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What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23313233

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

961 The All New Jeni B 29.08.16 7:39pm
Sign o'the times

[url=]Squudge Tweet - jihadi pigeon rocks[/url]...

0 Squudge 29.08.16 8:56am
Wasps' Picnic

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the resurrection of this delightful, brilliant story. Thank you!...

0 Titus 28.08.16 8:47pm
Super video and a paper demonstrating that betting against climate change is irrational:...

9 Al OPecia 28.08.16 2:11pm
Scilly Isles

Anyone been? Are the pubs any good? Any recommendations?...

7 Scroat 27.08.16 11:53pm
Politicians and spin

The recent 'No seats on a train' episode suggests that Corbyn may have been persuaded by his more PR-aware advisors that he needed a little more 'professionalism' in his presentation - i.e., more...

14 sockpuppet 27.08.16 8:01pm

More evidence of the gentrification of Sarf Lundun:

2 Iscariot 27.08.16 3:42pm
What have I missed?

Popped back in to drop a burkini effort I see there is still some good writing going on here. From having a speed-glimpse at the top ten and last couple of FPs, I particularly loved the Hinkley-B gag...

3 Squudge 27.08.16 6:49am
Is it me or is it broke?

Can't get the FP up but this bit appears to be working...

12 Midfield Diamond 27.08.16 12:14am
so what events should get dropped from the next Olympics? - 2

I'd go for a major purge. Professional sports with major international events like tennis, golf, football, basketball. Taekwondo because they've messed the rules up so badly that it no longer...

47 cinquecento 25.08.16 5:56pm
Jeremy Corbyn easily manages to find seat at Shadow Cabinet table 3 Adrian Bamforth 24.08.16 5:04pm
BBC looking for staff comedy writer Just in case anyone fancied going for it :D...

4 Wrenfoe 22.08.16 9:01pm
NB WoM Judges Hired To Run Olympics - No Medals Ever Actually Awarded

Even less later (or is that 'fewer'?)...

0 Titus 22.08.16 11:16am
TrueBiscuit: Progress on womens' rights in Saudi Arabia

3 Oxbridge 22.08.16 12:46am
Gary Baldy
Looking at the Front Page, it strikes me that Foot at least had ...

a certain amount of style, not to say passion, intellectual credibility and even, in his way, charisma. At least, compared with a few more recent Labour leaders. Which suggests that it's not being...

2 Titus 20.08.16 8:29pm
BBC Taekwondo commentary

"It's all kicking off here". Yes, really...

2 Midfield Diamond 20.08.16 12:18am
Gary Baldy

[i]"Just imagine it's Boris, George"[/i]

0 andyiong 19.08.16 9:06am
Middle age dating advice needed - 23

In the spirit of this chat room please feel free to rip the piss. In fact I will be dissapointed if you don't. It is a comedy site you know., Any advice from any other 50 something daters? Go...

66 beau-jolly 18.08.16 2:20pm
Click here ...

0 pants 18.08.16 2:18am
oh ffs, why is this the only forum where I am always posting in the wrong room?? 7 cinquecento 17.08.16 7:26pm
Opinion Poll

What is really questionable is German cyclists describing Team GB as 'cannon fodder'...

0 Scroat 17.08.16 12:42pm
Anyone fancy a chat?

It's just that after dialling 999, I get bored waiting for the ambulance to arrive...

2 Opinion Poll 16.08.16 9:57pm
The Lib Dems/The Greens/SNP/UKIP et al

In the interest of balance, the minor parties need a threadbut will anyone post?...

24 Wrenfoe 14.08.16 10:23pm
rong rum 0 cinquecento 13.08.16 7:42am
I really hope this isn't true... (not a funny thread btw) Not least of which, it was a UK firm behind it...

17 Wrenfoe 12.08.16 4:14pm
Al OPecia
Waiter - this chicken's rubbery..........

6 Scroat 11.08.16 7:18pm
Pistorius rushed to hospital; blades found in his cell

Surely, if he had his blades, he could have rushed himself there? [url=]Story here[/url]...

0 Midfield Diamond 10.08.16 1:01pm
Midfield Diamond
Wrong forum - nothing to see here. 11 Adrian Bamforth 08.08.16 8:27pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23373839

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1140 bonjonelson 08.08.16 8:38am
This explains a lot

3 Al OPecia 05.08.16 9:28pm