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Heard JoF on Woman's Hour this afternoon.

He was being completely serious - really going for a political career by the sound of it...

8 Al OPecia 31.03.13 8:36pm
Boat Race Blues

Good-looking Oxford Have the Better Boat Race A beefed-up Oxford crew defeated and effete Cambridge one in a battle that had as much to do with off the river antics as on. Cambridge have accused...

4 Thewoodenleg 31.03.13 8:21pm
Terrific Calvary Emergency Services FP today!

great work newbiscuits...

0 Ironduke 31.03.13 12:13pm
Idea anyone?

Instead of the English Tourist Board, it could be the English Tourettes Board. Just a thought...

4 Scroat 31.03.13 9:48am
A compendium of less-than-rivetting news...

If anyone's short of inspiration, check [url=]this[/url] out...

20 Tripod 30.03.13 6:41pm
The All New Jeni B
Like shitting in the kitchen, I went in the wrong room

Nothing to see here...

12 Perks 30.03.13 8:35am
Big Ben
If you are at a loose end for an hour over Easter...

I highly recommend this programe on the BBC iPlayer [url=]Frost on Satire[/url] A documentary hosted by Sir David Frost on the history...

0 Bourbon 29.03.13 3:14pm
pics from the Gorbals

[url=]the Gorbals and London[/url]...

1 writinginbsl 29.03.13 12:51pm
Neat-O Cricket result

Special mention to Squudge's picture, coffee splutteringly funny. 3rd goes to Ironduke - mainly cos it seemed to be in Latin and I want to appear sophisticated - I actually have no idea what it is...

8 Yikes 29.03.13 12:26pm
A quick thank you...

To the friendly editing elf, who worked their magic and pruned my lengthy M25 tome in to something FP worthy...

0 AdrianJ 29.03.13 12:29am
My magnum opus published as a ticker!

First, I'd like to thanks all the little people. Starting with Jeni. Oh, it's "while" away, not "wile."...

8 rikkor 28.03.13 8:47pm
Al OPecia
. 1 Tripod 28.03.13 3:14pm
BBC bad taste entrapment

now the Jade dog attack was a horrible tragedy and I would not go near it as a submission. But why oh why oh why did the BBC have to put this friend's tribute in the article yesterday " One said...

0 cinquecento 28.03.13 11:42am
Has the Hamster been a bit constipated?

I just had a sudden avalanche of newsbiscuits in my inbox, after having throuble getting onto the site for the last half hour. I hope the server feels better after that...

1 Squudge 28.03.13 11:04am
The All New Jeni B
Who's been twatting puffins ?

7 Sinnick 28.03.13 9:55am
The All New Jeni B
Euro Frankbank

Cypriot cashpoint pic - a steal,

8 Squudge 28.03.13 8:35am
It's Kinda Clicky say's Easter Legg

In an effort to fart, Mr Brown from the Green party failed so dismally, and ended in a bucket of shite, More soon...

2 Tess Goes 27.03.13 10:56pm
Andrew Page (Quaz) memorial Here's a link if you would like to send something. Rikkor...

27 rikkor 27.03.13 8:40pm
Daily Mail vs Andrex

[url=]Welcome to Richard Littlejohn's world[/url]...

4 Dick Everyman 27.03.13 8:38pm
Neat-O 23 March - CRICKET

This weeks topic is CRICKET. Deadline Friday lunchtime or such later time as I can get an internet connection over Easter...

17 Yikes 27.03.13 12:30pm
Lewis Hamilton - how tempting must it have been ...?

The MacLaren mechanics were surely tempted to jack Lewis Hamilton's car up, remove the wheels and then stand there laughing at him, weren't they? (For those that don't know, during the Malaysian...

3 Midfield Diamond 26.03.13 11:32pm
New NB contribution rating

[s]The Department of Health’s[/s] NB admin's response to [s]the Francis inquiry this afternoon[/s] whinges from confused readers confirmed the national ratings set out by [s]the chief inspector[/s]...

0 Titus 26.03.13 11:29pm
Journalistic cliches., I can't help wondering about the 'showed no emotion as sentence was passed'...

7 sigmund 26.03.13 9:39pm
The story with a million headlines I have previously used the "Wind Turbines may be moved by Forceful Trump" line. What about:-, "Go ahead for Trump wind...

1 seymour totti 26.03.13 12:10pm
Nice FP, Oxy. 1 rikkor 26.03.13 11:47am
Why can't journalists distinguish between...

..not being dead and actually being dead: It's like the "I saw a heavenly light so I now there is an Afterlife" nonsense - all these people...

2 Al OPecia 24.03.13 10:54pm
Not topical or funny, but a warm rock landed in our garden... - 2345 This landed in our garden this afternoon. It's left a circular mark on one of the garden stone slabs,...

135 24.03.13 8:35pm
How about a Sit Com Monopoly Board ?

Whitechapel Road = 26 Oil Drum Lane Shepherds Bush, Old Kent Road = 23 Railway Cuttings in East Cheam...

7 Ian Searle 24.03.13 2:37pm
Midnight Dreary
Just Had That Jeremy Hunt bloke On My Board....

The beggar can't even log in right...

0 Jesse Bigg 24.03.13 10:34am
Jesse Bigg
NitBiscuit (or should this be 'Pedantbiscuit'?)

Do you think our lords and masters might be persuaded, in the tickers, to spell - "Osborne" consistently and correctly - "while" (as in 'time to while away in prison') correctly? I don't know what...

4 Titus 23.03.13 7:46pm