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Parliamentary Rebels: A Boringly Sensible and Serious Thread

Will the recent defections / rebellions cause disruption in Parliament? Yes. To some extent. For a while. Do they presage a permanent and fundamental change in the way Parliament conducts its...

22 Titus 23.02.19 7:57pm
ISIS Question - 2

Three 15 year old schoolgirls left the UK to join ISIS - two survived and now one wishes to return to the UK to raise her child. I'm sure there is a moral case for her to return to the love and...

55 Dick Everyman 23.02.19 7:13pm
A word from the front line

I'm not sure which thread to drop this in so I started a new one. I was just chatting with a chap in the shop. He is Irish and serves in the Army. Previous conversations have led me to believe he...

7 beau-jolly 23.02.19 12:49pm
Competition Time: Invent A Name For The Latest Breakaway Labour Group - 2

A difficult challenge, since New Labour, Independent Labour etc. have already been used and even the seven rebels haven't been able to think up a name for themselves. But surely not beyond the...

51 Titus 23.02.19 11:17am
Why We're The first Country To Quit The EU - 23

One of the alleged virtues of the EU is that it has 'prevented wars in Europe'. Well, in the sense that it may have discouraged a re-match between Napoleon & Hitler, possibly. But at the cost...

66 Titus 23.02.19 9:16am
This is so serious, that I don't know where to start.

7 Al OPecia 23.02.19 5:02am
Labour and the Magnificent Seven

It is, of course, wrong to mock the afflicted, i.e., the Labour Party. Needless to say, that is not going to stop me doing so....

24 Titus 22.02.19 11:00am
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23394041

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1210 The All New Jeni B 21.02.19 6:23pm
Al OPecia
Name on article


0 The Islander 21.02.19 3:21pm
The Islander
The 69 party

Just noticed that The Independent Group is 11 strong, same as the Lib Dems. Apparently there are also 7 'independents' that I suppose I ought to look up to see where they stand on the spectrum, but...

0 throngsman 21.02.19 9:39am
NB's Naughty & Nice list - 2

Hi All, Our lovely Tech Guy has kindly let me borrow the keys to the back office, which mainly contains JoF's old porn stash. However, among all the cobwebs and nipples I have managed to upgrade a...

44 Wrenfoe 18.02.19 8:04am
I never knew this...

If you are registered to vote in two different electoral areas, you can vote in local elections for the two different local councils. Talk about one rule for the rich...

1 Wrenfoe 17.02.19 10:15pm

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

66 Gerontius 17.02.19 1:50pm
At last, clarity on Brexit - 2

I will never revise my opinions, for what they are worth - remainers are lazy flat dwellers/renters fat gimp losers who like paying loads of money down the drain for nothing, whereas brexiteers are...

32 farmer giles 16.02.19 2:58pm
Those post-Brexit "easiest ever trade deals" continue to flood in.

2 Al OPecia 16.02.19 2:03pm
"HMP Nottingham prisoners smuggled drugs in Harry Potter book"

What possible book titles might also be used? ((Left Alert co-op maybe?))...

8 Wrenfoe 16.02.19 2:01am
February WOTM competion

Mid month and nickb is in the lead. Full list of FP, NiB and LA links [url=]on the blog[/url]....

0 throngsman 15.02.19 3:34pm

Hello. Haven't been here for a few years, but when I saw this thought there might be a few other old-timers about who would be shocked, devastated, and rather resentful of this news. ...

37 nealdoran 15.02.19 10:27am
Banks Pic

Dunno who the actual photographer is / was (pic attributed to Popperfoto/Getty Images) but this splendidly dramatic action pic got even me interested in reading about the worthy Mr Banks and his...

2 Titus 14.02.19 7:09am
El Chapo fined $5.7 billion.

[url=]Is this the wrong room?[/url]...

1 Newsdesk 13.02.19 9:31am
Lovely take on Brexit

From one of my favourite authors. [url=]Roddy Doyle[/url]...

2 Chipchase 13.02.19 12:32am
For A Really Effective Brexit, Our Govt. Needs To Go On An NB Flouncing Course

And if flouncing is swooping out dramatically, is flincing trying to sidle back in unobtrusively? Anyway, while we may continue to call it flouncing, I presume by now the Europeans will have issued...

5 Titus 11.02.19 10:22pm
Advertising algorithm error?

Why do newsbiscuit advertisers in the Chat Room think visitors are looking for a Muslim partner? It used to be Russian girls. I am not a Muslim and don’t visit dating sites, so it can’t be...

24 farmer giles 11.02.19 6:48pm
farmer giles
I am tryng tp put together a post about Sunderland Leave Voters ...

… still blaming the EU for the loss of the X-Trail, despite the trade deal that Japan has just signed with the EU, but I ran out of satire and landed on invective along the lines of "You morons got...

17 Al OPecia 10.02.19 2:33am
Are Our Masters currently waiting for final Brexit before updating the tickers?

There are several good 'uns but very old 'uns up there that need clearing out, to make room for the many good new 'uns. Time for Tickxit? Or at least for geriatricxit...

2 Titus 08.02.19 2:29pm
Ticker Machine Repair Man
Twitter Shame

Just had my Twitter account suspended in a reply to Donald Tusk for suggesting that Nigel Farage should be put into exile and that Boris' head should be put on a spike...

12 Dick Everyman 07.02.19 8:43pm
January 2019 WOTM comp - mid month

Good start to the year, with nickb just in the lead ahead of Wren, with a gaggle of others slipstreaming the pair of them. All the links, as usual,...

20 throngsman 02.02.19 10:37pm
Al OPecia
Another thread re: (wrongly focused on the EU when that pillock ...) - 2

[quote](that was then wrongly focused on the EU when that pillock Cameron called the referendum, but that's for another thread[/quote] Ok Benvoleo, here's another thread. Its not entirely wrong for...

50 MzWibble 01.02.19 8:28am
Al OPecia

BBC Radio Four - 6:30pm Wednesdays Good, original and imaginative. And sometimes almost as funny as this place...

0 Titus 30.01.19 7:25pm
One vote closer to agreement

Given that the votes in the house are whipped to the point that a pregnant MP had to delay her planned cesarean section, what happens to the vote of Fiona Onasanya? I assume she won't be let out of...

9 beau-jolly 30.01.19 6:23pm
Midfield Diamond