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BBC Essex Girl story

Very much a non-story but is it just me that laughs out loud when reading the final sentence of [url=]this article?[/url] I'm not sure that Ms Andrews is helping...

3 Midfield Diamond 25.10.16 2:48pm
You Remainers sicken me - 2

which is a point of view some hold and I'm getting a bit sick of people saying because they've got a degree in the history of art their vote to stay in is more valid than my vote to leave. So come on...

50 ramblesid 25.10.16 1:56pm
Does anyone have the recipe for 'gay cake' ? Thought it might work for Bake Off.

Can't find it in any of the usual cook books. Expect it contains mince and perhaps Camp coffee...

5 MADJEZ 25.10.16 12:37pm
a nice faux pas juxtaposition from the BBC interns....

2 cinquecento 24.10.16 12:18pm
Iroquois Pliskin
The Tony Hart Memorial Dead Again Pool

Dedicated to those celebs who have just died again. I give you Leslie Nielsen:...

12 Al OPecia 23.10.16 1:07pm
Al OPecia
Is Satire Dead? Interesting piece, but what does it mean for us?...

14 Jodster 23.10.16 12:20pm
You Remainers sicken me

system stuck and pressed button twice...

2 ramblesid 22.10.16 9:37am
Truebiscuit "He said he developed PTSD after he began performing in Cabaret in 2012." Don't want to appear unsympathetic, but am I missing something here??...

5 Scroat 20.10.16 11:38am
Rich bastards finally feel the pinch... So we are all in this together, after...

6 Scroat 20.10.16 10:23am
Al OPecia
NewsBiscuit 10 years old today! - 2

Happy Birthday NewsBiscuit - Britain's first daily news satire website was launched on 16 September 2006. Many thousands of funny stories later we...

33 editor 17.10.16 7:56pm
writinginbsl 2.0
How To Guides - BB Code on the forum - 2

This forum can do lots of fancy things: here's how. [size=4]Post Images[/size] And you do that like this:,...

37 admin 16.10.16 8:01pm
baron la croix
The Rejected Newsjack Submission Amnesty Thread

After getting close to being included last week, here's my latest unused sketch. I couldn't easily find a punchy ending for this one. Feel free to add your own: NISH:, It's been a busy week for...

28 Adrian Bamforth 16.10.16 10:38am
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23313233

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

971 The All New Jeni B 13.10.16 1:28pm
Concerts for Corbyn

Suggested songs?...

11 Titus 13.10.16 11:32am
I wanna stalk you...

Any of you lovelies on linkedin?...

8 Wrenfoe 13.10.16 7:17am
UKIP - the party that just keeps giving FFS - 2

Whatever next? Nigel Farage spontaneously explodes?...

35 Scroat 12.10.16 10:50am
Two of our favourite targets unite

I see the Express has just published a fluff piece extolling the amenities of the Isle of Wight. Come on now, Biscuiteers, you're not going to let this one by, are you?...

2 Renrag 11.10.16 8:57pm
Facebook updates are back...

looks like the Newsbiscuit Facebook updates to published stories are back today - cheers to whoever does this...

0 chrisf 10.10.16 2:23pm
I see the Tories have joined Labour and UKIP in intraparty punch ups.

"Retreat, retreat!!!" Fab - total meltdown across the board, apart from the Lib-Dem Pub Quiz Team...

0 Al OPecia 09.10.16 12:08pm
Al OPecia
Back here ...

They said their shuttle would be here by now, but they had to keep a low profile and avoid Heathrow, They stack planes over Henley when the wind is in the wrong direction. Anyway, remember to stay...

4 Scroat 09.10.16 7:14am

/Users/davidcoxell/Desktop/08 The Carbondale Strut.m4a...

0 Scroat 08.10.16 11:12pm
Talk about an inappropriate turn of phrase ...

The judge in the Alton Towers case reportedly said that the victims’ lives have been turned upside-down. NOOOOOOO!!!! I'm reminded of the female Brighton councillor interviewed after the nudist...

10 Midfield Diamond 08.10.16 4:56pm
baron la croix
Zaphod Beeblebrox is alive & well & running as Republican presidential candidate 1 Titus 07.10.16 11:02pm
Adrian Bamforth
Trump keeps making me smile

He's awesome, isn't he? I just pray they go and elect him, so he can spend the next 4 years explaining why he didn't accomplish any of the things he said he'd do, while simultaneously bragging about...

9 deceangli 06.10.16 11:49am
Tickers - Hooray!

Congratulations and thank-you, O Masters, for the now very up-to-date tickers. There is some hilarious stuff there - well done, folks! Please keep the laughs coming...

0 Titus 06.10.16 8:11am
fishy pillow talk

2 Loundshay 06.10.16 4:41am
Trump's voice

What is it with Trump's voice? It's an odd mixture of camp, bossy & bitchy, and reminds me of someone - I just can't recall who (nothing wrong with "camp", before someone picks me up on it -...

7 Sinnick 05.10.16 4:03pm
As it's our brithday

Can we maybe change it to 'least impressive celebrity encounter"? Pretty please...

1 Scroat 05.10.16 3:17pm
If it's sex with a dinosaur you're looking for...or just plain old 'dogging'...

get your arse down to East Devon sharpish., it's all kicking off down here, sadly, the 'dogging' story has...

6 Gerontius 05.10.16 2:41pm
Is the Great Repeal Act with a slim majority asking for a commons defeat?

at which stage Theresa takes the question to the nation with a snap election, riding her honeymoon period and Labour disarray (and UKIP under anonymous new leader), nudges up her majority a wee bit...

9 Ironduke 05.10.16 7:32am