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Snobbery List - 234

ADD YOUR SELECTIONS TO THE LIST. AND BOOT SOMEONE ELSE'S. Kate Bush has new live album out and I’m firmly of the opinion that if you don’t ‘get’ Kate you’re a soulless Luddite. ...

91 Wrenfoe 07.12.16 12:55pm
Which is more likely in Sleaford ...

UKIP to win, or Labour to lose their deposit? Any other wild forecasts?...

6 Titus 07.12.16 12:40pm
Desert Island Disgust

I'm loving Wren's 'Snobbery' list, but I've used up my choices, so here is something completely different. If your worst enemy were marooned on a desert island and there was an un-switch-offable PA...

21 Titus 07.12.16 10:41am
Do you think The Donald knows this?


6 Scroat 07.12.16 10:39am
This is a fab story So is Trump suggesting that climate change only affects Ireland?...

2 Al OPecia 06.12.16 11:05pm
Biscuit News

2 Sinnick 06.12.16 7:08pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23323334

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1011 The All New Jeni B 06.12.16 6:17pm
Trump trumped by Obama over Taiwan?

[url=]Click here [/url] to put Trump's 'phone call to Taiwan into perspective ;0)...

17 Dick Everyman 06.12.16 7:53am
Dick Everyman
Remainians May Not Have Thought Through This Court Appeal

The appeal to the high court demanding that Parliament, not just the government, should discuss the terms of Britain's withdrawal from the EU, may (if successful) have different consequences to those...

7 Titus 05.12.16 10:03pm
One for Titus

I really shouldn't provoke him but I couldn't resist., [url=]Explains a lot[/url]...

0 Midfield Diamond 05.12.16 8:07pm
Midfield Diamond
Supreme Court Commentary

I understand that the Supreme Court's consideration of the constitutional process for Brexit is being televised. Is some footie fan here going to write a spoof soccer-style anticipated commentary,...

5 Titus 05.12.16 5:04pm
Tweet epiphany

Evening all. How's my driving? link to the screendump to save eyestrain:...

2 Squudge 05.12.16 9:09am
Zaphod Beeblebrox is alive & well & running as Republican presidential candidate 3 Titus 04.12.16 11:18am
The future of industrial action

Regarding Titus' ticker saying that that NHS email caused more disruption than the doctors' strike, I think it raises an interesting point about the future of industrial action. I've long thought...

29 Midfield Diamond 03.12.16 9:48pm
Al OPecia
Equality Commission Begs MPs Not To Abuse 'Racist Scum' Who Voted Brexit - 23 71 Titus 03.12.16 11:05am
Captions please... I'll kick off [i]No, I'm not allergic to Nuttalls[/i]...

15 Dick Everyman 02.12.16 5:29pm
I just don't get F1...

Is it me, but I just don't get F1? I see faceless drivers in extremely fast cars spinning around a track for 50 odd laps with the same old scenery all the way and hardly a tree or any cows in...

17 Dick Everyman 02.12.16 4:10pm
Competition - 2

OK, there have been several informal suggestions, but in line with our slogan 'The News Before It Happens' let's have a serious competition: following Brexit and Trump, what is the next amazing...

48 Titus 02.12.16 4:12am
Here's an intereseting dilemna for Biscuiteers. Your views sought.

Our local pub recently started up a Quiz night, once a month, and our little team keeps winning. We've recently been told "you'd better lose or you might fall out with local friends". Any...

25 Al OPecia 01.12.16 10:33pm
Thought for the Day

Those who enjoy robust debate here on NewsBiscuit may appreciate two quotations I heard recently: - "[i]I am not arguing with you - I am explaining why you are wrong[/i]" and - "[i]If I agreed...

1 Titus 01.12.16 12:51am
Trump with personality disorder: surely not

An interesting read about NPD: there are many articles around about Trump likely being a sociopath & possibly psychopath, but this one strikes home: Trump & Narcissistic Personality...

2 Sinnick 28.11.16 7:17pm
Leadership Poll

Who would you rather have / have had as your national leader: Trump or Castro?...

8 Titus 28.11.16 12:24am
Pens for ladies

BIC brought out a pen specially for women. Worth reading the reviews some are very funny....

2 Loundshay 27.11.16 3:13pm
Adrian Bamforth
Death Penalty

To continue the discussion started in the 'Dead Pool' thread: @ Oxy: your well-made points seem to be in response to something I did not say. (All too often liberal-minded people make a knee-jerk...

6 Titus 26.11.16 10:08pm
odd phraseology

BBC says of Castro: '638 assassination attempts he reportedly survived' But isn't that a rather odd statement as he must have survived at least 637!?...

2 Loundshay 26.11.16 8:34pm
£56 billion - how would you improve infrastructure?

Let's imagine that the current 'consultation' on HS2 was more than a box-ticking exercise, and HM Govt actually gave a toss about the thoughts of the people footing the bill. Clean sheet of paper...

23 deceangli 26.11.16 4:13pm
not having been in the US during Thanksgiving...

can someone please explain why they deep fry their turkeys? it has never occurred to me to take a whole chicken, a leg of lamb or a large joint of beef, and deep fry the crap out of it did the...

4 cinquecento 24.11.16 9:29pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23383940

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1172 bonjonelson 24.11.16 4:39pm
Answers to a student project on Fake News... - 2

Nice Admin Lady was approached by a student doing a project on Fake News and forwarded these questions to me. I thought it was an interesting area, so have posted the questions and my answers below...

33 editor 24.11.16 4:37pm
Jo Cox's Murderer

Pity there isn't a way that he could be deprived of his British citizenship. Wouldn't make any practical difference of course since he will (thank goodness) remain securely banged up for the rest of...

5 Titus 24.11.16 4:34pm