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I've been astounded at the level of anti-Leave bile I've seen and heard - on Facebook, on the BBC - genuinely amazed. I 'get it' - Farage and his cronies are on the Dark Side - but that doesn't...

20 deceangli 26.06.16 11:15pm
Gary Baldy
What an utter disaster. - 2

Chaos begins now. I'm devastated...

37 Al OPecia 26.06.16 8:10pm
Someone has a joke on the Remainers and their biased press

the petition is a fake run by bots "The 4 Chan Bots represent the ultimate failure of the Remainstream Media. The BBC’s desperate shilling for Remain will come under increasing scrutiny as we...

12 Dun Dunkin 26.06.16 7:59pm
Right-wing coups?

Both Labour and the Tories could soon be taken over by their right-wings. Will this bizarrely be a blessing for the Lib Dems?...

12 Wrenfoe 26.06.16 7:39pm
Dun Dunkin
UKIP seeks new name

Now that the United Kingdom Independent Party has achieved its sole objective, what do we think they should call themselves ?...

23 Sinnick 26.06.16 4:22pm
S J Roe
Will the person who gives Marlon Bando's absurd posts one star please stop it?

It denies others the ability to vote him down...

4 Opinion Poll 26.06.16 12:32pm
Photoshop expert required !

I don't have Photoshop, and I'm sruggling with GIMP, so I'm looking for a volunteer...

4 Sinnick 26.06.16 4:46am
One OF The Few Intelligent Appraisals Of The EU Referendum

I have heard so far was by historian Lord Peter Hennessy, on Eddie Mair's BBC Radio Four 'PM' programme on Friday 24th June, starting at 51min 10sec: I...

0 Titus 26.06.16 1:22am
Is there any point in entering the Eurovision Song Contest next year?

Obviously a perennial question, but next year should be of a magnitude greater than anything we've seen before. I'm tempted to try writing a couple of songs - one a love song from a suitor who just...

2 throngsman 25.06.16 5:35pm
Cameron the most naive PM since Chamberlain? - 2

Discuss. It seems to me he woefully misjudged the mood of his party, electorate and the negative impact of his austerity policy. History will not judge him fondly if (as JK Rowling suggests) he...

30 Wrenfoe 25.06.16 2:26pm
BBC using "Lord Ashcroft Polls" ??

I just spotted this The Beeb uses info from numerous sources including "Ashcroft Polls", but surely using Ashcroft's polls is inappropriate for this...

1 Sinnick 25.06.16 8:12am
"No, we don't know anything yet" - The OFFICIAL official referendum night thread - 2

For Newsbiscuit reaction to the coverage and results as they come in. Which will be ages. But first impressions on the coverage: 1. Romily Weeks looks especially hot when pregnant. 2. City...

37 andyiong 24.06.16 3:15pm
Mixed response

Looking out of my window, I see a mixed response. Ragged, starving citizens rummaging through the smoke-blackened ruins while others dance in the street and church bells ring out. Reminds me a bit...

6 Titus 24.06.16 3:13pm
In less than 10 years, the EU will have either ...

been totally re-constructed or will have collapsed completely. And in 50 years time Britain will be described as the pathfinder. With any luck, in the very long term, a new community of European...

0 Titus 24.06.16 2:07pm
Just a suggestion. Why don't we try to do something constructive?

MORE SOON I'm making a cup of tea...

25 ronseal 24.06.16 2:03pm

Managed to fit this into single headline, so moved to Writers' Room...

0 Titus 24.06.16 1:25pm
Referendum result: tantamount.

I had naively been wondering what on Earth the media would find, to babble on and on and on about once the referendum was over. Foolish me. Obviously, this is now going to run for ever. Double...

1 Titus 24.06.16 1:14pm
EU - how long, now, before the wheels come off? 3 Titus 24.06.16 9:40am
EU Referendum Count Progresses Steadily

47,652,562 47,652,563 47,652, 564 hey, don't leave that window wide open! Oh, BOLLOCKS. 1,2,3,4,5,6...

2 Titus 24.06.16 9:38am
For all the headless chickens

0 Dun Dunkin 24.06.16 7:49am
Dun Dunkin
Bye bye Scotland? 8 Wrenfoe 24.06.16 7:10am
Dun Dunkin
I promise I won't drag my knuckles too much today

As one of the knuckle dragging scumbag community, I should be delighted today. But I'm not. I'm looking out the window as I type and there is no sign of social unrest. On the Lidl web site, you...

0 ronseal 24.06.16 6:38am
Brexit predictions - 2

Cocks on the block, guys. What will the turnout be, what percentage for each side? I'll go for 60% turnout, of which 51% Remain, 45% Leave, 4% just draw a knob and two balls. The BBC website has...

44 deceangli 24.06.16 6:28am
Happy voting and if u vote out do it in INK not the pencil they supply

plenty warnings online to vote in ink. they heard people like al might be counting them? lol...

20 Dun Dunkin 23.06.16 9:51pm
Well, I voted. And of course I voted for the safe, sensible, intelligent option

which I am sure everyone here will agree, was the correct thing to do. I was reassured to see that the polling station was well protected by a contingent of UKIP stormtroopers and UKIP Youth, who...

2 Titus 23.06.16 2:46pm
Gary Baldy
If you're undecided, why vote? It's not compulsory.

Would be a shame if the vote of someone who had done a lot of research, given it a lot of thought and who passionately supported one side was swamped by two votes from a couple of people who either...

27 Titus 23.06.16 2:37pm
Most dont know what they voting for.

The EU project is about creating a single superstate with a single government. if you dont want that its dishonest to vote for it...

0 Dun Dunkin 23.06.16 2:22pm
Dun Dunkin
Can anyone find the thread where we made predictions about the referendum outcom

Be interesting to check back and compare, and what's the thoughts now?...

0 Ironduke 23.06.16 8:18am
I wonder if the Glastonbury folk remembered their postal vote?

Possibly 200,000 non-votes right there...

4 Wrenfoe 23.06.16 6:30am
Don't know if this is true

Just seen a tweet supposedly from Gove stating that if we stay in the EU he'll leave parliament. That should be given much wider publicity...

10 throngsman 23.06.16 1:52am