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For some reason I find this rather depressing. I have spent many a happy hour admiring the old 'Temeraire', I guess sublime beauty isn't enough any more...

0 riesler 26.07.17 10:01am
July WOTM competition

At the end of the first week we have a very narrow leaderboard, with everything to play for. For more details and a list of the FPs and NiBs from the first week with hyperlinks go to the blog:...

22 throngsman 26.07.17 7:49am
has anyone had dealings with Student Finance England?

By far the worst designed and run organisation I have ever come across, bar none. I've been trying to find out which consulting firm set the bastards up for the government (given that no civil...

1 cinquecento 25.07.17 10:10pm
Sir Lupus
Chris Evans

Ignoring (as far as possible) the fact that he is an irritating little ginger twat, and trying hard to be impartial, is there anyone here who likes Chris Evan as a presenter, or who thinks he is...

26 Titus 25.07.17 9:09pm
Richard is my real name says Wrenfoe
Courts and Parents' Rights

If it is right for the courts to override misguided parents who try to stop their children from receiving proven life-saving medical treatment like blood transfusions, presumably it is equally...

7 Titus 25.07.17 8:13pm
Richard is my real name says Wrenfoe
German Carmaker to continue production of British Car in Britain. For now. 0 Al OPecia 25.07.17 5:19pm
Al OPecia
It is just me or was The Mash Report shit?

Love the website but it didn't really translate to TV, IMHO...

12 Oxbridge 25.07.17 1:54pm
Comedic Ethics

Should I award stars in the NewsBiscuit Writers’ Room in the same way that I award stars on Amazon and Ocado? That is to say that if I like a product very much then I rate it with five stars and a...

6 Brenda Hale 25.07.17 11:47am
The Last Night of the Proms

Ok so this is normally a bit embarrassing/unsettling/creepy etc. As I've mentioned in the past. But I can't help feeling that this year it will come across as being even more hollow and crass than...

4 Scroat 25.07.17 9:39am
What is it that free movement of labour frightens people so much?

I, for one, have no idea...

20 Al OPecia 25.07.17 12:10am
Adrian Bamforth
Will Titus eventually write the complete works of Shakespeare

Or should he give the monkeys their typewrite back? FFS man.give the place a chance to breath., You are sucking the life out of the place., There seems little point in anybody else contributing...

7 Gerontius 22.07.17 8:40pm
Bloody immigrants

Coming over here, stealing our jobs, running our NHS, delivering our babies, providing care for our old people, fixing our plumbing, building our houses, providing a net benefit to our economy I...

10 Scroat 22.07.17 2:20pm
Looks like the stuckers are tick yet again.

[quote]And you haven't had any new tickers to count.[/quote] Well, there are several archaic ones still up. I offer no apology for pointing out yet again that the whole point of tickers on a news...

6 Titus 22.07.17 2:20pm
The USA Domestic Gun Deaths Body Count - 238910

While President Trump rants and raves about protecting the USA from terrorism it would be good to keep a regular tally of the USA's domestic gun related death toll for 2017. Here's the link:...

280 Dick Everyman 22.07.17 12:17pm
The only people who want a hard Brexit are the EU

It is ludicrous to pretend that free trade has to be some kind of generous concession, for which there has to be a quid-pro-quo such as 'free movement' or subservience to any European court. Such a...

9 Titus 22.07.17 10:44am
TrueBiscuit: Trump ‘Asks Legal Team If He Can Pardon Himself’

This is a great spoof story; wish I'd thought of it [url=]HuffPost[/url]...

4 Sinnick 21.07.17 3:01pm
Any news from Lindy Moone ?

Is she Ok after that 6.7 earthquake ? It's pretty close to where she lives...

6 Sinnick 21.07.17 12:52pm
Dear Followers of Newsbiscuit...

It's my first time back in the editors' chair for some time, and I'm a bit depressed by the atmosphere on these pages. Please refrain from insulting each other on the chat room. Please try and make...

26 editor 21.07.17 12:46pm
Vince Thingummy, the Lib Dems and Brexitexit

The fact that Sir Vince's takeover from whoever-it-was-before as his party's new leader was way down the list of news stories today shows how far the Lib Dems have slipped in the public's...

8 Titus 21.07.17 12:24pm
If I start a thread in the chatroom 12 Gerontius 20.07.17 8:18pm
Richard is my real name says Wrenfoe
Sh**te, wrong room. 0 NotNowCato 20.07.17 12:14pm
Why is the 'Search' facility on NewsBiscuit ...

complete shit? ...

5 Titus 20.07.17 8:18am
Fan Mail - 2

It seems unfair to deprive my fellow NewsBiscuit contributors of the pleasure of sharing some recent fan mail I have received from an admirer, such as [quote]"Come say it to my face prick"[/quote]...

30 Titus 19.07.17 8:13pm
Voldermort awakens at Canary Wharf.

see 3[url=]rd picture down[/url]. no surprise that that's where he hides out - or maybe he 'splits my time between the Wharf and the City'...

0 Sir Lupus 19.07.17 1:22pm
Sir Lupus
OMG just discovered this.

12 Al OPecia 19.07.17 10:08am
Adrian Bamforth
Titus' - you'll like this

Scroll down to the list of jobs and look at lifeguards:

1 Spartacus 18.07.17 6:59am
Is it just my rubbish computer?

or are the pictures on the front page not showing for everyone. Probably my rubbish computer to be fair!...

7 NaffLaff 17.07.17 6:45pm

I used to laugh at people who posted in the wrong room...

1 deceangli 15.07.17 8:45pm
If you have residual thoughts that Trump knows what he's saying ...

HuffPost article (I'd skip the Huffpost waffle at the start):

1 Sinnick 15.07.17 8:56am
Tories To Introduce Wrong Room Tax

The irony is, I'm not sure whether I've posted this in the right room ...

0 Titus 15.07.17 7:44am