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Does Starmer stand for anything? And does it matter?

I'm not surprised that Sir Keith has abandoned Labour's last two manifestos and I'm not surprised he abandoned his own 10 pledges during his leadership election BUT I am surprised that he seems to...

10 Wrenfoe 24.09.20 7:02pm
Russian satire

4 nickb 24.09.20 6:59pm
Yet another Caption Competition

I couldn't resist this:...

2 Sinnick 24.09.20 6:56pm
John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme

Do others on here, who admire his creative silliness, enjoy John Finnemore as much as I do?...

1 Titus 24.09.20 6:48pm
Mirthless Evil C
No Deal Brexit worse than COVID

[url=]And nobody is surprised[/url]...

3 Al OPecia 24.09.20 1:49pm
Hope for anti-Trumpers?

It's a long article but maybe giving some hope (false?) to those who dread a 2nd term for Trumpy McTrumparse...

4 granger 24.09.20 1:40pm
Old Jokes Home - 23101112

Man A: "My mother made me a homosexual." Man B: "Ooh, if I give her the wool can she make me one?" C'mon, Biscuits, what have you got lurking in your comedy attics?...

357 shitsu_tonka 23.09.20 3:20pm
Not Sure Which Is More Worrying

- The bollosck from people who don't know what they're talking about - politicians (right across the spectrum), businessmen and other ignorant people all either saying 'Close everything down...

5 Titus 23.09.20 2:55pm
Politics after Individualism


0 Al OPecia 23.09.20 11:46am
Al OPecia
Love today's FP - 2

I genuinely am not a Tory-hater. I know that sounds like somebody saying "I'm not a racist, but . . ." - except I'm not. I've defended aspects of Cons policy and I have no time whatsoever for people...

43 deceangli 23.09.20 9:27am
Al OPecia
I can't satirise Trump any more

I complained a few years ago that West Yorkshire Police were self-satirising. That was before Trump. Now he wants 'patriotic education', which many are calling the Trump Youth. I give up...

16 deceangli 22.09.20 3:25pm
Raab's bodyguard's gun...

And last February David Cameron's bodyguard left his gun in an airplane toilet. Any young criminal looking to get tooled up could do worse than follow a government minister and his bodyguard around...

2 sydalg 20.09.20 4:24pm
WTO Rules rule

Anyone else see this item ? The World Trade Organisation (WTO) Director General has resigned, leaving his 4-year tenure vacant So, who do you think might replace him? The short-list is down to 5,...

4 Sinnick 20.09.20 10:02am
Deal Signed As UAE, Bahrain & Israel Relations Improve

Is this a good thing? Can Trump claim any credit for it?...

5 Titus 18.09.20 8:29am
On The Fiddle - Tuesday's Front Page

Had no idea what this was about so did some Googling. Love the statement in Celebpie: [quote][i]5. the rumors [sic] of - - - being in an affair with - - - is false and has hardly any truth in...

2 Titus 16.09.20 9:05pm
September WOTM competition

Mid month and there's a right royal battle at the top of the board. All links to subs [url=]on the blog[/url], as usual...

1 throngsman 16.09.20 8:45am

Wren pointed me at an interesting book: It's pretty passionate about Universal Basic Income. The idea's been knocking around for...

17 deceangli 15.09.20 2:38pm
Something to share

7 Sinnick 14.09.20 11:16pm
Filthy Rich
Buckland to resign over Brexit bill if law is broken ‘in way I find unacceptable

Are there acceptable ways to break the law? Any examples? Parking on a double yellow lines is OK if you have two wheels on the pavement? Theft if I steal stuff I don't need and can't sell? Rape...

3 Al OPecia 14.09.20 9:40pm
Sugar Ray
Where's Nigel Farage when you need him? (Episode 5)

6 Terry Bunn 14.09.20 9:34pm

Wrong room - DOH...

0 Wrenfoe 14.09.20 10:41am
Is it me ...

or is the Newsbiscuit Clock an hour out?...

4 Al OPecia 12.09.20 5:59am
Is there anything we could do to increase awareness of Newsbiscuit? - 23

It deserves more Facebook shares, retweets, and whatever else the Internet generation does with things it likes. Maybe we should be reaching out to the 16-21 demographic? I don't want to see NB go...

73 sydalg 11.09.20 9:37pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23444546

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1355 The All New Jeni B 11.09.20 9:30pm
What are your favourite own subs that never made it to the front page?

I was really sad about “Covid Spike: I told you I was ill” But also regret “No more newsbites due to dicky ticker” never made it either...

12 Mirthless Evil C 11.09.20 8:53pm
Vertically Challenged Giant
The Mash stole our FP

23 sydalg 11.09.20 4:13pm
Best Government Ever - 234

In an attempt to disentangle some of the discussion threads, I thought I'd start this one to pursue a comment on another., So, please submit your examples of this Government's stunning competence...

92 Al OPecia 10.09.20 11:28am
Al OPecia
Save The Sun newspaper crowdfunding

You may have already seen this but I thought it was very amusing:

4 Midfield Diamond 10.09.20 10:08am
Netflix / Hannah Gadsby / Nanette [stand-up special]

Anyone seen it? Just caught up with it tonight., It's really good. But I think you need to see a lot of other stand-up to appreciate it., God, if that was the first gig you ever went to...

6 Golgo13 10.09.20 7:07am
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23141516

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

460 Dick Everyman 09.09.20 11:28am