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Old radio comedy

Radio 4 extra has been a great chance to get to listen to some of the legendary comedy programmes of the past. But am I alone in finding some of these classics laughless? I like comedy in all...

4 Rootin Tootin 19.04.19 10:27am
A little thread to track the 2 current petitions - 23456

15:40 Thursday 21st, Remain 1,056,553 signatures, Leave 373,481 signatures, 74:26...

174 beau-jolly 18.04.19 9:54pm
Al OPecia
Assange / Ecuadorian Embassy Questions

Asking the question here because I can't think of a particularly humorous way of raising them. We have, very recently, and I believe for the the first time, suddenly started hearing from the...

9 Titus 18.04.19 7:12am
Is Titus on holiday? It was strangely quiet in the canteen today...

I've asked in reception but they've not seen him either...

14 Dick Everyman 16.04.19 2:00am
April WOTM competition

Great start to the month, with last month's winner acting as if you can win two months in a row. nickb is also doing a sterling job. Full list of links on the...

0 throngsman 15.04.19 7:26pm
Who else would like to see a general election, sorry, PEOPLE'S general election? - 2 47 Titus 15.04.19 7:29am
All you need to know about The Brexit Party

is here on their website: Bwahahahaha!...

2 Benvoleo 15.04.19 6:56am
Al OPecia
Theresa's prayers

Every Sunday we get a glimpse of Theresa entering and leaving church, usually accosted by a stray dog on the way in or out, I wonder what she really prays for?...

17 Dick Everyman 15.04.19 6:01am
The Leaver campaign TV Broadcasts-well worth looking up almost 3 years on. 6 tonymc81 14.04.19 1:40pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23444546

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1354 bonjonelson 13.04.19 10:56am
... rail companies are going full steam ahead …

Robert Nisbet, regional director at the Rail Delivery Group, quoted in, Made me smile anyway...

0 Midfield Diamond 10.04.19 1:36pm
Midfield Diamond
TripAdvisor replaces role of Diplomatic Service 7 throngsman 09.04.19 9:39am

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

86 Gerontius 09.04.19 3:16am
How Much Should Thou Love Thine Enemy?

Writing shortly before the May-Corbyn meeting starts, I’ve a feeling that …. a) Corbyn will walk out of the meeting because the custard creams are too middle-class. b) Corbyn will walk out of...

12 Newsdesk 06.04.19 6:14pm
If Brexit means we are going to hell in a handcart....

If we do end up leaving.., Whose economy should the UK base their economy on?, Which of the other 27 member states should we be trying to emulate?, Whose economic policies should we...

0 Gerontius 05.04.19 2:48pm
NB Poll

Who would you, personally, like to see as the next PM? Ignore how likely they are to become so, or which party or party line they represent, or what their party thinks of them, or what MPs or the...

11 Titus 04.04.19 7:31pm
Was it a cartoon that I saw where someone tried explaining what was occurring?

[i]"Imagine Brexit is a biscuit, and the House of Commons is a cup of tea"[/i] Genius...

1 Al OPecia 04.04.19 11:35am
Braying Cunt, Wanker Toff, Mr Sinister, Ruddy Hell, Uriah Heap, Mad Eyes...

are all names of fictitious horses in the race to win the PM stakes. But what would the commentary sound like? I know nothing about racing so feel free to imagine. and let the anticipation begin: ...

0 nickb 04.04.19 10:44am
'Matt' in the Telegraph ...

has it about right. "[i]If you want to know what happens next, just ask yourself 'How could it possibly get any worse?'[/i] " The fact that I don't need to state what the topic is, speaks for...

1 Titus 03.04.19 6:21pm
Some good news - I have had a word with Jezza on the quiet ...

… and he is going to insist that we stay aligned with EU Seed Regulations …...

3 Al OPecia 03.04.19 6:10pm
Thoughts on Warren and Alan Partridge? - 2

I have to watch Alan Partridge through my fingers to avoid over-cringe. I did laugh out loud though when he called the guest Clunt - no, its Fluck, Ah! I see what I've done there. Jury out on...

30 beau-jolly 03.04.19 11:31am
Hi tech Guy - when is the NB Clock going forwards? 1 Al OPecia 03.04.19 6:45am
It all seems to have slowed down a bit at the Evening Harold ...

… is everyone all right?

2 Al OPecia 02.04.19 10:13pm
March 2019 WOTM competition

Very exciting start to this month, with lots of subs and the editors posting above average numbers - fantastic. The top four positions show a really close competition. Hyperlinks to subs on the...

26 throngsman 02.04.19 7:53pm
New Tickers

Some superb new ones I see - thank you, O Masters (and the various authors). Now just need to clear out a lot of the old ones...

0 Titus 02.04.19 11:05am
Is this the worst bunch of senior MPs in living memory?

Is it me? Am I just getting more cynical/experienced? I can't name a single senior politician I admire. Not one. Have we genuinely hit a new low, or is it more a question of perception? And does...

5 deceangli 02.04.19 8:52am
Are we there yet? 10 Dick Everyman 01.04.19 8:28pm
Sincere question: what difference would a different PM make?

We have a Brexit populace & a Remainian parlament. How would changing the PM help? ...

16 Titus 01.04.19 9:56am
NB Member Criticised For Getting Too Many Tickers On Front Page

[quote][i]Literally half of the Writers Room is your tickers, of which only a couple are published a day and which by the standards of what you are capable are particularly poor today. That's a lot...

11 Titus 31.03.19 5:50pm
Brexit chaos is all Corbyn's fault

No government facing a competent opposition would ever dare to faff about like this. Normally, this kind of chaos and confusion would swiftly lead to a general election, in which the opposing...

10 Titus 31.03.19 7:43am