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What's the rationale behind Labour supporting thin deal? - 2

If there is a deal, of course. Appreciate they'd like to show they're listening to the disillusioned red-wall, but that horse has bolted and next election, to clumsily extend the metaphor, will be...

47 Benvoleo 05.12.20 6:03pm
NewsBiscuit Book - now available to buy

The book (kindle and paperback) is up on Amazon. Feel free to purchase multiple copies! If you get the chance, drop onto Amazon and give it a...

23 Wrenfoe 05.12.20 4:34pm
One Writer Sympathises With Virus As World Says 'Fuck Off Covid'

Posted here rather than in Writers' Room because this is basically a NewsBiscuit meme ...

2 Titus 05.12.20 4:00pm
Was Arecibo destruction revenge by offended aliens?

I was reading the page in [url=]SpaceFlightNow[/url] that talked about the Arecibo dish collapse. The...

7 Walter Eagle 05.12.20 3:51pm
Walter Eagle
Have you found that lockdown etc has stimulated your output?

I saw that mad art bloke, Grayson Perry, on TV tonight, and at one point he said when talking about 2020 to another artist something like, "Art thrives when subjected to restraints. We work best...

6 Walter Eagle 05.12.20 1:34pm
How's the NB book coming along? - 23

I take it'll be ready in the next couple of weeks...

76 sydalg 04.12.20 9:54pm
Hilarious Matt Hancock voice over

This really made me laugh:

5 deceangli 04.12.20 4:29pm
NB Book

Could I humbly suggest that we allocate the Left Alert slot to an advert for our book? It deserves to be read, the charities deserve to be supported and we have a fab marketing machine here. I...

2 deceangli 04.12.20 3:23pm

Wrong room. But if you want to give something stars, go on Amazon and boost the NB book...

1 Wrenfoe 03.12.20 7:27pm
Old Jokes Home - 23111213

Man A: "My mother made me a homosexual." Man B: "Ooh, if I give her the wool can she make me one?" C'mon, Biscuits, what have you got lurking in your comedy attics?...

374 shitsu_tonka 03.12.20 7:07pm
Michael Moore’s new documentary sounds interesting.

The general premise is that if we were serious about the environment, shouldn’t we have more to show for forty years of struggle? Or is there a lot of greenwashing and virtue signalling, by people...

3 Wrenfoe 03.12.20 5:37pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23444546

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1367 The All New Jeni B 03.12.20 12:42pm
seymour totti
Nov 2020 WOTM competition - 2

Doctor Chutney is making a good start this month, leading the pack by a good margin. As usual full list of subs can be found [url=]on...

34 throngsman 02.12.20 8:36pm
NHS enlists 'sensible' celebrities to persuade people to take corona vaccine

This is a headline in The Guardian., Nominations wanted please. Which 'sensible' celebrities should be on the list? There's , ooh, and what about , or , and definitely Nope, I'm stuck...

11 Walter Eagle 30.11.20 4:08pm
Doctor Chutney
Coronavirus Reaches NewsBiscuit

- Alarming increase in number of jokes which die in the Old Jokes Home - Rise in number of geriatric posters who wander into the wrong room & post 'Er, what did I come in here for?' - No more...

3 Titus 28.11.20 12:03am
Keep politics out of crosswords

In the Grauniad cryptic crossword on Saturday, the clue was: "Fertilisers Charlie values." The answer was NITRATES. Very Grauniad, I thought. While I'm on, can someone explain another clue: "A...

14 Scroat 26.11.20 5:32pm

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

149 Gerontius 26.11.20 1:07pm
Sir Lupus
Darwin diaries 'only insured for acts of God' 8 Adrian Bamforth 25.11.20 3:50pm
MSM getting in on the satire "Tiers of a clown as Boris Johnson's video link falls down" Give that man a ticker...

2 camz 25.11.20 10:23am
Brexit guidance for businesses

You'd think this should be in the other room, but no, I received this pamphlet just now. It's from Mr Sharma (SoS for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) 1) "Your business could face delays,...

6 Sinnick 25.11.20 9:58am
SteveB is a political Nostradamus

I haven't written anything for a while, and when I have a break I find that the writing doesn't flow as easily as when I'm doing it regularly. Something I do to try to help with this is read back...

29 Vertically Challenged Giant 24.11.20 9:59pm
Sir Lupus
Fake news competition

Having seen that Tyson story which went viral after a few websites thought it was a true story, I'm inspired to try and write one which does the same thing - pure nonsense but credible enough at the...

23 deceangli 24.11.20 3:50pm
About bloody time - vaccination certificates for international travel

[url=]Vaccination travel permit[/url] perhaps we could insist on the same for MMR...

2 Al OPecia 24.11.20 10:13am
Walter Eagle
Is anyone else getting an ad that pops out of nowhere when they click on a sub?

Just a small ad in the middle of the screen, about two or three inches square...

15 sydalg 23.11.20 11:13am
Al OPecia
The mystery of popularity

Yesterday's FP on Priti Patel definitely wasn't my finest work, but so far it's scored 1.3k Facebook 'likes'. I usually smile if something I've written gets to the 100 mark - and that ain't often....

11 deceangli 23.11.20 10:32am
Desert Island Discs

Just been listening to Sir Kier Starmer. Sounds quite a decent bloke. Might even make a reasonable prime minister, if only he were a member of a more sensible political party...

19 Titus 23.11.20 10:08am
Odds on UK rejoining the EU within 5 - 10 years anyone? - 2

2:1 on, would be my bet. Utter shite shambles at the moment, and how curious that the UK-EU negotiations suddenly "accelerated" when it become abundantly clear that Johnson's insane chum wasn't...

51 Al OPecia 22.11.20 6:58am
A new competitor - Al Hudood

I know I shouldn't advertise a competitor, but this chap's rather good: "Al Hudood" means "The Limits" or "The Border"...

1 Sinnick 21.11.20 10:22pm
Sir Lupus
Have we got a dicky ticker?

Is it just me, or is the Ticker refreshing very slowly with new headlines? I've seen some absolute corkers in the Writer's Room that aren't making it to the FP, while some of those that have made...

7 Doctor Chutney 21.11.20 9:04am
Doctor Chutney
NewsBiscuit writer tests positive for puerile Mash gags

Been seeing a couple of lines in the other NB place with the format: Such and such ---- tests positive/negative for ---- something The structure appeals to me. If subs there don't make it onto the...

9 SteveB 20.11.20 12:11pm
Doctor Chutney