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Unofficial Writer of the Month April 2017

God, this is awkward. Either I've learned to write (unlikely) or the editors are playing with me. Anyway, a good start to the competition with a record number of tickers posted meaning the spread...

21 throngsman 01.05.17 1:49am
Back from the cinema, and have worked out why May called the election for June 8 - 2

"Churchill" is being released on the 1st of June, and all the dim-witted War-Nostalgists will be emotionally blackmailed into voting Tory. Churchill hated the working classes...

31 Al OPecia 30.04.17 9:55pm
Sir Lupus
Whose vote floats?

Out of curiosity, who here has voted for two or more different parties in the course of their general election history? How many of us actually decide each time on policies and capability to...

10 cinquecento 30.04.17 7:56pm
Why are we so opposed to Assad?

Yeah, I know, because he's an evil bastard who gases and drops barrel bombs on his own innocent women, children and other civilians. But he is also combating Daesh (and several other lots) who are...

11 Titus 30.04.17 6:21pm
Tories in Scotland

What are the chances of the Conservatives actually winning any seats in Scotland this time?...

2 Titus 30.04.17 7:58am
Why do commentators keep burbling on about house prices in relation to earnings

which is irrelevant. What affects ability to buy a house is is the relationship between earnings and monthly mortgage payments. Mortgage interest rates are a tiny fraction of what they were a...

15 Titus 29.04.17 9:02pm
Have a lovely day everyone! I just couldn't give a monkey's any more.

The good people of Croydon have an old saying: "I won't get home any earlier if your train is cancelled." It dates back to a bygone age, an innocent time when it was possible to get a train from...

12 ronseal 29.04.17 10:49am
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23567

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

193 Dick Everyman 28.04.17 8:24pm
Carcrash from Boris on Today programme

Tories need to give the public something to vote FOR, instead of banging on about what we should be voting AGAINST. He just rambled on with every question asked of 'what will you do' by replying...

14 Ironduke 28.04.17 12:32pm
Should every country have nuclear weapons to defend themselves?

The Tories are saying we need our nuclear weapons to defend ourselves., So - using that argument - shouldn’t ALL countries have nuclear weapons to defend themselves?, Who decided our need is...

27 Gerontius 28.04.17 11:41am
Good Tickers

Sometimes a ticker is so gloriously silly that it makes me laugh every time I see it, however many times I've looked at it already. Two at present, in particular: CORBYN’S BIKE STOLEN DESPITE...

6 Titus 28.04.17 11:41am
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23394041

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1206 bonjonelson 28.04.17 1:08am
Gary Baldy
Four new bank holidays and a hike in minimum wage?

Corbyn is really trying to get the small business owners onside, isn't he?...

12 Ironduke 26.04.17 10:14pm
Sir Lupus
omens from above..

Just had to snap this earlier today.

5 cinquecento 25.04.17 1:16pm
One for Tech Guy?

As a serial misposter of subs and comments in the wrong room, but not by any means alone, is it possible for the text that reads 'New Topic in this Forum' just above the title box be changed to 'New...

7 throngsman 25.04.17 10:51am
North Korea hacks Nintendo: Unleashes Super Mario mega mushroom cloud powerup 0 Feldman 24.04.17 7:10pm
St. Georges day is coming

Born in Lydda, Syria which was under control of the Greeks. So, on 23rd April we will celebrate a Syrian. How should we do that?...

12 Iscariot 24.04.17 11:06am

Pair of apostrophes for sale - special two-for-the-price-of-one 'bogostrophes' offer . [Well I didn't want to waste an empty slot after yet another post in the rong wroom. Sorry!]...

0 Titus 24.04.17 8:05am
Sorry - Rong Wroom

[Might re-use this slot later]...

0 Titus 24.04.17 7:43am
Paul Nuttall is moderate ...

compared with this candidate "One of the many fine things about UKIP is that its local...

1 Sinnick 24.04.17 7:39am
FFS 0 throngsman 23.04.17 7:48pm
Surely it has to be a good thing - 2

whether you like the Tories or hate them, whether you support Brexit or are a Remainian, for Britain to be in a strong and stable position when negotiating with the EU in order to secure the best...

43 Titus 23.04.17 12:25pm
Snap election - 2

Interesting. I suppose remoaners will have to vote Lib Dem. Timbo for PM anyone?...

49 Des Custard 22.04.17 9:49pm
Did anyone hear Dawn Butler on PM this afternoon?

Oh My God: Eddie Mair: How will you fix this "rigged system"? Dawn Butler: By making it fairer EM: How will you make it fairer? DB: By fixing the rigged system. Etc ad nausium. Not even the...

14 Al OPecia 22.04.17 9:26pm

Unwanted apostrophe for sale, black. Low mileage, full service history. Suitable for skilled operators only. No time-wasters please ...

1 Titus 22.04.17 7:10pm
"Big Oil - and you fucked it up" - Venezualan politics descends into chanting 1 ronseal 22.04.17 5:42pm
Al OPecia
I think I've found the Ed Stone - just in time for Jeremy

2 throngsman 21.04.17 12:16pm
Monster Independent Raving Democratic People's Rainbow Front Seeks Candidates

(Not to be confused, of course, with those evil Monster Raving Democratic Independent Rainbow People's Front bastards.) Potential candidates should apply by posting here in this thread, with their...

0 Titus 21.04.17 7:32am
Le Péniste de mon oncle est sur la table

Your chance to call the French election result I reckon Le Pen v Macron after the first round, then Macron will get it. Tonight's terrorist attack might get Le Pen an easier ride through the first...

1 cinquecento 21.04.17 12:04am
Thank you all very much

Just want to say thank you to Al OPecia, Rick Westwell, TechGuy(!), Gerontius, Titus, Sinnick, deceangli,, chrisf, Dick Everyman, Wrenfoe, Iroquois Pliskin, Sir Lupus and Adrian Bamforth. You're a...

10 Scroat 20.04.17 10:02pm