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The Troggs Tapes

I was driving somewhere today and suddenly out of the blue this flashed into my head., It’s got everything: laughs, desperation, cluelessness and no small amount of poignant pathos., It out-Taps...

0 Chipchase 17.08.19 5:50pm
WOTM Aug 2019

Mid month point and technically Wren is leading. But technically he isn't because of that darned Wren rule! Tonymc81 is the guy to watch out for, with Dom not far behind. Links to all the subs on...

8 throngsman 17.08.19 9:47am
How badly spoilt were you?

My grandma thought I was terribly spoilt when my mum spent 11d on a Dinky toy.

9 Newsdesk 14.08.19 11:00am
I was six months too late...

2 Wrenfoe 14.08.19 9:41am

Anyone here going going to Fairport's annual bash this coming weekend?...

9 Scroat 14.08.19 9:07am
Dick Braine elected as new leader of UKIP - Satire is dying !!

Nominative determinism...

4 Not Amused 13.08.19 10:19pm
Dominic Cummings now running the UK Government

"It's Democracy!" shout the brain dead Brexiteers. Boy this is really frightening, a hard core right wing extremist is in charge of Government Policy. We had a coup, and many are complicit...

17 Al OPecia 13.08.19 6:15pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23454647

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1381 bonjonelson 12.08.19 5:25pm
Midfield Diamond

This morning, 18 of the 30 items posted are from the same person, 12 of the 23 comments made are from the same person, No wonder so many regulars have disappeared, No wonder Newsbiscuit is...

9 Gerontius 10.08.19 12:58pm
Rugby that's what they do behind closed doors

Having the time of their lives,

6 Gerontius 07.08.19 8:44pm
Dick Everyman
Congrats on the ticker tidy-up

Thank you, O Masters ...

0 Titus 07.08.19 11:32am
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23394041

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1223 The All New Jeni B 07.08.19 9:43am
Responsible firearm sales

This is a Walmart in-store promotion during August 2017. [url=][/url] The board reads "Own the school year...

3 Newsdesk 07.08.19 8:35am
Dan and Dan ...The Daily Mail

Just in case you haven't seen it, (if not why notwhat's the matter with you), From 2010 but as relevant as it really that long ago?, it is,...

4 Gerontius 06.08.19 3:22pm
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23131415

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

427 Dick Everyman 06.08.19 3:21pm
Midfield Diamond
Brewery Pun

It is clear that there are several correspondents here who, like me, enjoy a good (or even better, a terrible) pun. Those who are not already aware of it may therefore delight in hearing of the...

9 Titus 06.08.19 2:06pm
Price of cottaging leads inflation index

Spending a penny now costs £2.00.

6 Newsdesk 05.08.19 7:24am
WOTM competition July

Wren and Chip are slugging it out together, with Deceangli making a strong challenge. Full list of subs on the...

9 throngsman 03.08.19 7:40am
Where else would they meet?!

2 Midfield Diamond 01.08.19 10:54am
Trump's personalised Presidential Seal

Love this story

6 Sinnick 31.07.19 7:39pm
Good lines about our new PM?

I had to laugh at a Tweet from the journalist Lucy Wainwright. It says 'Johnson became PM with 92,000 votes. Boaty McBoatface got 124,000 votes and was overruled for being plainly a bloody stupid...

11 Midfield Diamond 31.07.19 11:19am
51st state anyone?

[url=]WTF?[/url] Why does anyone think it would be easier to have a free trade agreement with the USA's 50 federal states than...

6 beau-jolly 30.07.19 3:00pm
Should Boris become PM, then... - 23

On the one hand it will be a complete embarrassment and utter disaster for Britain. But on the other, for us here on NB, it will be an endless source of gift-that-keeps-giving material. So every...

83 Chipchase 25.07.19 3:23pm
The Best Prime Minister

Unlike the Americans with just the one oaf (which they deserve & which suits them) we have a number of clowns, buffoons and nonentities floating around at present, any of which could possibly...

17 Titus 24.07.19 8:55pm
. 4 Wrenfoe 22.07.19 8:15am
The Whim of Some People.

Have just posted in the Writers room the suggestion that the phrase will of the people should be banned and replaced by whim of some people to give a clearer meaning of what is intended when this...

8 granger 21.07.19 6:06pm
How did I not think of this one...?

[url=]BBC News: [/url] The international chain of convenience stores Circle K has offered a public apology in Mexico after it tweeted an offer which was widely...

2 Ugi 18.07.19 9:56pm
The odd leak

Does anyone else find the UK Ambassador’s leak very odd? There was nothing vaguely surprising in what he said (Trump being a bit shit at his job) the scandal is the leak itself and who did it?...

19 Wrenfoe 17.07.19 7:51am
Happy [Amazon] Prime Day.!

So far all I've been offered is a large box of baby wipes. I'm 72 FFS!, and it has zero relevance to my spending pattern...

2 Mick Turate 15.07.19 5:25pm

Beyond gobsmacked.

2 Al OPecia 15.07.19 7:51am
Mick Turate