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FP: "Prince Philip ‘showing worrying signs of being back on good form’ "

I thought NB was supposed to be satirical? Where is the satire or even irony in this report? It is an accurate reflection of how almost any liberal-minded person thinks, not just the tendy-lefty...

0 Titus 22.02.13 3:37pm
BBC R4 In Our Time - Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh

Here's Melvyn Bragg's newsletter about the programme yesterday. A corker, as always. Hello I once read a good chunk of Decline and Fall in a rudimentary gothic lavatory in a declining stately home...

0 Scroat 22.02.13 1:31pm
Life 2.0

Started yesterday. I've been a bit quiet here, moving house hasn't helped, Mrs Ant has packed-in senior job with Boots to work with me at It is looking good and I will re-connect...

7 antharrison 20.02.13 11:32pm
BBC reports Panda getting ready for mating

So, what's he doing then? Bought her a bevvy, laced her water trough with rohypnol, or just trying to get to first base ? Best not show her the size of his willy just yet, doubt she'll be impressed....

1 Sinnick 20.02.13 7:57pm
Remind me, who are the nasty party gain? - 2 Say it aint so Jon!...

36 riesler 20.02.13 6:24pm
Subliminal advertisding at London Fashion Week?

There was a group of models mincing in single file down The Strand yesterday and I got an uncontrollable urge to go and buy a box of matches. Not sure if they were going out for lunch, doubt it...

1 riesler 20.02.13 11:04am
I really need a sanitary valve, can anyone help ? 5 Sinnick 20.02.13 9:54am
Floating Voters

Bet JoF hasn't knocked on his door yet PS: I've shat better servers than this - did someone stun the...

7 Squudge 19.02.13 10:48pm
Genius editor misses out the point of the FB joke

He left the last paragraph out - the point of the joke, I swear that political campaigning in Eastleigh has emptied his mind of comedyjust when he needs it most...

2 AReader 19.02.13 8:25pm

Just reporting some interesting stuff about these lumps of rock. The Russian asteroid impact (>10 metres means "asteroid" not "meteoroid") was 15 metres wide, 7000 tonnes, entered atmosphere at...

16 Sinnick 19.02.13 11:01am
Must have been a stool pigeon.

0 Al OPecia 18.02.13 9:26pm
Al OPecia
NEAT-O results - Hairstyle proves to be a cut above the rest

Not the most productive of NEAT-O weeks, not sure why Nevertheless a decent crop, just as I ask Caroline for every six weeks. Honourable mentions once again to charlie's hat for a slightly...

4 Midfield Diamond 18.02.13 9:58am

Is there any particular reason why the tabs on my browser say this site is "NewBiscuit?" I'm not sure if it's a case of a dropped "s" or if there's an OldBiscuit somewhere that I'm not aware of...

5 GordonChen 18.02.13 9:57am
I thought Mrs Miliband was the only one.

0 godly1966 17.02.13 1:54pm
New Testament to be rewritten -- NewsBiscuit exclusive

More for the next two thousand years...

0 Audible Minority 17.02.13 12:29pm
Audible Minority
Teenage boy in lying in bed at 11 am outrage tells parents to “shut the fuck up” 3 lane-avenger 17.02.13 12:27pm
Coq au Wayland 2 Perks 17.02.13 12:09pm
Fine FP, Ed

Really great FP, touching on several current topics. Should get you to Shadow Foreign Secretary at least. Just one slight criticism, however, that you neglected to mention that Dear Leader Kim...

5 Sinnick 17.02.13 9:02am
Is this Jimmy Saville's last ever ad - for Albelli?

4 Al OPecia 17.02.13 1:41am
The All New Jeni B
I don't know why the Daily mail has a reputation for scaremongering...

[url=]Scary Romanians[/url]...

2 button 16.02.13 5:22pm
I've been away for a few days.

Anything happen?...

13 dvo4fun 16.02.13 3:35pm
"Mr O’Farrell vowed to give up the comedy if he was elected to the Commons..."

A quote from [url=]here[/url] . Should we start packing up our things? May I lay claim to the chipped TVAM mug....

10 Perks 16.02.13 2:19pm

lovely FP, I had a Korean Strangelove on the backburner but ran out of steam. but does this mean 'NewsBiscuit' (that shadowy cartel) has won NEATO this week? After all, there were silly haircuts...

0 Squudge 16.02.13 2:10pm
ticker typo

It's Buffett, not Buffet. Unless 'Buffet' is the joke, but you don't have bacon sandwiches at a buffet. In which case the spelling is fine, but the joke is a bit shit...

1 16.02.13 1:38pm
Tess Goes
Is there something odd about owning a garage in Coronation Street?

I remember Len Fairclough...

6 Al OPecia 15.02.13 10:34pm
My Night In...

Mrs 2471 is out on the lash tonight so I thought I'd pleasure myself on the iplayer. Newsjack - sorry but if I only smile once in half an hour the programme's probably crap (note - next weeks sub to...

2 medici2471 15.02.13 10:22pm
Julie Burchill on Desert Island Discs

Words fail me...

9 Scroat 15.02.13 9:57pm
Al OPecia
Split Vote at Eastleigh

Howling Laud Hope has complained that the English Democrats, the Wessex regionalists and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition will split the loony vote. Fortunately votes for the more fringe...

0 Titus 15.02.13 9:19pm
I think the next NEAT-O subject should be "The Eastleigh by-election"

if it was my choice of course...

7 AReader 15.02.13 3:43pm
After Rebecca it's

Don't know who they are or what they do – it's something chemical. Completely beyond me. Lots of weird diagrams, letters and numbers. Duh...

0 Scroat 15.02.13 2:11pm