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PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS FORUM IS MOVING (save your work before it is deleted) 5 Wrenfoe 12.09.21 9:25pm
Tax rise - manifesto promises broken - 2

I thought this could do with it's own thread so here , for what they are worth, are my thoughts: 1 Well no surprise there 2 Triple lock: I have some sympathy about this one. Pensions linked to...

37 beau-jolly 17.09.21 9:35pm
Is America's humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan the equivalent of ...

the fall of the Berlin Wall, which signified the final end of the Soviet Empire? The relinquishing of 'Spheres of influence' etc.? (As an aside: the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 to me signified...

24 Titus 17.09.21 3:01pm
Sir Lupus
Old Jokes Home - 23141516

Man A: "My mother made me a homosexual." Man B: "Ooh, if I give her the wool can she make me one?" C'mon, Biscuits, what have you got lurking in your comedy attics?...

474 shitsu_tonka 17.09.21 1:33pm
Rootin Tootin
Wrong room - just like the old days 0 Yikes 17.09.21 12:24pm
Inexplicable extreme meteorological anomaly - 2

Have taken an interest in weather and weather forecasting for 35 years. Have studied and looked at weather and climate all over the world. But I have not seen this before. Anywhere. ...

35 SteveB 17.09.21 9:43am
If you are trying to capture your old gems before the site moves...

It's a pain in the ass, true enough. One way of making it a little easier is to capture whole web pages and then revisit them offline if and when you feel like it - be fair, how often do most of us...

5 throngsman 17.09.21 8:50am
Do we know when the "Closed" sign is going up yet?

Any idea roughly when this forum will be closed down and turned into a charity shop? I'm curious as to how long I've got to consider backing up my old stories before deciding not to bother...

11 Vertically Challenged Giant 17.09.21 8:43am
What is the Labour party for?

A question which used to be asked of the Liberal party (or more lately the Liberal Democrats) but which now applies with equal validity to the Labour party. I don't mean 'Why was it formed'. I mean...

1 Titus 17.09.21 8:21am
Liz Truss FFS!!! 2 Al OPecia 16.09.21 4:42pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23464748

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1433 The All New Jeni B 16.09.21 11:27am
September 2021 Writer of the Month competition

SteveB is leading the pack, with stewartbarclay and Wren in contention for second place. Links to subs [url=]on the blog[/url]...

1 throngsman 16.09.21 10:12am
Silly, ludicrous questions, perhaps with even more ridiculous answers - 23192021

I have a on old mate called Al. We used to pose silly, ludicrous questions to each other, and then see if we could actually answer them. Even if it was in some ridiculous way. An example was, how...

620 SteveB 15.09.21 8:51pm
Genuine welsh bees are descerning choice, not perverts - 2

Warm, pleasing, a pleasurable wet sponge. It's what the nice people [url=]demand[/url]! In a way, that's why you're a total loser in life,...

31 youbuyitnow 12.09.21 4:22pm
Sir Lupus
Congrats to the Editorial Team for today's front page

Especially the concluding part, from[quote]‘A bit like Friday night in Croydon [/quote] right through to the end. (/grovel mode)...

0 Titus 12.09.21 10:20am
WOTM Aug 21

Wren is making a run for the finish line, followed closely by Bangin' and Danny Soz. Could be an interesting second half of the month coming up. All the links so far can be found [url=https://nbwom...

15 throngsman 11.09.21 11:46am
Can anything be done about...

The strong smell of fresh paint in the new forum? I shot in there earlier to see if anyone had seen fit to offer me a warm handshake of welcome (They hadn't) and the stench was absolutely unreal....

8 Danny Soz 11.09.21 8:59am
Those Brexit Dividends just keep rolling in. Or not. - 23131415

[url=]Completely trucked off.[/url]...

445 Al OPecia 10.09.21 3:25pm
Al OPecia
How to change the skin/theme for the new board.

1 Go to There are lot to choose from. You can see a preview of each one by clicking on the picture. There are arrows at the bottom that let you scroll...

0 Lockjaw54 10.09.21 10:07am
'This Forum Is Moving'

This has been the information that we, the writers and contributors, have been given, for some considerable time, and yet, I can confidently report that it isn't moving at all. Every night, I...

12 Danny Soz 08.09.21 9:20am
Danny Soz
Taliban names Ann Widdecombe as cabinet member for women's affairs 0 Jim Skinz 08.09.21 8:46am
Jim Skinz
NewsBiscuit Book ‘Five Go Dobbing In Their Neighbours’ – update

Hi All, Just to let you know that over the next two months we will be doing the final edit on our new book. The book itself will contain a range of stories and tickers from August 2020 to August...

8 Wrenfoe 07.09.21 2:44pm
NewsBiscuit Podcast 5 now available

For free to download on Spotify and other podcast platforms. Or you can view it on YouTube at Comedy news from NewsBiscuit. Host: Wrenfoe Featuring Guests: Kit...

9 Wrenfoe 03.09.21 9:13am
Midfield Diamond
Appointment in Samarra

Current events remind me of a story which I think I read from an Idries Shah collection. It still gives me the shivers and a tear to the eye to read it. A merchant in Baghdad sends his servant to...

4 Lockjaw54 02.09.21 12:20pm

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

171 Gerontius 01.09.21 10:11am
(Yep, totally naused it up and stuffed a sub in the wrong blinking place)

Will replace with something else here in a short while...

0 SteveB 31.08.21 6:46pm
The Great Resignation? - The Great Brit Quit, Split and Flit

Perhaps some positive news, depending on your perspective. This is a fairly good article about what is happening in the world of work and business, and how there are some major shifts nationally and...

1 SteveB 31.08.21 12:17pm
Lyse Doucet and Lindsey Hilsum candidates for the George Medal?

Must be, surely. Outstanding courage from them to cover Kabul...

2 Lockjaw54 30.08.21 11:16pm
Love the ‘Keith The Duck’ story

One for the next Newsbiscuit podcast true or false round perhaps. The story started with a WhatsApp message to a group of Wigan football fans saying that Keith had died. Many fans assumed that it...

3 Midfield Diamond 29.08.21 9:12pm
wrong room - soz 0 throngsman 29.08.21 7:52pm
The power of satire - in this instance in Canada Found myself identifying more than I expected with this guy - particularly these bits: “When Walking...

2 SteveB 26.08.21 8:28pm