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What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23434445

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1340 The All New Jeni B 11.07.20 8:21am
Al OPecia
Old Jokes Home - 238910

Man A: "My mother made me a homosexual." Man B: "Ooh, if I give her the wool can she make me one?" C'mon, Biscuits, what have you got lurking in your comedy attics?...

276 shitsu_tonka 11.07.20 7:40am
Newsbiscuit was down - now back up

Sorry about the outage .. a big hit on the site and a database issue .. Hopefully ok now but we are getting a lot of traffic so it may be slow(er)...

2 TechGuy 10.07.20 9:42pm
Has 'drop' gone too far?

"drop", Why?, What's wrong with release., Who decided 'release' was no longer an adequate description of putting out a new track/album/video, I'm too will just sound creepy., Drops are...

3 Gerontius 10.07.20 11:55am
The bollocks with it. 5 oshaughnessy 10.07.20 9:10am
Filthy Rich

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

121 Gerontius 09.07.20 7:02pm
A pause in executions because of Covid...

Something doesn't add up Maybe they were waiting to see if the virus would save them the price of a shot of sodium thiopental. ...

3 sydalg 09.07.20 7:19am
good bye, I quit - 234

For fuck's sake. There's a load of people trying hard on here, and you publish Oxbridge's humourless, homophobic shit. It's neither funny, clever or satirical. If you're trying toh encourage new...

117 08.07.20 3:43pm
So...election predictions? - 23

Tory majority of 38. Some seats getting a 'Remain alliance' result,as either libs or Labour benefit from vote-switching, but not many,and we'll hear lots of 'if only' they had merged they'd have...

64 Ironduke 08.07.20 11:32am
Al OPecia
Governments Track and Trace...up and running at last

Hold on.they were here a minute ago...

1 Gerontius 08.07.20 11:29am
Al OPecia
June WOTM competition

Mid month and we have a three way battle between Deceangli, VCG and SimonJJames. Should be an interesting second half....

29 throngsman 08.07.20 8:52am
Country gearing up for Superspreader Saturday

Pub or restaurant?, Will you be heading for The Slug and Petri Dish this weekend?, Are pepper mills safe?, What plans have you made for catching Coronavirus...

5 Gerontius 06.07.20 11:06am
Solar Panels -1,481.6 kWh generated in last quarter

Mainly due to a new monthly record of 576.0 kWh in May. And earning me well over £830 just for the last three months. Thank you all very much from your financial contributions ...

27 Titus 06.07.20 1:25am
How should Biden take on POTUS45 in debates?

As we all know, there's only one thing Trump can do but he does it brilliantly, and that's play to a crowd. Whether building himself up or roasting the opponent, he defies the conventional rules of...

10 Adrian Bamforth 05.07.20 5:20pm
Adrian Bamforth
NB at 15 - 2

One of the editors suggested recently that as Newsbiscuit is fifteen years old it might be a good idea to put a compilation of some of the best work over the years. Myself and a small group of the...

52 throngsman 05.07.20 2:10am
America is great again... already !

Heartwarming news from the US., It's just self-satirising.. [url=]Trump's 4th July message.[/url]...

0 MADJEZ 04.07.20 10:09pm
Criminals' Secret Communication Network Well done Plod (and InterPlod) - but one wonders why they went public about it at this particular time. Why not keep their knowledge of the communications...

11 Titus 03.07.20 3:50pm
Sir Lupus
Fucking Swearing

What's everybody's view on swearing in subs? Personally I don't like it when it's there just for the sake of it, in an otherwise straight style, but think it can work very well in context, and...

19 Vertically Challenged Giant 03.07.20 9:32am
Midfield Diamond
Trump - staggering arrogance and terrifying recklessness from a complete fool - 2

The video is terrible (as in terrifying) from 50 seconds to the end. Let's hope if they do test these then he's the first in the queue to roll up his sleeves. This man is a fucking crackpot and...

49 Chipchase 02.07.20 4:31pm
Midfield Diamond
Evidence Based

There appears to be, in some quarters, a growing and alarming 'push back' against science-based advice and guidance and even official directives. I wonder if this is a psychological problem - a...

10 Titus 02.07.20 4:04pm
Lazy bastards

If every adult in the UK made up 1 really good joke - I don't mean one per month or one per annum, I mean [i]in their entire lifetime[/i] - we'd be sitting on something approaching 50 million jokes -...

1 deceangli 02.07.20 1:03pm
Hong Kong

I wonder whether the British government will now have the integrity to at least ask, if not tell, our international financial institutions to pull out of Hong Kong? My understanding is that much of...

6 Titus 01.07.20 3:25pm
The NewsBiscuit Exchange - 2345

It occurs to me that NB contributors have loads of junk they’d like to offload and so I suggest this thread, in lieu of expensive psychotherapy. With luck, it could go some way to replace the void...

120 Arthur 29.06.20 8:54pm
Al OPecia
Well I'm going down the pub. - 234

I haven't really done that much, but I've tidied the kitchen, done a bit of gardening, taken some rubbish to the dump and picked up the dry cleaning, so I might as well spend the afternoon in the pub...

99 Golgo13 29.06.20 7:22am
Caption competition

I'll kick it off - Where's Wally ?

15 Sinnick 29.06.20 6:56am
So, who is going on holiday?

According to reports today holiday bookings are going through the roof. Given we're all different, and one of those differences is our aversion to risk. I'm fairly risk averse - I know people way...

13 throngsman 28.06.20 5:49pm
.. 0 Wrenfoe 28.06.20 2:27pm
How long to wait before posting a story elsewhere?

I haven't been pitching articles long and wondering how long to wait before going elsewhere / posting on my own blog. As you know some stuff is time sensitive, so I assume it's a day or two...

16 ThomasWykes 27.06.20 9:26pm
Phew...that's a relief!

3 Terry Bunn 27.06.20 6:11pm
Special kind of thick

Take a look at the video. Our swivel-eyed loons are amateurs compared to this bunch:

2 deceangli 27.06.20 2:23pm
Al OPecia