red - unfortunately doesn't work on Facebook

Thanks for making such a belter of a pic - absolutely first rate! I shared it on Facebook and the pic didn't work .. it is also not working on the NB Facebook page. I wonder if it is some minor...

1 Yikes 03.03.13 9:03am
I blame Wayland

[url=]Thw world is caving in[/url] ..ever since Wayland found that meteorite in his back garden...

0 Dick Everyman 03.03.13 8:45am
Dick Everyman
Great Gnu archive story today

Need more wilderbeasts of that calibre on here...

2 Yikes 03.03.13 1:22am
Wrong Room 6 Dick Everyman 02.03.13 11:43pm
Dick Everyman
This is from Daily Mail online - strange they resisted any barbed comments

[url=]A heart warming story[/url]...

3 Dick Everyman 02.03.13 9:24pm
The All New Jeni B
Titanic NiB Gerontius!

Shame not the full deal but the jellyfish gag is a gem!...

2 Dick Everyman 02.03.13 7:14pm