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The vote and how it could pan out

OK Bozza wins first round but didn't John Major come from the outfield to win before? How is it likely to pan out and what are the permutations?, Boris Johnson 114, Jeremy Hunt 43, Michael...

19 beau-jolly 18.06.19 5:01pm
Should Boris become PM, then...

On the one hand it will be a complete embarrassment and utter disaster for Britain. But on the other, for us here on NB, it will be an endless source of gift-that-keeps-giving material. So every...

28 Chipchase 18.06.19 4:26pm
The most fantastic adjective in the English language - 2

[quote]" Elland Brewery do a fantastic porter called 1872, which has some fantastic flavours bubbling through it "[/quote] Not sniping personally at this particular NB correspondent in particular,...

52 Titus 18.06.19 2:54pm
Jonathan Sumption

Anyone else been following the Reith Lectures on BBC Radio Four this year? Fascinating, and plenty of food for thought.

0 Titus 18.06.19 8:11am
How can we vote for Spamexit on NewsBiscuit?

Could be a hugely popular policy ...

0 Titus 18.06.19 7:56am
June WOTM mid month results

looks like Chip is doing good, but Titus is hot on his tail. Full list of subs on the [url=]blog[/url] as usual https://1...

3 throngsman 17.06.19 8:06am
National reptile

Just learned from an online quiz that the cobra is India's national reptile. Makes me wonder if we should have one. Gove perhaps?...

8 throngsman 16.06.19 6:05pm
Biscuiteer In Tory Leadership Contest

Elderly, short-sighted & confused NB reader asks: how does dominic_raab find time to post on here while he is so busy contesting the Tory leadership?, ...

1 Titus 16.06.19 11:16am
Who'd have thought it?

Jo Brand has a book out...

3 riesler 14.06.19 6:04pm
It all seems to have slowed down a bit at the Evening Harold ...

… is everyone all right?

16 Al OPecia 14.06.19 8:53am
Effect of Brexit on the Falkland Islands

This issue hasn't had much media attention as far as I'm aware. Thatcher charged in all guns blazing during the Argentine invasion to protect the Islanders, now the same Tory government is about to...

3 Dick Everyman 13.06.19 10:17am
Peterborough Projections

I know it's difficult because - the Brexit party started from a base of zero, and, - people often tend to vote differently in a by-election to how they would vote in a general election, but: do...

11 Titus 12.06.19 7:37pm
Trump visit: What's the best way to protest? - 2

I like the "Show Trump your rump" idea. Wherever he goes onlookers turn their backs and drop their cacks...

52 beau-jolly 12.06.19 12:40pm
This Space To Let To Arcadia - Cheap Rent

Shame to waste it ...

0 Titus 12.06.19 12:05pm
I don't always agree with Matthew Paris, but he's right about Boris

I've [i]never[/i] understood why Boris is supposedly so popular. I'd sooner have Jacob ...

2 Titus 12.06.19 7:12am
In another place, I have just heard climate change being described as "a fad".

Where the fuck do you start in responding to that?...

10 Al OPecia 12.06.19 6:31am
Tory leadership candidates and drugs shock horror

Like Michael Gove wasn't bad enough already, the thought of him snorting coke or whatever conjures up images that won't go away. They're all trying to out-drug each other now. While here, I get...

17 Scroat 11.06.19 11:01pm
Peterborough by-election

Shoe-in for Brexit party or will someone else win? Given that Peterborough has a big immigrant population reportedly causing a strain on public services and voted overwhelmingly to leave (60.9%) it...

29 beau-jolly 09.06.19 7:49pm
What's the latest on the Dead Pool? - 23394041

Surely someone's got Prince Philip as a dead cert?...

1215 The All New Jeni B 07.06.19 6:39pm
WOTM May 2019

Mid month and Wren is back on form. Full list of links to subs on [url=]blog[/url]...

19 throngsman 07.06.19 4:11am
The Last Trump?

Given the affection the purportedly staunchly republican Americans seem to have for their dynasties, whether Kennedy, Bush or Clinton, it will be interesting to know whether we are likely to have to...

7 Titus 06.06.19 11:30pm

Don't make 'em like this anymore,

88 Gerontius 06.06.19 7:44pm
Remember when Change UK were a thing?

What are your favourite memories?...

0 Wrenfoe 04.06.19 3:41pm

If Bruce Forsyth can continue to appear on daytime TV long after his death why can't he be next leader of the Tory Party? Discuss...

5 Terry Bunn 03.06.19 11:00am
Lookalikes? Are they related? Uncanny resemblance

Dear Sir or Madam Whilst surfing the web the other day, I couldn’t help being struck by the uncanny resemblance of former England football coach Sven-Göran Eriksson and Tory MP Peter Bone. I...

22 farmer giles 03.06.19 6:53am
farmer giles
My MP has asked me whether he should bid for the party leadership

Jesse Norman has emailed me to ask whether I think he should stand as a candidate for his party's leadership. Should I encourage him?...

11 Titus 31.05.19 8:19am
Trump's Tweets

5 farmer giles 30.05.19 6:28am
farmer giles
All you need to know about The Brexit Party - 2

is here on their website: Bwahahahaha!...

59 Benvoleo 29.05.19 2:24pm
Congratulations To 'Editor'

[quote]"CHRIS GRAYLING TO STAND IN LIBERAL LEADERSHIP RACE"[/quote] Absolutely brilliant - had me giggling all the way through. Just one tiny quibble: [quote] he launched his leadership in...

4 Titus 29.05.19 12:40pm
Alastair Campbell: ‘I’m not a war criminal – I just voted for it’

Tony Blair's former spin doctor has been expelled from the Labour Party for appearing on TV and endorsing weapons of mass destruction. While Mr. Campbell insisted his loyalty lay with peace-loving...

2 Wrenfoe 29.05.19 7:07am