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Reform Party - should we be worried?

XTC were wrong, Nigel is making his own plans. Could we be in an odd position where Farage pushes for proportional representation, while the Lib Dems panic and back first past the post? :D...

4 Wrenfoe 08.12.19 6:29pm
So...election predictions?

Tory majority of 38. Some seats getting a 'Remain alliance' result,as either libs or Labour benefit from vote-switching, but not many,and we'll hear lots of 'if only' they had merged they'd have...

21 Ironduke 08.12.19 6:08pm
What has surprised you about the election? - 23

Were all the candidates and manifestos as bad as you expected? Were there any surprises? Did anything change your mind?...

66 Wrenfoe 08.12.19 5:59pm
Zinoviev letter?

I know we like to think of ourselves as 'fake news' - but we are amateurs next to the real press and politicians. So with that in mind what has been the biggest lie of the election so far? Has there...

5 Wrenfoe 08.12.19 3:31pm

I think you should all know that the spoonerism of 'pop corn' is 'cop porn'...

17 Crayon 08.12.19 9:44am

14 Al OPecia 07.12.19 12:31am
So when will the Tories bring back hanging? - 2

Will it be included in their next manifesto.. or will they wait until after the election...

47 Gerontius 06.12.19 5:53pm
What ad are you getting at top of NB?

I'm currently getting Rolls-Royce cars, which I have to say makes a nice change from the usual 'meet Thai girls' one. I can't afford either...

29 fletcher 06.12.19 12:48pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23404142

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1245 The All New Jeni B 06.12.19 12:42pm
WASPI deal - gamechanger or blatant bribe?

This one could definitely move the needle:, I'm going to argue that shifting...

27 deceangli 05.12.19 9:21am
Great Twitter Hashtag at the moment....

. #TrollingTheGuardian All because The Guardian was upset and shut down a very well done Twitter parody account of it's Opinion articles.

3 thackaray 04.12.19 2:39pm
Sir Lupus
Dyke upset by reference to Faggots 0 Ian Searle 04.12.19 12:19pm
Ian Searle
Boris v Neill

There has been much debate about Boris v Neil. My first question is; does anyone here know of one single person who has changed (or ever will change) from Labour to Tory as a result of an interview?...

14 riesler 03.12.19 5:25pm
Is weaponising your religion for political gain a kosher thing to do?

Come on., Was it Tory propaganda or are Jews really living in peril?, Are we expected to be running scared of making comments not supporting the rabbi, Does this make me anti-semite, I used to...

27 Gerontius 03.12.19 5:26am
November Writer of the Month competition

Tony is way out in front and looks unbeatable. Or is he?...

16 throngsman 02.12.19 8:32pm
Corbyn (disambiguation)

Not sure where I'm going with this play on Carbon-Corbyn, but I'd welcome some thoughts, improvements or just old-fashioned abuse: Updated wikidpedia entry for Corbyn (disambiguation)...

9 Sinnick 02.12.19 7:09am
Charities - 2

'Scuse my asking, but do any of you good folk contribute to or support any particular major national (or even international) non-political charity? Or are there any such charities which you...

47 Titus 02.12.19 6:57am
Prison Rehab Workers Murdered By Terrorist: 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished'

The world can be a very unfair place sometimes. Respect, guys ...

1 Titus 01.12.19 6:58pm
The BBC take all complaints very seriously - 2

Having watched a BBC interview with the editor of the Jewish Chronicle,Stephen Pollard, after he had published an entire front page entreating Jewish and non Jewish supporters not to vote...

38 tonymc81 30.11.19 7:55am
Wrongy McRoomface 0 Adrian Bamforth 29.11.19 2:23pm
Adrian Bamforth
Trump, Farage, Boris Johnson and media manipulation - 2

Are Joe & Jane Bloggs so gormless these days that they will actually think this kind of risible shite is as a result of anything other than cynical and blatant stage management? (see links...

38 Chipchase 29.11.19 12:34pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23474849

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1440 bonjonelson 28.11.19 12:21pm
If this is this the future of journalism...

When wasting time on Twitter earlier I happened to notice a tweet from The Mirror which appeared to be being offered as a link to a breaking 'big news story'. It turned out to be a shocking article...

7 Chipchase 27.11.19 3:32pm
I think I'll start a tree nursery

It appears that every manifesto, including the Brexit Party's is promising to plant millions of trees. Cons: 30m, Lib Dems: 60m, Lab: won't give a figure. Even Brexit Party: "millions". Green...

14 beau-jolly 23.11.19 3:06pm
Al OPecia
Taking Back Control (TBC) : Mauritius/Chagos Islands

What if Mauritius decided to take back control of their islands., You we're doing., Where do we stand., It is nothing more than a USA military baseso effectively, the US own/run it,...

4 Gerontius 22.11.19 5:41pm
How come Farage gets his own regular radio show during an election?

Isn't that just an ongoing party political broadcast? Does LBC have regular shows for Jeremy, Boris, Joanne and Wee Jimmy Krankie?...

21 fletcher 22.11.19 3:05pm
"Zidane out, Pochettino in. It's time for Real change", says Corbyn 9 Walter Eagle 21.11.19 10:33pm
Midfield Diamond
Logical Phalasies

Wikipedia tells me the logical fallacy ignoratio elenchi should not be confided with a straw man argument but can anyone explain for me the difference, with clear examples?...

5 granger 21.11.19 6:19pm
Election Result Forecast

Wahey - a general election! Bring it on. What could possibly go wrong? No pressure , _ _ _ CBA to find it, but some time ago in an earlier post I made the following forecast:, Conservative -...

18 Titus 21.11.19 11:44am
What the Hell is going on in Hong Kong?

Genuine straight question. I have huge respect for the people in Hong Kong fighting for freedom. But seriously - what do they expect to achieve by allowing the protests to become so excessively...

10 Titus 21.11.19 10:45am