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So if JoF is putting himself forward for the Eastleigh job...

which one of us is going to go for the Papal vacancy? Any nominations?...

7 ianslat 12.02.13 2:37am
Horse named Findus widely tipped not to enter Grand National this year

According to my Neeeeeighbours anyway...

2 Tess Goes 11.02.13 11:09pm
Tess Goes
With friends like these...crikey! he "had won a prize at school for consideration to others" - was this before, during or after?...

12 riesler 11.02.13 9:54pm
I'm getting ads for 'Christian dating.'

I guess that's like carbon dating, but only goes back 4000 years...

3 sigmund 11.02.13 9:51pm
Q. How much do the UK public care about the pope?

From BBC News most read: 1. Man holding chips fights of attack, 2. Pope Benedict in shock resignation A. Not as much as chip fighting...

6 button 11.02.13 8:33pm
Findus unveils new product........... 2 Tirpitz 11.02.13 4:35pm
Tess Goes
Oh good. You're back.

I was beginning to wonder...

10 The All New Jeni B 11.02.13 4:32pm
Tess Goes
Neat-o episode 13B RESULTS

Bravo everyone. I enjoyed picking over the landfill of offerings looking for diamonds. Ironduke wins the Neat-o oh-no race with the correct guess re using the bin as a catflap. Titus was close on...

4 Squudge 11.02.13 11:21am
Midfield Diamond
They shoot horses don't they?

Thought I'd bring the "I could eat a horse" converation in here., [quote]Surely horse meat is just as expensive as beef?[/quote], I am guessing that horses are killed when they are knackered. In...

16 beau-jolly 10.02.13 8:54am
Fancy writing comedy for BBC Radio?

Newsjack is back - and remember, you old NewsBiscuit submissions are yours and yours alone - so feel free to submit those too

3 editor 10.02.13 8:30am
Truebiscuit? It's quite handy for the Isle of Wight...

3 riesler 10.02.13 7:28am
Team Findus win Horse of the Year Show 1 Iscariot 09.02.13 11:03pm

1 Iscariot 09.02.13 9:54pm
To be honest, I just don't have the time.

6 Blake 09.02.13 3:24pm
Captions please No flies on David Miliband...

5 Scroat 09.02.13 12:09pm
"Burger aimed at cannibals contained 110% footballer" 2 Underconstruction 08.02.13 10:30pm
Neat-o episode 13B - 2

random number generator seeing as I have lost count - ok then, as promised, next rubbish topic: WHEELIE BINS do I need a reason? The challenge will stand until lunchtime next Sunday (10th Feb)....

32 Squudge 08.02.13 5:20pm
I read the original headline as "taxed by the metre"

Which would mean measuring each punter. [url=]A better idea?[/url]...

0 beau-jolly 08.02.13 2:34pm

I was looking for a reason to play this, [url=]'value' tune for today[/url]...

0 Squudge 08.02.13 2:23pm
I could do with some new shoes

I’m on quite a tight budget though, can anybody recommend somewhere I can get cheap shoes?...

8 Vertically Challenged Giant 08.02.13 1:09pm
oops 0 Nowherefast 08.02.13 12:52pm
This gay marriage thing... - 2

I often thought that it was unfair that straight couples did not have the option of a civil partnership where they could get the legal rights without having to get married. It would have suited me. ...

32 beau-jolly 08.02.13 12:18pm
Captions please

10 Sinnick 08.02.13 12:07pm
Homosexual Marriage Vote Questioned

Validity of result of Parliamentary homosexual marriage vote questioned after the Wedding Planners, Caterers and Hospitality Industry Association admits spending £ millions on providing...

0 Titus 07.02.13 6:22pm
"Moral Compass" Photoshop Challenge

Anyone up for this? Either, (a) photoshop a pic of a 'Moral Compass' or, (b) list the various 'points' marked on the dial of such a compass. Some starters (clockwise, from the 12 o'clock...

0 Titus 07.02.13 3:51pm
New Detailed Forensic Patholgy Shows Richard III Died in A&E Awaiting Treatment 1 Titus 06.02.13 12:41pm
Dick Everyman
Reality TV Company to Stage More Realistic Version of Olympic Opening Ceremony

In place of a 2-hour sequence of rows of happy nurses, each smiling benignly at a single healthy young child bouncing joyfully up-and-down on its hospital bed, there will instead be a display of...

0 Titus 06.02.13 10:23am
N Ireland > Argies

Love the ticker about Haig offering the Argies Northern Ireland in place of the Falklands. What genius came up with that?...

0 Titus 05.02.13 10:40pm
BBC Radio sketch show wants subs

Ever experienced the dizzying thrill of NewsJack using your one-liner, sending you eighteen quid and then broadcasting it to literally tens of people across the country? Now you can keep the buzz...

0 Carter 05.02.13 7:47pm
What have they been doing to their Horses?

6 Perks 05.02.13 4:30pm