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Anyone want to be in a film?

They're shooting a film today, The Hooligan Factory' in Hemel Hempstead and they want extras. There's no pay. But you can get to meet mingle with the stars of this hot new 'blokesploitation' movie....

2 ronseal 25.01.13 11:27am
Completely brilliant snow story on the Daily Mash

This is awesome, properly funny! [url=]guide to surviving in snow[/url] Being a miserable bastard I don't...

18 24.01.13 10:43pm
The BBC at its whiney worst

So the BBC missed the opportunity to screen a new series of Yes, Prime Minister. Imagine how pleased they must have been to report that it was 'panned by critics':...

14 24.01.13 9:57pm
J Vine
UN Inquiry Into Civilans Killed in Drone Attacks

"Although I survived" said one insurgent leader "my entire, completley innocent, extended family were all wiped out by an air strike." "However, I think that the aircraft involved was almost...

0 Titus 24.01.13 7:08pm
How many beans make five?

Noticing the tags on SA's Brian Cox sub, surely the only real answer is : Two beans, a bean, a bean and a half and half a bean. Any other combination is simply ridiculous...

12 charlies_hat 24.01.13 5:14pm
Not Amused
Before this happens, we need a wholesale education programme.

[url=]As the Daily Mail soils its pants.[/url] Too many people in this country have formed their opinions based entirely on media and Government...

26 The All New Jeni B 24.01.13 4:37pm
New Deadpool game - high street stores - 2

who next? Next?...

36 Squudge 24.01.13 2:59pm
Inauguration mime scandal worsens: Obama read speech from sheet of paper 4 gaijintendo 24.01.13 1:59pm
Great reality TV FP today

Really good work, need more of that sort of calibre...

6 Vertically Challenged Giant 24.01.13 1:54pm
Dick Everyman
Women on the Front Line

Not original (and don't know the source, sorry), but I thought this was so brilliant as to deserve quoting here: "If I was an enemy soldier facing women troops, it would be the silences I couldn't...

0 Titus 24.01.13 12:08pm
Life imitates art again

Bleak House anyone?

0 riesler 24.01.13 9:24am
"Points of Interest"

Do any sat-navs have Rebecca as a "point of interest" ? And if so, do these sat-navs confirm that she is just 3 miles from wherever you're starting from? I think we should be told...

1 Titus 24.01.13 8:29am
Twitter handle

Hiya, any way of sticking writers' twitter handle at the end of stories we're credited on? I want to leech some followers from popular stories. Ben, @BAJDixon...

0 BAJDixon 23.01.13 10:37pm
Whatever happened to NEATO?

I miss the opportunity to be unfunny on a particular subject chosen by someone slightly less unfunny...

1 AReader 23.01.13 10:05pm
'Prepare to die' t-shirt causes stir on flight

An amusing story from my corner of the world

3 Yikes 23.01.13 5:52pm
Village People to sue Mo Farah over 'Mobot' celebration.

Double Olympic gold-medallist Mo Farah found himself facing plagiarism charges today as 1970s disco act, The Village People, announced they were planning to sue over Farah’s popular ‘Mobot’...

2 JD 23.01.13 2:55pm
UK gets revenge for French gas-leak stench, as Eric Pickles farts from Dover. 0 JD 23.01.13 1:58pm
Norway is good at snow....

6 writinginbsl 23.01.13 12:43pm
Looking for a document safe (Shale Gas shares etc) wonder if John Lewis do one..

"Playmobil Thief with Safe and Getaway Car: Out of stock" Makes a change from the traditional Police car I suppose...

7 dvo4fun 23.01.13 8:42am
Teachers on another short day I suspect

Just spied a local parent and his school aged son heading off towards the nearby slope pulling their sledges. Can't see the school through the storm but me guess is it's shut for the day. Where's the...

16 dvo4fun 22.01.13 11:17pm
True biscuit - Norwegian goat cheese fire

4 Not Amused 22.01.13 8:22pm
quite a quandary for the elderly

So, you've got old, you're bored and you can't be arsed with it all. That Dignitas brochure is looking ever more tempting. But then the treatment is expensive, and you could use that money to buy 8...

6 22.01.13 7:56pm
Wenger to use giant coat for hibernating during transfer window 1 JD 22.01.13 2:05pm
Apostrophititis Strikes NewsBiscuit 'Osborne' Thread

"Despite rigorous efforts to purge such posts" stated P. Dant, professor of Grammatical Infection at the English University "the highly persistent Superfluous Apostrophe infection can still strike...

5 Titus 21.01.13 9:57pm
delicious truebiscuit

[url=]air farce[/url]...

5 Squudge 21.01.13 8:20pm
No NiB's today?...

That's a shame. I set my day by NB publishing times. FP time for bed 12:00 NiB lunch 15:00 NiB dinner New tickers, bath time. I'm now getting very hungry...

7 Perks 21.01.13 4:52pm
Just misread the BBC headline "Birth rate boom stretches services"

as "Birth rate boom strecthes cervices". Hardly news I thought...

0 button 21.01.13 12:57pm
I'll 'ave a 'arf - Help!

I've got this little catch phrase running through my head - "I'll 'ave a 'arf" - said by a little, flat capped character called, I think, Jacko, in a TV sitcom many years ago. What programme was it...

16 theumpire 21.01.13 8:45am
The All New Jeni B
Grrrr wrong room. 9 charlies_hat 20.01.13 11:28pm

Reporter standing outside in the snow. Just in case we don't know what snow looks like. "This is the worst snow in this region since the winter of .. 2010." So more snow than in the last two or...

6 dvo4fun 20.01.13 11:24pm