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What makes a leader? - 23

Okay, the main bone of contention that everyone has with Corbyn is he is not a 'leader'. Ironically the people who say he lacks this quality, then qualify their statement with other qualities he has...

64 Wrenfoe 26.07.16 12:42am
Political Re-Alignment - 2

It may be quite boring in coming months, watching the country being (probably) run more-or-less competently by the Conservative Party / The Nasty Party / The Tory Scumbag Party / Those disgusting,...

37 Titus 25.07.16 7:56pm
Is it me, or is Erdogan not especially bright?

Discuss (that's the current form?)...

22 Al OPecia 25.07.16 7:50pm
Don't Try To Do Jokes, Theresa, You're Not A Witty Person

Quite possibly competent, but humourless and mostly (very sensibly) silent. [I]Remind me of anyone?[/I] Yes. Much more of a Clement Attlee than a Margaret Thatcher...

15 Titus 25.07.16 5:53pm
Are we allowed to use multiple aliases?

It's just that I sometimes find that I'm talking to myself and I prefer a proper discussion...

18 I Am Spartacus 25.07.16 10:13am
A Glowtini maybe?

BBC Radio 4 reporter: "It's a lethal cocktail that casts a harsh light on American society"...

0 Scroat 25.07.16 9:20am
the EU's long-term goal is a free trade agreement with China

but no free movement? lol

3 Dun Dunkin 24.07.16 9:39pm
Oh No - evidence warning

18 Al OPecia 24.07.16 8:04am
Cleveland hailed as 'Idiot politics capital of America'

They voted for Jerry Springer as Mayor...

3 Renrag 23.07.16 5:46pm
Trump & Hitler

15 Sinnick 23.07.16 1:37pm
Harriet Harman is the most sexist person in the world - 2

discuss. How people cannot see the prejudice of castigating old gits who want their golf club to be men-only whilst stridently insisting on women-only this, that or the other beats me. I'm not sure...

39 Ironduke 22.07.16 1:53pm
TrueBiscuit: They're tough around here

Bacon-wielding woman, 86, fights off thief in Iceland:

2 Sinnick 20.07.16 12:25pm
What's your least impressive celebrity encouter stories? - 23363738

Have you met a really unimportant celebrity? How did it turn out? Who has the best story from the least exciting celebrity? Here's my entry - I once had Sunday lunch at Guru Josh's house, roast...

1134 bonjonelson 20.07.16 2:34am
Opinion Poll
Trump offers job to Michelle Obama: 'She writes good speeches' 0 Renrag 20.07.16 12:13am
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23303132

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

956 The All New Jeni B 19.07.16 12:41pm
So the Brexiteers have been banged up in an old house in Kent.

May will probably tell them that they are to search every Lorry that comes in from the Channel...

2 Al OPecia 19.07.16 8:28am
sorry 1 cinquecento 18.07.16 5:09pm
Boris sounded stilted today

First real exposure to his new job, having to read from a sheet prepared by Civil Servants. I can just imagine him saying "oh good, a coup against an anti democratic leader, so we support it?" "No...

2 throngsman 16.07.16 3:21pm
Can't we just have a day without any news happening? - 2

Let's face it, it has been pretty full on. And poor Laura Kuenssberg must be due for a day off. Let's just have a little rest from it all, sit down, have a cup of tea and possibly a biscuit...

38 Scroat 16.07.16 2:37pm
The REALLY Inward-Looking People Are The Remainians

Have a listen - he is far more articulate than me!

13 Titus 16.07.16 2:32pm
Department for Energy and Climate Change has been scrapped,

lolo hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha the laughs keep coming...

5 Dun Dunkin 16.07.16 2:10pm
Is it time for a new We Didn't Start The Fire?

Bowie, Rickman, Theresa May, Zika virus, Glenn Frey,, Prince, Ali, EgyptAir, Chilcott condemned Tony Blair,, Harper Lee, 50 Shades, Brussels bombs, Ace of Spades,, Paris, Nice, Istanbul, will...

2 Gary Baldy 16.07.16 7:25am
New Cabinet - 2

OK folks - those of you who know more about politicians than me: who's going to be in the new cabinet? I would guess Andrera Leadsom, probably as Chancellor, for one. But who else? Who, for a...

37 Titus 15.07.16 1:23pm
If you're in Chester on 23rd July . . .

Apologies for spamming, but my sister has organised a musicathon at Upton C of E Church in aid of a little girl with leukaemia, and has asked family and friends to spread the word. I appreciate...

4 deceangli 15.07.16 11:51am
Osborne, Gove, Morgan, Hunt, Whittingdale all out

now that is exciting. Some dead wood and liabilities ousted there, which will be popular; good moves with yesterday's appointments; methinks the Lady doth know what she is doing. As long as Priti...

12 Ironduke 14.07.16 9:24pm
He promised me hot sex but no speedy withdrawal says May after appointing BoJo 1 granger 14.07.16 11:12am
Petitions Committee schedules debate on EU referendum petition

Won't change much of course but they couldn't ignore a petition with over 4 million signatures. Dave did three referendums (referenda?); the proportional representation one that was only ever going...

0 Midfield Diamond 13.07.16 6:24pm
Midfield Diamond
Well, She Seems Able To Talk The Talk ... 0 Titus 13.07.16 5:08pm
As Someone Who Supports Neither Feminism Nor Discrimination ...

I look forward to a time when the headlines reporting a potential new political leader refer to their policies, character and competence instead of the fact that they happen to be female ...

14 Titus 13.07.16 11:07am
Want To Keep Labour Out Of Power? Join A Trade Union

It is reported that Labour's NEC has decided that recent '£3 members' will not be allowed to vote on any choice of new leader. But apparently trade union members, however recent, will be. So if...

0 Titus 13.07.16 8:22am