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Belvid Bragg for Pry Minister

The great this about Radio 4's In Our Time is that you get to listen to people who know what they're talking about, are intelligent and articulate enough to express themselves, don't have massive...

1 Scroat 23.02.17 11:45am
Trump FP

I'm no fan of Trump but thought today's FB was a bit of a low. Was it written by a young boy who realised he could get away with using a rude word over and over. I notice no-one is claiming...

4 riesler 23.02.17 11:43am
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 234

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

113 Dick Everyman 23.02.17 11:30am
Dick Everyman
Any astrophysicists out there?

Query 1: if these new planets are 40 light years away, we are seeing them as they were 40 years ago. I get that part, but what if you use an optical telescope, are you effectively getting closer and...

0 Scroat 23.02.17 11:20am
Any programme suggestions for the new BBC Scotland TV Channel?

I'll kick off The BreXit Files Extreme Salmond Fishing The Great Scottish Rake Off Who D'ya Think Ya Are Ya Sasanach Bastard?...

23 Dick Everyman 23.02.17 10:24am
I wish Ed Balls were Home Secretary right now.

"Dick and Balls to hold joint Press Conference"...

1 Al OPecia 22.02.17 11:36pm
Titus Spotting

Join the latest craze. See if you can guess which contributors are Titus sockpuppets. Hundreds of prizes must be won...

12 221b Baker Street 22.02.17 6:56pm
Commander Dick
Tristram - 2

The labour MP of the gritty northern Stoke Central constituency, the privately educated, Cambridge graduate, son of a Baron, called Tristram quits to becomethe curator of a fashion museum in...

55 Ironduke 22.02.17 11:19am
Marriage vs Civil Partnership

Perhaps someone knows the law here better than I do As far as I understand it, the concept of Civil Partnership was introduced as a stepping-stone to make Marriage legal for people of either/any...

10 Sinnick 22.02.17 10:13am
Midfield Diamond
good news for players

For the game player service is our aim, for gamers to provide the cheapest items for sale is our pursuit. Do you also lose a game for the equipment lost and lost it? You still can not experience...

4 Marklishuai 22.02.17 8:41am
A poem for The Donald...

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,, With conquering limbs astride from land to land;, Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand, A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame, Is the...

6 Scroat 21.02.17 8:49pm
Is it April 1st already ? 'NZ gnome thefts fund meth trade !'

[url=]Gnome Thefts fund the Meth trade.[/url] Maybe it's the gnomes that are making it...

0 MADJEZ 21.02.17 5:44pm
Kevin's causing trouble again ...

1 Sinnick 21.02.17 3:53pm
Midfield Diamond
Greetings to everyone in this community - 2

Hi I am new here nice to meet you all :)...

41 Edna 21.02.17 1:15pm
What was your school nickname and why?

Mine was Womble. I had a sticker of Orinoco on my briefcase (yeah, really) in 1st form at the local Grammar school...

13 Oxbridge 21.02.17 11:47am
Stoke, Copeland & The Tories

Given that (1) for obvious reasons, it is very much in the interests of the Conservatives that Corbyn should still be leader of the Labour party at the next general election (2) the Conservatives...

6 Titus 21.02.17 11:33am
Today I'm going to post only in the style of The Canary...

and the mainstream media are ignoring it!...

0 Adrian Bamforth 21.02.17 11:19am
Adrian Bamforth
Satirical News Website To Be Re-Named As New'sBi'scuit 0 Titus 20.02.17 6:49pm
Press Release

At 6pm this evening, Greengrocery Aisle was relieved of his duty’s and no longer represents the etho’s of the NewsBiscuit online shop. We thank all our customers’ for their patient’s and...

2 Merchandising Manager 20.02.17 6:48pm
Merchandising Manager
Don't you just feel sorry for Jon Sopel?

He deserves a day off, but the Trumpshit just keeps coming. Another day, another press conference, and more abuse and wingeing from the fountainhead of excrement, the screaming shitmonkey that is the...

18 Scroat 20.02.17 2:57pm
At last Trump gets some international support

[url=]Mugabe backs Trump[/url] (scroll down to get to the Mugabe story)...

1 Sir Lupus 20.02.17 2:00pm
UKIP result in Stoke 'Will be fundamental'

It may indeed be so - and not necessarily to UKIP's advantage...

0 Titus 19.02.17 10:13pm
How you noticed how foreigners use ridiculously long words for everything?

When I go abroad, I always make an attempt to speak the local language. Not out of respect, obviously, I just find it helps me get better service. But John and Juanita foreigner use such long...

28 ronseal 19.02.17 11:13am
Golgeau Treize
GP or not GP - 2

Just listening to something on the wireless about going to the GP or A&E. I try and avoid both if I can however I was nagged into doing something about the fact I haven't been able to bend one of...

58 beau-jolly 18.02.17 12:07pm
Just noticed, I had a front page yesterday. Thanks Editor, who ever you are!

It still means something you know. This accolade isn't just about me (translation: this is all about me) I'd like to thank the people who made this possible (translation: I'm going to name check as...

7 ronseal 18.02.17 12:01pm
The Last Trump

I wanted to make up a witty story revolving around the biblical reference to "the final trump" but I should have known better in the case of anything relating to the bible and involving America - I...

5 Titus 18.02.17 11:30am
Never put your daughter on the stage...

I thought I'd dip my toes into the murky pool of stand-up comedy. This is what a cobbled together last night I have no plans to...

29 Wrenfoe 18.02.17 8:54am
Al OPecia

I sometimes wonder whether we ought to have a section called 'NoobBiscuit' where newcomers could be welcomed in a slightly more tranquil environment, protected at least initially from the full force...

5 Titus 17.02.17 6:24pm
Iroquois Pliskin
(Fake post / wrong room) 2 Titus 17.02.17 4:12pm
Is Tony Blair part of a Tory sleeper cell?

Every time he opens his mouth UKIP & Cons pick up 5% in the polls...

5 Wrenfoe 17.02.17 4:12pm
Midfield Diamond