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Are you comfortable in your retirement?

Just second glanced the Home Page advert 'Are you comfortable in your retirement?' Funny, I always thought it was a half naked bloke sitting in his loft after lagging it - it's actually a half naked...

0 Dick Everyman 23.04.13 4:08pm
Dick Everyman
Back up your brain... now?

Cheer up everyone...

8 Boutros 23.04.13 1:41pm
Tycoon over-tops rich list

Flobster Soddov, 59, Hyde Park One-based mushy-pea Tsar who owns 30% of Boris Johnson, has topped the Sunday Bungle's ranking of the wealthiest people in Britain with a personal fortune of £13...

6 Tom Perdue 23.04.13 1:29pm
[closed] Offensive posts - 23

Now I've got everyone's attention I want to say that the racist, homophobic and sexist shit that is infecting this site in posts and comments is disgusting. I used to be proud to be associated with...

81 Carter 23.04.13 1:22pm
Hi-Viz Neat-O results

Apologies to all who have been waiting on tenterhooks – don't know what that means but it sounds very uncomfortable. Been away with work and then busy all weekend so have just popped in to judge...

4 Midfield Diamond 22.04.13 6:28pm
Al OPecia

It's bad enough to be swamped with spam, but now the bastards are doing it in French!...

7 sigmund 22.04.13 7:52am
Great front page today.

nice work ianslat...

0 godly1966 22.04.13 7:11am
NEAT-O week beginning 15th April

Time to pick on those who feel a huge surge of power over people coursing through their veins as they get ready for work. Or maybe those that like to greet adult comics. This week's subject is: Hi...

13 Midfield Diamond 21.04.13 8:59pm
I Protest

Satire is only as good as the subject makes possible. If NB is not as good as it was, it's the fault of the Real World, not the fault of NB. I demand that the politicians, celebrities and the...

5 Titus 21.04.13 8:51pm
Try this The Horoscopes are worth it alone...

2 Al OPecia 21.04.13 4:48pm
When I enter "666" into my Virgin telly thing "CBBC" comes on.

Any relevance to Operation Yewtree?...

1 Al OPecia 21.04.13 7:49am
Oh fuck. Is this as good as it's going to be from now on? 13 dvo4fun 20.04.13 11:29pm
Al OPecia
Cheesy Beers - 2

A select group of us has broken away from you hoi polloi in order to start our own exclusive voting cartel. The next meeting has been arranged for the evening of Friday 19th April at Ye Olde Cheshire...

57 Mary Evans 19.04.13 9:09pm
Phil the Greek
Pourquoi avons-nous toujours le spam [i]Française[/i]?

Je demande décent Spam Anglais. Je connais mes droits...

6 Titus 19.04.13 8:34pm
The best job in the world.

2 sigmund 19.04.13 8:06pm
A good job Margaret Thatcher was not black - 2

Otherwise, a lot of people would be facing prosecution for inciting racial hatred...

38 Titus 19.04.13 8:35am
pere floza
NB Free To Concentrate On Rolf Harris Now That Thatcher Is Buried 0 Titus 19.04.13 8:17am

nice one Ablative - but really I'd like to commend the pic - flippin' excellent work...

0 Squudge 19.04.13 6:20am
What's the going rate for a Blitzkrieg? - 2

[url=]I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it[/url]...

33 Ironduke 18.04.13 11:38pm
Resignation of Bourbon - 2

To whom it may concern, It is with deep regret that I am formally resigning for my position of BROWN BISCUIT IN A SANDWICH STYLE WITH A CHOCOLATE CREAM CENTRE for NewsBiscuit. This will be with...

40 Bourbon 18.04.13 9:10pm
Sir Lupus
Thatcher has died - 2345

Just wanted to be the first to tell you. No jokes from me about it, nor any pretence that I'm sad...

149 Oxbridge 18.04.13 6:22pm
Great FP Darkbill

Best for ages...

4 Scroat 18.04.13 4:44pm
Spooky ?

Today's the start date of the Lyrid meteor shower. Just how exciting is that ? But, it originates from Comet Thatcher. Coincidence?...

4 Sinnick 17.04.13 7:29pm
Sick of people knocking the BBC. Just fuck off. - 2

It may be a bit leftist - nothing wrong with that (discuss). But because they rely on licence payers, why do they have to be so fucking apologetic all the time? Time for Auntie to grow some balls -...

46 Scroat 17.04.13 12:37pm
Off to a conference with Jeremy Hunt - gags/digs needed

Im off to a conference for work with Rt Hon Jeremy Cunt. Seems like the perfect opportunity to pass on some NB jokes/digs. I'm struggling for material rather than the obvious If anyone has any...

7 JoeBradley 17.04.13 9:10am
Who remembers the "Have you seen Sid?" commercials from 1986...

warning people to quickly buy British Gas shares? Strikes me a sub about Sid - now a multi millionaire, surely - might be fun. Has Sid heard that his benefactress has departed? But is this a...

6 nickb 16.04.13 9:54am
Midfield Diamond
Crossword help please

Send out letter overseas with label back-to-front (7) _ _ _ _ A _ _ AIRMAIL?, RADIATE?, EMANATE? I think it's AIRMAIL, but don't know why...

15 Scroat 16.04.13 9:07am
SpamBiscuit To Create New Dedicated Forum "Spare Room"

"A wonderful initiatve" says Lind Trudge of Wakefield. "Now I don't have to wade through pages of spoof news stories and smart-arse satire during my search for good value replica designer...

1 Titus 16.04.13 6:56am
Neato results - 'ave a banana I'd like to commence this week's Neato judgement with a pang of regret that no-one tried a Bananarama hit for MT's funeral along the...

4 Squudge 15.04.13 5:28pm
Maggie May

May I invite all Maggie Thatcher fans to download this Rod Stewart hit, raise it to no. 1, and see if it gets banned?...

3 Titus 14.04.13 4:54pm