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NewsBiscuit Goes For Up-Market Image With SPAM Writ In Foreign 1 Titus 21.04.18 11:06am
Prince Charles racist sub idea.

Just checking in. Been a bit busy of late out in the real world but spotted this little gem of news hidden away. Someone's got to do a Charles racist/chip of the old block/commonwealth sub....

0 MADJEZ 21.04.18 7:08am
'Happy Birthday Ma'am' - Posted to annoy all the old-fashioned republicans

And in the interests of impartiality, best wishes also to any of those sad people, who still suffer the delusion that it is somehow brave and trendy to be a republican, whose birthday it is today...

0 Titus 21.04.18 6:37am
Titus missing for three days

The Remainers have got him this time. I'm watching the news waiting to see his head on a spike outside the European Parliament...

19 sydalg 20.04.18 10:52pm
Notifying Spam

I appreciate that this site is run by volunteers (and thank you, O Masters) and this has been one reason suggested why the site is burdened by far more spam than any other site I ever visit. Would...

7 Titus 20.04.18 10:50pm
Ironduke's gonna be on telly... - 2

within the month. Guess the programme?...

50 Ironduke 19.04.18 10:38pm
Where has all the money gone?

Putting aside quantitive easing, my understanding was that there is a finite amount of wealth in the UK economy, based on gold reserves – possibly? Much like the laws of physics that dictate that...

10 Scroat 19.04.18 3:12pm
Getting it right

Titus and all the other regular readers of the [i]Beano[/i] on here will, I am sure, be pleased to see the title on a door in Posh Street School in picture no. 3 on page 31 of this week's edition,...

0 sockpuppet 18.04.18 5:54pm
Wife perfects art of saying things when just out of earshot

Nothing to see here you bastards...

2 Iroquois Pliskin 18.04.18 5:41pm
Oh those Russians

So we have irrefutable proof that the Russians poisoned the spies. Russia has irrefutable proof that they didn't. We have irrefutable proof that there was a chemical attack by Syria, whereas the...

16 Rootin Tootin 18.04.18 5:16pm
Midfield Diamond
April WOTM competition

Two weeks in and three contributors vying for the top slot. You can access hyperlinks to all the Front Page, News in Brief and Left Alert subs as usual on the...

3 throngsman 17.04.18 8:08pm
NewsBiscuit wasn't down again today

We thank TechGuy for his sterling effort...

0 IT Department 17.04.18 7:55pm
IT Department
Rongrum again. So.... this £50m funding for a new party - will it fly? - 2

Apparently backers have put money up for a new centre party, though not planning to do much in terms of trying to poach MPs from other parties until nearer the next election. I've seen it described...

50 cinquecento 17.04.18 4:53pm
Global warming slowing down, what ? are you sure ? Arrghgarry was right ? - 2 I am sure you pricks that were spouting off ,will even deny this ...

46 arrghgarry 14.04.18 7:16am
We've been predicting this for over 20 years

[url=]Reality[/url] [url=]Prediction[/url] An the onslaught from the Deniers continues ...

3 Al OPecia 13.04.18 8:43am
Best Facebook sub

Just came across this very prescient piece from 2009 while browsing the archives.

0 sydalg 12.04.18 12:08am
Am I notified in some way if my piece of writing is published on the front page? 16 The Raff 10.04.18 10:04pm
Is there a need for religion in the 21st Century or is the future agnosticism?

Thoughts please...

24 Dick Everyman 10.04.18 9:03pm
Nice to see there's a preservation order on spam

Future generations will look upon it the way we regard the Easter Island statues"WTF is that all about?"...

0 sydalg 10.04.18 6:35pm
Kevin Love backdoor cut for a routine

The Warriors have been making mincemeat out of their opponents this postseason, and they got some unexpected great news Wednesday when they learned head coach Steve Kerr will make the...

0 mmogo 10.04.18 2:17am
Some new information concerning new Invention

Weekend started, things happened. Players killed bosses, bosses killed people, dungeons were cleared, players’ hopes and dreams were destroyed. Despite the doom and gloom of unsuccessful attempts...

0 mmogo 10.04.18 2:15am
FP correction please

Could the duty editor correct the credit on FP article today please., I paid Sydalg the going rate for the piece inclusive of writing credit and any future kickbacks from Tate and Lyle., Thank you...

0 DavidH 09.04.18 12:45pm
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 23121314

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

399 Dick Everyman 09.04.18 12:19pm
Dick Everyman
To the wonderful editor(s)

Thank you for using my piece for today FP., Entirely my fault, but would you be able to edit three mistake that I made? 1st paragraph, posturing and seemingly, and the third paragraph, translated? I...

1 James Pluside 08.04.18 8:45am
James Pluside
Dawkins' Books

[Temporary new, short thread to avoid disrupting the flow of the excellent current 'Is there a need for religion' thread] To my shame, have never actually read any of Dawkins' books although of...

5 Titus 07.04.18 8:01pm
Man Win The Nobel Prize For Photoshopping

"[i]But there isn't a Nobel prize for Photoshopping[/i]." "There wan't. But there is now. I know there is, because I've seen a picture of it."...

4 Titus 06.04.18 9:27pm
Wrong room....

Thanks, Titus!...

0 dominic_mcg 06.04.18 2:02pm
Truebiscuit: A headline we would be proud of

[url=]From the independent[/url]...

1 Not Amused 06.04.18 1:34pm
Straw Man Definition

Straw Man - an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument. The person who points out a straw man argument is [i]not[/i]...

10 Benvoleo 06.04.18 11:14am
Police male voice choir goes against equal opportunities policies.


5 dominic_mcg 06.04.18 9:46am