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Sewers Near Rebecca's Home Found To Contain Traces Of Whore Shit 2 Titus 13.03.13 1:20pm
Crufts FP

Fantastic FP Slante - ta for hat-tip though I only mentioned dog's arse!...

5 Dick Everyman 13.03.13 11:59am
I have awful news. - 23

I received a message on FB this morning telling me that Quaz died suddenly yesterday. Quaz, Andrew Page, was only 43. I plan to send a card to his parents and two children, so if anyone would like...

73 The All New Jeni B 13.03.13 1:31am
Suggestion concerning edited subs.

Fairly often there are helpful suggestions for improvement or correction of subs. Some of these suggestions are adopted by the originator but often before I have seen the original. This prevents me...

5 weematt 13.03.13 1:23am
OK girls...which one of you is it?

1 Gerontius 12.03.13 3:29pm
Dick Everyman
I hadn't realised Justin Beiber was such a scrapper... What a twat...

1 Scroat 12.03.13 11:54am
We'll post everything that happens in the chat room in case it changes. 0 Perks 12.03.13 9:56am
Nick Clegg...

Whenever referred to subsequently in news reports as "Mr. Clegg" it always sounds like "Mystic Leg." Once you have this, I'm afraid you might have it forever. Quaz would like this, bless him...

7 Scroat 11.03.13 9:44pm
The PM on the Huhne Affair

He really was struggling to keep his face straight this evening, while standing behind a random podium to 'say something about it'...

2 Squudge 11.03.13 8:24pm
sponge finger
frequenter interrogabat?

I just discovered the FAQs on the Lib Dem Conference website are written in Latin. Nonsense, written in Latin. Is this what happens Lib Dems pretend to be...

6 grumblechops 11.03.13 7:04pm
Truebiscuit - Canine TV

Something light-hearted for all: [url=]TV channel for dogs[/url] ???, [url=]DogTV[/url] This begs so many questions:, - is...

20 Sinnick 11.03.13 5:58pm
Nice NiB, Gordon Chen, but ...

how do you explain this ? "Justin Bieber to take the role of brother to his forthcoming child Posted March 11, 2013 - 02:25 PM" The time on my little computer says 13:25...

0 Sinnick 11.03.13 2:28pm
Half thought out idea

Due to the hugely positive response to my recent comment about posting a partial idea and encouraging collaboration from others to flesh it out, here is a poorly thought out, unstructured start to a...

18 Vertically Challenged Giant 11.03.13 2:10pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
Neato results 4-10 march 2013.

Well thank you everyone for your entries they have all been brilliant, you are all winners. But unfortunately there has to be one overall winner. Judging has been very difficult particularly as there...

8 godly1966 11.03.13 11:01am
Truebiscuit gold

kicking the arse out of satire, one Polish joke at a time, [url=]DIY...

2 Squudge 10.03.13 3:24pm
Where are the NiBs?

If I'm not mistaken, there doesn't seem to have been any added today, and on some other weekdays this week there was one rather than two...

4 Yikes 10.03.13 12:12pm
Not Amused
Health and Safety on the papal conclave?

So 150 geriatrics get sealed in the Sistine Chapel, windows covered, no bugging/listening devices, no means of communication with the outside world. I suppose its just about acceptable on Risk...

9 Ironduke 10.03.13 12:11am
NEATO 4th of March 2013.

Thanks Yikes for your revolutionary voting system of second past the post which gave me victory in last week’s Neato. So in my job as Head Gardner (no smutty jokes please) I regularly have to...

22 godly1966 09.03.13 11:34pm
Andrew Page

We would just like to add to the comments already posted concerning the tragic death of Andrew Page, aka Quaz. For many years he has been a consistently funny contributor to NewsBiscuit, and also a...

10 newsbiscuit editorial team 09.03.13 10:12pm
Biscuit Would Have Won WOTM If He Hadn't Let His Wife Take the Points Instead. 0 Titus 09.03.13 8:31pm
Great archive today other than that it includes reference to

(and yet worse a foto of) one of the biggest Cnuts ever to 'grace' a front bench. Step forward John Reid...

5 dvo4fun 09.03.13 5:47pm
What's the Quaz news? 0 rikkor 09.03.13 2:28pm
Red Wine pill!

[url=]How to drink 100 glasses of wine in one swallow[/url] There has to comedy gold in here somewhere!...

12 beau-jolly 09.03.13 1:34pm
Writers of the Months

January Writer of the Month - BAJDixon Congratulations to BAJDixon whose story 'Cameron pours his curves into suit for Europe speech' was January's most popular and scoops him the Writer of the...

17 editor 08.03.13 9:26pm
Poor Spider

[url=]bottom gear[/url]...

0 Squudge 08.03.13 5:57pm

The picture the BBC have used on the processed meat story is really making me want a bacon sandwich, depsite the early death warning...

25 button 08.03.13 5:06pm
What "disclaimers" etc. really mean...

You know those announcements you here in plummy voices in adverts and TV programs?, Is there some comedy value in decoding them into plain english? For example (to get yez started) <Harrowing...

9 Jammydodgers 08.03.13 10:52am

Get over it. It's not the end of the world. Football is not important. End of...

19 Scroat 08.03.13 10:01am

cock -- wrong room...

1 FlashArry 07.03.13 11:09pm
The All New Jeni B
Tee-Shirt Wind-Up

Does anyone know if you can get this with Jeremy Clarkson's face suerimposed in it?...

0 Titus 07.03.13 1:41pm