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Off to a conference with Jeremy Hunt - gags/digs needed

Im off to a conference for work with Rt Hon Jeremy Cunt. Seems like the perfect opportunity to pass on some NB jokes/digs. I'm struggling for material rather than the obvious If anyone has any...

7 JoeBradley 17.04.13 9:10am
Who remembers the "Have you seen Sid?" commercials from 1986...

warning people to quickly buy British Gas shares? Strikes me a sub about Sid - now a multi millionaire, surely - might be fun. Has Sid heard that his benefactress has departed? But is this a...

6 nickb 16.04.13 9:54am
Midfield Diamond
Crossword help please

Send out letter overseas with label back-to-front (7) _ _ _ _ A _ _ AIRMAIL?, RADIATE?, EMANATE? I think it's AIRMAIL, but don't know why...

15 Scroat 16.04.13 9:07am
SpamBiscuit To Create New Dedicated Forum "Spare Room"

"A wonderful initiatve" says Lind Trudge of Wakefield. "Now I don't have to wade through pages of spoof news stories and smart-arse satire during my search for good value replica designer...

1 Titus 16.04.13 6:56am
Neato results - 'ave a banana I'd like to commence this week's Neato judgement with a pang of regret that no-one tried a Bananarama hit for MT's funeral along the...

4 Squudge 15.04.13 5:28pm
Maggie May

May I invite all Maggie Thatcher fans to download this Rod Stewart hit, raise it to no. 1, and see if it gets banned?...

3 Titus 14.04.13 4:54pm
Final Mascara

Just watching BBC's Final Score - who's the guy with the plucked eyebrows and really bad hair colour? Thought I'd tuned into a Danny La Rue tribute show...

13 Dick Everyman 14.04.13 12:52pm
Dick Everyman
Hitchens Birthday: alcoholism tops list of his qualities fans emulate most 0 markburgle 14.04.13 12:09am

To anyone I have offended over at the Evening Harold, particularly Wayland and Jeni. Jealousy and paranoia are a heady mix...

7 Al OPecia 13.04.13 10:36pm
Don't Believe In God Channel

Newly-appointed Pope of the Global Atheist Church, Richard Dawkins, today announced the launch of his new satellite TV channel: "This channel will be a great discouragement to anyone seeking to...

2 digidave 13.04.13 3:32pm
Al OPecia
off their rockers

Thanks to Ian for reminding me. Did anyone else see this last Sunday? I actually laughed out loud despite no-one else being in the room but possibly because I had drunk an intemporate amount of...

0 beau-jolly 13.04.13 3:22pm
Warning: new tactics aimed at biscuits

Rebecca's trying to be one of the biscuits,

2 Not Amused 13.04.13 3:00pm
Low Cost Designer Tin Openers

Citizens using sunglasses and specialist handbags who are seeking widespread source of canned processed meat at specilal prices and high guaranteed quality of those boots bouncing puddles. Accessible...

4 Titus 13.04.13 2:41pm
ding dong

lovely 'one from the archives' from Darkbill today I felt at once attracted and repelled - once I was drawn in, it was too late...

0 Squudge 13.04.13 2:18pm
Cracking FP Squudge 1 dvo4fun 13.04.13 1:46pm
Iranian Time Machine

TrueBiscuit (well, it's true that there is a report; the substance of the report is less certain): North...

0 Titus 13.04.13 8:41am
Brest man killed by beaver

[url=]Sounds like a line from a Carry On[/url]...

2 ianslat 13.04.13 8:35am
New Neato - post post MT

I dare say you have all been somewhat engaged by the comedy goldmine that is this week's obits. So if anyone is interested in a distraction, the topic this week is BANANAS (single fruit are...

19 Squudge 13.04.13 2:07am
Al OPecia
Jeni - tried to PM you but it seems your inbox is full of

an assortment of draft dissertations, lecture notes, an outline for a novel and several used shopping lists...

3 dvo4fun 12.04.13 7:29pm
Piddle challenge

No not seeing who can piss the highest. Some relief from the MT thread I noted that on twitterbook our local(ish) brewer (and the producer of the world-famous-in-shaftesbury Shaftesbury Wines...

14 beau-jolly 12.04.13 3:38pm
Neato TrueBiscuit

1 Scroat 12.04.13 1:52pm
Al OPecia
Lovely FP on the Iron Lady, SuburbanDad 1 Sinnick 12.04.13 10:18am
is the well running dry?

oh my heavens - Newsnight is interviewing Gary Kemp about the 80s (and Thatcher)...

3 Squudge 12.04.13 9:09am
Confused "Alphabet Police" Try To BAN AN A.

(Neat-o? What neat-o?)...

1 Titus 11.04.13 11:07pm
Don’t you hate it when this happens?

8 godly1966 11.04.13 10:29pm
Thanks Tripod for the joke...

Wasn't sure how to end that NiB - never taken the as truth the commonly held belief that you should always end on a punchline often just go for ending on a downer which might explain the non-success...

0 thisisall1word 10.04.13 1:49pm
NB Readers Shocked And Confused By Apparently Genuine Post Among Pages Of SPAM 1 Titus 10.04.13 9:04am
Easter Neat-O results

OK, the subject was Rabbits and, true to form and exactly as I expected, the vast majority of subs plumbed the depths of taste. Thanks to all who entered but I declare the winner to be Squudge with...

4 Midfield Diamond 09.04.13 11:00pm
Is this a first? Every single item on writers' room is MT related.

Shan't feel so comfortable when slagging off news24's saturation coverage of 'the latest event' now...

10 dvo4fun 09.04.13 10:52pm
I bet The Guardian wish they hadn't asked...

0 riesler 09.04.13 7:48pm