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loving today's resurrection of the legal sock puppets - pity it didn't get dug up last week for the Pryce #1 trial...

1 Squudge 01.03.13 1:28pm
Rebecca willing to accept any lost deposits from candidates. 1 Not Amused 01.03.13 1:23pm
"... speculation up by, say, 30%"

Brilliant front page story today - congratulations to whoever was responsible. The headline actually stands well on its own. (And I love the reference to the 'expensive optician'.)...

0 Titus 01.03.13 1:19pm
Pope's leaving party

Held at The Spice Ship in WeymouthDorset's very own Skimmity Hitchers provided the entertainment at the Pope's leaving do., Here they are doing a cover of the Leonard Cohen classic..'Skimmity Pint...

0 Gerontius 01.03.13 9:05am
Eastleigh By Election - transport.

The coaches will be leaving at 9pm once everyone has voted as many times as possible using ther multiple IDs. Drinks when we get back to JoFs secret underground bunker...

7 MADJEZ 01.03.13 9:00am
Did anyone else see the former Great Leader being interviewed on TV last night

TB all but said 'we' [by that I suspect that he'd meant 'us' - if you see what I mean] should attack Iran. His response to "given what happened after the Iraq War2 thingy, the UN wouldn't vote to go...

1 dvo4fun 28.02.13 10:47pm
Has there always been a 'moderator' on here? 8 dvo4fun 28.02.13 10:29pm

Anybody had any success with this yet? Tried a few one-liners and a sketch but zilch so far...

7 Actual Size 28.02.13 9:17pm
Newsbiscuit Posts Contain 25% Spam

Who is responsible for all this crap? Or rather, responsible for blocking and/or removing it? Or more accurately, [i]failing[/i] to block and remove it? (Sorry, couldn't think of a witty punchline...

2 Titus 28.02.13 8:53pm
Good Luck to The Guv'nor

Best o'Luck to his NIBs (see what I did there?) in Beastleigh today. As I don't live there will just have to vote in spirit. Whisky most likely...

8 wallster 28.02.13 8:33pm
New sub - help please - 2

Writing a new sub and in it I make reference to Cardinals bumming around in their old college band t-shirts. Tried to come up with names based on real bands i.e instead of AC/DC it's BC/AD and...

33 Carter 28.02.13 5:35pm
Mr Target
You take our Banksy? Pfft. Wood Green has better street artists out there., Let's see someone nick that and sell it online in a dodgy Miami auction house...

1 thisisall1word 28.02.13 12:18pm
Wayland's royal cock

More usurpation soon...

2 Not Amused 28.02.13 10:51am
Not Amused
This wine slips down easily

11 riesler 28.02.13 10:30am
English Heritage Seeks Grade 1 'Listed' Status For Historic NB Tickers 0 Titus 28.02.13 8:56am
Seperation of Nice / Dodgy Banking

Like the FP story about this today, but [boring sensible post alert] pity there is no sarcastic reference in there to the banks worst offence, which selling complete rubbish to its punters. Selling...

9 Titus 27.02.13 10:09pm
Where would you put your money?

Play the beginning of this video to see the list if panelists, then ask yourself back then, if you had to put ten pound on one of them going to prison in 2013, where would your money have gone? ...

5 Perks 27.02.13 4:31pm
Solved: where Rebecca got her abilities from

[url=]Like all good superheroes (or superheroines)[/url]...

0 Not Amused 27.02.13 4:02pm
Not Amused
Irony as fake-spoof-story-spam squeezes real-spoof-stories out of NB 0 Titus 27.02.13 9:09am
Thanks for NIBbing my Sir Ranulph piece...

Not wishing to be too luvvie about it, but could you please edit the line [i]to come this close is a most distressing end to my end.[/i] To be 'end to my career' or something? Muchly thanks...

2 wallster 26.02.13 11:11pm
Nice to see...

a few Coldplay fans going into meltdown on Twitter today. Their Mexican fanbase seems particularly disturbed....

4 TheNewsWalrus 26.02.13 8:39pm
Boris. Love him or hate him ...

He's great entertainment:,

1 Sinnick 26.02.13 4:16pm
Donkey meat...

[url=]The meat story goes global[/url]...

0 Tripod 26.02.13 2:43pm
JoF caption competition! O Farrell chooses Black Lace smash as election song. JoF (right): 'It's lovely to be working with big,...

28 Truebiscuit 26.02.13 9:25am
Gorgeous FP

making me late for work...

2 Squudge 26.02.13 8:58am
May Jeni B have mercy on my soul...

for I have lampooned Scotland...

10 AReader 25.02.13 11:24pm
The All New Jeni B
I miss Rebecca...

It's all now. And it's following me on to other websites. Three miles away - so near and yet so far * sigh *...

11 Scroat 25.02.13 11:15pm
Another Neato idea...

[url=]I want one.[/url]...

8 The All New Jeni B 25.02.13 9:38pm
Audible Minority

saw a Jag yesterday with the plate 'A1 CUN'. Just saying...

0 cinquecento 25.02.13 7:04pm
Great Lib Dem FP Today

Really good work, need more of that sort of calibre. Lovely picture too...

2 Spartacus 25.02.13 3:11pm