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So, finally, Brexit is unravelling. Referendum anyone? - 23 73 Al OPecia 15.12.18 10:56am
Al OPecia

Where & how do I award this five stars, please?...

0 Titus 15.12.18 8:13am
Tickers stuck again?

How will I ever win WOTM?, I've even built a virtual cabinet for the crown. :(...

11 dominic_mcg 15.12.18 7:53am
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23434445

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1338 bonjonelson 15.12.18 6:58am
Not Amused
Where would you emigrate to, upon Brexit?

Some of my [s]Leaver[/s] Remainer friends were discussing where they would (perhaps) go after Brexit. Ireland was a firm favorite, especially those who have Irish passports, and Sweden was popular...

20 MzWibble 14.12.18 8:44pm
Never underestimate the ability of the British public to take the piss

Well worth looking at Twitter for the full responses to the New York Times' request for stories about the 'crimewave' in London, reported here:

3 Midfield Diamond 14.12.18 8:31pm
Who would NB readers like to see as a 'backstop' British PM?

Perhaps Vince Cable? ...

26 Titus 14.12.18 9:47am
Just heard the hilarious old duffer Peter Bone on R4 ...

… still using the "Europe's got to do this and that" language. Peter, when will you and the other Brexshiteers get it through your thick boneheads that EUROPE NEED DO NOTHING OTHER THAN WAVE US A...

5 Al OPecia 13.12.18 8:51pm
Did anyone else do a DIT Survey?

I was sent an invitation to participate in a survey by the Department for International Trade, all about potential Free Trade Agreements. Apparently, only 2000 households are expected to take part...

5 Midfield Diamond 13.12.18 12:32pm

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

51 Gerontius 13.12.18 12:03pm
Terry Bunn
How many exits to an exit does May need?

Talk about a self-inflicted wound. 1) The Tories were not forced to have a referendum, 2) May could have ignored the result as 'non-binding', 3) She could have formed a cross-party group to...

21 Wrenfoe 13.12.18 10:13am
Court of law proves that there's no such thing as a sense of humour in France

2 Newsdesk 13.12.18 8:34am
If we DID have another EU referendum - 2

and the result was 52% / 48% in favour of remaining in the EU - exactly the reverse (and still not convincingly overwhelming) result of the previous one - how would readers respond to frantic demands...

53 Titus 13.12.18 8:22am
Newsbiscuit Referendum.

In the interests of Democracy I put before you the following options: 1. Titus Remains in NB, 2. Titus Fucks Off, but is forced to read NB posts without being able to post himself., 3. Titus Fucks...

22 Al OPecia 12.12.18 10:24am

[Deleted as the writer has now received 48 letters saying this was in the wrong room] ...

1 Titus 12.12.18 9:19am
Merry Brexmas one and all!!!

Our first Christmas oop north. Hadn’t realised how busy we were going to be post-move, Missed you all., Have a cool Yule everyone...

4 Scroat 11.12.18 10:35pm
Nigel's new party

Farage is establishing a new party. Basically getting some rich bastard to pay him a salary to be racist & xenophobic. Tough job, someone's got to do it So, do we have any helpful messages for...

14 Sinnick 10.12.18 12:52pm
TrueBiscuit: Trump on Twitter

The leader of the free world, a couple of days ago: [quote]The Paris Agreement isn’t working out so well for Paris. Protests and riots all over France. People do not want to pay large sums of...

5 Sinnick 10.12.18 10:50am
Sir Lupus

In 1750 the Whig government of Great Britain decided that it was time to drag the country kicking and screaming into the 18th century by adopting the Gregorian calendar which had already been used by...

4 Terry Bunn 09.12.18 7:13pm
Hello all

Anything happened (on here) since I was away? I don't mean out there, because that's all – well you know...

4 Scroat 09.12.18 1:14pm
Petrol - Diesel current significant price differential

Anyone know why there is currently a significant void in costs between these? Currently Diesel 10p-11p more expensive per litre than petrol in this neck of the woods. The differential until recently...

11 Chipchase 08.12.18 5:07pm
Captions please...

26 Dick Everyman 08.12.18 10:47am
Al OPecia

Posted in the Wrong Room and deleted by order of the Lord Protector ...

0 Titus 06.12.18 1:14am
Are we now doing stories based on social media conspiracy theories?

and if so, do right-wing conspiracy theories also get a look in? I refer to today's story: QUESTION TIME AUDIENCE REQUIRES EQUITY CARD "Upon the discovery that the BBC has been padding out their...

3 Adrian Bamforth 04.12.18 10:05am

Wrong room etc...

6 Adrian Bamforth 03.12.18 5:15pm
November WOTM competition

A close one at mid month, with YB, DavidH and three others in close contention. Full list of links on the [url=]blog[/url]...

11 throngsman 03.12.18 2:20pm
False etymologies. - 2

Am I alone is taking exception to neologisms which are based on false etymologies? Perhaps it is amusing to think that the 'creator' of the word beefburger was under the mistaken impression that...

30 granger 02.12.18 2:14am
whoops, wrong room.. OK, will a Brexit TV debate achieve anything? - 2

If it is just May and Corbyn, will there be any substance to it, or will both just repeat their respective catchphrase waffle? Who should represent hard Brexit and Remain? Should leaders of the SNP,...

30 cinquecento 30.11.18 2:12pm
Fed up writing for Newsbiscuit, write fake news instead


3 throngsman 27.11.18 3:44pm
Fairy Found Hiding Up A Fir Tree With Just A Single Star Stuffed Up His Arse

Posted here 'cos this is really only an NB in-joke ...

0 Titus 27.11.18 12:23am