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Suggestions please... - 2

Doing the People’s March on Saturday. Any witty ideas for a slogan to put on my placard? No sniping please. Thank you...

36 Scroat 19.10.18 5:32pm
October Writer of the Month Competition

Mid month and Myke is going for it again. More details on the [url=]blog[/url]...

6 throngsman 19.10.18 5:05pm
Newsjack Series 19

Newsjack is returning., First broadcast is 13th September on BBC Radio 4 Extra., Sketches deadline is noon on 10th and one liners deadline 11th at noon., Good luck...

21 dominic_mcg 19.10.18 8:07am
Michael Caine - Top Man

Heard a brief interview on Radio Four this morning. Interesting comments on the EU and on Trump. I hadn't realised he continues to be and always had been a Brexiteer, for reasons pretty much...

2 Titus 18.10.18 5:06pm
Royal Womb Diary

With a hat tip to Gero we definitely need regular updates from the Duchess of Sussex's fetus. Wednesday 17 October "It's been rather hot in here today and I've heard a lot of cheering and clapping...

11 Dick Everyman 18.10.18 3:47pm
The NHS at a stroke - 2

Praise where it is due., Two days ago I had a stroke. Well, a mini one anyway apparently., I was just getting out of the shower when I started losing some sight in my left eye. I thought it...

42 beau-jolly 18.10.18 3:41pm
Great British Idiocy - 2

My dear old mum listens to Classic FM, and yesterday evening I had the misfortune to hear a piece of music performed live at the Albert Hall that was intended to honour the dead of World War One....

31 Crayon 18.10.18 2:00pm
Calling all straw men

In the face of accusations that here on NewsBiscuit, the phrase 'straw man' is "often randomly and meaninglessly shouted (much like "You are a racist!") in response to a post which the recipient...

3 Benvoleo 17.10.18 6:39pm
Never mind a defibrillator, where's the nearest effing loo?

Probably responsible for strokes and heart attacks in the first place...

16 Al OPecia 16.10.18 10:04pm
Banksy Prank

Respect, Banksy! I don't know about others on here, but I can't imagine any piss-taking comment by any of us that could possibly top Banksy's own ultimate anarchic piss-take, the self-destruction of...

14 Titus 16.10.18 7:08pm
My invoice is in the post 0 Ticker Machine Repair Man 16.10.18 4:34pm
Ticker Machine Repair Man
Poor, Feeble Old Biscuiteer Glad That Mocking Him Now Officially A Hate Crime 0 Titus 16.10.18 2:39pm
rongrum, so......

I shall use this space to say how entertaining I have recently been finding Piers Morgan and Susannah Reid on GMB. His targeting is rather random, but when he's on target it's amusing to watch him...

1 cinquecento 15.10.18 5:56pm
Terry Bunn
Short memories

BBC Headline says Hurricane Michael leaves 'unimaginable destruction'., Mayor of Hiroshima says 'You reckon?'...

8 riesler 14.10.18 9:58pm
Austerity is over. Official.

With austerity now over, what plans are you making for the future with your new found wealth? I might stop buying scratchcards...

15 Dick Everyman 11.10.18 8:26pm
Jonathan Pie anyone? regardless of which side you dressthe man is funny...

1 Gerontius 11.10.18 2:18pm
Here's another reason why plastic bags should be banned

12 Dick Everyman 10.10.18 6:40pm
Official Announcement

This Denial-of-Service business has got out of hand. In our continuous endeavour to maintain a flawless service for NewsBiscuit contributors and readers alike, we’ve consulted top-flight GRU...

12 IT Department 08.10.18 8:30pm
I Am Spartacus Too
Privatising rail service within the EU

MzWibble - [quote]But it's going to be effectively impossible until we leave the EU[/quote] You don't happen to know how do you? Technically I'm pretty sure it's possible. But 'effectively', well I...

8 Benvoleo 07.10.18 11:15am
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23424344

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1314 bonjonelson 06.10.18 12:23pm
September WOTM competition

Mid month and Myke is showing he has the chops to be a winner. Unfortunately the Wren rule states that a writer can't win two months on the bounce so the competition is between Titus and - er -...

23 throngsman 02.10.18 7:37pm
Book reviews

Hat tip to Titus for the suggestion., What are you currently reading? Would you recommend it? Me: [i] The Road to Little Dribbling.[/i] I thought I'd read all of Bill Bryson's output but found...

20 beau-jolly 01.10.18 8:24am
Official Announcement

Again, we are being flooded with complaints, accusing us of making NewsBiscuit hard to get. You are mistaken. It is entirely because millions of you keep complaining all at once that you can’t...

1 IT Department 01.10.18 8:04am
Top One

The "Top Ten"currently contains one post. That has to be a first, surely? Plenty of people on here, arguing about Brexit, but not rating any subs...

11 Spartacus 30.09.18 10:48pm
IT Department
'Gordon Brown Drew A Willy ...' Story

[Can't find the OP where Ianslat posted this story, otherwise I would award it some stars and post a comment in that thread, instead of here.] His story is exactly the kind of thing I wanted to post...

17 Titus 29.09.18 3:55pm
Whither Brexit..... or wither Brexit..

It appears the Brexiteers have managed to get their homework up to 150 pages in a new proposal here: [url= Scribd]Plan A Plus[/url] From a cursory...

20 cinquecento 28.09.18 9:51am
May's surprise press announcement today

Does anyone, anywhere, any persuasion, have a clue what this was about ? I don't want to trawl through the various Brexit arguments (well, not just now), I just don't understand how publicly...

9 Sinnick 25.09.18 9:16am
Sir Lupus
OK, as I screwed up on the wrong room, what about Labour today?

According to the Mirror online Corbyn has committed to a second vote if conference decides there should be one. It claims 90% of Labour members want a second vote, 75% want it in Labour's manifesto...

3 throngsman 23.09.18 12:04pm
Just a typical drunken jape - truebiscuit

[url=]Smells a bit fishy[/url]...

1 Midfield Diamond 22.09.18 9:23pm
Discreet Middle-Class Middle-of-the-Road Replacement Search for Corbyn Continues

[Posted here because this is a more-or-less serious comment, not really satirical or a 'joke'.] The BBC, Guardian readers and other members of the Chattering Classes / middle-class lefties with...

2 Titus 22.09.18 10:20am