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Newsjack Series 24 Amnesty Thread

In a speech this week, Labour Leader and sentient shop mannequin Keir Starmer set out his vision for a post-Covid UK. The speech was as powerful and decisive as you’d expect from a leader of the...

1 james_doc 25.02.21 8:46pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23454647

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1395 The All New Jeni B 25.02.21 6:52pm
What's Up In Scotland?

What's going on up there - at least, in the courts? In England, where some people apparently seem to have - er, shall we say, certain misgivings about the competence and/or the integrity of our...

11 Titus 25.02.21 5:34pm
Those Brexit Dividends just keep rolling in. Or not. - 23456

[url=]Completely trucked off.[/url]...

150 Al OPecia 25.02.21 4:47pm
Al OPecia
Plans Leaked For Govt. On-Line Sales Tax - And Not Before Time - 23

Amazing that it's taken as long as it has. One of the many things they can spend a few £bn on is funding the cost of replacing dangerous cladding - while they pursue the criminally fraudulent...

64 Titus 25.02.21 4:20pm
Al OPecia
Is it me, or does Titus think that every thread is about him? 25 Al OPecia 25.02.21 2:03pm
Al OPecia
. 1 bookiesfriend 25.02.21 9:02am
At Last - More Tickers!

We seem to have a brisk turnover of wonderful tickers at present - thank you, O Masters! So many of them are excellent (thank you, clever & witty authors) which shows that there's no excuse,...

2 Titus 24.02.21 7:25pm
What's going on at the Beeb?

Do they genuinely believe that by not embarrassing the government they'll be allowed to live a bit longer? I've always supported the BBC. Always. I don't have a problem with the licence fee being a...

15 deceangli 23.02.21 3:15pm
Sell Your Solar

I've just received a communication from some outfit called [i]Sell your Solar[/i]. Considering my solar panels bring me in more than £2,000 a year, and that the best RPI-linked annuity I can get,...

10 Titus 23.02.21 1:18pm
Security Alert!??

Recently I went to my profile while logged in and, as you know, this gives me a list of all my contributions to NB. I copied and posted a link to this page, which it seems my friend could use and see...

8 granger 23.02.21 9:47am
Complete Idiots

Do they think we're all [i]complete[/i] idiots? It's possible to make a case for awarding PPE contracts, in an emergency, without going through the normal, potentially time-consuming competitive...

11 Titus 22.02.21 1:22pm
Just fancy that!!!

[url=]Extremists incapable of complex...

5 Al OPecia 22.02.21 11:49am
Only 2/3 of carers have had covid vaccination

It's difficult to understand how anyone willing to be a carer would not want to be vaccinated ...

17 Titus 21.02.21 4:19pm
Mick Turate
Nazi War Criminals: How far down should we go ?

Hopefully this will be taken the right way as an invitation to debate. Read recently about a few cases of former concentration camp guards/employees being extradited/charged with war crimes. ...

3 MADJEZ 21.02.21 10:21am
Would this have made it onto our Tickers? Aside from the lack of funnies, would it even count as topical? It's not like you could claim that the last ten months have been...

6 Wrenfoe 20.02.21 10:02am
WHY HASN'T THIS BEEN HIGHLIGHTED? Even the faintest possibility of the pandemic coming under control is enough to panic certain members of the research community that their gravy train is...

9 Terry Bunn 19.02.21 10:00pm
Boris to test lockdown-exit roadmap by driving to Barnard Castle 1 Duncan Biscuit 19.02.21 3:22pm
Old Jokes Home - 23121314

Man A: "My mother made me a homosexual." Man B: "Ooh, if I give her the wool can she make me one?" C'mon, Biscuits, what have you got lurking in your comedy attics?...

395 shitsu_tonka 18.02.21 11:06pm
Lockdown blues

Wanted male hands himself into Sussex police for ‘peace and quiet’ after getting fed up with people he lives with...

1 Mick Turate 18.02.21 5:38pm

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

160 Gerontius 18.02.21 4:00pm
Pandemic, epidemic or neither?

Is anyone else having a problem relating to the current hysteria over the new strain of Covid and its superspreading powers? When the lorry park at Manston was cleared Grant Shapps triumphantly...

19 Terry Bunn 18.02.21 2:15pm
And another satire site

Just found this and enjoyed this story: [url=]Angry music industry workers reach Derby,...

0 Sir Lupus 17.02.21 10:46pm
Sir Lupus
Sir Tom On-Line Abuse

What on Earth is wrong with these sad, sick, stupid people? It's not as if there is any shortage of people who really [i]do[/i] deserve a good on-line kicking...

4 Titus 17.02.21 2:42pm
Al OPecia
Now here's how to do it. Brilliant article

[url=]Marina Hyde is completely withering in this take down of the sanctimonious arseholes...

2 Chipchase 16.02.21 9:24pm
Sir Lupus

14 Terry Bunn 16.02.21 2:24pm
February WOTM competition

Myke is well in the lead this month and let's not forget it's a short month. All links as usual are [url=]on the blog[/url]...

1 throngsman 15.02.21 11:13pm
Hey Joe - Where you goin' with that gun in your hand?

We all know Trump is horrendous but I thought it might be interesting to keep a thread going, listing those things Biden does that Trump would not have. Will it be substantive change or just optics?...

10 Wrenfoe 14.02.21 3:52pm
For anyone else who respects the work of Adam Curtis

[url=]Especially if you also appreciate the brilliance of...

8 SteveB 14.02.21 12:13pm
Megharry Legal Case Decision Expected

The judge's decision on whether to accept the press's application to 'strike out' part of Megharry's case is due this week. Which way will it go?...

9 Titus 12.02.21 12:03pm