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Newsbiscuit Spot the Difference Competition, A 10sh postal order for anybody who can spot the difference between the two sets of EU ministers from 1973 and 2017 EU 1973,...

5 Gerontius 29.03.17 12:54pm
Rootin Tootin
move along, sorry.. 11 cinquecento 29.03.17 11:21am
Iroquois Pliskin
Brainstorm - MI5 intelligence gathering... - 2

In the wake of yesterday's Westminster atrocity what do you think could be done to improve security via intelligence gathering to prevent similar events? I'll kick off [i]Car Hire Companies[/i]...

45 Dick Everyman 29.03.17 11:16am
Just received £748,000 pension transfer - any advice as to how to invest?

I went to see one of those wealth managers and he recommended 'a diversified portfolio of active and passive low cost ETFs and Investment Trusts spread across a variety of geographical regions,...

8 blacklesbianandproudofit 29.03.17 11:00am
Al OPecia
How do I post a Jpeg in a post?

Anybody know? (Braces for tirade against technically incompetent)...

4 throngsman 29.03.17 10:23am
One for Oxy in particular

6 Midfield Diamond 28.03.17 9:27pm
Today's best news headline

3 Sinnick 28.03.17 2:21pm
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23567

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

180 Dick Everyman 27.03.17 8:35pm
message received

Ok Throngy thanks for the private message I shall lay off Titus for a while as you requested. It's a shame as I had a number of ideas for new threads including 'Titus the musical starring Jimmy...

3 blacklesbianandproudofit 27.03.17 4:36pm
Why can't NewsBiscuit do some pieces like this?

Brilliant piece from New Statesman journalist Neil Henderson, in response to the Mail headline 'Google, the Terrorists Friend". This is both funny and clever, it does not mention Tony Blair or Brexit...

0 blacklesbianandproudofit 27.03.17 4:19pm
Does the FP have dementia?

Is it me, I thought the last Labour Cabinet was some time ago? Maybe it's all been a dream - Brexit, Trump etc - and I've woken up....

3 deceangli 26.03.17 8:35am
Captions, please Kim wrong 'un (edited for effect)...

13 Sinnick 25.03.17 6:12pm
Dick Everyman
A suggestion - 2

This site appears to be polarised between people who actually want to try their hand at comedy writing, and a clique who just enjoy having a relatively unmoderated forum they can witter on. I've...

56 deceangli 25.03.17 1:49pm
Just read WRENFOE's thread on ISIL claims...

and I realised that 'SO CALLED ISLAMIC STATE' is an anagram of 'CLAIMS A LOAD TESTICLES' and yes, thanks for asking - it is a very, very slow day here...

1 Redben01 24.03.17 1:38pm
Dick Everyman
The best qualifications ever - political connections

George Osbourn is now editor of The London Evening Standard. I'm thinking - does this mean ever get a job he's actually qualified for? He's no more qualifed for editing a news paper than he was for...

14 ronseal 23.03.17 10:44pm
Wrong room 0 harrypalmer 23.03.17 11:56am
I never would have had Paul Burrell down as gay - was anyone else surprised? - 2

I'm no bigot (terms and conditions apply - no human emerges from the womb as the perfect liberal, and we are all a work in progress learning to deal with our irrational fears) but I never would have...

37 ronseal 21.03.17 4:20pm

Does any archaeologist here know what the oldest ticker is that has ever remained stuck on display on the front page for centuries? Can they be carbon dated? I am surprised that some of them aren't...

7 Titus 21.03.17 12:35pm
AWRS anyone?

No me neither., Well I do actually. Like the money laundering regulations it's another clusterfuck of omnishambles legislation designed for us to police ourselves. So I thought I'd share: Last...

4 beau-jolly 21.03.17 8:07am
Al OPecia
Multi-Tasking MPs

[Boring serious post alert. As distinct from the usual boring-unsuccessful-attempt-at-humour-post alert.] It is understandable that some people may be outraged by an MP - regardless of party -...

11 Titus 20.03.17 2:25pm
Lovely FP, Ed

Incorporating all our favourite fishy puns. Except Salmond...

12 Sinnick 20.03.17 7:05am
Was Chuck Berry this weekend's editor?

Just asking...

2 throngsman 19.03.17 11:46am
Budget - 2

I don't mind the chancellor spouting a load of crap, but why do the whole of the Government front bench have to be so fucking smug? It happens every time. They really are living in a parallel...

50 Scroat 17.03.17 4:58pm
nice punchline in this truebiscuit story

[url=]Electrician doing free job for cat charity shop - shop mistakenly sells his complete set of tools for £1[/url] [quote]Mr Bickel...

0 Sir Lupus 17.03.17 1:29pm
Sir Lupus
Nicola Sturgeon

Good morning Ed. Would it be possible to remove one of the images of Nicola Sturgeon from the Front Page? Two is a tad too much to take! Perhaps we could have Eddie Izzard as a stunt double?...

5 Dick Everyman 17.03.17 12:46pm
Dick Everyman
FP now stuck 1 Al OPecia 17.03.17 7:49am
Fucksakes its 9:41 and nobody has made a comment in the Writers Room since 7:10

Come on surely one of you has some balls?...

6 blacklesbianandproudofit 16.03.17 10:26pm
TrueBiscuit - for those who like circular biscuits Hope it works better than a circular firing squad...

0 Titus 16.03.17 2:49pm
Tallying of ratings in Writers' Room

I'm sure this must have been discussed before, but is it possible to have, and would there be an appetite for, having the tally of people who voted on each article next to the rating? It's easy to...

5 Gary Baldy 16.03.17 2:35pm
Truebiscuit - ouch !

[url=]With an angle grinder ouch ! [/url]...

1 Not Amused 16.03.17 2:23pm