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New Class system - 2

[url=]I don't fit[/url], Irrespective of what I put I always come in as "Precariat"; Poor, deprived, working class roots, mix with their own., Recently...

55 beau-jolly 09.04.13 4:15pm
Was this too subtle?

I thought the "Gotcha" Sun headline joke was obvious, but it seems no-one else did. :-)...

5 rickwestwell 09.04.13 11:58am
Today's FP

Didn't realise she was a honest reporter, thought she was a politician. Was she a particularly honest one?...

1 riesler 09.04.13 10:53am
Thatcher morning tabloid headlines - place your bets!

You can't tell me that The Sun isn't kicking itself for going Tory today - they've been waiting so long for the opportunity to use 'Ding dong the witch is dead' on their front page but now it's not...

1 kimllfixit 09.04.13 8:51am
VCG makes a stunning prediction...

"I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see at least one member of the Labour party having to publicly apologise for some tasteless comment on Twitter. Unless an instruction has already gone out warning...

0 Ironduke 09.04.13 12:20am
To the tune of "Candle in The Wind"

Wrong room, wrong headline, now corrected. Move along please, nothing to see here...

0 Iscariot 08.04.13 9:33pm
Could people empty their inboxes? 6 Al OPecia 07.04.13 6:00pm
Comedy Writing Day

Hi all - for the small number of us who aren't hit sitcom writers on here, my alma mater is running a comedy writing day, with Jesse Armstrong as guest speaker in London. Details here:...

0 Mary Evans 06.04.13 2:37pm
Mary Evans
Wow, two NiBs at the same time

Standards must be dropping...

7 Midfield Diamond 06.04.13 1:08pm
Mick Philpott’s day goes from bad to worse as bedroom tax hits home. ???

Maybe I am reading too much into this ticker, but seeing as he is in prison the 'bedroom tax' is irrelevant to him. If these events had not happened, it is well established that the house was...

13 Bourbon 06.04.13 12:08pm
Calling cruciverbalists!

I know there are some crossword fans here, and maybe you can help me with this one - it's a real stinker, I just can't seem to get started:...

9 rickwestwell 05.04.13 5:08pm
Seriously..? Guess I'll be taking my holidays in Croydon from now on...

1 Smart Alex 05.04.13 1:34pm
seymour totti
Sewing Bee

Did anyone else watch the Great British [s]Bake off[/s] sewing bee last night? Was it wrong to quite enjoy it? I'm actually looking forward to the next one when they make a pair of bloke's trousers...

5 beau-jolly 05.04.13 11:41am
Mr Editor - typo in the ticker

Today's second ticker should be, "‘You were prepared to go to any lengths to keep your partner happy’, Clegg told. More soon." The "were" is "we're" on the ticker (its also got ianslat's name...

1 Not Amused 04.04.13 8:45pm
Not Amused
Dave Might be Able but that Don't Make Me Cain, says Ed

Biblical narrative to follow...

1 Thewoodenleg 04.04.13 5:18pm
The Easter Neat-O

I thought we'd have something vaguely seasonal this time, but don't let that constrain you to subs about Easter bunnies. With apologies to anyone from Portland in Dorset who will naturally refuse to...

10 Midfield Diamond 04.04.13 2:12pm
How did this little gem get overlooked? - 2

[url=]How very dare they [/url] discuss...

34 Squudge 04.04.13 12:54am
New Sunderland manager vows to 'make the trains run on time’.

Wouldn't "make the training run on time" have been much better? Just saying...

2 bonjonelson 03.04.13 10:01pm
Site Improvements - 23

Can I suggest, Mr Editor and Mr Admin, on behalf of all those getting zero stars, it would be useful feedback if the site also displayed 'number of hits' for each submission, then those who have...

82 Big Ben 03.04.13 8:10am
No No Feckin No
blooming marvellous fp darkbill

made me laugh a lot...

1 writinginbsl 02.04.13 9:00pm
Actual Size
private messages question

When replying to a pm is it usual to get an email telling me I've just sent myself a private message?...

10 Nowherefast 02.04.13 8:52pm
Big Ben
Man cuts off own ‘sexist’ penis after reading Germaine Greer

A man called emergency services to report that he had cut off his own penis because it was ‘sexist.’ John Thomas, 65, of Cockermouth, Cumbria, was found in a distressed state and bleeding...

3 Thewoodenleg 01.04.13 7:31pm
Message for rickwestwell, the all new Jeni B and spacey

Go to bed for chrissakes, it's nearly 1 am!...

2 blacklesbianandproudofit 01.04.13 6:45pm
arrghgarry rises from the dead after serving time for violent attack

3 happi 01.04.13 5:45pm
Al OPecia
Anyone spot this deliberate mistake ?

Japan built a nuclear power station in the world's biggest earthquake zone many years ago, and this was devastated by an earthquake in 2011. So, with Japan marking the 2nd anniversary of this...

6 Sinnick 01.04.13 5:41pm

[url=]KFC's Ferndown location is insensitive[/url]...

6 Nowherefast 01.04.13 2:15pm

[url=]Google Nose[/url] best one of the day...

0 Squudge 01.04.13 12:07pm
one from the archives

enjoyed that one (Jesus loses Jerusalem's got Talent)...

0 Squudge 01.04.13 12:25am
Did anyone see the Ann Widdecombe piece on BBC last night? 16 Gerontius 01.04.13 12:21am
Heard JoF on Woman's Hour this afternoon.

He was being completely serious - really going for a political career by the sound of it...

8 Al OPecia 31.03.13 8:36pm