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"the poke" helps Clegg's career

Crafty Nick Clegg has turned his monumental cock-up to his advantage, thanks to help from "the poke".

0 Sinnick 20.09.12 12:39pm
Clegg sorry about breaking tuition fee pledge.

Also sorry about Lib Dem poll ratings and very sorry about his own popularity rating...

4 deskpilot3 20.09.12 8:36am
Is the evil twin of

I can't quite figure out why there are two different sites, with different stories, that both point to the same writers' room, and yet nothing appears to make it from the WR to the site....

4 DustyBinLaden 19.09.12 1:26pm
Not A Good Place For Newcomers

May I suggest that the admin of this site block IP addresses of previously barred members and maybe put in a fail safe system where a member can not use multiple "identities". I came here to write...

11 HIGNFY 19.09.12 1:24pm
Exquisite irony

Pakistani protestor burning US flags dies from inhaling the fumes? you couldn't make it up Now if CIA was [i]really[/i] on the ball, they'd be buying up a load of flags...

0 vertical 19.09.12 8:44am
What happened to the old cgi-bin Newsbiscuit forum?

I assume this has been discussed here before, but I refuse to Google when I could just as easily rehash something. But - I can't seem to access Ye Olde Newbiscuit I guess it is reasonable that you...

9 gaijintendo 19.09.12 12:28am
Not that I care, but the twats at 'The Spoof' are copying and pasting our subs - 2 Blatantly nicked from my sub! Although to be fair, they've also included some changes...

30 18.09.12 9:06pm

0 rikkor 18.09.12 4:49pm
Great "Gentle Giant" FP

More subtle than some things here, but, still very funny...

0 rikkor 18.09.12 3:53pm
good bye, I quit - 2

For fuck's sake. There's a load of people trying hard on here, and you publish Oxbridge's humourless, homophobic shit. It's neither funny, clever or satirical. If you're trying toh encourage new...

54 18.09.12 10:39am
comedians comedian podcast

Not sure if anyone has heard this podcast by Stuart Goldsmith. It's a really good podcast about the comedy writing process. Although it is standup heavy, it's a really nice listen for anyone...

0 Perks 18.09.12 9:25am
I've just seen an advert for the 'lib-dem fringe'

Sounds fun, but I bet it's no Edinburgh...

4 Perks 17.09.12 8:28pm
The All New Jeni B
A credit to the pictures person

Who's the wizard who does all the piccies for the site, and were Kate's nips Photoshopped to make them more proud to be British? His/her work on my Queen-Waitrose piece was a bit of genius...

4 DustyBinLaden 17.09.12 6:26pm
Evolution's a funny thing ...

Likely contender for the Darwin Award

0 Sinnick 17.09.12 4:00pm
How far would you go? - 2

I was listening to coverage of the hillsborough disaster today and a line came into my head that made smile. However, it is not a line I would publicly say because most people would call it at best...

31 Perks 17.09.12 12:18pm
EXCLUSIVE: Shock pictures of Prince Harry with his clothes on.

After a brief scuffle with his bodyguard in a top secret Afghan hideaway referred to only as Bastion Camp, Prince Harry was pictured with his clothes on. The pictures were taken by the new PAP 10...

1 Lord Ward 17.09.12 6:59am
Do you want to tell him or should i ?

4 Simply The Past 16.09.12 9:40pm
Like the jugs FP. 1 rikkor 16.09.12 12:17am
You couldn't make it up

Three hospital staff charged with abusing elderly patients at Whipps Cross...

0 antharrison 15.09.12 9:24pm
Annual Newsbiscuit group bonding session - book your place now!

Admin has asked me to organise this year's annual conference, after last year's successful outing when we all went paintballing - who could forget the brilliant flouncers vs trolls flag match? This...

0 quango 15.09.12 9:09pm
Topless Photos of Duchess Kate published

I have to say that I haven't seen these pictures and I won't be seeking them out. My experience is that they never live up to the hype. You waste a morning trying to track them down, and then she'll...

7 SugarTits69 15.09.12 7:23pm
The Sun: For God, Prince Harry and Kate's tits

I've seen the photos and frankly I'd like to punch the photographer. I'm no supporter of the Royal Family but ffs these paparazzi need a camera inserted where the sun don't shine. With the telephoto...

1 JohnA 15.09.12 2:13pm
the Official unOfficial Queen Diamond Jubilee London 2012 Olympics Anthem

the Official unOfficial Queen Diamond Jubilee London 2012 Olympics Anthem, FREE DOWNLOAD ...

0 JulieJubilee 15.09.12 1:37pm
Mum reveals shocking trick to erasing wrinkles!

"Doctors hate her." Is that the key to flat skin? Being despised by a GP? I'll have to get the missus to run his dog over. or are we to assume this 'mum' used to regularly make appointments at her...

5 15.09.12 10:43am
Kate's boobs...

hours wasted on google and I still haven't been disgusted at the evidence of press invasion of her privacy yet...

2 Ironduke 14.09.12 9:13pm
Lucky Bastards

From Good comedy writing and jaw-dropping clips of people surviving things that they should not. Interesting how the only clip from the UK which features someone doing something...

0 Carter 14.09.12 3:09pm
Jeni, Rikkor, you don't need new pets ...

when you can get one of these:

9 Sinnick 14.09.12 1:10pm
There are a lot of tits on the boards today.

No further comment...

2 wallster 14.09.12 1:00pm
Great Waitrose FP

But, as an American, have no idea what "bibbed the hooter" means...

5 rikkor 13.09.12 6:34pm
Monkey Christ

[url=]Good lord[/url]...

5 button 13.09.12 4:12pm
The All New Jeni B